Smack / Feb 26, 2010 / 4:18 am

LeBron gives Boston a reality check; Bad news for the No. 2 pick

One sequence not only summed up Cavs/Celtics, it was also the moment an astute observer in the building would have started packing their stuff and heading for the parking lot: After Mo Williams had knocked down back-to-back threes midway through the fourth quarter, Ray Allen was looking to answer beyond the arc. But as the shot clock ran down and with nowhere to pass or dribble, Ray had LeBron stuck to his chest like Vicks VapoRub. He managed to get off a desperation brick, and on the other end, LeBron (36 pts, 7 rebs, 9 asts) casually skated past Ray to draw the defense and hit Williams (19 pts, 5 threes) for another triple. There was still five-plus minutes left in the game and the Cavs were only up 10 by that point, but you knew it was over … The 20-piecing was hard to watch if you’re a Celtics fans — your team looked old, slow, and although missing Paul Pierce obviously played a big role, they just didn’t seem ready to deal with the Cavs — but it was probably even harder to watch if you’re a Kevin Garnett fan. As Reggie Miller put it, KG (10 pts, 10 rebs, 5 asts) was “dragging his leg, no explosiveness, guys driving right by him.” We can’t remember how many times Cleveland had open lanes to the basket where nobody in green-and-white showed up to protect the rim or the help D was late … Shaq sprained his right thumb in the first half and didn’t return. That’s a big sprain. Not sure if you’ve ever seen Shaq’s hand up-close, but his thumb could snugly fit into a condom … At one point in the fourth, Boston rolled out a lineup of Rajon Rondo (19 pts, 11 asts), Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Gooch Davis and ‘Sheed. We would pay movie theater prices for every episode of a reality show with those five living in the same house … Even thought it was just mop-up duty, it was great to see Leon Powe back on the court. He had four points and a couple of rebounds. Don’t expect much impact from Powe, however. Minutes will be tough for him to come by with Jamison, Varejao and Hickson playing the four, plus he has a lot of rust to shake off while everyone else is in midseason form … You can blame the Nuggets for falling back into that troubling habit of getting lazy and losing focus against Lottery teams, or you can give the Warriors credit for manning up and refusing to wilt. Either way, Denver/G-State was more competitive than it probably should have been … Thanks to injuries, Nellie had to roll with Devean George at small forward and let him guard Carmelo Anthony. Of course Denver went right to ‘Melo early, but George did the smartest thing you could probably do in his situation — he got ‘Melo mad. On Carmelo’s first touch, George raked his arm as he was shooting and the refs didn’t call anything. After that, ‘Melo was irritated and seemed thrown off. He wound up with 27 points on 12-of-21 shooting, but considering the circumstances he could’ve went for 40 … There was no rattling Chauncey Billups, though. Immediately after tip-off he drove right at Stephen Curry and scored on him, this first of his 37 points (13-19 FG). Curry didn’t get completely worked over; he put up 30 points and 13 dimes and hit some tough shots in Chauncey’s grill … Announcer line of the night from Kevin Harlan, deadpanning as Nene beasted Chris Hunter for a bucket: “Nene. (posting) Hunter defends. (scores) Tries to defend.” … In front of about 17 people at Conseco Fieldhouse, Brandon Jennings put up 18 points and 7 assists on the Pacers, while John Salmons scored 20 as the Bucks won their fifth straight. Jennings hit a step-back jumper with under two minutes to go that put Milwaukee up five, and while the Pacers got within one score a few times after that, they could never make the one shot they needed … They threw up some ugliness during that stretch, too. Troy Murphy jacked a three that somehow hit the backboard right under the rim, and Danny Granger alligator-armed a free throw that only caught the rim by a millimeter and drew boos from the home crowd … Hasheem Thabeet has been assigned to the D-League, specifically to the Dakota Wizards. Yes, he’s young and raw and has decent players on the depth chart in front of him, but damn: Thabeet is still the highest-ever draft pick asked to log D-League duty. Do you think he’ll ever pan out to be a solid starter in the League? … We’re out like Thabeet …

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  • Mr. Wang

    said it once, and will continue to say it forever: ThaBUST.

