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NBA Trade Deadline Losers

Dwyane Wade (Photo. Jeffery Salter)

We’ve been over the winners. Following a hectic NBA trading season where 39 players changed addresses leading up to Thursday’s deadline, here are the trade deadline losers:

1. Los Angeles Lakers — It’s easy to see why the defending champs would be content with what they’ve got, especially when they’re currently sporting the best record in the West. But the Lake Show does have some noticeable flaws that could have been addressed with a trade. Namely, L.A. needs a guy who can handle the ball and deal with fast guards. Remember the ’09 playoffs against Aaron Brooks? Last night it was tough watching Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar trying to stay in front of Rajon Rondo, and at some point that defensive hole could come back and bite L.A. in the butt.

2. Dwyane Wade — Sorry, no help for you. Have fun carrying this mediocre roster to another first-round exit. Pat Riley said he wasn’t gonna make any major moves until D-Wade re-upped with Miami, but damn. Throw the dude a Salmons bone or something.

3. Joe Dumars — Was he on vacation this week? At the start of the season it seemed inevitable that Rip Hamilton and/or Tayshaun Prince would be traded at some point before the deadline, and from a basketball standpoint, they’ve even been made expendable by Ben Gordon and Jonas Jerebko. Dumars had a chance to get some young talent or expiring contracts for Rip ($49.5 million through 2013) and Tayshaun ($21.4M through 2011) while they still have something left in the tank, and he came away with nothing. Not just that, I’m not even sure he tried to make a move. Maybe Rip’s 36-point effort on Wednesday made Dumars all nostalgic.

4. Utah Jazz — Just before the deadline, the Jazz quietly gave up their best defender for Memphis’ 2011 first-round draft pick. Ronnie Brewer isn’t necessarily a franchise cornerstone, but he was the starting two-guard for the last couple of years and was the guy Utah could stick on Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Brandon Roy and other elite twos. C.J. Miles probably replaces Brewer in the lineup, which automatically makes Utah’s bench thinner and makes their defense worse. In a year where the Jazz can make a deep playoff run, this wasn’t the time to dump a starter and get nothing in return.

5. Andre IguodalaSince the Sixers failed to pull the trigger on a perfectly sensible deal that would have sent Iguodala to Houston, and they didn’t seem close to any other trades, A.I.2 may be doomed to play out his prime years as a misplaced “franchise guy” on a mediocre team.

6. Los Angeles Clippers — Gave up their best defender and perhaps most productive player (Marcus Camby), who then publicly called the Clippers out for giving up on the season. Plus they had to admit another Lottery pick didn’t work out (Al Thornton). Another season of reasonably high expectations officially has gone to hell.

7. Kiki Vandeweghe — Unfortunately found out that GMs/coaches can’t be traded at the deadline. Sources close to the Nets tell me Kiki was calling teams and pitching deals involving himself.

You know your team better than we do. Tell us if your team was a trade deadline winner or loser (and why) and we’ll run some of the best analysis in a separate column.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def Talented

    Exactly..keep playin Mr. Riley and only dude u gonna have re-uppin in Miami is rick ross

  • dragonyeuw

    That’s an idiotic mentality by Riley. If Wade decides to leave, it will be because the Heat failed to give him any help. Or, it could be that the Heat feel Amare will sign with them as a free agent as he owns a home there, without having to give up Beasley.

  • ERIC

    Wade already won a title with Miami. Mission accomplished.

    Come to NY!

  • Celts Fan

    The Celtics were pretty clearly a big loser. Nate’s nice and all (love that we didn’t give up a pick like had been rumored) and he’s an upgrade in talent, but we’re not winning anything this year and he’s probably gone in the summer. This was our last chance to upgrade the team with young talent for the future. When we’re limping to a 42-40 record and still paying KG $20M in 2012, this is the day we’ll look back on as how things could’ve been different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guys on our team, but you HAVE TO move Ray when you can. KMart, Iggy, Monta, Rip/Tayshaun, Redd, and Hinrich/Salmons were all out there for the taking (I didn’t want half those guys, but whatever.) Even if we were to let our entire team of expiring deals walk (6 before the deadline, something like $26M coming off the books,) we’d STILL be over the cap. I just pray we can keep Nate w/ the mid-level and guys are willing to come and play w/ KG, Ray, and Paul based on their names and haven’t actually seen us play this year. We just locked ourselves into victory lap of 2nd round exits (or worse) the next 3 years and lots of AARP jokes. The trades were 100% worth it (of course they were, we got that chip in ’08,) but when the chance comes to add something to the future nucleus that right now only contains a debatably-elite PG and a defensive anchor for the paint with the touch of Hellen Keller on acid, it’s clear we needed a shot in the arm. Here’s hoping we can use the Mid Level to keep Nate and/or Marquis, cuz Pierce will NEVER be traded regardless of the value of his expiring deal next year (face of the franchise since Larry Bird,) and KG’s on the hook for $20M+ for the next 3 years. Our best chance to upgrade for the future just came and went…

    I need a drink.

  • rockets

    hahahahah Helen Keller on acid

  • rockets

    If Daryl “the Wizard” Morey was able to pull off that last minute Amare to Houston trade, it would have been perfect. I think Yao compliments Amare alot better than Shaq did.

  • Tim

    Pistons flat out dropped the ball. Not happy at all. He needed to do something, just to keep the fanbase. I think he is losing his supporters soon. I just don’t know.

  • Diggity Dave

    Giving up Beasley for Amare would be straight up stupid to do. Beasley can play, and by not offering him, Riley is stating that he’s part of our core. Amare very badly wants to play in Miami, so why give up a huge asset for someone you can sign 3 months from now. Wade has stated over and over and over again that he plans to stay in Miami if Riley builds a winner, and I guarantee you that he will.

    And dude, Salmons? Seriously? Why the he’ll would Miami screw up its 2010 cap space for a mediocre player like him? Miami is going to be just fine.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Grrr…why didn’t LA go after Heinrich?

  • boomshakalaka

    the lakers really needed to address their PG situation. D-fish is a bum now. I can’t believe he’s still starting. Can’t guard anyone and he throws up ridiculous shots with 20 left on the clock.

    The only move he has left is his patented ‘drive to the basket while flailing his arms hoping to get a foul’.

    Notice how NO ONE on the lakers will say anything to him after he makes a bonehead play?

    I know he’s their supposed floor leader, but if he’s not going to play like onr, then someone needs to check that fool.

  • Kermit The Washington

    And Riley doesn’t care…he’s coaching us after Phil leaves.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i dunno if its really fair to call select players “Losers” in all this.
    they have no control over front office doings. and as much as people think front office execs ask star players for their input on deals, they really dont all that often.

    if a deal can save a team a few million(s), they do that shit. trust me, GMs and VPs dont ask permission of players.

    so, you can call teams losers. and specifically GMs and VPs; but i dont think its fair to really call individual players LOSERS

  • Drink the Haterade

    THe Lakers are not losers, I agree that they should have addressed their pg situation, but even just last night they were close @ the end without thier best player. They are very talented. That being said, Hinrich was owed something like 18 mil ober the next two yrs and he is declining way too much @ his age to take on that risk.

    Now, If they could of got say Conley who was rumored to be avail, for say Farmar and Morrisons exp contract or Sasha, then I would have said to do it. But I trust our GM, he’s done good so far.

  • JAY


    So you, as a player, would resign with a team that did nothing to improve itself over the last two years?!? Put yourself in Wade’s shoes for a sec. You want to win badly. You look around the league at other GMs making moves to improve their teams while your GM does nothing. And to respond, he promises to make deals only after you sign long-term. That’s ridiculous.

    IMO the only reason Wade would resign is bcuz the Heat can pay more than any other team. The Heat don’t have a “core”. Beasley plays too nonchalant, always has. Who else do you consider a “core player”?? Haslem? Chalmers? Do you see the reality that is in front of Wade?? Miami has not done anything to improve for TWO YEARS. Period. If Wade realizes that, Miami fans should be worried.

    Sure Amare may sign in Miami, but it’s not guaranteed. Hope is overrated.

  • Kermit The Washington

    The Laker’s position is a unique one, because in their words they’re the champions so people will have to adjust to their team and make trades and stuff, in an attempt to keep up with THEM.

    I think the Lakers were looking at it like “why would we need to chase anyone?” but I just think that once them playoffs start, they’re gonna wish they had someone to keep up with Rondo, Nate Rob, Ty Lawson, them cats from Houston, Deron Williams, etc. They shoulda at least made ONE move to address that.

  • Yucca Man

    Sorry, but everything you said about the Jazz and the Brewer trade was wrong. Very, very, very, very wrong. Even if the trade was a bad one for the Jazz (some fans say it is), your analysis and reasoning is laughable.

    Makes me wonder if you write similarly misinformed junk about the other teams in the league. Does anyone at DIME follow the going-ons of anyone besides the “special” few (the LeBrons, the Lakers, the Celtics)?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Gotta respect Wadee but truthfully he needs to shut it down. No sense in waisting his body and all this year and risking injury or continued frustration. Don’t get me wrong I know he loves the game and all. Honestly though if Miami didn’t seek to give him help then why not just save yourself this season and then put in crazy work next season when you can go to a team where you won’t have to carry such a load.

    It’s really a shame when teams have a young star like a Wade or McGrady when he first was with Houston and don’t seek to give them immediate help. The way has been shown. Soon as you get that player to build around you sacrifice whatever you have to and get him a squad that is gonna be enough to where that player has no excuses for not at least making 2nd round of playoffs. Then all you need is minor tweeks here and there should help further the road.

    That is a piece of crap when teams let a young McGrady carry a stupid load with no signs of help coming ever. Then by the time help has arrived that star is bruised, lost a step and can’t carry a squad like he used too.

    Save ya self Wade, I sure wish McGrady would have. Man just fake an injury till you can escape and chill. I mean imagine players like K.G. and A.I. if they had the immediate help they needed in their prime. Aww man it’s no telling what could have been.

    Now they in to little to late mode. Thankfully Kevin got his but A.I. never found or got on that squad neither did Tracy. Now they in Goodtimes mode trying to fight to be a starter and remain relevant and still show they got it.

    Squads gotta do right by there star players. Plain and simple.

  • Mike Honcho

    Man, F**k the Sixers.

    I think Miami was the biggest loser out of all of this, they were in a perfect position to improve the team and possibly keep Wade, but they did absolutely nothing. I agree with Gee, Wade should take it easy the rest of the way and just prepare for the off-season and possibly a new home in NYC. The Lake Show should have definitely went after Hinrich, because that would have given them a little consistency with their outside shooting and defense. I agree that Detroit dropped the ball, but maybe there’s a method to Dumars’ crack madness

    As for the Sixers….I’m still pissed. And Iggy wasting his time on a mediocre team??? GTFOH….Iggy past his prime in Dre Miller’s first season with the team. Now, he thinks he’s something he’ll never be and Ed, Edd, & Eddy are smoking some strange drug watching this sorry excuse of a team that made it to the playoffs 2 years in a row play.

  • lifep

    Charlotte (my team) should have gone after Amar’e.

    Suns get
    * Boris Diaw
    * DJ Augustine
    * Raja Bell
    * Ronald Murray
    * Two First Round picks

    Bobcats get
    * Amare

  • Celts Fan

    @Jay – you missed 2 HUGE, Eddy Curry sized reasons Wade would resign w/ Miami.
    1. No state income tax in Fl, so he’s not only able to make more pre-tax in Mia, but he’s making TONS more after taxes, and
    2. SOUTH BEACH!!!

  • Celts Fan

    @LifeP, and when Amare leaves this summer and you gutted yourself for the present and future, you’d realize why they never did it. No chance in hell Amare would stay in Charlotte.

  • Drink the Haterade

    @ LifeP Raja Bell was traded earlier in the yr for Steven Jackson

  • JAY

    @ Celts Fan
    “1. No state income tax in Fl, so he’s not only able to make more pre-tax in Mia, but he’s making TONS more after taxes, and
    2. SOUTH BEACH!!!”

    You’re right. Let’s hope the nice beach boobies are enough to keep him in Miami.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn we the biggest losers??

    Cold.. i know we need to shore up the PG position but i aint trippin off our 3 headed beast THAT HARD..

    I wouldve thought Miami was the biggest loser..

    Funny but Miami is doing exactly THE OPPOSITE of Cleveland.. Cleveland is going bonkers with trades, FA signing, etc to KEEP Lebron while Miami is saying “we aint breaking the bank if you decide to leave”..

    crazy.. i guess we’ll see who was right to do what in the end..

  • Diggity Dave


    I promise that we’ll revisit this conversation in about 3 months.

  • jdstorm


    So basically your saying that Wade is going to go to Orlando for Vince’s expiring contract.

    But it probably happens through another team

  • JH

    My favorite squad in SA failed to pull the trigger on any deal other than ridding themselves of the Theo Ratliff experiment. Guess we just gotta pray for good health & that RJ adjusts to the Spurs “system” before the playoffs start. Normally, I don’t pray much…but the current situation has me on my knees.

    And about Utah & Brewer…Ronnie Brewer is/was more valuable than CJ “Jack a Shot” Miles. Seems to me that the front office just didn’t want to drop a player they just fought for in the off season.

  • sh!tfaced

    Man, Miami is awfully relying too much on that river card with the way they are dealing with Wade’s situation by not making any moves whatsoever.

    And if this were Blackjack, major players like the Celtics and Lakers are standing pat and hope what they have is good enough for them to win.

    While teams like Cleveland and Dallas are doubling down, taking hit after hit hoping for 21. We’ll soon know which teams will win, hit or go over.

  • Jay

    “So basically your saying that Wade is going to go to Orlando for Vince’s expiring contract. ”

    How is THAT what I’m “basically” saying?? When did i ever mention the Magic?? Or Vince for that matter?? Please explain.

    I think you should re-read my posts and try to understand them. Reading is fundamental.

  • baron

    No no no no


    LA doesn’t need to get better, they just need a healthy Kobe.

    San Antonio HAD to make the deal for Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood to have a chance and instead: EPIC FAIL.

    Dallas gets a cookie or two instead. You cannot let your closest rival make that move!!

  • Jerry K.

    Jordan Farmar will keep up with the fast guards come playoff time. This is why. HE WAS INJURED last year (or slowed b/c of injury effects). Hes been playing healthy all season and is finally getting back into the groove. Mark my words. Come playoff time, Farmar is going to slow down these fast gaurds.

  • bola

    Markin it jerry.. wait til u get utah, phx or sa during the playoffs.. dwill, nash and tp will be having their party thrown at the farmer and the fisher’s expense..