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NBA Trade Rumor: Blazers Deal to Acquire Marcus Camby is Official

Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears says that the yesterday’s rumored trade between the Clippers and Blazers that would send Marcus Camby to Portland is a done deal. Spears is reporting that the Blazers agreed in principle Tuesday to acquire Camby from the Clippers in exchange for forward Travis Outlaw, guard Steve Blake and $3 million.

To us, this seems like highway robbery for the Blazers, and we’re not the only ones. From Spears’ report:

A source close to Camby says that while he recognizes the benefits of playing for a better team, he is upset because his family is comfortably settled in Los Angeles. He had hoped to re-sign with the Clippers this summer.

“He likes the Clippers, he likes the organization, he likes L.A.,” the source said. “His wife is happy in L.A. And he’s not one for change. He’s definitely not happy about this.”

Camby also was similarly upset when the Denver Nuggets traded him to the Clippers before the start of last season. The Nuggets made an unsuccessful last-ditch attempt to bring back Camby before the Clippers’ deal with the Blazers was finalized.

Camby isn’t the only one upset.

Said one Clipper: “All the guys are upset because our best defensive player got traded basically for a backup point guard and money.”

Most of the basketball world seems to be scratching their collective heads at this one. There really wasn’t a better deal out there for the Clippers? Whatever Denver was offering wasn’t on par or better than this? They couldn’t swing a draft pick, a good young player or something else in exchange for a defensive/rebounding player of Camby’s caliber? Other Western Conference GMs must be cursing the name of Mike Dunleavy right now because this made the Blazers a whole lot better very quickly.

What do you think of the trade?

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  • Tbest

    Just like Mchale helped his old team. Jerry West did the same thing, and now Dunleavy is helping one of his old teams.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    The Clippers could really luck out and land the #1 pick in the draft next year and draft Wall and they still will never be a contender. Why? Because of the stupidity of the owner and front office.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    The Blazers really need to watch out. You don’t want a sour camby on your roster. He could fake an injury for the remainder of the season and just collect checks. I hope he acts like a professional about this though. The Blazers could make some noise in the playoffs.

  • heavy d

    The rumor is that the trade is official? Kind of an oxymoron. The Clippers net about 3.5M for exchanging expiring contracts. Dunleavy continues to deliver the only place Sterling cares about (the wallet).

  • karizmatic

    I would hope that the Clippers plan to make some more moves so that this makes sense. I think it could work for them if they are looking at next year with Davis and Gordon in the back court and Blake coming off the bench. Then they get Griffin back healthy, and you really have to think while Camby is good they had a traffic jam at Center, basically two starting centers. If Blake comes back 100% they could still be in very good shape with this trade. They have an all star in Chris Kaman, so who knows? I think this is one everyone should wait on before they pass judgement. Personally I like Travis Outlaw and I’ve always respected Blake as a solid backup. The Clippers are young and to me this represents a move to stay young. On the other hand I think the Blazers may miss Outlaw in the long run, of course adding Camby does make them solid in the middle on defense, but it still doesn’t give them a double team type threat in the low post. I think this trade may turn out to be a wash.

  • dvs

    Bottom line is the Clippers are crazy. These trades have been going on for years. I’d hate to be a Clips fan. They have some good talent on that roster, but this move doesnt make any sense…

  • Prof. TX

    Center is probably the most shallow position in the league right now. The Clippers could have done better, knowing how many teams have a 4 pretending to be their 5.

  • Chaos

    This trade makes some sense. Outlaw and webster seem like they do the same things as players on the court and they still have small forward log jam in Portland. Balke is a good back up pg but not a starter and jerryd bayless is getting better by the game and he can get experience and minutes now behind miller. Blazers also needed a starting center and while he was doing his thing a the PF spot in LA, Camby is not a pf, he’s a C. i think he should have gone to Denver and came off the bench because another big man is what denver needs. LA on the other hand would have a log jam at the low post with camby, kaman, griffin , jordan and craig smith. thats 2 C, 2 Pf and a hybrid in jordan. i dont know how they could have used outlaw but they need a more solid back up PG and jordan needs to get experience and minutes because i think the future of LA is not griffin and kaman, but griffin and jordan. jordan has shown flashes of what he could be with his developing game. its a headscratcher for the now but i can see what they are trying to do. they should have waited til the end of the season to do this move but i am thinking also they wanna be included in the free agent frenzy this summer…but they have the cheapest owner in the biz….very smart for the blazers…weird one for the clips

  • Celts Fan

    Bad move for the Clips, BUT if they can resign Outlaw this off-season, it’s not as bad as it looks. He was clearly option 1B. in crunchtime for the Blazers and was good at it when healthy. Pairing him with Gordon, Griffin, and whoever they grab in the lottery for the future isn’t a bad nucleus at all.