  • the cynic

    i wish you guys would drop this Gooch nickname, it gets worse everytime its repeated. If you don’t want to call him Big Baby just call him Glen

  • Coop

    The guy just doesn’t have enough experience. A stint in the D-league logging big minutes might get him to a point at which he understands how to play in an NBA game and at that point he’ll have value, I think.

  • Soul Jax

    Haaa I still don’t know if I believe that someone of that size has no place in the league but DAMN! D League that’s cold.

    I remember the first thing that worried me about Thabeet was his player comparison. He is obviously, at his peak, a Dikembe Mutumbo type but in interviews I remember him saying he was aspiring to be like Hakeem or Kareem.

    This worried me as it just seemed like he was trying to get the highest pick possible and had no intention of developing into a truly great defensive center.

    Why fight what you are son? Dikembe Mutumbo would’ve still been at least the number two pick in this draft so why deny who you are?

    P.S. the interview I’m citing was on NBA.com over the summer sorry I’m too lazy to dig it up.

    P.P.S. The Celtics could have won that game if they had Paul Pierce. You can’t tell me that PP being out didn’t get in their heads, especially when they had Ray Allen defending Lebron. I’m not saying that would have been a guaranteed win but come on now? This is the KG era Celtics, if you don’t think The Truth would have made this game competitive than I’ve got some tape of game 7 of the 2008 ECF to show you(He may be older but his style remains unchanged).

  • Soul Jax

    P.P.P.S. I like The Gooch nick name it’s actually clever and he looks like he could be a middle school bully lol. Big Baby is a demeaning nick name which I bet he always hated and yet I still feel weird calling him “Glen”.

    What’s wrong with The Gooch? (Aside from the Jackass meaning)

  • Soul Jax

    P.P.P.P.S Is Brandon Jennings better than Johnny Flynn? I feel like as long as Mr. “Say no to one and one” beat’s Johnny Flynn in the rookie race it will be a phenomenal season for his and may actually make GM’s think differently about who they draft when looking at Pure Talent as opposed to collegiate success.

    P.P.P.P.P.S. sorry for the ridiculous amount of P.S.’s.

  • the cynic

    you can call 7 or 8 guys in the league the Gooch, but you can only call one big Baby. he earned it.

  • dejavu

    @ Soul Jax: HAHAHA
    I can’t believe ur using 2008 playoff’s as a bench mark right now….
    You’re completely deluded to think that paul pierce would have made any difference. Celts are done and heading for a first round exit in the 2010 playoffs…dream on buddy…

  • ab_40

    Thabeet will turn out just fine no worries there. But the guys in the D leauge are gonna hit him and hit him hard I don’t know if he’s ready but the players there are they want the no pick on as many posters as they can get.

    I knew cleveland was gonna win yesterday. Boston at one point shot over 70% and they had 7 less shots. So the rebounding edge was clevlands after boston started shooting at a normal rate the game was over and the cavs put it on lock in the fourth quarter.

    btw the shaq thumb condom comment is just nasty

  • Brickshooting J

    Danilo Gallinari was assigned to the D-League last season and he’s doing fine in the NBA right now. Having said that, I’d take Marc Gasol over Hasheem Thabeet 10 times out of 10.

  • Name (required)

    lol the shaq line made me picture him running round with condoms over each of his fingers like a rubbery Freddie Cruger.

    D League could be good for Thabeet. Better than rotting on a bench anyway.

    KG has turned into Philly/Detroit years Chris Webber, not a good look for someone who prides themself on D. Would anyone be too surprised to see Toronto or Chicago beat the C’s in the first round? I wouldn’t.

  • That’s What’s Up

    what’s wrong with just calling him Big Booby Davis ?

    Thanks DIME. I’ll never be able to put a condom on my thumb again without thinking of Shaq. You have ruined the thrill

  • Mac22

    “Not sure if you’ve ever seen Shaq’s hand up-close, but his thumb could snugly fit into a condom”

    LOL!! Priceless

  • common sense

    that Shaq comment did freeze me for a sec.. surely should have been proceeded with a nohomo but hey…

    pierce aint helping nothin.. he has the old man game but now he got the grandpa geriatric game, dude is slower and less explosive hence his shooting percentage drop..

    i realize that age is an issue n all with players loosing their explosiveness but some players just appear lazy n like they aint touched a gym in years which has led to their massive regression..

    vince carter is the perfect example.. i know his aging now but i bet his offseason regime wasnt as intense as say a second year player.. hes lost so much explosiveness and looks so fragile i can only attest that to lack of effort in the weight room.. they just look slow and weak as hell out there.. and dont get me started on Paul peirce.. even at his peak he never looked like he touched weights and now it looks like you need tape to hold all his body parts together..

