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NBA trade rumors: Kevin Martin has never been more popular

photo. Kelly Turso

It seemed Kevin Martin was destined to play out his career like Mitch Richmond, quietly dropping buckets outside of the spotlight during his prime before hooking up with a title contender in his late-30’s to snag a ring on his way out.

But depending on how things go down at this month’s NBA trade deadline, K-Mart could find himself on one of the League’s high-profile contenders while still on top of his game. In addition to rumors connecting Martin to Boston in a deal involving Ray Allen, new rumors have surfaced of trades that would send K-Mart to Dallas or Minnesota.

Blame Tyreke Evans for Martin’s sudden availability. Before the Rookie of the Year front-runner came to Sacramento, Martin was the centerpiece of the Kings’ franchise, status confirmed by his eight-figure salary over the next four years. And Martin re-established his role early, averaging 30.6 points in Sacramento’s first five games, including a 48-point effort against Memphis. But then Martin went out for a couple of months with a wrist injury, and by the time he came back, Tyreke had been anointed the new star of the Kings’ show. Throw in the fact that the team has gone 1-12 since K-Mart’s return — fueling perceptions that Tyreke and Martin may not work well together — and Martin has become expendable.

Of the three teams said to be most interested in K-Mart, the Mavs are the best fit. They need a two-guard who can create his own shot and get to the free-throw line, and Martin is the kind of SG who can give them 20-25 points per game without taking too many shots away from Dirk Nowitzki.

Martin shoots well enough to adequately fill the Ray Allen role in Boston, although you’d imagine it would take some time for Doc Rivers to trust him as a guy to draw up plays for in game-winning situations. Not that I think Ray is really the problem in Boston’s recent struggles, but K-Mart offers younger legs and a fresh start for a team that may have gone stagnant.

The Timberwolves need all the help they can get, but for K-Mart, Minnesota is a lateral move.

Which team do you think benefits the most from getting Kevin Martin?

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  • BiG ShoT BoB

    The best fit is definitely Dallas…

  • thenatural

    I don’t think a K-Mart would be welcome in the TARGET center.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ AllThatJazz/Amar

    actually … best fit is to go to utah (who just needs an outsider shooter) for boozer. (jazz win games w/o him) sac gets more flexibility with his huge expiring deal.


  • life-p

    LOL @ thenatural!

    Charlotte needs a SG!

  • Brown

    The Raptors could really use a player like K-Mart who can get to the line and give them some consistent points from the perimeter.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Send Kevin to Clevland. I would like to see LBJ with an official star next to him. Just to see what he can do.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hahaha thenatural, that was on point.

    Amar, that’s not a bad case.

    Martin would be good anywhere. An efficient scoring 2 guard? Who wouldn’t want that? He’s getting paid, and there’s not too many teams out there sorrier than the Kings – he probably wouldn’t mind leaving. Ray Allen would be pissed, though, to be leaving Boston for Sacramento!

    This is all a little different from a couple years ago, when Mike Redd was available. A glorified spot up shooter there – he needs the ball a lot more than K Mart does to get his.

  • Sacto_J

    I have a feeling Sacramento gets robbed regardless of where (if) they send him. Toronto might need him, but are they willing to give up Bosh for say K-Mart and Jason Thompson / Nocioni?
    Or how bout Mini, would they give up Love or Jefferson for the same package as above? I doubt it, which is why he probably isn’t going anywhere. Expirings aren’t going to make the Kings relevant any time soon, but what would make the team relevant isn’t likely to be willing to go to Sactown happily (despite the recent improvements.) Its a frustrating time to be a Kings fan (kinda like every year since Webber was traded…)

  • PaulHuffer

    Dallas for sure.

    Dallas can offer expirings to help out financially plus JJ Barea for a solid PG as well as the rights to Nick Calathes.

    Remember him? Good PG who is playing professionally in Greece but will be in the NBA this next season. Solid pg today, and one to build on for tomorrow.

  • Coop

    Guy who mentioned Utah was spot on but I don’t think Utah would want to take on that contract unless they knew they could rid themselves of AK soon after.

  • jdstorm

    I like a boston trade.

    Martin, Beno, and kenny thomas for Ray Allen, filler expiring and a pick or 2
    that seems pretty fair,

    the kings get out from over 16 million anual sallary for the next 4 years and a few picks, while the celts get younger but have no drop off

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    To the celts I say.

    Sounds like a gravy idea

    Jason Thompson will beast up again. He seems to hav a j smoov personality. He’ll grow out of it and BEAST it up.

    Bring NBA to Australia

  • surfnaked

    san antonio could use em. they need a young offensive dude desperately watching them on tnt

  • dvs

    Utah would be great if they could get Kmart. but as it was mentioned before, ak47s contract is sinking that ship. But imagine a Dwill and Kmart back court…. that would be pretty killer.

  • matt

    utah is the best fit. they have the expiring contracts to make it work (boozer, korver, brewer), but since they’re playing so well they probably wont.

  • Tyler

    i think that in a sense sending ray to the kings for martin is a good idea because rays getting old and he is losing his touch he is still a great player but not what he was there championship year and i think the addition of martin would help push them towards the championship again hes great scorer and offensive player but the lack of defense would be an issue but then again ray and pierce weren’t very good defenders until they became “the big three” so kg rondo and pierce could work martin on that to make him a great all around player so i say move in on martin trade ray allen for kmart and anyone else they would give up for him itd be the smart thing to do plus martin just turned 26 and rays contract is runnin out this year come on ainge pull the trigger!

  • monkey

    As a Kings fan I certainly HOPE that the Boston trade doesn’t happen. Give up a proven scorer for an OLD expiring contract who would never re-sign in Sac, not to mention that cap space doesn’t matter since no free agent wants to come to sac, not even with our R.O.Y. Kings have to find a way to become relevant again before they can think of playing the FA market. I hate all of these rumors surrounding Martin for expiring contracts.