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NBA Trade Rumor: McGrady to NY, Butler & Haywood to Houston and Harrington to D.C.

At this point, the same pieces keep getting mentioned, but GMs are just trying to figure out which move is the right one. Tracy McGrady, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood have been mentioned in trade chatter pretty much all season, but now a deal that includes Al Harrington could get it done.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets are in the discussion stages of a complicated, three-team trade that would send McGrady to the Knicks, Butler and Haywood to the Rockets and Harrington to the Wizards. Sources said that the Wizards would also need another player – as well as a draft pick and cash – to make this a workable scenario.

After trying this deal in the NBA Trade Machine, clearly it wouldn’t work as is. As Wojnarowski noted, “other players and contracts would still need to be agreed upon for a deal to come together, but there is a framework to the discussions.”

If the Knicks could somehow trick one of these teams (most likely the Wizards) to take on the contracts of either Eddy Curry or Jared Jeffries (which is unlikely) then they would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. They also have Cuttino Mobley‘s expiring $9.5 million contract to include as well.

What do you think? If you’re the Rockets, Wizards or Knicks, do you at least like the trade in principle?

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  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    The Knicks are really putting all their eggs in the 2010 FA bonanza basket aren’t they? Anybody else think it’ll be hilarious if none of the big name players end up signing there this offseason?

  • royal bloodline

    T-mac? WTF?nobody wants this scrub. he’s basically hustlin’ people out of their money. he’s paid millions of dollars to play 3-5 games per yr.

    ca$h without sacraficing your body = dream job.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I really can see a situation where none of the big free agents land in NY. If Miami trades for Amare then Wade could stay in Miami. Or the Suns keep Amare and he opts in and stays with PHX. If Cleveland wins the chip or at least gets to the finals, Lebron stays in Cleveland. That just leaves Bosh and I don’t see him leaving Toronto for NY. It would be a step backwards. The Knicks only option might be Boozer if he doesn’t stay in Utah. Plus NY could lose Lee and Robinson.

  • Jah

    Conspiracy theory:

    The Knicks have insider information that LeBron, D-Wade and CB4 will all agree to take reduced (read: “not max”) contracts to play in NY together and create an NBA Dynasty in NYC, basketball Mecca of the world.

    You heard it here first.

  • shiptar

    cash and playing ball(sacraficing your body as you say) ain’t bad either!

    T-Mac probably isn’t happy just cashing in his checks.
    He thinks he still has something left in those legs and I think that to.
    I say that next season he will sign for a smaller salary and contribute. Smaller salary brings less preasure.

  • JBaller

    Nice theory Jah!

    I’d take Tmac for the rest of this season if possible. This is his last max contract and if he doesn’t work out no big deal. Harington is expendable, like jsut about everyone else on the team. Let’s see what Tmac does in the big apple. Probably not much, but that’s no different than what the current teams does!

  • jace


    hahah.. i would absolutely think itd be hilarious if none of the big name stars signed with new york.

    but lets face it… its a business. someone is bound to go there. it seems like most of the free agents in 2010 are looking for a contract AND a ring, rather than JUST a contract. but ill put it at 3:2 chance that they’ll get at least one star.

  • @sofakingcool


    The only situation that I think all three can end up on the same team is in Miami.
    They sign and trade for bosh, sign LBJ out right and resign Wade, all of them take about $14-15 mil, and get streets named after them, which they will use during the many parades in south beach.

  • control

    Too bad Isiah Thomas wasn’t still in NY. It would be absolutely amazing to see how he could spend that cap space. He’d probably manage to get Stephan back from China or something…

    I really hope no big timers sign with NY, would be very funny seeing them tank a few seasons to get NOTHING.

  • http://www.syrupdaily.com anyung

    royal bloodline: in response to your extremely educated statement of “T-mac? WTF?nobody wants this scrub.” He is a goldmine for any team with that expiring contract for the ’10 agency.

    personally, i am a diehard rockets fan but i dont think this makes sense. taking on more contract years instead of laying back, try to get a lottery, and sign the real superstars.

    – The Daily

    ca$h without sacraficing your body = dream job.

