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NBA Trading Day: McGrady to Sacramento for K-Mart; LeBron gets an All-Star Plan B

Tracy McGrady (photo. Marc Morrison)

For two guys who were mentioned so often throughout the NBA trading deadline frenzy, it never seemed likely that Tracy McGrady and Kevin Martin would directly cross paths the way they did late Wednesday night. As we sent this Smack to post, the deal (almost finalized) has T-Mac, Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey going to Sacramento for K-Mart, Hilton Armstrong, Sergio Rodriguez and Kenny Thomas … There were still reports that the Knicks could be brought in last-minute and T-Mac could end up in New York, but as it stands, this is a good move for both sides. Tyreke Evans vaulted K-Mart as the Kings’ franchise guy a couple months ago; it was time to hand him the keys to the castle while you could get something valuable for Martin, and Landry is one of those glue guys that up-and-coming contenders need. In Martin, the Rockets get a legit 20-ppg scorer when everyone assumed they’d take back a bag full of crap for T-Mac’s contract, plus they get a decent-sized expiring deal of their own in Thomas, and Armstrong gets to be the 35th “he can provide depth behind Yao” candidate they’ve had since ’02 … Meanwhile, K-Mart scored a quiet 10 points and was benched for the second half of his final game with the Kings, an embarrassing 30-piecing by the patchwork Warriors. C.J. Watson and Stephen Curry looked like Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway in some NBA Jam fantasy, as Watson dropped 40 points (16-23 FG) while Stephen Curry added 24 and 15 dimes … Yesterday’s other major trade saw the Cavs pick up Antawn Jamison in a three-team deal with the Wizards and Clippers. Here are the details in case you missed it. Jamison is clearly the silver medal to the gold that was Amar’e, but he’s a 20-and-10 guy who immediately becomes Cleveland’s second scoring option after LeBronAndray Blatche saw immediate benefits from the trade, taking Jamison’s vacated PF spot and posting 33 points and 13 boards as the Wizards beat the Wolves. (Josh Howard had 14 points and three steals off the bench.) Blatche still has a reputation as a knucklehead, but he also still has talent. If the Wizards are indeed blowing up this whole operation and starting over, this is his chance to deliver on that potential he’s supposed to have. Between Blatche, JaVale McGee and Al Thornton (from the Jamison trade), that’s a promising young front line to try and cultivate … Call it a post-graduate crash course, because in his handful of NBA starts, Darren Collison is getting the full Chris Paul experience: handing out 15-18 dimes a couple times, racking up near triple-doubles, knocking down dagger shots, etc. Last night he passed another crucial checkpoint — the head-to-head matchup with Deron Williams. Collison (24 pts, 9 asts) had better stat line, but D-Will (16 pts, 10 asts) got the win …

Deron WIlliams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

On the second part of a back-to-back for Utah, you kind of expected this game to be a mess. During Tuesday’s win at Houston, the Jazz announcers said the team would be flying into New Orleans during the final night of Mardi Gras and, well, you do the math. But neither team looked particularly sluggish. Just like the Rockets game, Utah won by cranking up the defense late in the fourth quarter, as N.O. made only two shots over the last three minutes … Peja Stojakovic cut his hair over the All-Star break. And not just a trim — Peja looks like Nikolai Valuev with a Ginobili-sized bald spot … In what might have been Amar’e Stoudemire‘s final game with the Suns, he dropped 30 points and 14 boards on the Mavs in a loss. Jason Kidd (18 pts, 7 rebs, 10 asts, 7 stls) led a Dallas squad that put together its first complete game since the Caron Butler trade, improving on a hit-and-miss effort against OKC the other night. Brendan Haywood started in place of Erick Dampier (finger) and put up 10 points, nine boards and five blocks … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Aaron Brooks had 15 points and 12 dimes as the Rockets destroyed Milwaukee (but don’t worry, John Salmons is on the way); Al Horford‘s 31 points led Atlanta past the Clippers; Dwight Howard slapped 33 points, 17 boards and seven blocks on Detroit, while Rip Hamilton scored 36 in the loss; Tim Duncan shot 4-for-23 (8 pts) but grabbed 26 boards in a win over Indiana; Derrick Rose scored 27 to beat the Knicks; and D-Wade left Heat/Nets in the first quarter with a calf sprain, but Miami got the W behind Mike Beasley‘s 23 points and 11 boards … How callous is Lionel Hollins? The Raptors obviously scheduled “Iranian Night” on purpose for Feb. 17 to coincide with Hamed Haddadi and the Grizzlies’ one visit to Toronto, but Hollins still let Haddadi rot on the bench with a DNP-CD. The Raptors also prepared a tribute video for Damon Stoudamire, now an assistant with the Grizzlies. Hollins reportedly forbid Might Mouse from watching it, then made him come out of his own pocket for the bootleg … We’re out like McGrady …

