Smack / Feb 14, 2010 / 4:29 am

Nate Dogg Does It Again

Nate Robinson, Dime #46

Other than Nate Robinson making history as the first three-time champion, there really wasn’t anything memorable about last night’s NBA All-Star dunk contest. It was like one of those comedy movies that’s funny enough to get the job done while you’re in the theater, but 30 minutes after you leave you can’t remember any of the jokes … If there was a signature dunk from Nate, it was probably his last one in the finals, when he threw it off the glass and did a reverse jackknife, then went over to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and danced with their pom-poms. Beyond that, Nate’s two-hand windmills and pump-handle dunks — he did everything off a lob — just wasn’t anything to knock you off your feet. Then he had the nerve to blame Spud Webb for the admittedly sub-par show, since Spud had suggested Nate not use any props … DeMar DeRozan finished second. His best dunk was in the first round, when Sonny Weems threw him a lob off the side of the backboard and DeRozan finished with a windmill. That got the biggest crowd reaction of any dunk all night in an otherwise dead arena. (As Reggie Miller said, “Now we’re off the No-Doze!”) Shannon Brown‘s dunk where he took off from the dotted line and switched from his right hand to his left in mid-air was underrated if you ask us, but he was largely a disappointment, and Gerald Wallace might as well have given up his spot to the Phoenix Suns’ gorilla … We don’t want to jump the gun and claim the dunk contest is dead and the NBA needs to change the whole format, but we have some suggestions for next year: Bring in six dunkers, scrap the text voting (it takes away all the drama when we can’t see scores for the final-round dunks), and whatever it takes, get LeBron in the contest … Nice touch including former Mavericks as judges — Mark Aguirre, Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper were at the table next to Dominique Wilkins and Spud — but what about Shawn Bradley? He’s as much an expert on NBA dunks as anybody … Before his first dunk, Nate made sure everybody saw him eating some kind of power bar, then he held the wrapper up for the camera. Very subtle marketing … One question we need answered: What was DJ Mbenga doing there in uniform? We’re guessing Shannon had something planned for the finals where he was gonna jump over him. But damn, he couldn’t use Josh Powell? Like Mbenga hasn’t been dunked on enough? … Mr. 720 presented Nate with the trophy, as Kenny Smith erroneously called him a “D-Leaguer” (he’s in the ABA) and said somebody in the NBA needs to sign him next year so he can be in the contest. 720 is our boy, but he’s 6-2 and has a small forward’s game. Probably not gonna happen for him …

Pierce talkin' reckless...

If there was anything memorable about All-Star Saturday Night, it was the outfits of the guys who weren’t participating. One of our boys took one look at Dwight Howard‘s yellow Mr. Rogers sweater and said, “That’s the biggest sweater I’ve ever seen.” Darryl Dawkins‘ suit looked like a set of Grandmama’s good dishes, D-Wade had his usual cool-nerd thing going, Arnold Schwarzenegger had some crazy cowboy boots on, and James Harden looked like Teen Wolf with his letterman’s jacket and Bin Laden beard … Paul Pierce won the Three-Point Shootout, beating Stephen Curry and Chauncey Billups in the finals, then saying, “I think I’m one of the better shooters in NBA history.” … Hopping a flight to Dallas right after taking part in the Olympics opening ceremony in Vancouver, Steve Nash took the Skills Challenge by beating Deron Williams in the final. Russell Westbrook replaced Derrick Rose, who pulled out with a hip injury … And Team Texas — Dirk Nowitzki, Kenny Smith and Becky Hammon — won the Shooting Stars competition. For the future, though, Kenny needs to take a hint from Chris Webber: Sweatpants never offend anybody … In case you missed it, the Wizards and Mavs pulled off a 7-player trade: Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singleton and Quinton Ross. Great move for the Mavs and for Caron, an upgrade over Howard whose talents were being wasted in Washington. Haywood and Erick Dampier give the Mavs a solid 1-2 combo at center (Haywood is longer and a better defender than Gooden), and Stevenson can help the perimeter defense so long as he doesn’t immediately get on Rick Carlisle‘s bad side. What do you think of the deal? … We’re out like Channing …

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  • Bill

    All of it was a joke, except Rajon draining all those threes at horse comp and pp taking it home in three pt contest.