  • Wait, what?!

    ” but his thumb could snugly fit into a condom ”

    NO HOMO!

  • Borgs

    “Don’t expect much impact from Powe, however. Minutes will be tough for him to come by…”
    – I take it that twit Flomenbaum didn’t contribute to this article.

    This is no news flash, but Glen Davis is never dropping the ‘Baby’ moniker. It’s what I heard Rondo call him all game.

  • http://dime eyes

    Since when did stats & playing multiple positions. Become more important than winning. Fantasy Basketball anyone. I remember the days you had great games & lost but would rather the total opposite. Individual stats should never outweigh the teams goal of winning. Anything can be downplayed like Nocioni DUI. While overhyped like BRON’s powder throw or Steph Curry special abilities. Case in point how undervalued Chauncey Billups is. Even how Dirk isn’t considered clutch yet Lebron is.

  • JJ

    “thumb could snugly fit into a condom”

    way to fuck up my breakfast

  • fallinup

    Boy them Celts looked ooooollllldddd….

    And here’s to hoping The Big Dick Thumb doesn’t miss too much time off!

  • KnicksFan84

    LOL, Gallinari NEVER sniffed D-League homie. Knicks have NEVER used it.

  • MeMe

    dejavu, the Celtics beat the Cavs THIS YEAR.

    Rondo did his usual thing of completely disappearing in the second half. Whenever he starts out as aggressive as he was in the first half, he ALWAYS disappears later on. I don’t know what it is with this kid. He doesn’t even look tired.

  • machineflesh

    Boston are shot.

    Glen Davis = Big Baby.
    Don’t change it cos he doesn’t like it ffs. Dude cries on the bench, acts infantile & breaks thumb, and you RESPECT his request to change his nickname from big baby?!?!?! Fuck me. Cummon Dime you’re better than this shit.

    “Lebron can’t do it by himself” – James after the game. Gotta win something b4 you start the 1st person routine ‘bron. You aint transcended yet bro. River dancing aint gonna cut it. Gotta get that ring.

  • Coop

    Just a side note: Anyone who has ever said ‘no homo’ seriously is an epic failure and should stay in school/go back to school.

  • Celts Fan

    A few observations while realizing this is the same nucleus we’ll be trotting out in 2012 too and then wanting to drink a nice, tall glass of bleach…

    1. We’ll miss Eddie House. If you watched the 4th, you couldn’t help but notice brick after brick after brick. We have no bench shooters. The closest thing is either Sheed or Scal, and um… no. Let’s take a look at the bench:

    TA – I’m shocked he’s actually contributing. This is the same guy I consistently said was worse than Scal. Guess the knee’s finally healthy, but that jumper never will be.
    Nate – solid scorer, but if you’re running he and Rondo together, why not have just kept Eddie? Nate’s better, but not necessarily a better fit.
    Marquis – solid ball-handler/backup 3, but can’t really shoot.
    Big Baby – decent mid-range game, but your backup 4 should never be described as having a “below the rim” game.
    Sheed – our best bench shooter. Seriously.
    Scal – would be a slightly above average starter in an over-40 YMCA league. Not so much in this one…
    Sheldon “The Forehead” Williams – don’t know what happened to his mid-range that he flashed at Duke. Completely useless. His biggest contribution to the Celtics this year has been being able to try to find Candace Parker at C’s games.
    Marcus Landry – who?

