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Nate Robinson is a Top-10 dunker all-time

Nate Robinson

One of the questions I posed to the Dime crew over All-Star Weekend made it into this morning’s Smack:

Doesn’t Nate Robinson have to be considered one of the greatest NBA dunkers of all-time?

Write me off as a Seattle homer if you want, but honestly, I’d be saying the same thing had Nate grown up in Miami or Madrid. Because not only do the facts work out in Nate’s favor, almost any basketball fan’s subjective view of what makes a great dunker also matches up with Nate’s aerial resume.

Robinson is the only man in history with three NBA Slam Dunk championships under his belt. That’s more than Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Richardson, Shawn Kemp and Dwight Howard — all of whom competed in at least three contests. OK, so none of the three contests Nate won would be considered “great” by 1988, 2000, or even 2008 standards. But the trophies don’t lie.

Even if you throw out the titles, Nate fits every mold of a great dunker. (1) We want creativity: Nate jumps over Spud Webb, he uses a green ball and plays a comic-book character, he throws lobs after whipping the ball between his legs in mid-air. (2) We want vertical: Nate jumps over 6-11 Dwight Howard. (3) We want power: You can’t say Nate’s dunks are “weak” or that he doesn’t regularly finish clean. (4) We want a high degree of difficulty: More on that later. (5) And, for the cherry on top, we want enthusiasm from the player and a matching crowd reaction: Nate gives us that, and in turn he generates buzz in the arena. Especially with his in-game dunks.

Now, about the degree of difficulty. The strangest part of the anti-Nate sentiment that’s existed since the alleged Andre Iguodala robbery of 2006 is that Nate’s height has been used against him. Critics say Nate gets higher scores in the dunk contest than he should simply because he’s short. My answer? Of course he does. He’s FIVE-foot-EIGHT. That’s what makes his dunks special, and that’s why he should be considered one of the greatest dunkers of all-time.

Think of the guys we consider iconic dunkers — Nate is at least nine inches shorter than most of them. His only real peer is Spud, who won one dunk contest with a collection of dunks that Nate has exceeded during his reign.

It’s easy to hate on the little guy who oozes cockiness and isn’t exactly a pure point guard, but you can’t deny the truth: Nate has carved a place for himself as one of the greatest to ever dunk a basketball. Maybe it is the only thing he can do, but he’s done it better than almost everybody else.

My Top-10 NBA dunkers (combining in-game and contest):

1. Vince Carter
2. Michael Jordan
3. Shawn Kemp
4. Dominique Wilkins
5. Jason Richardson
6. Julius Erving
7. Nate Robinson
8. Dwight Howard
9. David Thompson
10. LeBron James

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  • ToAn

    no clyde the glide..uuuhh i smell problems for you AB. but a good list in general.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    your list sucks.
    you’re reaching.
    nate and lebron both in the top 10?!!?

    …why not just add harold miner then…..

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Really, Kobe can’t get on this list?

  • Detroit Dave

    Absolutely not. Not even better than Steve Francis, James White, Andre Iggy, Clyde the Glide. And even my man Sprewell even tho he did the same breakaway dunk every time, if LeBron can make the list without having much creativity then Sprewell should too.

  • Beach Muscles

    Oh man, I already see this getting out of hand. New rule: Before you talk shit about AB’s list, post your own Top-10 so we can pick that apart, THEN talk shit.

    1. Vince
    2. Jordan
    3. Nique
    4. Doctor J
    5. J-Rich
    6. Kemp
    7. Clyde
    8. Dwight
    9. T-Mac
    10. Shaq

  • mavs all the way

    mine would be:
    1.) shawn bradley
    2.) dj mbenga
    3.) yao ming
    oooops… wrong list.

  • Alee-Mo

    C’mon Detroit Dave, James White was in the NBA for like 15 seconds and I don’t think he ever got to dunk. Can’t include him.