  • Bill

    and nash killing it eventhough he probably had major jetlag

  • gilford22

    The only thing I noticed was Deron’s lifting the ball in the skills challenge.

  • quest???

    i dnt know if its becuse im druk, but i swear i jus hard the mortal kombat themesong play during a wake fores higligh n sportscente..cn anyonedfd coonffirm,thiss?

  • Big Sia

    Worst dunk contest since the Scalabrine family reunion

    Dallas just got nice

    VC shits on his successors

  • sh!tfaced

    Dallas should have invited Shawn Bradley as props for Nate in the lame ass dunk contest.

    Mavs just joined the elite West alongside the Lakers and Nuggets with Caron, DeShawn “Mr 50/50 (off the bench)” Stevenson and a two-headed monster at center named Ericka and Brenda.

  • gilford22

    The blockbuster trade on Dallas with Wizards is more worth to talk about.

  • Soopa

    Wasnt Shannon Brown supposed to be a nice dunker? Sure he jumps high, but what a weak showing. Wallace should be fined for his showing…
    Wade, Bron, Howard and Nate next year. 1 millon dollars on the line. Go.

  • barons beard

    Worst. Contest. Ever

    2, maybe 3 contest worthy dunks, the rest just standard. Weak

  • e

    the nba all star weekend official became a joke this week bad enough i dont even watch entire games i watch a select group of like 5 players i like and thats it the nba is dead SMH what a joke this weekend was and tonights game figures to be even worse

  • Mr. Wang
  • Paul Peers

    Weak sauce dunk contest. Maybe Stern was expecting Lebron to dunk so he made a clear out. Nice move by Dallas though.

  • e


    January 25th, 2010 at 11:58 am

    e says:

    shannon wont win i see him more as a game dunker like rudy gay is i doubt he will be able to create something we havent seen id rather see d.rose in the contest

  • bsteezy3

    Gerald Wallace shouldn’t have even been out there; Shannon Brown did what I thought he’d do. Other than that, the Dunk contest was borrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnng. When it ended, the crew couldn’t help but talk about how lame it was. Demar lost the contest. Every dunker missed his first attempt, man there are better dunk contests in highschool/college…

  • Name (required)

    i know it gets hard to think of new stuff year after year but there was zero creativity in that contest, shannon brown really needed to step up. JR Smith and Rudy Fernandez first round dunks last year would have won it this year.

    The Butler Howard trade is huge, on paper makes the Mavs a legit threat to the Lakers. Caron could be really good next to Kidd and Haywood is good for 10 boards and a few blocks.
    If the Mavs get past the Lakers in the playoffs, does that renew the Deshawn/Lebron rivalry lol

  • spit hot fiyah


  • ab_40

    all star saturday was kinda wack. especialy the dunk contest… what a disapointment. and what happende to the sprite slam dunk challenge? I thought they were gonna do a dunk contest with those 4 guys. This was wack I searched all over the internet for it. And man gerald wallace. If he was injured he should’ve been bold about it, go in the crowd and hand the ball to dwight howard or lebron james. Shannons dunk was kinda underrated but it isn’t a real dunk contest dunk. And for nate to blame spud is the weakest and lamest thing I’ve heard coming out of this dude and he talks a lot of ish. So the real dunk contest will be tonight between LeBron and Dwight in the all star game. problem is the west have all the great passing point guards. rondo is nice and rose is a scorer. Dirk is probably gonna shoot the lights out with jason kidd and steve nash who both know his sweet spots to give him the ball.

  • J 694

    Somebody should have been dunking in a Dallas Cowboys (hate the cowboys) helmet. I’m not normally a fan of props, but if its something funny, and such an obvious homer move, its better than whatever anyone had in them last night. Incorporate the TO popcorn celebration and the fans would have stormed the court.

  • jdstorm

    Ways to fix the Dunk contest.

    make it a dunks only game of horse. with all the participants being roughly the same size.

    imagine a contest line up of Lebron, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, Tyrus Thomas. or Wade,v Westbrook v Rose v Wall

    trying to copy what one of the others just did. no props just dunks

  • melvin

    Where is James White!!!!! If you want to see a real dunk contest they need to call up James White up from the D-League and get my boy Rodney Carney. Carney could of won this contest with his eyes closed!!!!!!

  • J 694

    Robinson definitely deserved that win more than anyone in the field, but he has been handed now 2 dunk championships. Last year, I guess he was good enough to win over Dwight. Legitimate win, not great win.

