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Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Top U.S. Men’s Basketball Roster

USA Basketball released the names of the 27 NBA players who are candidates to play in this summer’s World Championships and the 2012 Olympics in London. Nine players return from the Olympic squad that took gold in Beijing – Kobe, LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, and Carmelo Anthony.

The rest of the roster looks like this:

Chauncey Billups
Amar’e Stoudemire
Kevin Durant
Derrick Rose
Lamar Odom
Al Jefferson
Kevin Love
Rudy Gay
O.J. Mayo
Andre Iguodala
Kendrick Perkins
Danny Granger
David Lee
Brook Lopez
Russell Westbrook
LaMarcus Aldridge
Gerald Wallace
Eric Gordon

Coach K is signed up to coach the squad again. It will be interesting to see how injuries and free agency shapes this summer’s team. Guys like LeBron, Wade and Bosh could all sit out because of the free agency drama that is sure to dominate this coming offseason.

Who isn’t on this roster that should have received an invite?

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  • control

    Pres Obama needs to step in and make sure Perks ain’t on that roster. The USA is already hated worldwide because Americans walk around acting like dicks…no need to have a guy who is one of the biggest dicks around reppin in the Olympics for the USA.

    If the USA just sent the Celts, there would probably be an international incident or something…

  • Sambuu

    always thought Joe Johnson would kill under FIBA rules…

  • Jayo

    How does Aldridge keep getting invites? Seriously how many other PF are better than him that are not on the list? Boozer, Josh Smith, David West, Randolph, Raw Lewis. I’d even take Millsap over him.

  • NBA-anti-Monta

    Damn! Monta cant even get love from Team USA 27 Man roster invites! OJ, Eric Gordon, and even Westbrook are not even better than Monta right now, I’m serious when I say USA Basketball has a restriction on tattoos and dudes that speak to southern slang(though Perkins is on the list). People sleep on this dude for bull s%!$ reasons like team record and ball hogging. Monta HAS to do all that he does cause there is no one on his team that steps up every night like he does, his own teammates admit that!

  • Dee

    I agree with Control…I pray that Perks is not on the roster, He is the worst starting center in NBA History. He just stands there and look ugly.

    I hope Durant and Rose make the team.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Monta should be on here.

  • hahns


    LA can shoot and is mobile – two musts for an international roster

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ Control

    Durant will MURDER in the Olympics by 2012.. seriously.. you wouldnt even need one of the big 3 in Kobe, Wade or Bron..

  • shady

    Gilbert Arenas got snubbed.

  • b

    what no luke rindour this time?

    monta got the shaft for sure here. i think dwade showed in china how effective players with that sort of skillset can be in international play.

  • Brickshooting J

    @ Dime: Tiny typo, fellas: “Nine players return from the Olympic squad that took gold in Barcelona”. Obviously it should read “[…] in Beijing”. I feel you, though: my mind automaticaly goes back to the Dream Team anytime I hear “Team USA”. (That was back in 1992; damn, I feel old).

  • Celts Fan

    Am I missing something? Is Brandon Roy Canadian? Joe Johnson from Mexico? That’s the ONLY reason they should ever be excluded from this list.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    DWade = superstar, and NOT a Ballhog
    Monta = Ballhog

    Please never make that comparison again.

    I really don’t want Derrick Rose learning under Coach K. Why wouldn’t they pick a new coach. Damn, this is going to be bad without a vet like Jason Kidd or Kobe to run practices.

  • Michorizo

    Curry would kill in international competition…

  • K Dizzle

    No Brandon Roy and no Joe Johnson?
    That’s bogus.
    Guys that can play 3 or 4 positions internationally should get auto invites

  • Jayo

    @ hahns

    Channing Frye can shoot & is mobile. Don’t see him getting an invite. Besides what good is mobility for a big man that can’t/won’t D-up & can’t/won’t rebound. His hype & contract are bigger than his actual game. Brandon Roy & Joe Johnson not being invited is the biggest snub of them all!