    2. Antawn Jamison will cost the Cavs the title. While he’s solid offensively but he’s a turnstyle on D (and it’s not like they were that desperate for big man scoring. Z’s got a J and Shaq can still put in work PT int he post. Other than against the Magic or Hawks, how’s he a great fit on that team? Like Jamison a lot, but he doesn’t seem to be a good fit here…) He and Shaq provides no legit post D AND costs Varajauo (overpaid but a damn solid defensive big) and JJ Hickson PT, and who loses minutes when Z gets back? Seems like their best lineups were with Shaq and Varajauo and then Z and JJ. (I’d start Shaq and JJ with Varajauo and Antawn being the backup unit so you still have O and D on each line. Mix Z in there at some point too. In reality, egos get in the way, so that makes waaaaay too much sense.)

    3. All the Rondo haters only need watch last night’s game. He was forcing up Js (again, we miss you Eddie) that were way off. When he penetrates and shoots or kicks out he’s a damn good point. When he’s shooting 20 times and 10 of them are long jumpers, we’re going home disappointed.

    4. We traded 3 guys for 2, so we should have 2 open roster spots (already had one from waiving Lestor Hudson.) Pick up a shooter (Wally or Ricky Davis) and a big man from the D League and pray they can contribute or it’s an early exit.

  • tp

    brandon jennings no doubt had an amazing month. outside of that though, he has been terrible (relatively speaking) whereas everyone else has stepped it up big time. i just hate hearing ROY talk with jennings up there.. he should not even be considered for it right now. reke is the obvious choice, but please show some love for curry, collison, flyn, thornton, etc.

  • SWAT

    @coop-i hv to kno whts the beef with the term-i completly agree tht after tht shaq line it should hv been typed. its like sort of a disclaimer. LOL-

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @celts fan

    If the Cavs don’t win the title it won’t be because of Jamison. When Big Z returns they’ll be the exact same team as before the trade. All they did was add a great role player in Jamison.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Steph Curry should win ROTY. That crap about inflated numbers is probably true, but Reke’s numbers are inflated too seeing as how his team just gives him the ball and gets the F out the way. But to be real, B.Jennings is the one leading his team in a playoff race. BJ has more pressure night in an and night out.

  • karizmatic

    That’s bad news for Thabeet, it doesn’t look like he’s cut out for the league.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Did you catch the UCLA vs OR-State game last night?

    UCLA walk-on 5’7 Spencer Soo can probably win the NBA dunk contest. No lie, this kid is sick. I watched him kick the net. And He can touch the top of the square. Youtube it. It’s sick

    Also, Tyler Honeycutt will be the 2012 ROTY

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    If Ty Lawson was getting 34 minutes of burn a night he’d be the rookie of the year – or at the very least, right up there with Evans and Curry. It’s too bad the Clips drafted that kid from Oklahoma – their owner obviously sold his soul to the devil – we may never see him play…

    Inflated numbers is an interesting way to look at it. If you want to do that than Jordan, ‘Nique, LeBron, Oscar, Pistol Pete, any other guy that was a dominant ball player had inflated numbers. Curry can straight play the game, he might not be a good defender but he’s 13 years old, give him a break. I think he’d be putting up the same kind of numbers in Sacramento.

  • rell

    @celts fan
    I think Nate would be a good fit if Doc would wise up and play him with Ray Allen instead of Rondo. Nate need the ball in his hand to be effective and he can’t do that with Rondo being in the game with him. Nate was brought in for a scoring punch but can’t do that without being the primary ball handler when he is in the game.

    It doesn’t make sense to play Rondo for 45 minutes when you actually got a backup point guard now. I can see why Rondo was horrible in the 2nd half because he played almost every single minute of the game.

    I actually don’t think defense is our main problem. Our main problem is the 2nd half scoring drought we have almost every game. The Celtics scored 32 points total in the 2nd half against Cleveland. That is horrible. Against the Knicks the other night Boston scored 15 in the 4th and versus the Lakers we scored 11 in the 4th. I hate to say it but I think we will not make it pass the 1st round this year unless Pierce is 100% healthy by the playoffs. Ainge will have a huge decision to make at the end of next season when Pierce contract is up.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    That sprain on Shaq was gross. It looked like that trailer for “Wolfman” where they shot Del Toro’s fingers just shift straight down. Of course, Shaq just shakes it off.