    This year everyone saw all dunkers mail it in and bring out nothing spectacular, including Nate.

    The biggest rip off came, when Igoudala outdunked him left and right and the judges mistook the rules and gave the championship to the guy that missed the most dunks, not the best dunker.

    Nate Robinson should not be able to boast more dunk contest wins than Jordan, Dominique, VC, or even Andre Igoudala.

    Iggy could probably roll Nate into a little ball and windmill his ass.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I know its allstar weekend, but no mention of Kentucky v. Tennessee? John Wall had the best dunk of the night….

  • asmaticasiatic2

    I think G.Wallace used to be more of a dunker in high school/college; he still got hops but the age,injuries and grind of the NBA has taken a toll. Atleast he’s improved his game to the point where he gets All star recognition…overall the contest was weak,but its hard with all the exepectations…they still need to bring it though…

  • ShowKase

    Most Over-rated Three-peat Champion ever. Shouldn’t have beaten AI2 the first time and this contest was a joke. So, I’d give Nate 1 and a half Championships.

    Dime, putting LeBitch in everything is not the answer to everything in the NBA. They need to go back to six contestants and bring in some of the rookies and sophomores to compete, cuz they just want shine anyways and have nothing to lose. And fan voting is lame. Whats the point of having any judges for the whole contest, when some drunk dummy’s gonna make the final decision.

    Drake got commercial deals and still aint even dropped an album yet. DAAAAAAAANNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Must be nice.

  • Heiko

    Nate’s last dunk was nice, but overall he was quite disappointing…


  • sh!tfaced

    Goddamn Cavs are gonna get Amare soon.


  • dan dan

    u bored the sh.. out of me
    ur better than a morning coffee lol
    f*** u boring mofos

  • jackie moon

    damn if LBJ showed up this year his usual power tomahawk could have won it all. that’s how lame it was.

    i know nate robbed AI2 with the crown years ago but i got to hand it to him in dunk contests…he’s trying hard to bring in something for the fans.

    Paul Pierce has never been short of self-belief.

  • Guitar Hero

    Weakest dunk show i’ve ever seen. maybe it will be a wake up call to the league.
    i mean, yesterday i saw an 80’s contest with Nique,MJ,dr,j,nance,dr.dunkenstein and terence stansbury.
    are you kidding me?

    the league must somehow encourage the lebrons,howards and even second-tier stars like iggy to participate.

  • That’s What’s Up

    no-doze keeps you awake.

    Did he learn anything at UCLA?

  • Randomized

    Nate Dogg did it again, won another dunk contest because he is short. 3 of his dunks were basic, not even contest worthy. Derozen gave it away though, but two of Nates dunks he didnt even get high enough to put in, they were just barely squeezed in.

    Crash and Brown should have their names erased from the history of dunk contest. They didnt actually compete in it.

    Paul Pierce just pisses me off. Hes screaming and talking shit at himself between racks in a 3pt contest? He won against one of the weakest firlds ever and he says hes one of the best shooters ever? Hes not even the best shooter on his team, hed lose to Ray Allen any day of the week. Paul is such an overrated bastard.

  • baron

    Dammit the Mavs stole the trade I wanted the Spurs to make, DAMMIT!!

  • baron

    But they are gonna have to do something about having Tim Thomas and Deshawn Stevenson on the roster, those guys are pretty much guarantees you aren’t gonna win a championship.

    Drew Gooden was another but now he’s gone, and Dampier is another but he’s been replaced by Haywood.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    The commentary was better than the dunk contest

  • jdizzle

    @#27 Exactly. No-Doze keeps you awake. They were saying they needed it to stay awake because the dunk contest was so boring, and with DeRozan’s dunk they no longer needed No-Doze because the dunk woke them up.

    I know 720 had to be pissed to be giving the trophy to the “winner”(I loved Chuck’s comment:”Maybe nobody will win”. By the way, WHY THE HELL WASN’T HE IN THIS DAMN CONTEST!?!?!? I guess cuz David Stern didn’t want him to embarrass his NBA stars.

  • Kermit The Washington

    I KNEW the dunk contest was gonna turn out like that. They’re all good game dunkers, but not dunk-contest dunkers. Except for Nate, obviously, but he didn’t even really have anything close to his other 2 wins.