  • jackie moon

    agree with you lakeshow, durant would kill in 2012. he’ll give kobe a chance to rest and take a deserved vacation.

    on second thought, maybe kobe would still give KD a hard time to take his spot on the squad.

  • Celts Fan

    BTW, Wallace, Perk, Rose, and Gay are HORRIBLE fits for the International game. Can we please eliminate them and save the rest of the guys the time of beating them out for a spot?

  • Prof. TX

    Wow, is the league really that shallow at the center position? Yeah, Dwight is good and Yao can’t be on the team, but it’s sad when someone like Perkins is considered good enough. I guess the new rules where you can’t even look at a guard without it being called a foul just don’t allow for another Alonzo Mourning type of strong center to come up in the league.

  • b


    I said they had a similar skillset, which they do. that has nothing to do with how many or what type of shots they jack up, how long they handle the rock, or how great you think they are. skills and performance are different, damn. you don’t think their numbers or similarities warrant a comparison? really?

    ellis: Pts 26.2, Reb 4.6, Ast 6.4
    wade: Pts 26.7, Reb 4.2, Ast 5.4

  • life-p


    “I really don’t want Derrick Rose learning under Coach K”

    Even though I don’t pull for Duke, he’s an oustanding coach, exudes leadership and has the track record. Kobe and Company love him and he’s know’s the game.

    Why wouldn’t you want Rose learning from him?

  • T.

    I wonder why Roy and Johnson were left off. Interesting…
    Two names not mentioned so far who could definitely contribute to the best team in the world. Jamal Crawford and yes, Ron Artest. Now I know it sounds crazy but bear with me for a moment. Crawford is a scoring machine and is comfortable coming of the bench. He can shoot lights out from the perimeter which is so vital in FIBA play. Kobe was the defensive stopper last go around but Ron would scare the shit out of the rest of the world. He would put everyone on lockdown. Despite his past, easily one of the best two way players in the world. He would give his heart and soul to this team. I know it would never happen but damn would it be cool to see.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Where’s all the shooters though? I guess you got Melo Durant and Kobe but USA is going to have troubles spreading the floor. Another thing is I really see the lost of Kidd hurting them. He was the one that was able to manage all the stars and get the right person the ball. The only person I don’t see on the list that should be is Derrick Rose. How do you miss the R.O.Y?

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Oh nevermind about Rose…LOL Way to early still!

  • Celts Fan

    @B – those #s don’t translate to Ws and Monta does it in a ridiculous system, so hell no they don’t deserve a comparison.

  • RonNation

    Monta is one of the most inefficient players in the L

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @Jayo….Aldridge is perfect for international comp…In fact I’d go out on a limb and say he’s the best american born power foward for international comp.

  • T$

    BRoy was left off the roster because he talked it over with his coaches and trainers and decided not to participate. He is concerned about the toll that playing year round will take on his knees. It was ultimately Roy’s decision. Not sure if that’s the same case for Joe Johnson though…

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @RonNation…really he lead the league in field goal percentage as a guard last year.

  • LakeShow84

    Monta is a “jacker” shooting a shade under 50%.. that aint bad..

    I think he would be just as effective in a organized systems.. when he was 3rd fiddle with Bdizzle and JRich he went on some crazy tear where he shot an insane %.. Drivers can thrive in any systems nowadays.. See TP and Bayless.. Plus it aint crisp but Monta got a little mid range game..

    He aint anywhere close to Dwades level but dont hate on the skills..

  • Jeff

    No consideration for Rondo?

  • Diego

    I think biggest snub is Brandon Roy.

    Hawks also got passed over–with no JJ or Josh Smith. (JJ should have made last Olympics squad instead of Redd. At least Redd didn’t make this list.)

    Hey, Control, be thankful there is no Rondo sighting!