  • lifep

    Nice AB, my list would be very similar

    1. Vince Carter
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Shawn Kemp
    4. Dominique Wilkins
    6. Julius Erving
    7. Nate Robinson
    7B. Jason Richardson
    8. Steve Francis probably not Dwight Howard
    9. David Thompson
    10. LeBron James

  • .

    you can’t be a top 10 dunker if you barely complete half of your dunk attempts…maybe not even

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    no clyde drexler.
    no darryl dawkins.
    no connie hawkins.
    no kobe bryant.

    nah man….your list reeks

  • Alee-Mo

    @Heckler — Be honest. Have you ever REALLY seen Connie Hawkins dunk, or are you just going off what you heard?

  • b

    that pic of nate is getting kinda played out by now.

    j-rich over dr j.? hmm…

  • Drink the Haterade

    Are you f’n serious, his first dunk contest he got like 20 attempts at it. That year it shoudl have been Iggy. He didnt dunk over dwight, he pushed himself over dwight big diff. This one was the weakest ever! And thats just the dunk comp, it reg season this yr he only has 3 in game dunks.

  • kudos

    First off, Nate could lose his job after this year…that was his championship. A 3-time dunk champ and staying in the league for a few more years now.

  • Prof. TX

    I’d want Steve Francis somewhere in the lower five. People have forgotten about the Stevie Franchise that was a surprising athlete and could got triple doubles against the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. He disappeared fast, but he was very good for a while.

  • JP

    oh come on!!! are you serious? this guy has to take 20 tries at each dunk! I don’t care if he’s 4 feet tall or 10 feet tall, a dunker is a dunker. Creativity while dunking is not the same as being a sideshow!!! Vince had creativity, Francis had creativity, Kobe had creativity, MJ had creativity, Rider had creativity!!! Nate Robinson does not have creativity…..alley oop dunks coming from different directions is not creativity!!!

    Compare Steve Francis’ dunks from the VC, TMAC, Franchise contest to any dunk by Nate Robinson, and you will see the ridiculousness of your statement.

    He needed to bring out 4 cheerleaders that had nothing to do with his dunks to WIN!!!

    And he should not have beaten Iggy, Howard, or Derozan!!!

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    @ Alee-Mo–

    Yes. I have seen Connie.
    no disrespect to you, but unlike most who post on here (including the Dime crew), I’m surely old enuff.

    The Dime crew staff is waaaay toooo young to know anything about the NBA prior to 1995

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Nate Robinson a top 10 dunker??


    He won one out of sympathy and the second because the dunk contest stunk

  • bliz289

    i love the haters who just hate for the sake of hating! nice list AB.

  • Dagger

    Nice article. Can’t disagree, although it’s sad to see what’s happened to the dunk contest.

  • K

    Contest dunker James white

    Best overall dunker all time – Vince Carter

    No need really to make a list

  • Swedish Mooze

    Don’t think the homer pick is NateRob… I think it’s Shawn Kemp at 3… and saying JRich is better than Doc is probably a felony. I will say this for NateRob, regardless of top 10s or whatever, we are blind to what this guy’s doing because he does it with such ease. That he’s in the discussion with the guys on this list is saying a TON. He’s a foot shorter than everyone else(realistically 5-6) and dunks with authority, style and ease. His althleticism is in the realm of LeBron and Howard, he’s just starting 15-18 inches lower.

    My list…by the way, James White is the best contest dunker I have ever seen, but his short stint in the league means he can’t be on this list… but two hands form the free throw line damn.

    1. Vince Carter (hands down)
    2. Dominique Wilkins (was alone atop the throne til 2000)
    3. Julius Erving (ridiculous ABA stuff)
    4. Michael Jordan (didn’t have the power game of 1-3)
    5. LeBron James (enter a contest and show us more flash and he could move up)
    6. David Thompson (rep only pick)
    7. Shawn Kemp (filthy, but stunk it up in most contests)
    8. Nate Robinson (not sure we really appreaciate what we’re seeing)
    9. Jason Richardson (game and contest dunker)
    10. Darryl Dawkins (babymaker)
    Honorable mention:
    Kobe (seems like a top 10 guy), Josh Smith, Drexler (pretty boring), Harold Miner (contest dunker, but not much in-game stuff), Desmond Mason (underrated, but man… youtube it. could be 9 or 10 in the list), Dwight Howard (points for being a freak of nature, but why doesn’t he cram on dudes like Shaq used to… ), Shaq (the ultimate power dunker)

  • TJ

    I don’t give too much credit to contests since not everyone participates and some are clearly better than others (think 2000 VC versus this year). For example, I’d take DWade and Iguodala over Nate since they BANG on people in games.

