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NBA Trade Rumor: Caron Butler To Dallas Or Houston

Caron Butler (photo. Douglas Sonders)

The time has come, and the Wizards are finally ready to blow up the squad – that at least on paper – looked like the fourth best team in the Eastern Conference before the season. After finding out that the League granted them some cap relief (almost $4 million) after losing Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton to suspension for the rest of the season, they’re going to try and move their $74 million payroll below the cap threshold of $69.9 million. This means that Caron Butler‘s days in D.C. could be limited.

According to NBA.com’s David Aldridge, Butler is most likely to end up somewhere in Texas, with Washington probably deciding between competing offers from Dallas and Houston.

The Wizards are determined to get a young player back, though, and the Mavericks’ only non-geezer is rookie guard Rod Beaubois — while Houston has a young guard like Kyle Lowry and an expiring big man contract in forward Luis Scola to pair with McGrady’s $22 million expiring deal.

If I’m the Mavericks, as good as Beaubois has been, you would have to make this deal to try and make a run at another ‘chip. For the Rockets, with the way Aaron Brooks is playing (he could have been an All-Star this year), Lowry is definitely expendable. But expiring contract or not, there is no way that I’m trading a big for a small and including Scola.

Whatever team the Wizards deal with, they’re going to try to rid themselves of Mike James and/or DeShawn Stevenson from their payroll as well, and each of those guys would probably be waived if that happened. Between Butler, Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood, the deals are flowing in, so it will be interesting to see what the roster looks like in two weeks.

What do you think? If you’re the Wizards, do you deal Butler to the Mavs or Rockets? What do you want back in return?

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  • JD

    Caron to Dallas!

  • Abe504

    Id want back anything with an expiring contract, preferable a big man. Suxs that this squad couldn’t get it done, and i really like Caron Butler, tough juice always played his hardest.

  • zaboo

    mmh, dont know if i’d trade lowry. brooks is young but he still needs a backup, and lowry is a fiery one. also i’m not sure if i’d give up scola and his winning experience for an aging butler. if we were talking about kevin martin (without injuries), i think it’d be a different story.

  • Pigpen

    Tough Juice to Dallas for JHo and Beuabois

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    As Katt Williams once said
    “You gone get rid of the only real muthaf^ka in the equation?”

    trading butler would be dumb. I don’t remember the last time i seen someone with as much game be traded so often. Hell send his a$$ to Chicago. I’ve give up Deng, Noah, Tyrus, and Brad for him in a heartbeat. Also send Javel McGee.

  • Prof. TX

    Where does Butler fit in Houston, with Ariza and Battier already there? The Rockets aren’t hurting for decent wing players (neither are the Mavs, really) If Ariza is moved to Washington, then there could be some space.

  • b

    Yeah i can see houston having to include budinger in that deal, which could be trouble. especially considering ariza is only worth about a bag of basketballs at this point.

  • LakeShow84

    As much as i say free Deron Williams, I feel the same way about Butler.. Sorry we had to send you there Caron..

    Free Caron Butler!!

  • K Dizzle

    It’d be cool to see the reunion of Foye and Lowry, but Lowry one of the best backups in the league, not to mention maybe the toughest dude in the league. Dude rolls his ankle right over and most guys would miss like 2 weeks and the announcers say he “might miss A game”.
    I don’t understand why Rocket fans hatin on Ariza, I know Gee want his ass outta town. Dude is a midlevel signing, makin like 6 mil a season and he’s puttin up like 16, 6 and 4 and plays great defense. I understand his shootin been nasty this season, but Rockets shoulda known what they were gettin. Dude played off Pau and Kobe. If T-Mac or Yao is playin, Ariza would be a beast of a 3rd or 4th option which is what he is…

    Back to Caron; Dallas needs him, Houston could use him. Shit, New Orleans would take him in a heartbeat if they weren’t slashin payroll….

  • hahns


    check out that link of hilton armstrong and earl clark lol

  • karizmatic

    If I’m the Wizards I’m looking for youth, so if I trade Butler to the Rockets then I’m looking for Lowry, Scola, or even Landry, I’d also be interested in Brooks, but you know they aren’t letting him go. If I’m trading to the Mavs. I might actually be interested in taking Kidd’s contract if it’s expiring soon, beaubois, Barea and maybe someone else off the roster. I really wouldn’t care which team I traded with, just looking for the best deal. Actually I think they could end up with a better deal than this from some other team.

  • isotope

    @ Prof TX. None of the wing players in Houston possess an offensive game. Battier and Ariza are liabilities. Budinger has game but is still a rookie and Rockets should keep him. Houston shouldnt have to include anything; TMac’s contract is so big that for the money to work the WIZARDS might have to include another player. I like Scola, gotta keep him BUT he is an expiring contract and may be hard to sign next year. And I also like Lowry. Dag! If the Rox were to include any players with TMac I would suggest Ariza or Hayes lol.

  • Steve

    Speaking as a dallas fan, beaubois better not be involved in a trade for caron butler. he doesnt get too much pt but when he does he shows he has a hell of a lot of potential.

  • Pig

    Another chip???I thought HEAT robbed their chip..

  • MBE18

    I just want to see some trades already. I love seeing teams try to shake up their rosters.

  • kingralf

    Caron to Dallas would be just perfect, they a a tough guy.

  • Doug

    I would love for the Rockets to send Scola or Lowry w/ McGrady for Butler, Haywood, and someone else. I wouldnt send both of them though. I would even resign Haywood to back Yao up. If we had Yao and Haywood come next year, that would go along way towards beating the lakers. The Rockets need a SG though badly. I would rather see us get Kevin Martin and Brandon Haywood some how.

  • Showydisplay HTOWN

    Caron Butler for TMac is cool straight up but not coupled with Lowry or Scola. If we did that they would have to throw in Mike Miller and Brendan Haywood or even Blatch or McGee. Caron Butler is on the decline so is Haywood.

  • Steve

    Rockets………do not let Lowry go!!! Sit tight and let Tmacs contract expire. Resign Lowry and Scola with the cap space. Yao will return along with a decent draft pick and everything will make sense.

    Butler is not going to make this team a contender so do not do it.


  • Tobi

    Caron butler is one of my favorite players to watch… Imma be sad to see him leave the Wizards if he’s traded. Caron butler is a great player and he’s going to make any team he goes to a contender flat out. The Wizards need to get Tracy Mcgrady if they trade a player like Caron

  • Wizards fan

    Trading Tough juice would be the worst trade of the season. I would get rid of Antawn Jamison and Dshawn Stevenson. I pray to god that the Wizards are not stupid enough to make the biggest mistake in franchise history.

  • linda

    trading caron butler would be a big mistake like when the lakers traded him to the wizards keep caron butler