    I guess it is a given by the Olympics committee that Oden will be injured, retired, or still basically just unskilled by the 2012 games. So let’s go ahead and give Aldridge a shot!

  • Diego

    Is Bynum American?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Smush Parker…my bad.

    Aldrige is consistent and can score. I like Rose in that mix.

    I actually can see Brooks on their.

  • control


    That Jeff guy just brought his name up…guy just wants to see the haters come out of the woodwork or something, haha.

    Oden ain’t going to be on the team because other countries asked the USA to keep him at home so he doesn’t start sending dick pics to all of their women.

  • Sallo

    Carmelo is the best player for the international game. Aldridge should do very well also bc of his skill set.

  • Prof. TX

    Rashard Lewis should have a shot. His game is sort of like Dirk’s. A tall 3/4 with shooting range could do well in that format.

  • Jayo

    Still don’t see what everybody else sees in Aldridge. If Bargnani was American would yall be saying his skill set is perfect for Team USA? A big man who plays like a little man ie: No D, no rebounding, no heart, & a bunch of jumpshots. Last night he let Jeff Green of all people consistently push him out the post!!! Jeff frickin Green all 6’8″ of him. No big man on Team USA should let Jeff Green smother & front them w/ post D.

  • http://www.pewakur.com Oo

    Shaq should be in it! Seriously, the time has come for the MDE to admit his farewell tour. That could be the last time we should see that big dick.
    Anyways i think there should be a soph or a rookie in it like John Wall.

  • bone0315

    Interesting that no current college kids got the call. I would think someone like Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson would be a pefect fit for International hoops. And I know there are plenty of good PGs (Paul, D-Will, Rose, Chauncey) but why not bring Jon Wall in just for experience playing against these guys for the 2014 Worlds and 2016 Olympics?

  • sporty-j

    Is it me are does anybody else realize that all of a sudden Kobe wants to be on the team again when in 2004 he did not want to have anything to do with that team? I’m just saying no knock on Kobe but give the 2003 class a chance to win it without him which i think they would have done last year and it really mattered to Lebron, Wade, and Carmelo since coach Brown messed that team up in 2004 to win 1 as the starting lineup and Wade clearly out played Kobe for the 2 spot the 2008. Give that spot to Roy not because he is better than Kobe but because we need new blood to showcase to the world and kobe will not be the same player in 2012 that he is now but i know its because hes the SENIOR. Well how about he come off the bench? Will he still want to play since after 2004 when we strugled he has seen how Lebron, Wade, and etc has developed. He can’t be left out ofthe lime light. Secondly Boozer is just taking up space and Amare should get his spot, but that is coach Kay ex player so? Durant is a no brainer to make it! I would like to see another pure center but the only 1 that comes to mind for me is Oden but he stays hurt. Bynum? not consistant enough and to slow for me. I like A 3 point shooter since they like to run a lot of done in international play like Reed but hes getting old and and so is Allen. I also think Joe Johnson should be on this team but i doubt he plays after the way they did him in 2008, again folks because Kobe all of a sudden wanted to join the team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ BigShot

    “Aldridge is perfect for international comp…In fact I’d go out on a limb and say he’s the best american born power foward for international comp.”

    CB4 would like a word with you

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sporty J

    so you think Bron, Melo and Wade didn’t want Kobe on the team???

  • http://Dimemag Dre Day

    What about Rajon Rando double R is a good PG he should be on that list 4 USA hoop i think he is just as good or better than D Rose and R Westbrook

  • http://joe@joe.com joe

    Joe Johnson, Brandon Roy, Amare, Bynum, and Rondo need invites.

  • zzzz

    @ sporty j

    2004 kobe had contract issues with the lakers, the shaq situation, and colorado charges weren’t totally settled yet

    what are you trying to say?

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Coach K, or RAtface as I like to call him, doesn’t teach players anything. He teaches his system and thats it. He finds system players and doesn’t help them grow as players. So thats the reason why I wouldn’t want my teams star player playing under RatFace.

    Most importantly any baller knows that you use the summer to get better. That’s where you improve the jumper, handle, defense, Freethrows, passing, body, endurance and things of that nature. Instead of DRose playing for USA, he should be working on those things as long RatFace is coaching. Now if they find a new Coach…maybe John Thompson III, then I’m all for it. There is a reason star players don’t go to duke, i doubt they want to play for him now.

  • Chitown 23/33

    Monta should definitely be on the list. Yeah his efficiency isn’t great but its much better than Granger’s and he is on the list. I’m not saying he should be on the final roster but he’s not in the top 27…come on.

    Monta Ellis 26ppg 46% FG
    Danny Granger 22ppg 40% FG

    And Granger in 6’8, he should be getting a lot more easy buckets than an undersized shooting guard.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Wow you couldn’t be more off about coach K Chicagorilla…@K Dizzle: Oh yeah I forget about Bosh alot since he doesn’t play in the US…LOL

  • BiGShoTBoB

    In fact if Kobe would have gone to college he says he would have went to Duke…that says something in it’s self. You should really check out Coach K’s book “The Gold Standard” great read and it would tell you alot more about coach K and what the players thought of him.

  • sporty-j

    What i am trying to say is Kobe, who is no doubt probably second greatest player ever to play the game should let some of these young bucks get some run. That’s all! Im not buy a long shot trying to diss him, but what more does he has to prove? Hes already an international star and probably the most recognized player out there in the international world as you can see with his Jersey being number 1 in the U.S. and across seas. Let a player like Joe Johnson who was on the team in 2006 for example but didnt make it in 2008 because kobe decide to join the team get his name out there in the world or even Brandon Roy who is a up incoming star. Of course i know Lebron, Wade, and Melo wanted him, which is why i agree with being on it in 2008 and he had no legal probs in 2006 while everybody else played and Joe Johnson got the boot because of that but i would have done the same thing if i was the coach. What i am saying is Kobe is getiing old and has accomplish a lot. Lets see some young blood on that team and give the next man the chance to get in the lime light and lets be honest. All we heard after the olympics is the team would have not won it without Kobe but maybe that was just those silly laker fans who like to act ignorant somtimes because they were going to win it with or with out him because as we saw in the gold medal game they all needed each other esp after Lebron and Kobe got in foul trouble. BETTER EXAMPLE! its like saying Kobe cant win it without Shaq. Lets see if they can win it without Kobe! And be a realist when you reply?

  • Ruhong


    People here just ain’t listening huh? BRoy decided HIMSELF not to participate, it wasn’t that he was snubbed. T$ was informed.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    I hear what your saying sporty-j but believe me they would not have won it last time without Kobe or Kidd. They had their chance and couldn’t get it done. Your right maybe they can next time around. But Kobe is the leader this team desperately needs.

  • srb

    Can’t wait to see Durant in USA colors

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Oh I know all I need to know about Coach K. He who is from Illinois. He’s from my backyard. Which is why he has a pipeline for recruiting here (Corey Maghette, Sean Dockery, Michael Thompson, Jon Schyer) and I also know he played under legendary coach Bobby Knight.

    But that doesn’t negate the truth. He doesn’t improve a player’s weakness. He only hides it in his system. I’m still suffering the consequences (as a bulls fan) of watching Loul Deng get torched night in and night out. Had to watch the same thing happen to Duhon, Brand, Jay Williams. All who suited up for the Bulls. Oh I am well aware of RatFaces coaching deficiencies!

  • http://dime eyes

    The rest of roster looks SLIMFAST. Aside from Cb4,Kd,Rose, & maybe Gay.