    To put Nate above David Thompson is just silly…

  • Name (required)

    i got a theory that all of Nates dunks are alley oops because his hands aren’t big enough to palm the ball.
    Still, he is 100% a top ten dunker. He’s a better dunker than Lebron and is more than a foot shorter. Its not just the height of the top of his head either, short guys got shorter arms, vertically he can probably reach about 2 foot less than Lebron.
    I dont know what makes a top 10 dunker to some people, but when a guy has that much creativity, that much power and hops to the height of his own shoulders, to me, thats a GREAT dunker.

  • Jeffco

    You guys always talkin’ trash in the comments. Have fun like “mavs all the way.” What a way to start off my day. haha

  • jheck

    @Swedish Mooze come on man what do you mean didnt have the power game??? does 1&2 got a chips…VC’s gracefullness in the air is nothing to be compare to MJ…VC’s def is suck…he can dunk to anybody…but anybody can dunk on him…whackkkk

  • Shady

    If Nate made all his dunks on the first or second attempt, I would agree with this article. But the fact that he has to try multiple times for nearly every dunk really ruins it. Imagine what kind of dunks anyone else in that top 10 list could do if they only have to make it 10% of the time…

  • Celts Fan

    I guess he MAY be bottom of the top 10, but the top 5 HAS TO BE (in any order after 1 and 2):

    1. Vince
    2. MJ
    3. ‘Nique
    4. JRich
    5. Dr. J
    6. David Thompson
    7. Reign Man
    8. Josh Smith
    9. Stevie Franchise (killer)
    10. Nate/Dawkins/Kobe

    (Bron would be next btw)

    Sorry, but the height SHOULDN’T matter. It looks more impressive, yes, but that doesn’t mean he’s better than guys that are taller. Nate flat out cannot do some of the more ridiculous dunks we’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s cuz he’s short, but the fact is that he still cannot do them. His height is a plus in the discussion, but if that’s the main point in your argument, then it’s completely flawed. and yes, Nate should only have 2 contests. Iggy got ROBBED in ’06 (that off the back of the backboard dunk was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen!) If it takes you 5 minutes to throw one down, how can you call that the winner???

  • UncheckedAggression

    Not one mention of Larry Nance. C’mon people.

    And I feel like dunking is pretty damn subjective. People seem to be all over the place on who they think are great dunkers. Vince and a few others are consistent, but not many. I feel like Wilkins is being disrespected, but maybe my idea of a great dunker is much different from most of you guys. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some proclaimed AWESOME DUNK on youtube and thought it was pathetic. Even dunks people get excited about–sometimes they ain’t shit.

  • KT

    Austin you slippin. After that wack performance this weekend….Nate makes no list.

  • LakeShow84

    Just for record

    Ive seen Kobe do a reverse 180 in a PLAYOFF GAME.. ive also seen him do shit in real games you only do in contests and certain players wouldnt DARE TRY because they would be too “embarassed” if they missed.. the behind the back 180 against Seattle was embarassing..

    like i said.. its crazy how we all forget how sick young Kobe was athletically..

  • einstein

    LeBron hasn’t proven himself yet… And you gotta say All-NBA. If you don’t, Guy, T-Dub or Air Up There have to be in that list.

  • cb4

    I think you’ve completely lost your mind.

    If you are combining IN-GAME and dunk contest, Nate Robinson, should not even make the top 100. He probably has 20 in game dunks at most.

    If you want to add a small guy to your list just for the sake of it, what about steve francis???????

    Shannon Brown (the most pathetic dunk contest participant EVVERRR, & I called it) is 100 times better than Nate in game.

    Even guys who are absolutely garbage, have a better competition of contest and in game dunks than Nate, Desmond mason for example.