    Watching Rondo play last night was awful. I completely understand his haters now. Looking at his box score, you wouldn’t think that he had a bad game at all. Too bad that he put up about 90 percent of his points and assists in the first quarter. After that, he was taking TERRIBLE shots, not looking for anyone on his team…I mean, he has freaking Ray Allen on his team! Allen continues to be hot from the field, the line, AND the 3, and Rondo out shot-attempts him 19-13. Hell, Sheed shot a similar percentage, but a.) he was hitting three and b.) he can hit his free throws. Rondo is ugly with that ish.

    Really. 19 points on 19 shot attempts for Rondo. Allen? 21 points on 13 attempts. THAT’s efficiency.

    Watching Stephen Curry was awesome. If you haven’t seen him yet this year, as I hadn’t, please try. Did anyone see that play where he got Birdman TWICE?! Bananas. I can’t tell what kind of career he’s going to have, since he’s on the Warriors and plays with Monta Ellis (Rajon Rondo clone, if last night’s performances are any indicator – 22 points on 22 attempts for Ellis on 6-22 shooting, ick while Curry went for 30 on 19 shots). Don Nelson’s interview was really nice – he seems to love the kid.

    Watching the Warriors was awkward. Charles Barkley put it well. It looks like they don’t know what they’re doing out there. Something just seemed off. Granted, they barely have a team – someone said that they haven’t had a 5 on 5 practice since early December – but their offense is disjointed, and defensively…it’s not even like they don’t try, it’s like they don’t know how. So many uncontested 3s it was unreal.

    TNT/ESPN/ABC need to put on more bad teams. Maybe not bad teams, but teams that don’t get much shine. Are they required to show each team once a year, in between the Cavs/Lakers/Celtics/Magic games that are on EVERY Weds, Thurs, and Fri?

  • QQ

    Celts are supposed to be old YET still compete for the title. Instead, they now look VERY old and will likely go through a 2nd round exit at best. Damn, the hype train comes up VERY fast, eh?

  • Celts Fan

    @Rell – agreed, but Nate’s basically a 2 in a PG’s body. he’s not a distributor. and Pierce will NEVER go anywhere unless he chooses too. He’s too involved w/ the franchise for Danny to ever get rid of him.

    @Spliff- I don’t disagree in theory, cuz they did basically get Antawn for nothing, BUT there’s the whole chemistry aspect. You can negatively affect your team while still improving the overall talent level (the ’04 Lakers are the textbook example.) I think they took a step back defensively unless they don’t play Shaq and Antawn together during crunch time and we both know the Diesel’s ego is waaaaaaaay too big for that to happen w/ him. Just remember this when Pau and Lamar are having their way with him in June…

    oh, and to all the “McHale gifted KG to the Celtics” people. This is why I been saying it was a fair deal. We gave up a potential franchise guy (worst case, 2nd or 3rd option) big man that’s still only 25, 2 #1s, and about $14M in cap space for 1 year of Godly KG (worth it of course, we got that banner,) and 4 years of his corpse and albatross contract…

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Gabriel Brogden

    My observations:
    Good measuring stick game for both teams. Cleveland was basically without a true center. Boston was basically without a true SF. The Celtics were at a disadvantage, didn’t have the scoring to keep pace with the Cavs relentlessness.

    Celtics Starters
    KG – slowly becoming a ‘shell’??? Nahhh, say it aint so. It aint so, right?

    Ray – was stroking them.

    Rondo – was doing the pg thing like a champ! Then the Cavs started shutting down the lane and he started getting WIDE OPEN looks from 18 feet and out – Cavs gave him this ON PURPOSE. And was taking them!! Funny how commentators try to be diplomatic, “Just because the open jumper is there, doesn’t mean Rondo should take it. He should try to get another teammate a higher percentage shot.” Just keep it real, “Don’t shoot the J even if you gotta good look because you can’t shoot worth a damn. You’re a last-option scorer, get it?? Last. Option.” He can get by “MO” type point guards, EASILY. Not sure if that’s an indictment on Mo or not. Probably is.

    Perk – Solid. Not outstanding. Needed to be outstanding. You get 20 pieced when you’re not outstanding.

    Marquis – nothing about his game stands out. Good defender, maybe. Not the Truth, definitely.

