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NBA Trade Rumor: Josh Howard To The Raptors Or Heat

Josh Howard (photo. Monte Isom)

Every year around the NBA Trade Deadline, Mark Cuban likes to make things interesting. Realizing that the Mavs need to shake things up in order to make a Finals push this season and beyond, the rumors that have been circulating for years surrounding Josh Howard‘s departure are getting louder and louder. And according to DallasBasketball.com, they’ve become so loud that even Howard himself thinks he’s going to be traded before the deadline – most likely to the Raptors or the Heat.

Having one of the worst seasons of his career, the Mavericks aren’t losing much if they ship out Howard. He’s averaging only 12.1 points, 3.6 rebounds (career low), 1.5 assists, 0.8 steals (career low) and 0.3 blocks (career low) per game, and has played in only 28 game so far this year. Perhaps new scenery will do him some good.

While the deals are necessarily clear what Dallas would want back in return, all signs point to Cuban initiating a shakeup – even if it’s not Howard that’s sent packing. There’s no reason that their second leading scorer should be sixth man extraordinaire Jason Terry, so if they could ship Howard, Drew Gooden or Erick Dampier for some moving parts – or cap room – expect the Mavs to make a deal.

What do you think? If you’re Dallas, what do you want back for Howard? If you’re the Raptors or Heat, do you make the play?

Source: DallasBasketball.com

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  • http://twitter.com/thehoopla Peli

    The Raptors dont have the pieces to make that a fair deal, unless Dallas wants Antoine Wright back in exchange.

    Trade to the Heat is much more probable.

  • Chaos

    That would be a great move for the heat because they are actually weakest at that position and the back up C position. Q-Rich can move to the bench and come off with the second unit of arroyo/chalmers, cook, haslem and anthony (not a great second unit but definitely another shooter)….but i dont know what dallas would want in return other than beasley or dorrell wright and some more pieces

  • Bizz

    I was just about to ask what do the Raptors possibly have that a) they’d be willing to trade, b) that another team wants, and c) make it all work for this or any deal? Calderon would be the best guy for the Raptors to dash in the trash for something that’ll convince Bosh to stay, but nobody wants a PG that doubles as a turnstile on the defensive end. Only way the Raps get Josh Howard is if Cuban is dumb enough to believe whatever he gets back from Toronto (which won’t be Bosh, Jack, Bargnani) is good enough for him.

  • Jess

    “having one of the worst seasons of his career” – WOW, thats enticing. lol – DONT DO IT COLANGELO!!!

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    I think he’s still injured or hasn’t healed fully from his injuries over the past few seasons. Tough for any team to trade at his salary for a less than 100% Howard.

    Genuinely, I don’t see what he would bring to the Heat and the Raps need a strong defender in return for their next trade.

  • jau

    if Im the raptors I’d consider trading everyone but bosh and bargnani for him… unfortunately for us the mavs have two/three great PGS (kidd, barea, terry (if u consider him a pg) soo other than our front court players… our pgs are the best assets and the mavs wont need them.

    so if im cuban im probably calling up riley right about now

  • Taj

    I thought this would’ve been a great trade LAST year, but with Hedo, Wright, Bellinelli & Weems on the squad now playing so well it seems unlikely the Colangelo would make this deal. Especially, now that J-Ho isn’t playing the way he did the last couple yrs.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    I think Dallas waited way too long to make this deal. They should have shipped him while he still had some value. They could have netted a prospect and expiring contract for him, now they’ll just be getting bums back in move to “shake things up”.

  • @sofakingcool

    Please don’t write posts like this unless you have credible sources that give you an outline of a deal, or you give some opinion of your own as to who would be included.

    This is garbage saying Howard is most likely going to the Raps or Heat, without any mention of what would be coming back.

    Get better!

  • Coop

    Agree with #9; I can’t see why Miami and Toronto are “most likely” either. Both teams have only 2 or 3 decent players who aren’t gonna be involved and Cuban won’t want the other stuff so I can’t see any interest here.
    I think Philly, Boston and even GS are better candidates. Maggette for Howard anyone?

  • Mike Mihalow

    I agree w/ #9 and #10. I just don’t see who either team would give away for him.

  • ben

    i think the rap should dish off calderon, for the most part he is a bum,I would like to see them trade calderon for AI, Make AI a starter, so he wont wine, and take Jack off the bench….

  • Hollywud15

    please let calderon go

  • demo

    man, ever since jose went down and jack started people are throwing jose under the bus, people forget how good he was all these years and how well he ran the offence. sure his defence is a liability but he is under control and knows who to get the ball to on offence and is an above average 3-pt shooter.
    keep jose!

  • P

    @ Ben

    Why would they trade Calderon for AI when they could have got him for nothing not that long ago?

  • Bizz

    FYI Iverson cannot be traded because his contract with Philly would not allow for a trade. Rules of signing a free agent result in like a 3 month window or something like that where they’re non-tradeable, and Ivy’s 3 month anniversary of his contract would be after the deadline.

  • heavy d

    If I’m Dallas, I would definitely trade Howard because even with him and Dampier off the books they aren’t in a position to sign anyone because of Nowitzki’s cap hold. The best bet is to use them to get some in now so you have them under contract or at least have their bird rights. Having said that I’m not sure what Toronto (or Miami) has to offer that they would be willing to offer.

    Personally, I would have dealt him earlier in the year when Captain Jack was available.

  • http://fitnesskiss.com sexycutie

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  • Jonathan Withrow

    You need help with Caron Butler and Amar’e Stoudemire team Mavs. It’ll help biggers and champions. Please come now!!!

  • Jonathan Withrow

    But it’ll promise champions no.

  • Jonathan Withrow

    No trade Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Terry Jason, Jose Barea and Drew Gooden. Please stay team the Dallas Mavericks. But can be trade Josh Howard and Erick Dampier.