    I don’t see how you can leave Amare off this list. That is pathetic. He is by far the most powerful dunker in the NBA, and has posterized, everybody, and I mean evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverybody.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Top ten NBA dunkers

    1) Vince Carter- “The Lipton” no questions
    2) Michael Jordan- gets the nod over Nique for style and he banged on hundreds of dudes in his day even caught Tim Duncan when he was 39-40yrs old!
    3) Nique- dble pump back dunked on Larry Bird!
    4) Shawn Kemp- Chris Gatling and Billy Ownes…nuff said
    5) Dr. J – creativity and hops (he started the fancy stuff)
    6) Dwight Howard- best dunk=alley oop/tap off glass/finish
    7) Nate Robinson – 5-8(maybe shorter) doing crazy ish and attempting even crazier ish(between the legs 180!?!)
    8)Jason Richardson – off glass between legs…sick
    9) Charles Barkely – two hand bangers on any/everyone. at 6’4
    10)Harold Miner – 6’4 and attacked the rim like it owed him money

    Guys that could make my list later or just missed the cut: Andre Iggy, Derrick Rose, Rus Westbrook, Lebron James(lacks creativity/style), James White(needs NBA games), Josh Smith(falling off as he gains weight), Kobe(lacks style but used to have hops), TMAc(no real style either), Shaq (dunks got ugly once he left ORL, he never did the signature dunks anymore),

    Thank you for pointing out that Nate is 5’8(maybe) and still just as creative as the other guys. His head has to almost hit the rim just to complete some of these dunks. And he’s 5’8!!! Some people just don’t get it

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @the guys saying “Nate only has __ in game dunks”

    Who said that was the criteria? If that’s the case then Shaq, Dwight, Brook Lopez, Amare, DWade, Lebron, and guys like that are all time dunkers. While guys like

    Steve Francis, James White, Harold Miner, Derrick Rose, Robert Pack, and Kevin Johnson shouldn’t even come close to top 50 not just top 10 because they barley got in game dunks. And yes Francis is on the list cause his knees gave out when he was like 27 so he barley has that many in game dunks under his belt.

    You guys are just looking for reason to hate, and can’t appreciate that amazing athletic ability shown by someone like Nate Robinson.

    As someone who used to be able to dunk pretty easy and i’m not even 6’2, I know how hard it is for Nate to pull that ish off.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    Gotta agree with everyone here, Nate doesn’t make that list ( neither does lebron for that matter but more on that later)

    Nate creative? He has basically done the same 3 dunks each contest just varyin if it’s a lob off the floor or off the glass. He does one look I’m short but can dunk dunk, one reverse and one 360. Then he misses a bunch of between the legs attempts. And ya he’s lil but that shouldn’t carry him EVERY contest. That’s like Candace Parker comin to the NBA and just doin a 1 hand dunk every year but winning cuz “well come on she’s a girl” type comments. First contest he can win cuz his height but 2 later it’s old.

    And you list us ass..People can we pleaaase stop adding lebron to every “greatest” list.. He hasn’t even entered a dunk contest let alone won but he’s here over Francis? He’ll at this point lebron isn’t even a better sinker than Wade let alone top 10 all time. Gerald green is a more creative dunker. Lebron is a power dunker. Since he’s been in the NBA has he done a 360? Gone between his legs? No he cocks it back and dunks it 1 handed or 2 handed as hard as he can. Now I’m not sayin he can’t do other dunks but he’ll don’t call him creative or best dunker if he doesn’t do shit. Ricky Davis had flashier dunks as a cav. I mean first he’s #2 in the player of the decade fan vote ahead of shaq duncan kg etc and now AB whose sole job is to kno basketball has him top 10 dunker all time without even taking one dribble in a contest… Sad

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @cb4, um in pretty sure Dwight dunks harder than Amare and Amare has like 2 crazy poster dunks to his resume and that’s it and none were on anyone special unless you count olowakandi

    @chi, Steve Francis had a million in game dunks, what were you watching? His knee gave out in NYC because of all the dunking at 6’3. His rookie season everything was a dunk or lob to him by mobely. Not to mention if there was no vince, Francis wins that dunk contest easily. Just YouTube him bangin on jahidi white or something. He def makes the list.