  • SaggyWheels

    5 9 guys in the dunk contest are played out, its weak and unfair to regular dunkers because they can do everything he does but he gets more love for it.

    And there is only one nate dogg, please don’t do that again.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Sounds like I didn’t miss anything last night. Glad I didn’t waste my time. That’s 5 straight years I’ve boycotted the dunk contest. It might not be officially dead yet but it is to me.

  • kudos

    Worst dunk contest of all time. Derozen did better during his dunk contest in high school. Shannon let the pressure get to him, gerald was gerald, and nate missed a ton of dunks and actually did the EXACT same dunks that won him his first contest. WDF.

  • kudos

    BY the way, there are a ton of dunks that haven’t been done, just none of these low-iq nba players have the balls to try one.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    That was the worst all-star competition ever, I said and I’ll say it again, it’s all a conspiracy against Cuban!!

  • deeds

    I thought Derozen had slightly better dunks than Nate overall. The oop off the glass from weems was the best of the night. And his oop while jumping over him wasn’t bad either. Even his opening between the legs reverse was nice it just lacked flair.

    But ya, I agree this was probably the worst contest ever. Invite more people and get rid of fan voting

  • stillanetsfan

    2011 dunk contest should be LeBron Dwight Terrence Williams John Wall. If there is no lebron or dwight the dunk contest will be an utter failure again

  • jdizzle

    Tips for next year:
    Scrap the fan voting like you all have said
    Scrap the Dunk-in and let the winner of the D-League or Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contests get the last spot

    2011 Dunk Contest
    Terrence Williams
    Rodney Carney
    Nate has already said he wont be back to defend his crown next year

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    The biggest problem was the overall lack of showmanship. We’ve made fun of guys like Dwight and Gerald Green (and even Nate) in the past for putting too much thought into the contest — cupcakes and phone booths and stickers and green basketballs, etc. — but at least they brought that showmanship and creativity. Even if you don’t like props, at least when guys act like they’re excited about their own dunks, it helps get the crowd into it.


    Didn’t watch the celebrity allstar game & never watch the rooks game but this allstar weekend has been lame as hell so far.The horse challenge was worst than watching a marathon of extenze informercials.

    I said they should have ened the dunk contest after Vince put his arm in the basket but if they keep it going I say they open it up to any & everyone that shows they have crazy ups & willing to sign a waiver. High school, college, d-league, joeblow off the street.

    Franchise superstar players like Lebron are never going to try the crazy potential season or career ending dunks it takes to keep this worth watchin year after year.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I don’t even think the dunks were that bad, it’s just that the players didn’t even get hyped about them. If LeBron or even Iguodala had done DeRozan’s first dunk and followed it up with some enthusiasm, the crowd would have eaten it up.

    And if possible, you should always have a hometown guy in the contest: Last night, it’d be someone who either played for the Mavs or is from Dallas.

  • QuestChin

    This was the second worst dunk off. The worst one was in 2001 when Baron competed with his phony blind fold and he attempted a windmill dunk and missed the entire net. Derozan’s first dunk was the best dunk by far, but the judges only gave him a 42. The judges are wack. There should only be judges that can actually dunk, so get rid of the “Derek Harpers” of the world (wack). Also, Nate’s dunks were the same he’s always done. One person already mentioned that he gets a bias because of his height which is totally true. If other player’s did that then it wouldn’t mean anything. I’m tired of seeing Nate, as he doesn’t do anything really special to me.

    Lebron is never going to join because he’s a punk and is scared his image will get tarnished if he loses. David Stern needs to look at the best dunk off of all time (2000) and mimic what was good about that one. Which is have 6 dunkers and actually get dunkers who the fans actually want to be there. That year Vince, Francis, and TMAC HAD to be there. This year only Derozan should have been there. Nate had to be there because he was the champion.

    And no more wack Sprite commercials with spoken word poetry with cardboard robots and tennis balls for planets in a solar system mounted in a dirty bedroom


  • PJ

    PP’s comment made me puke. ’nuff said.

  • Ian

    i made a bet with my gf on who wins the three pt contest i laughed my ass off when she picked pierce. next saturday im going shoe shopping with her awesome.

  • College Ball

    Someone at Harvard Sports Analysis proves that you’re more likely to win the dunk contest the shorter you are: