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NBA Trade Rumor: Amar’e to Philly for Iguodala, Dalembert

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

In a lot of people’s eyes, Amar’e Stoudemire and Andre Iguodala are the future (if not current) centerpieces of their respective franchises. But clearly both young stars are expendable.

According to ESPN and RealGM, the Suns and Sixers are discussing a trade that would send Amar’e to the Sixers for Iguodala and Sam Dalembert. Reportedly, the Suns are more eager to get this done than Philly — I’d imagine either because the Sixers don’t want to get stuck paying Amar’e $17 million next season (if he doesn’t opt-out), or because they’re hesitant to give up their most talented wing player and best defender for another big man with noted defensive weaknesses.

The fact that Iguodala has even been involved in trade talks is less an indictment of his ability and more of a financial thing. He’s on the hook for 3-4 more years at $12-15 million per, and seeing as the two biggest rumors have included Amar’e and T-Mac‘s expiring contracts, clearly the Sixers are trying to save money or at least spend it elsewhere. Amar’e could work for them playing center next to Elton Brand, but that wouldn’t be good news for Marreese Speights, who seemed to be somebody Philly saw as a franchise cornerstone.

As for the Suns, Iguodala would work perfectly in their system with his athleticism and overall skills, but they don’t have many legit big men to begin with. Dalembert can block shots and rebound, but losing Amar’e means losing all of your interior scoring. And considering Iguodala and Dalembert combine to make about $7 million more than Amar’e, somebody else would have to be included in the trade. Maybe Leandro Barbosa?

What do you think of this deal?

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  • quest???

    yes! finally u guys reported it…marresse speights is a ballhog he never passes, plus he plays no defense. However amare is a beast and the sixers are a way better team than their record says. This is a sign that the coaching philosophy is not working. In my opinion the sixers are dumb not to make the move. Like i said before, if they can trade lou williams for purple drink then the trade is set. A real win-win situation

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    A healthy front line of Brand and Amar’e is attractive, but expensive, and both have already had knee issues.

  • quest???

    wait..if they trade amare, then will he still play for the west allstars?? or will he have to sit down during the allstar game?

  • Rizwan

    Bad Trade! Never gonna happen, as Sarver wants to save money and not add more. The Philly guys would be a decent fit as Nash can make anyone look good but I agree AB, no interior scoring means bad news as the perimeter scoring from the Suns isnt great, comparing to what they had a few years ago back Q Rich was decent.

    I dont understand these rumours at all. As as Suns fan, I want one potential young all star to come back from any trade or stand pat and let him either opt in or out. I would prefer a trade because if Amare opts out, the Suns can only spend $8m while the trade brings more.

    I still like the GSW sign and trade for Randolph and Monta, or the same in Sacramento for K Mart and Thompson but only if we get rid of J Rich.

    The Washington rumours arent good trades, I hope to god he doesnt go to Cleveland as I hate that team.

    Miami? Its only Beasley worth mentioning as a potential Sun.


    Chicago? Yes if they give us Tyrus/Miller/draft pick

    I see him landing in Miami, Chicago or hopefully GSW as thats the best trade for basketball reasons but the others are for saving the cents or pennies as we say in London!!

  • TL

    I’m a big AI2 fan, but Suns already have Grant Hill and J. Rich. Assuming that Grant Hill retires after this season, ain’t they still stuck with J. Rich who plays essentially the same position?

    Granted I AI3 is a much better update, but still…the trade doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Mike Honcho

    Bad trade or not, Stefanski….MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

    I’m sitting at work about to leave out and check Dime for the last time and I get this great gem staring back at me! Praise Jeebus! ala Homer Simpson

    But seriously, the trade doesn’t make too much sense at all….STAT could work on this Sixers team, but Iggy would be a liability for Phoenix. Nash would make him look good if he’s cutting, but other than than he can’t do too much for Phoenix…..he can’t shoot, he can barely defend, his ball IQ is low, his handle is suspect, I could go on

    Dalembum would probably become an All Star playing in Phoenix’s system and with Nash.

    Again, my Sixers need this to happen now! Stefanski? Get on it!

  • baron

    They never should have let Joe Johnson walk.

  • BIG sixer fan

    I would like to have a trade that somehow sends Ai2 Sammy and lou williams to suns for amare and j Rich some how it would be perfect J rich would help us in 3’s maybe also send kapono who has done nothing with them.

  • anomalyboss

    they should just trade AI2 for T-mac and start over when t-mac’s contract expires at the end of the year. Amare is NOT a player you want to build around, and he will want max$ when his contract is up. He definitely is not worth that. So why pick him up if he wont be there 1-2 years from now anyway?

  • jfree

    why would the rockets trade for AI we have brooks if the sixers want to make a they need to give up iggy and Marreese Speights. That is the trade and let just get it over with.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    What’s this I hear about Bosh to Miami?

  • QQ

    That ‘Amare is a centerpiece of the franchise’ bullshit has faded away since Nash prove time and tima again that he, not Amare, IS the franchise player. Stop forcing it, Dime. Yall reaching.

  • mules

    @ Prophet…I heard it was Bosh to the Lakers

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Couple of things the Suns have Robin Lopez and bringing in Dalembert would stun his growth. If they bring in Iggy what do they do with J-Rich? For the Sixers who the hell would start Brand at the center next to Amare that line would get eaten up in the east everytime they played Cleveland or Orlando or anyone for that matter that had a decent front line. Sure they can score but niether can play a lick of defense. If I’m either team NO WAY IN HELL I MAKE THIS TRADE!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I think the Suns know Lopez is not much more than a role player. It’s not like he’s the future at center for them. And if Dalembert can help them more immediately, you make the move because Nash/Hill only have so many more years left.

    As for Amare/Brand, you could start Amare at center. He’s played center before and been All-NBA. Brand is at least a good shot-blocker for a PF.