  • SJ

    Camby is a beast and a half. Clips are making a bad move here. This would still be a bad move 2 years from now, considering Camby’s age. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  • Seany T

    You’d think the Clips would have pushed harder for Rudy Fernandez, Outlaw is a solid player but not the stud SF the Clips are reportedly looking for. How does this help them….?

    Does this trade really help Portland though, they might make it to the second round now but it hardly puts them over the top.

  • b

    cash instead of webster in the deal?

    the clips already have rasual butler, al thronton, and ricky davis. i don’t get why they’d move for another swingman but oh well, its the clippers.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Marcus Camby is a steal!
    my homey can still ball. swat shots and hit the glass. he dont bitch and complain about nothing. you just gotta keep his skinny ass healthy for like 75 games.

    I said for 2yrs, that the Washington Wizards should have made a move for Marcus Camby. they had a gazillion guards to offer (nick young, mike james, mike miller, javaris, deshawn stevenson, earl boykins, randy foye) and even some decent bigs at the the time (brendan haywood and etan thomas).

    when Eddie Jordan was the coach, running that princeton offense, the team flourished and was nice. Led the eastern conference is scoring for that year (2007 i think). but they needed a defensive anchor. not to mention, haywood and thomas were fist-fighting alls the time.

    Anyway…..as for this deal…

    The Clips got back enough in return. it aint no robbery. bassy telfair SUCKS. and now the Clips got a decent backup point guard. they also cleared out their jam with their bigs.

    mind you, they also traded zach randolph in the off season to free up cap room and playing time for Blake Griffin (no easy feat Trading Fat Z-Bo)

    Clips aint do too bad on this deal

  • JP

    great trade!!! the Clips suck…get what you can for all of the bums on that team!!!

    next to go is the whiny baby Davis!! at least you have to hope so if your a clippers fan.

    Camby is on the last year of his contract and they have a very good young kid that should be ready to step into the spotlight….stop making it sound like this is really that big a deal.

    As far as portland goes, please! it’s going to take a while for Camby to get accustomed to the blazers

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Hope playboi can stay healthy. They startin to resemble Houston on the Injury front.

    But wow what a pick-up! They will be playoff ready when injuries heal up!

  • Thype

    Are people forgetting Travis Outlaw is involved as well? He was a candidate for sixth man award last year.

    Anyway, the Clips are folding this season, doesn’t really matter what they do with Camby being he’s a free agent next summer and can re-sign if he likes it so much.

  • weezy f

    that backup poin guard is still better then (0 percent of the clippers

  • Detroit Dave

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he mysteriously failed a physical or misses a large chunk of games for “family issues”.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Uh oh. LA should be very afraid. Time for a counter-move. You don’t wanna get a confident Portland squad in the second round and not have an answer…yipes.

  • vince

    a rumour that its official?


  • playday rider

    It’s a good temporary fix to try to make something of this season for Portland, who has needed another big man even without the injuries to the centers. But Canby will go back to LA next year and the blazers have lost an outstanding clutch athletic scorer in Outlaw and a hustle type point guard (Blake) who can score and defend. I’m not sure Bayless is the point guard people think he is, and Miller is a chemistry cancer. The only positive thing about this is that it will tighten up the rotation at guard. Overall though, BAD MOVE BLAZERS!

  • nola

    either portland becomes really good, or they add one more injured big man on their roster..

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Dunleavy must have a personal vendetta against this franchise. WTF is up with this trade? Camby is injury-prone and getting old, but still a top 5 defensive center in the league when healthy. They could have easily gotten more for him. At least get some young guys with potential or draft picks to prepare for next season with Blake coming back.

  • the cynic

    Dunleavy is just trying to kiss ass to The Donald by making some quick cash and save his job. Hell maybe get an extension, these are the type of moves Sterling loves

  • bob

    There’s no way Camby can survive the Clipper AND the Blazer’s curse. He’s getting injured in the next month for sure.

  • M Intellect

    Imagine this season the Clippers had Z-Bo, the #1 draft pick, Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby as their frontcourt…

  • kudos

    good move for the blazers. who cares if marcus camby doesnt pan out?!? Blake isn’t clutch and is a liability on d. bayless needs minutes, or he’ll never improve.

    By the way, Outlaw is a gunner, and not a willling passer.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    This might be Camby’s best chance to do his thing!

  • Dwinn

    I really like Travis Outlaw for the Clips. He is an exciting player with a lot of potential. Its a good insurance policy if/when they fail to get a big name free agent, and all the more relevant because it seems as if Thorton has fallen out of favor. Steve Blake will be welcome too, the Clips have been forcing Collins into a backup PG and with awful results. Sounds strange but things went real bad after Bassy got hurt. I’m kinda happy for Camby, hope he can get some playoff wins.

  • Phileus

    A team desperate for size trades for… Marcus Camby? What?

    When he gets injured before the playoffs, and Blake (who was better than Miller earlier this season, they just were too embarrassed to admit they wasted their FA money) and Outlaw start clicking, people aren’t going to think it’s such a lopsided deal.