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  • YW

    watch, kevin martin is gonna blow up in China now, and is gonna be an all star starter every year until he retires, haha

  • ToAn

    great trade for the cavs..i don’t think amare is going anywhere after all this talk (again)…and what a season for the wizards after being considered top 5 east material with 3 potential all-stars they suck badly and the only player left from the big 3 is Arenas who will probably not play for them again…flip saunders sure had other plans

  • That’s What’s Up

    didn’t even realize sebastian telfair was still in the league.

    I guess that’s what you call an “impact player”

  • Name (required)

    Does anyone else find it crazy that with twitter and blogs and all that shit that we’re finding out about every detail and discussion of every single trade before they even happen. Seems a GM just has to enquire about a trade and we know about it instantly.
    Back in the day you used to have to wait until fridays games and see who wasn’t playing then figure out who had been traded, or like, read newspapers or something.

  • alf (from melmak)

    With the acquisition of Jamison, Cleveland is left with no reason not to win the championship. But wait, I remembered something — Mike Brown is still coaching this team. Ugh!

    Its close to the trading deadline, and I admire the Jazz for not doing anything. The team might be something special this year. The Jazz fan in me.

    I have not used my meal allowance in days. Overloaded with work. This coming weekend is still field with work. What is that song by The Smiths again about work?

  • gregory

    Good deal for both Houston and Sacramento. Houston needed to turn T-Mac into something because letting his contract expired would have left them with only 7 million or so after cap holds, not enough to wring lots of value from free agency. Martin was probably the best player they could materialize for McGrady, be it from the freed up cap space or trade. As for Sacramento, they needed a low post scorer much more than they need perimeter scoring with Evans and Casspi around and Landry has been one of the best low post scorers this year. They have a much more balanced dynamic to their team now.

  • gilford22

    @YW Yeah, I think he will. But at least he’s deserving.

  • the_don_mega

    rockets should’ve kept landry… and yes… it’s official… there are really no excuses for the cavs now…

  • redstorm11

    knicks could still flip for tmac, maybe use ty thomas or that 1st pick they getting from boston

  • Maynard

    Not quite sure Martin is a “legit 20 ppg scorer,” at least not for the balance of this year, with his messed-up body. The guy scored under 17 ppg in 17 games since he came back. Could ALL of that have come from deferring to Evans? They’d better hope not, with $36 million left on Martin’s deal.

    That said, I do agree it was probably the best player they could get back for the husk of McGrady, and it’s hard to doubt Morey. (Though losing Landry makes me nervous too)

    Depth behind Yao… they’re just hoping they have Yao at all.

  • Trey bing bay

    26 boards for Timmy!? Was he just passing to himself off the backboard?

  • jheck

    wow i never thought kevin martin would end up like this…but anyway, like the saying goes dont fall inlove with your company do fall inlove with your job…i know LBJ got a heavy heart seing Z out of the Q…well business is business…

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    Best deal for kings
    so stoked.