    Joe Johnson,Crawford,JSmoove,Rondo,

  • sporty-j

    Thats true big also agree that they had there time and didnt win it. But let’s not also forget that in 2004 they only played 1 year in the league and were still babies and were coming off the bench when Iverson and Duncan and etc was out there making this country look bad. They went undefeated in 2006 without Kobe so i know they can do it. But at the same time i agree and that they needed that leadership from kid and Kobe to be honest with you and it showed in the Gold medal game when the lead they had was cut down to 2 points and they almost lost again after blowing everybody out so at the end pf the day they all needed each other. Besides why not have the best of the best and make the game easy incase they have another scare. I just hate to see a guy like Joe get snubed who was there in 2006 and a guy like Boozer who in all do respect is a good player but hes not no Joe or Amare, but maybe we just need an extra big body? I dont know? Plus i just read Amare did not want to play in 2008 so thats why that spot probably went to Boozer. I Just hope the best of the best make and not the teachers pet because he played for you in college. To the poster who said that Roy does not want to play, good info. I knew something must have been wrong!

  • Atrain206

    @sporty J and others about B-Roy

    Brandon Roy said in the past that while honored to be asked to participate, he wanted to focus 100% on the Blazers and put them in a position to compete for titles. I believe that’s why he didn’t get an invite for this team because he requested a couple of years window. I think he will compete in the 2016 games. Look it up if I’m mistaken. As for the Aldridge issues, everyone has something they do great and some things they need to work on. LA has game and that’s not to say he’s better than some of the others a lot of people have mentioned, but remember, this team is put together with stars that have game and good off court image. Right now, Monta Ellis has been portrayed as selfish (remember Stephen Curry) and dishonest (moped incident). Sometimes there is more that goes on behind the reasons than just stats.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    How bout the younger guys in a couple years? Jennings, Tyreke, Curry?

  • Knowthagame

    Everyone posting comments on here hating on monta most likely never watched more than 5 games from this dude. All they do is look at win/loss record and shot attempts and make an uneducated assumption like that dumb ass espn guy Hollinger and his “BCS” like PER stats. Truth is, Monta has to do all that he does to even keep his team in the game since they have an UNHEARD of season of injurys to their core. They are playing with a team that isn’t even NBA quality, starting D-Leaguers and undrafted free agents. His OWN teammates state all the time that he needs help and they have not been able to constitantly do that for him. That dude has every defense target him and he still produces which demonstrates his skill to even put up those stats and shots. The Warriors only got 13 wins with that sorry team and those wins are ALLLLLL due to what Monta did. PERIOD

    Know the game before you open your mouths and attempt to know somethin, you are looking bad suckas!

  • JD

    WHere’s Brandon Roy??

  • sickhoops

    does anybody think about that it will be under international rules? travelling included! monta ellis would get called for a travel when he steps out of the bus in london!
    i agree on joe johnson as the killer under fiba rules. show him some love!

  • Drewskeelove


    Kobe had knee surgery in 2004, or else he would have played. Study before coming to class homie.

  • sporty-j

    @Drew Well, I have heard he that he had legal probs in 2004 and now you say knee surgery in 2004. Those are great excuses because you have to handle your buss first. I can understand that! What was the excuse in 2006 when Joe Johnson was on the team practicing everyday and playing in 2006 and was going to be on the team and got the boot for his hard work and Commitment because Kobe wanted to all of a sudden be on the team. Again, its not a big deal HOMIE and why not have the best of the best. I just hate to see people get burned who was putting in the time in work and good humble guy like Joe gets the boot at the last second because lets be honest. Some people dont want the new stars thats up incoming getting any of the lime light when you are already on top. Let a brotha get his name out there so he can get some of that international $$$ and fame to.

  • hooper5013

    Brandon Roy? Joe Johnson? Steph Curry? None of them are options? WTF? Who picked this squad? Curry>>>>>Rose right now especially in international play. Roy is the 3rd best 2g in the L, followed closely by Joe Jeezy!

  • mavid

    as has been said already:

    No Joe Johnson, Brandon Roy, Rondo = BOGUS!

    Seriously, Gordon, Westbrook and Odom over those guys??!?!