  • http://www.syrupdaily.com anyung

    gotta agree with the new big three playing in NYC, wouldnt suprise me in the least.

    definitely would like to see T Mac being utulized this year, he’s doing nothing but scrillin

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Personally, the only team that this deal really works for is Houston. They get another big in Haywood to battle the centers of the West, and Caron Butler can be “that guy” in Houston. The Rockets have needed a legitimate floor leader, something that Ron Artest was occasionally last season, and the vet CB would be great.

  • osmosis11

    the knicks got to do something. they played well in december, but have gone back to sucking since than. They already traded there first round pick to Utah, so they got to try to win this year. Not sure if Tmac is the answer, but if they just have to give up harrington and mobley or hughes expiring contract than it might be worth it. Maybe tmac can have a resurgence and if it doesnt work out tmac is a free agent anyway.

  • zaboo

    “Lets do it, lets do it, lets do it do it do it”.

    At least for Houston. Try Caron out and see how he does and resign or not in 2011. Use haywood for the rest of the year, either let his contract expire to get another $6mil player, or maybe resign him as yao’s bckup.

  • http://www.syrupdaily.com anyung

    @ Aron: Haywood would be a great add but CB is not “that guy” in houston. he is a fantastic number 2, very complementary player with prolific scoring and vision.

    And TMac wouldnt realy by an answer, just to clear room for yalls new trinity.

  • bsteezy3

    Just a rumor? Well, let me know when an actual trade happens…

  • Gerard

    Saw this today: call him TMEC for TMacs Expiring Contract

    Also Dime, that’s cold to mention Cuttino and heartbeat in consecutive sentences.

  • redstorm11

    if knicks could get budinger or battier they would do it in a heart beat

  • Nigel


    If that happens, the Knickerbockers will be right up there with GE, Microsoft, and Exxon in terms of net worth.

  • Name (required)

    Knicks cant trade Cuttinos contract until some cap relief request thing is sorted, if they could then his insurance coverd expiring contract could be a real valuable trade asset.

  • Big V

    Nobody considers Joe Johnson a significant free agent acquisition?

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Yeah only the Rockets benefit from this deal, T-mac to the Knicks would be a great idea, clear even more cap space to get LeBron and some other superstars..

  • Soul Brova 1

    Knicks will sign one of the big free agents; if they don’t the free agents take a bigger hit becasue they would be questioned, especially if Miami stays an eighth seed or doesn’t make the playoffs, same for Bosh. You have to question a guy who demands to be paid like a star, claims to be the “man” on his current team yet shies away from the biggest stage in all sports. The talent level between Toronto, Miami and even Cleveland if Shaq leaves after this season is even steven if you remove Bosh, Wade and LeBron. So basically by not signing with the Knicks they are saying I’m a big fish in a small pond and not yet ready for Kobe status.
    I do believe that James and Wade will sign in NY as they implied they would like to play together and NY is the only place that could happen cause Miami would always be Wade’s team and same for LeBron in Cleveland but to come into NY together at the same time, both possibly with a championship each and Shaq would follow as well no doubt.

  • MBE18

    At this point, the Knickerbockers got to do something to make their games worth watching. They fucking suck. I’d rather see T-MAC jacking up shots than Al. They have been tough to watch!!! At least I got Syracuse to root for!!!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Yea I approve make this happen.

  • analord

    I love anuses! ANAL LORD!

  • BiGShoTBoB

    I think if anything everyone goes home. Lebron stays in Cleveland, Wade to Chicago and Bosh goes to Houston. Nothing like playing in your hometown.

  • isotope

    I see why Houston does this. I see why the Knicks do this. But I don’t see why the Wiz do this. Jamison and Harrington on the same team?

    And Caron Butler doesnt need to be THE MAN. This deal is for the near future for the Rockets. Imagine Yao, Butler, Brooks, Ariza, Landry or Scola next year. Thats a pretty solid starting five.

  • http://www.sportsbuzz.com jack@sportsbuzz.com

    I agree with Big V. That’s not a significant free agent
    acquisition. I know it’s subjective but I think Johnson
    is just not at that level.