    Bring NBA to Australia

  • Maynard

    Also, please forgive me if I missed this, but I don’t think I saw anything here on Stern’s announcement that the league will lose $400 million this year and that half the teams were unprofitable. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    so the rockets traded one walking injury for another. martin doesnt help the rockets at all IMO. hell he hasnt played more then 61 game but twice.

    everyone else the rockets got is garbage and will/should either be waived or sit at the end of the bench. landry was the only real energy guy the rockets had off the bench (lowry to some extent) and they dropped him. this is the worst deal morey has made to date.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up! At this point I don’t care where T-Mac goes as long as he is free from Houston and he can get some PT and show that they should have kept him in the first place.

    Losing Landry has to be one of the stupidest moves ever. Hayes, JT or Lowry but you don’t go give up Landry. Dude is straight hard work and gives you the hustle plays. Anyway as much as I love the Rockets I don’t see what they are tying to do. Kings made off like a fat rat with the contract and getting Landry wow!

    Perhaps they will put something together and Martin will do some spectacular things. Right now though the Rockets aren’t intimidating and if they were to make the playoffs I’d be shocked. Didn’t Kenny Thomas play on the Rockets before?

    Like someone said before at least they are loved in China.

    I was really hoping they would trade with New York or Chicago but oh well at least something was dong. Smh.

    Boston (shocked they got rid of House)
    All looking pretty good with their trades. Good playoff moves.

  • zaboo

    i like the tmac for martin move (esp after predicting it) but i dont like that we let landry go. and no brad miller?

  • Prof. TX

    I’ve been a Rockets fan forever, but it’s getting harder these days. Now we’re giving away Landry too? Houston should have just bought McGrady out, or let the contract expire. These players are a waste of money, Martin can score but even bad teams have someone that can put up points. I’d have been much more interested if they had take the Iguodala and Dalembert from Philadelphia.

    Yao’s broken, McGrady is gone, Landry is gone. I guess now I just hope that Battier has a good game here and there.

  • tecneek

    I got excited when I seen the headline……..I thought. Dm wasn’t capable of a bad move but giving up Landry………smh

  • Chaos

    The Wizard Darryl Morey pulled this move people! thank you Darryl….even i think this was stupid as hell, yea kevin martin and t-mac made sense(even tho i know he dont wanna be in Sac-town) but why would they give of landry. really?!

  • jackie moon

    gotta give credit to dwight’s monster line…damn

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Some of the ish i read on here from the posters is just flat out retarded.

    #1 Nate Robinson is 150x’s better than Eddie House and Tony Allen combined. I think i said this before. Anyone who doesn’t think so is clearly an idiot.

    #2 Tracy for 6months vs. KMart over multi-years is not a fair f^king trade. Sactown is getting raped.

    #3 Mike Diantoni is possibly the worst coach in the NBA. Also there is no “system” they just play pick-up ball.

    #4 Phx won 46 games last year with Shaq and Amare…it f^king worked you idiots! Just so happens the rest of the west was awsome.

    #5 read closely…your favorite team is not clearing cap space to sign Wade, Bron,Bosh…they are clearing cap space to SAVE MONEY period. They aren’t gonna sign anyone, they are pocketing that ish. So teams like LAC, Sac-Town, Houston, Chicago, New York, New Jersy, they aren’t sigining no max contracts. They are pocketing that money.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    prof tx
    i think addelman had more to say in getting martin then he is getting “credit” for. i think rick was beginning to “groom him” into his style of play and he fits it just right.

    i think of all the people who dont fit ricks plan, shane is one. while a very good defender, he is not the offensive up tempo guy rick likes. i expect shane gets shipped next season for a more offensive minded style player. he might even get shipped over the summer.

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    This is basically a owners dream right now, they can unload salaries and use the excuse “Im going after a max contract player”. When in reality there just like any rich company during these times, make as much profit as you can while you can use the economy as your excuse.
    Chicago isnt going to get shit next year but everybody here will still watch and go to the game, soly for Derrick Rose. In the mean time the owner BANKS and laughs at all the stupid fans, spending 10$ a beer and $6 for a water, to watch Derrick Rose and the B TEAM take on the powerhouse Cleveland Cavs.