    Celtics Bench
    TA – end of the bench player for real. Good defender, right Doc?
    Nate – should be logging a steady 25 minutes, AT LEAST. Rondo shouldn’t be alpha point for 45 minutes, cottamn.
    Baby – is it me or his game has ‘plateau’d’??
    Sheed – Sheed’s Sheed. When’s the last time you seen Sheed take a charge? That year Detroit won it all.

    Cavalier Starters
    Antawn – not the best last night. Not terribly bad neither. Borderline solid. D was kinda suspect but it wasn’t atrocious.

    Bron – did his regular ‘affect the game in every way possible’ thing. Had a BEAUTIFUL And-1 on Perk. This guy Bron is really strong.

    Mo – Off in the 1st half, got killed in the 1st half by Rondo. On in the 2nd half, killed Rondo and crew in the 2nd half.

    Cavaliers Bench
    Mariachi – real efficient game. Big 3 near the end. 5 assists led to 10 EASY points. 8 rebounds, 5 of them led to 10 EASY points. That’s 20 right there, the difference in the game. Safe to say, he was a difference maker.

    Andy – he was hitting jumpers. Go back and look at the tape, the man who goes by the name of Anderson Varajeo was canning jumpers with EASE. DoubleDouble off the bench with 3 blocks, mad energy. Also sent a message to Perk: “Shove my boy again, get F****D UP!” Probably said it in Portuguese but we understand.

    JJ – Yeah, I can definitely seem him as CEDRIC CEBALLOS 2.0

    *Shaq, Candace Parker’s Bro, Jamario, Jawad, and Powe were effective, yes. But they didn’t log major court time so I’ll leave ‘em be. Good to see Powe back. It’s been a long cottonpickin’ time. The last time I saw him, the Celtics actually looked young.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I just want to ask… Is there a player in the NBA that makes his team worse than Tony Allen does? Like an anti-MVP? It’s fascinating to see that the guy gets PT. I get it–he can play defense. But that can’t make up for the fact that the offense goes to shit whenever he is involved.

  • boomshakalaka

    @ 22

    HAHA!!!! Machineflesh knows whats up

  • boomshakalaka

    @ 31

    “It’s too bad the Clips drafted that kid from Oklahoma”

    really lester? I doubt griffin is gonna be another injury waiting-to-happen Greg Oden. Any and every team would’ve picked him up.

    That dude’s gonna be scary good

  • http://deleted dagwaller


    I really like Chris Anderson, but these moves were sick

  • Claw

    @ Celts Fan

    Agree with the NRob trade, House knew his role and couldn’t be left open or he would shoot it in your eye, NRob isn’t the right fit for that role and drives to the hoop more which is basically what Pierce and Rondo do so didn’t get that.

    The Jamison trade is too soon to tell, Jamison played well against Rashard Lewis and was able to close out on him at the 3 pt line and his O will come around. I don’t know how that messes up chemistry when you bring a guy in that really doesn’t need plays run for him and can score in the flow of the game. Guy is willing to do whatever to win a chip, I’ll take that any day of the week.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn i hate to defend the Celtics but they obviously had a shitty SECOND half without their best offensive player.. i mean seriously people they were winning the first half..

    By the way everyones talking you’d think they got 20 pieced from the jump..

    But KG is really the problem.. and unfortunately it aint his fault.. knee aint really holding up.. sad cuz as much i detest his Celtic ass now ive always been a KG fan.. i used to try to play like him :)

  • Roman

    It’s a wrap for Boston- even with Paul Pierce. With that lineup, Varejao at center, will run circles around them. Also how come Rondo gets so quiet in the 4th. Blow it up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Island

    @dagwaller – you are the man for posting that. I saw the highlights but figured I was drunk because that move was just too filthy.

    Thabeet is bad. Olowokandi is his ceiling.

  • isotope

    @ dagwaller

    that move by Steph was sick. Especially the part before he travelled. He didnt have to move his pivot but he sure did.

    Does this make me a hater? lol

  • Diego

    Garnett is the weak link for the Celtics. Like the comparison to old Webber. Garnett has never had the build to budge people down low; now, other than an alley oop or 2, he can’t even get in the paint on offense. He is done.

    Ray Allen is proof of the comment about taking care of yourself in the offseason. Ray is the one of the big 3 that just keeps on going, and going.