  • LakeShow84

    I mean seriously..

    A 180 in a playoff game flying through traffic??

    Seriously tho..

    i still cant get over that getting no love..

  • Kermit The Washington

    The term “dunker” has to be defined. Are we talking about dunk-contest dunkers, or in-game dunkers? These are clearly two different categories. Bron would be in the top 10 in-game dunkers, and so would Kobe Bryant (OMG!) But if we’re talking strictly dunk-contest dunks, then why the heck WOULDN’T Nate Rob be on here?

    And KEMP is way high on BOTH lists. Just saying.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Bron42

    I think it just says Lebron is “top 10 vote getter in everything”..

    I mean the man slams revolving doors.. he can do anything..

    But i will say i agree with AB and Lebron is a great in game dunker.. Top 10 ALL TIME?? ehhhhhhhhhhh sorry AB thats a stretch.. you got to give in game dunkers points for having BALLS to do that shit during a game when ur fatigued and you know ur coach will be pissed lol.. what if Dr J lost the ball when he was cuppin it on the way to the rack?? he wouldve looked dumb wasting 2 points like that.. but since he succeeded?? hes immortalized..

  • johnsacrimoni

    Not one mention of Pippen?

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Oh I am a big Stevie Franchise fan, and I’m well aware of his in game dunks. You my friend are greatly exaggerating the number of dunks he has had per season. How long did all that last anyway? 4-5 yrs? 6 maybe. That’s the same thing Baron Davis did, but he doesn’t get any credit for it. And he did it on bad legs since college.

    Secondly, Steve may have technically ended up #2 to VC in the 2000 contest, but TMAC killed him dunk for dunk. TMAc just missed his last dunk which left Franchise as the runner up. Francis was getting those Nate Robinson points for being the shortest contestant. He even did that one handed alley-oop dunk twice, yet somehow got a high score both times. TMAc was doing two handed windmills, touching his ankles while doing a 360 (Which Nate just did Sat) and several other nasty dunks. Had VC not shut ish down, TMAC (not Franchise) would have won that 2000 contest.

  • K Dizzle

    Accidentally posted this in Smack so I’m transferrin:

    Is Nate a all-time top ten dunker?
    Let’s actually break it down.
    I agree with what Lakeshow wrote. Nate is an dunk contest great cuz he has won it three times, no matter how he won em.
    Only one way to do this IMO
    1) Dr. J
    2) David Thompson
    3) Air
    4) The Glyde
    5) Shawn Kemp
    6) Vince
    7) Human Highlight Film
    9) Chocolate Thunder
    10) Shaq

    That’s my top ten unranked. Is Nate really a better dunker than Steve Francis, Kevin Johnson, J-Rich, Connie Hawkins, Josh Smith, Larry Nance, Orlando Woolridge, Larry Johnson, David Robinson etc?
    And I got no hate on Nate. He’s got crazy hops and comes with the power, but I seen Will Bynum throw down vicious dunks in games this season and he’s barely 5′10…

    Befor the haters swarm, I didn’t put a happy face beside Kobe’s name. It’s the 8 and the ) lol

    #2) I didn’t put in anybody who came in the league after 2000.
    So dudes like Amare, Bron, Wade etc who would be on the list before Nate aren’t on it either

    Lookin forward to see if I missed anyone in my top ten list…

    p.s. Haven’t read posts here yet so apologies if somebody already said all this

  • Promoman

    I’ll acknowledge that Nate is athletic, talented, and creative. However, to include him amongst the elite of the elite dunkers in NBA history is insane. His first title was a combination of short guy sympathy and just plain stupidity on the part of judges. His second title was more overrated. He PULLED HIMSELF over Dwight Howard to win the contest. People are still comparing Nate to Vince with that bullshit. He pulled off some nice dunks in that contest and this year’s, but nothing outside of the box. Nate would make a Top 15-20 list at best but Top 10? No way in hell.