  • isotope

    Sacramento got the best of the deal IMO. They get a huge expiring contract for players they wanted to get rid of anyway. The KMart contract is off their hands and they got Landry as a bonus. Rockets screwed this one up big time. They get a worse contract than TMac for a player who is injury prone and one-dimensional. Lose possibly their MVP this season. Lowry and Scola are both free agents next season. Why would they want to stay in Houston now? And who’s going to be the back-up 4? Brian Cook? SMH.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    NBA teams do not make much money. this is from an article on march 13th, 2008.

    The NBA made $3.6 billion last year. The players made $2 billion. Where did the $1.6 billion dollar difference go? Operating costs? Many changes have been made to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement (luxury tax, salary cap, escrow tax). More work needs to be done when it expires after the 2010-2011 season.

    now from a business stand point, the nba is not even close to profitable. this is why only 1 team (that i can think of off hand) has an owner whos sole income is from teh team, the hornets. everyone else is just a “hobby” so to speak.

    as for those $10 beers (6.50 here in houston) the bulk of that money goes to the concession vender (aramark here in houston). the teams have to pay rent or mortgages on the venue/parking garages. they have maintenance costs, ridiculous salaries and expenses outside of players and coaches. then take into account all bad teams, ie griz, wolves, bobcats whos teams are even worse off then say the bulls (since they where mentioned). and then take into account the owners other sources of income. peter holt (spurs primary owner) makes his living selling heavy construction equipment, caterpiller mainly. with the down economy and construction is the shits, nobody is buying many motor graders, excavators, d-9 dozers, or backhoes. this is why it was such a surprise to me that he agreed to open the pocket book this year.

    dont get me wrong, the owners do make SOME money off the team, but they are in no way getting rich off of it.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime

    Coached last night til about 10 then we balled after the kids went home til about midnight. Missed all the games and hilights and crashed when I got home so I couldn’t even tell from smack this morning whether the Raps or Grizz had won the game last night or whether u journalists consider 32, 10, 4 and 2 a big statline. Just so it’s clear, I think that’s a bigger line than Brooks’ 15 and 12

    @ Ranger – post 28 – that was actually a good post. I was waitin for the WTF twist, but it never came lol

    I’m out, waitin on tonight’s Den-Cle and LA-bos games like a kid at christmas

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    If you believe that crap, I got some magic beans for sale.

  • LakeShow84

    Wew Sacramento just got that much better.. not saying they’ll make any noise this or next year but that team got some solid blocks.. Cant BELIEVE the Rockets dropped Landry.. WOW..

    Washington?? Damn i feel for that fan base..

    Dallas looking good.. if anything we jjjuuussstttt maybe might see them in the conference finals.. but my meal ticket says JKidd will get burned by Chauncey and they’ll be bounced.. shouldve kept Bass too..

    Cleveland is now officially the most loaded team in the East.. there are no more excuses unless someones dumb ass thinks they should go after CP3 next..

    Beautiful.. LA vs Cle.. Kobe gets to kick Lebron off the ladder for another year and also ask Shaq up close and personal.. HOWS MY ASS TASTE..

    i can already smell the biased officiating.. “lets just stretch this Kobe vs Lebron series out to 7″ and along the way we’ll get screwed.. thats going to be the hardest Finals to watch for me..

  • Maynard

    @Chicagorilla — chill. McGrady may not even end up staying there, let’s wait until 3 and see if that happens. Even if he does, they traded not for McGrady, but for the right to wave him goodbye at the end of the year.

    Meanwhile, the Rockets get a very talented scorer (and nothing else) who has missed 21, 31 and 32 (so far) games the past three years, and has three years left at 12 mil a year. I’m not saying Landry is God’s gift, his body’s older than his 24 years, but let’s see if Martin ever holds up for 70 or so games before saying anyone wins here.

