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Kill Bill Pack – Big Nike High & Auto Flight High

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Nicknamed the “Black Mamba,” you can see why Kobe Bryant‘s favorite movie (and lethal nickname) provided the inspiration behind Nike’s new Kill Bill Pack featuring the Big Nike High and Auto Flight High. In addition to being an incredibly dangerous snake, “Black Mamba” was also the nickname of the deadliest member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, played by Uma Thurman.

The Big Nike High’s colorway matches perfect with the film’s color scheme, with the upper also receiving a splattering of blood – most likely from the blade of a Hattori Hanzo sword! The Auto Flight High comes with a mixed nubuck/leather upper and a classy vulcanized bottom.

Perhaps the coolest part of the shoes are the in-soles. They feature Black Mamba’s infamous “Death List,” with a little Kobe-twist to it. While I can’t make out the last three items, the first two names crossed out are Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Who’s up next?

What do you think?

Source: Extra Butter

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  • geoluhread

    i can’t figure out who 3,4,5 are.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Me neither! I think 5 is still BILL, though.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    That is sick! One of my fav movies. Thats how you merge a movie with the shoe. That ish is dope. They should hit up Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs too. Or Above the Rim. Crazy

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    the hit list is sick too

    3) Chris
    4) Oden
    5) Phill

    looks like to me

  • geoluhread

    i keep thinking 4 is Denver, trying to see if i can find shaq but come up empty, i think 3 is GS for golden state for what ever reason, don’t go by me though. i can’t come up with a guess what 5 is.

  • thelist


  • RexJS

    I think #4 & 5 might be Bruce Bowen and Raja Bell.

  • NYDaredevil

    4. Is Bowen, for sure.

    I think 5. is Bell, as in Raja Bell.

  • Taj


    Air BUDD
    Ellen Denver
    Bill Raftery

  • Celts Fan

    Is Nike/Kobe retarded? How you gonna cross off names of guys who BEAT YOU in the Finals? They didn’t beat us last year. Just cuz they won a chip doesn’t mean he beat Pierce and Ray. friggin retarded.

  • Celts Fan

    top 2 should be Dwight and Rashard. He’s never beaten these Celtics in a Playoff series. I know they’re the champs and were the better team last year, but that doesn’t mean HE knocked us out.

  • spswange


  • Celts Fan

    hey dime, still waiting on them Reebok Still Talkin’s. I still have the email from Kellan from like 2 months ago but no kicks yet. Email me or something. WTF???

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @6 that’s what I see

  • RonNation

    butthurt celtics fans need to calm down

  • oww

    3 might be James

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    i am not a butt hurt celtics fan but i still think it’s odd that the two celtics that beat them in the finals are crossed off…

    really nice idea though, like it.

  • 92021SpurMD

    3 is James, 4 Bowen, 5 Bell. You would think he could cross off Bowen and Bell, but then again…

  • 92021SpurMD

    But yeah, he lost to the celtics, so how does crossing them out make sense?

  • dueceduece

    ill concept! the all-red joint will be mine.. can we get a release date?

  • bsteezy3

    Whewwww!!! I love ‘em!

  • boombastic

    more like 1) gay 2) fag 3) queer 4) homosexual 5) gayerest