  • control

    Nate is extremely athletic, and he’s somewhat creative (sitting on the bench gives ya time to think eh?).

    Top 10 “dunker” of all time? Hell no, doesn’t matter what your definition of “dunker” means, he ain’t top 10. I’m not saying he’s a scrub when it comes to dunking, that he can dunk at all at 5’8 is pretty impressive, but he’ll never rip out people’s hearts like Vince has.

    I personally am not impressed by Nate just because he’s a midget who is dunking, big deal. I kind of look on midgets with contempt, scorn and sometimes fear (never know when they might snap, and bite an ankle or something).

    You can’t say Nate is a good in game dunker, he just isn’t. When it comes to contest dunking, I want to see guys doing dunks I can’t personally even attempt…for all of his vertical and stuff, Nate doesn’t execute dunks that have high degrees of difficulty (dunk contest comparative speaking). He’s not putting on a Gerald Wallace performance or anything, but is he seriously even top 5 contest dunker in the NBA right now?

    BTW, guys saying LeBron is top 10 dunker of all time…no way. I think he’s probably the best player in the league right now, and he has some talents never before seen…but until he nuts up instead of shuts up about the dunk contest, he can’t be on the list. He’s an aight in game dunker, and can crush on any defender at any time, but it’s more that he is the best athlete, not the best dunker.

    Vince is the best “dunker” regardless of in game or contest. Best ever. Guy fucking hurdled a fucking 7 foot guy in a fucking game on the WORLD stage. He damn near made France surrender to the USA with ONE FUCKING DUNK.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @lakeshow, please young Kobe was a fool on fast breKs early. Remember when he went for the 360, made the dunk and fell on his ass? He was always tryin stuff on the breaks wit windmills reverses, 360s so he deserves credit.

    @chi, you make it like franchise was in Houston for a month. He was there a while and in orlando a tear and a half. He had a ton if in game dunks. Mostly lobs or little baseline 2 handers not to mention on the break when he would throw it under his arm and catch it himself. And your right about tmac, he was killin and looked have sleep doin it. As for Francis one hand lob, he got a 50 the second tome cus he had at a 44 on the vert meter and lost the ball on the air.My biggest issue with this years contest was they had no personality. I mean was crash hopin for a Gatorade endorsement cuz he was more focus on drinking that then Dunkin.

    And again even calling lebron a all time great in game dunker is a stretch. He literally does 3 dunks and none if them are really heard when your 6’8-6’9… It’s not like he’s windmilling off lobs like vince did. Or posterizing tons if 7’0ers like Jordan and niq did. His main poster dunks were on 2 6’3 guys on a break ( west and jones) and a weak space jam reach dunk over Duncan who didn’t even jump or attempt to block it. He’s just a power dunker on the break. Dwade has dunked on more people.

  • Detroit Dave


    Dear Dime Readers,
    All lists or polls that include an NBA Player being the “best” must include LeBron James.

  • marcus the great

    if you dont have shawn kemp up there with the michael jordan, vince carter, dominique wilkins part of the list, you are smokin on some premium product my friend…

  • Detroit Dave


    Dear Dime Readers,
    We will include LeBron James to all lists, polls articles, and surveys that include the words “best, fastest, coolest or anything else with the prrases “top-10 or all time.” We just wanted to give our readers notice in advance so that you can create your responses accordingly.

    Thank you for supporting our magazine.

  • marcus the great

    back to the subject at hand, Nate Rob is in the top 15-20 at best, but just because he’s small is not a good reason. steve francis was a better dunker, game and contests, and even kevin johnson dunked ON people. havent seen nate do that.

    shit deron williams is a better in game dunker, and that matters a whooooole lot more than contests, in my opinion

  • K Dizzle

    While we talkin Kobe, the behind the back spinnin 180 on Vince Yarborough in that game vs Denver was ridiculous…That’s creativity

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I don’t even think you can really go top 10 right now. After 1 – 5, I’d say things can get a bit jumbled with no clear cut criteria.

    Really you might even have to go top three and then just throw in good names after that cause so much can be argued for and against some.

    I’ll just list my favorites no order.