    You are right about the lousy economy and collective bargaining agreement, which is the driving force behind Sacramento not thinking twice before making this deal. For all we know, they’re hemorrhaging money.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn


    if you dont believe it, then you know nothing about running a business. do you honestly believe that these nba teams are raking cash in hand over fist?

    ok so if the nba had 1.6b left after players, that leaves about 53m per team. of which they have to pay their coach, 5m? so 48m left. they have to pay a mortgage or rent on an arena (honestly no idea what that costs) lets say 10m a year, 38m left. how about assistant coaches, shooting coaches trainers, combined 1.5m thats 36.5m. insurance, 1m (35.5m left) now we have all of the office personnel, what 50 people MINIMUM (between ticket sellers, managers, secretaries, security……) thats minimum 2.5m (32m left) now we have not gotten to the employees at the games, say 2000 people a game? making $50 a game? thats 8.2m (23.8m left)now how about advertising? 10m MINIMUM. then you have salaries of the front office guys like darrel morey, he is getting AT LEAST 1m himself. how about the vps and so on, another 2m combined. so we are down to 10.8 total, and i am sure i missed something and may have some numbers wrong (like the mortgage i am sure is higher).

    these numbers are rough BUT also take into account teams with less ticket sales, again the “bad teams” or smaller markets. sure some teams like the lakers and knicks are making better money but on average most teams make little to nothing, and if they are not winning they make even less. the total revenue mentioned in my other post (3.6b) is total income for the nba, thats jerseys, ticket sales and so on. i can tell you as a business owner, the return on my investment is not very high in this case, im not interested. now if i had the cash to “play with” (jerry buss, mark cuban) then sure why not, lets have some fun.

    dizzle, yeah i get one now and then but if you like i could tell you how the spurs just traded roger mason, matt bonner, mike finley and ian mahinmi for kobe….???

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Gabriel Brogden

    Nice all around trade for Cleveland.
    They were able to keep JJ?? Wow.
    That gives you Powe, JJ, Andy and Jamison at the 4-spot.
    Jawad, Jamario, and Bron at 3.
    Parker and West at the 2
    Plus they got a backup point!

    I guarantee you Z gets the buyout and waltzes back to the Q in 4 weeks giving you the Twin Oreo Towers again.

    @16 – PoppieGee
    Yeah, every contender needs a CARL LANDRY.
    Since you guys don’t have one anymore, I guess your not a contender?? We’ll see.
    Anyways, your FAVORITE PLAYER Trevor was hittin’ them thangs! LOL

    @27 KDizzle – You didn’t mention those 2 blocks and NO turnovers either. But Bosh’s team lost though. Brooks’ team whupped some serious azz. And they whupped azz partly because of those husky amount of dimes he was dishing.

    @11 – That’s right, 26 boards. Alot yes. But explained VERY easily with one word – Hibbert.

    I forgot to add a not-so-trivial fact that Blair, Mcdyess and Bonner really didn’t play which left Timmie as the only legit big guy on the floor.

    @22 – I can’t believe I’m saying this. But eh, Yes! Ditto! OK! Confirmed! Preach Baby Preach!

    I don’t know about 150 times better but Nate is DEF better. Maybe 139 times better, give or take a 1 or 2 or 11 maybe.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    @GB yea I saw Trevor going nuts with the 3 but you know how that is. That is live by, die by.

    Hopefully he will be coming off that bench with Martin on the scene.

    As far as losing Landry …Yea I don’t consider the Rockets a contender. Really I wouldn’t even want them in the playoffs just to lose and get swept first round.

    Love em, but that squad they got is wack right now. They ain’t intimidating AT ALL. Injury prone and inconsistent. No star power cept for in China. Not fun to watch. I am just not at a good point with Houston right now.

    I mean Houston didn’t even get any draft picks. Who is another team I can cheer for right now lol. Hmm I like the Lakers a lot. Naw I ain’t leaving Houston but I certainly ain’t happy.


  • K Dizzle

    T-Mac gettin flipped to the Knicks. NY gonna have nobody on the squad this summer cept for ……Eddy Curry, Gallo and Toney Douglas. Man, if Lebron, Wade, Bosh or JJ don’t come, this franchise is PHUKT…

  • rangerjohn

    lmao lebron isnt going anywhere, not after they got jamison.
    wade and/or bosh MAYBE but lebron isnt going.