    Pierce would have helped last night.

    Overall re. Celtics: Garnett is a shell of his former self; Rasheed is horrible; Ray can still do it; Pierce has dropped a bit, but he is still solid; Rondo, Gooch and Perkins all earn their money and get their assigned jobs done, regardless of what the haters say (these 3 should make Garnett and Rasheed fetch the doughnuts and bagels and carry these young fellows’ luggage these days); Nate will get his job done; and Marquis is simply a classic journeyman–lucky to be in the league.

    Regarding the Cavs, LeBron is best player in the League (haters put on your glasses and watch); Hickson is solid and a key element; Jamison will adjust and be a difference maker; Mo and Delonte contribute; Parker seems to suck; Varagau (sic) simply is a hustler and big body; and Z coming back will help. With all those guys, they should just have Shaq perform at halftimes, charity events, and skits with mascots. He is irrelevant.

  • Diego

    And Thabeet must just be horrible–what a waste of a pick. He needs to head to Eastern Europe and succeed Priest Lauderdale, in Kazakstan or somewhere.

    He is not going to magically learn how to be a valuable NBA big man.

  • LakeShow84

    After watching the Bucks play a bit last night i will have to say BJ is ROY..

    The other 2 have the #’s but like Snow was saying they arent in a position where EVERY POSESSION means something.. they get to learn and try things (especially with they coachs).. Jennings is making a PLAYOFF push for a team that hasnt been there in a minute while trying to adjust to the BS a rookie has to deal with.. no calls anyone??

    So while Steph and Reke’s #’s are better they arent leading the way like BJ is.. and dude is still avg 18&6..

    I’d say Steph could do the same because he has basketball in his blood and he shows no backingdown but you never know until you see it and you can see it with Jennings..

    And Charles Barkeley is so retarded sometimes lol he dissed Curry by CONTSTANTLY referring to the WARRIORS.. not Curry but the WARRIORS.. that was all he had on him lol

  • Celts Fan

    @Claw – Jamison’s one of my favorite college players ever (I love UNC) and I like him a lot as a player, but he ruins their defensive chemistry (good against smaller teams though.) I just don’t think he’s a great fit there is all I’m saying.

  • machineflesh

    @ chicagorilla

    the bucks are winning ‘despite’ the fact jennings has face planted the rookie wall.

    in their recent winning run his numbers are abysmal. 11.3 pts at 30% with 5 dimes, 2 to’s. skiles has been hooking him for horrendous shot selection.

    don’t get me wrong i love the guy. exciting prospect. but the reason the bucks are winning has nothing to do with his game atm.

    have a glance at realgm bucks forum if ur bored. the topic “Ok can we PLEASE now start Ridnour” (bj’s backup pg) has some interesting reading for ya…

  • sh!tfaced

    The Celtics suck, the Warriors suck, Thabeet sucks, John Salmons sucks, and Caron Butler can’t suck straws no more…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ iso & Big Island – !!! The announcer, maybe Reggie Miller, said that he was showing shades of Hakeem Olajuwon. The only reason I mention that is because I’m sure that’s one of the most bizarre player comparisons anyone will ever hear.

  • http://dimemag.com/author/adam/ Adam Flomenbaum

    @ Borgs – Ohhh because I wrote the article after the Cavs got Jamison, right?

  • Claw

    @ Celts Fan – It will be about matchups come playoff time, and you’re right he can be overmatched by bigger forwards but he is a strength against Orlando. Orlando killed them from the perimeter and he’s a much better perimter defender than post defender. Plus he can stretch the D with his 3 pt shooting. The good thing is it didn’t cost the Cavs anything and he’s just another piece.

    Was interesting the Cavs made the only significant change while everybody else stood pat (except Mark Cuban). Surprised Lakers didn’t get Hinrich or a veteran backup G that was quicker.

  • Claw

    @ Diego – Wrong about Shaq, against P&R teams he’s exposed but Defending bigs like Howard and Gasol he’s essential come playoff time. Without Shaq the Cavs were getting toasted in the post by DHow, at least Shaq can D him up one on one and give him a little something on the other end.

  • Joross

    poor thabeet,its not his fault that he was picked number 2 so expectations are high on him