    Nique (Classic stuff)
    Vince (No explanation needed)
    M.J. (No explanation needed)
    Kemp (Best In-Game dunker ever to me)
    J. Rich (360 man)
    Kobe and T-Mac in their prime (both were ill)
    Steve Francis (oh yea he was real with his)
    Dawkins (Aww man come on he named them)
    Shaq (Anyone that makes the goal come down?!?!?)
    Dwight (Big man with creativity and hops)
    Wade (I just got him there cause he dunked on Anderson so he will always be a favorite just for that)
    Nate (Yea he misses a lot but look how small he is and to still be able to pull of what he can do is amazing)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So what if Nate used his hand while going over Dwight? The fact that he got up high enough to get his hand on Dwight is impressive enough. It’s not like he used Dwight’s body to pull himself up and over. If you want to nit-pick on using hands, Vince used a hand to get over Weis.

  • Kermit The Washington

    I challenge anyone to dunk over a 7ft guy by using your left hand to catapult yourself over him, dunking with your right. Ok then GOODBYE.

  • s-dot

    Shawn Kemp and Dominique at #2 and #3, whichever order. MJ begins at 4 or 5. Seriously.

    If Vince is not your #1 (I can’t even roll with a #2 spot), your list is suspect.

    What usually gets in the way of people voting objectively is the need to uphold the veterans/HOFers with more respect than the newer guys, just because they came before. Totally irrelevant reasoning.

    Vince Carter did EVERY kind of dunk. Go through a list of dunkers and see how many did 360s, or reverses, windmills. Narrow down even further as to who did them the most perfect. You end with Vince. I dont even mention the Slamdunk Contest or the Freddy Weis–to me that is only extra to what this man did.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    @Kermit, actually I can do and have done it.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Vince simply cannot be challenged for the #1 spot. Like I said earlier, after a few it gets really subjective as to how people rank dunkers.

    I’d like to second some of those comments about Kobe. He did some great dunks in games. One dunk I saw him do a couple times and have never seen anyone else pull it off (or even try). He’d attack from the right side, usually on or near the baseline, take off from outside the block and do a two-handed reverse on the opposite side of the rim. This was often in traffic. The first time he did it I couldn’t believe it.

  • College Ball

    Is the dunk contest easier to win the shorter you are? Is Dwight at a disadvantage?

  • Jer Boi

    you CANNOT be one of the top 10 dunkers of all time if the only time you dunk is in a dunk contest. THREE dunks ALL SEASON! nuff said.

  • billbone

    I agree, you can find tons of people who can dunk well in a dunk contest, nate only has 3 dunks this year in games

  • spangatanga

    BIRDMAN!! you forgot Andersen

  • Krayzie

    1) VC – not even close
    2) MJ
    3) Kemp
    4) Nique
    5) Amare
    6) Clyde
    7) Kobe
    8) Lebron
    9) Stromile Swift – Incredible hops for a big man and banged on maddd ppl
    10) Ricky Davis – Had some nasty in-gamers

  • Krayzie

    that should be the number 8 beside Lebron, not a smiley face!

  • Krayzie

    Scratch that – New List! lol

    1 -) VC – not even close
    2 -) MJ
    3 -) Kemp
    4 -) Nique
    5 -) Amare
    6 -) Clyde
    7 -) Pippen – Very underrated, banged on hella ppl
    8 -) Kobe
    9 -) Lebron
    10-) Stromile Swift – Incredible hops for a big man and banged on maddd ppl

  • rell

    1. Vince
    2. Nique
    3. Jordan
    4. Kemp
    5. Doctor J
    6. Steve Francis
    7. J-Rich
    8. Darrell Dawkins
    9. Dwight Howard
    10. Jerome “Mercy” Kersey

  • reww

    really? no james white? he can windmill from BEHIND the freethrow line…

  • 206dizzy

    nOT N Any Order but……………
    Nate Robison
    Steve Francis
    Lebron James
    Julius Erving
    Vince CARTER
    Micheal JOrDan
    SpuDD WeBB
    Josh SmitH
    jAsON rICHArdson