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Nonsense Standing in the Way of Knicks Making Best Run at Lebron and Chris Bosh

Maybe it’s just last-second posturing to swing the best deal possible for the Knicks. Maybe Donnie Walsh knows something that no one else in basketball knows. Whatever it is, it appears that the piece standing in the way of the Knicks potentially being able to sign both LeBron James and Chris Bosh (or someone on his level) is … Jordan Hill?

You remember Jordan Hill don’t you? He’s the Arizona big man that the Knicks took with the No. 8 pick in this past summer’s NBA Draft ahead of THIS GUY. Well, Jordan has appeared in all of 22 games this season, averaging 4.1 points for a mediocre-at-best team.

Hill appears to be far away from being any kind of contributing player in this league, but the Knicks’ insistence on holding on to him is reportedly the final obstacle preventing a Tracy McGrady/Jared Jeffries/Al Harrington or Larry Hughes (and potentially a future Knicks draft pick) swap that would open up tons of cap space (approximately $35 million after this season is over) and make the Knicks truly big-time players on the free agent market.

Clearly there is no guarantee that making the McGrady deal is definitely going to lead to LeBron, or Bosh, or the two of them both heading to New York. Of course there is a scenario where the Knicks could be left holding the bag and not get any big names in free agency, but what other choice do they have? There has been so much build up to 2010 free agency, especially in the Knicks’ case, they have to at least appear that they’re going all out to get James, Bosh, Dwyane Wade, or other top players.

If it doesn’t work out with LeBron/Bosh/Wade, what’s the worst that can happen? They get to re-boot the franchise, which is clearly something they need to do anyway. Today’s New York Post outlines a potential worst-case scenario that would allow them, if they make the T-Mac deal with Hill included, where they could re-sign David Lee and then sign a guy like Carlos Boozer. There’s obviously no guarantee there either, but swapping Jared Jeffries and Jordan hill for Lee and Boozer sounds like a no-brainer for the Knicks, right? Even if they end up just landing Boozer and lose Lee to free agency, it’s still a win in my book. They’re still much better than they were with Jeffries and Hill on the roster. Not to mention that of they wanted to, they could always re-sign McGrady at a drastically reduced price.

The bottom line is that if the Knicks don’t do this deal to set themselves up to be in the best possible spot to add both LeBron and Chris Bosh to their roster, it will be flying in the face of everything they’ve done to this point to put themselves in that very position. At the very least, doing this deal will make them a better team in the long run, even if no huge free agent signings come through this summer. If including Jordan Hill is the only way to make this T-Mac deal happen, it has to done. The only possible reasons to not include Jordan in this deal would be A) Walsh is sure that Hill’s going to be star; a piece to build the franchise around moving forward or B) sheer stubbornness and ego. It’s already bad enough that fans and critics kill the Knicks for not taking Jennings with that No. 8 pick; trading Hill less than a year after drafting him will be perceived by many as Walsh admitting to making a mistake – something that no GM wants to ever own up to.

Donnie may very well play chicken with the Rockets as long as he can in order to possibly keep Hill and still pull off a T-Mac trade, but when it comes down to it, if that’s the only way to get McGrady and his contract to New York, it has to be done.

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  • control

    Would be pretty damn funny to see the Knicks going through 2010 free agency not being able to sign any one at all. The franchise is an absolute failure, anyone with any pride wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that place.

    I kind of wish the current Celtics roster was on the Knicks (cept for Ray), would let me focus my hate in one direction instead of spreading it everywhere. So many douche bags on the Celts, they belong in the city of douche bags.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you, Austin. I feel the need to point out that not too many title teams are built around free agency. They’re usually built around the draft, which includes seeing your picks through.

  • jzsmoove

    someone will end up in new york. a king’s place is just waiting to be had. whoever ends up there will run shit for a long time.

  • mike

    ur just a new york hater…u no the knicks will land at least two guys if this deal goes through u just dont want to see it because once again boston will be second to new york in another sport stop hating just because u cant make it here pal

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    So the Knicks get $35 million in cap space to give to 2 max players if the McGrady deal goes through. That’s $17.5 million a piece (or some combination). Couldn’t either of those max players get more than that $17.5 mil from another team? Am I missing something here?

    This doesn’t even adress the fact that the Knicks still need to sign other role players especially if they need to make Lebron happy. Last time I checked you can’t win a championship with only two players on your roster.

  • Big V

    @ Control:

    “The franchise is an absolute failure, anyone with any pride wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that place.”

    I’m sure that’s what every ball player is thinking about. The “franchise” is a failure. I think they care about making a lot of money on the biggest stage in the world. Personally, that’s what I think they’re thinking about, not about the perceived prestige or lack thereof of the Knicks collective management over the last 40 years.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I’m with you. I think we do not give players enough credit these days. Most of them are pretty sharp. At least Lebron, Wade and Bosh seem to be. I think they do factor in how the franchise is being run when considering signing.

    I hate the St. Louis Cardinals. I hate the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve never had an NBA team that I hated. I’ve disliked some but only because of their players at the time and not because of any other reason. If Lebron signs with the Knicks I will finally have an NBA team to hate.

    I’m torn. Part of me wants Lebron to stay in Cleveland to spite the Knicks and the other part wants him to bolt for NY so I can cheer for their downfall. I’ve always believed that it can be just as fun rooting for the team you hate to fail as it can be cheering for your favorite team to suceed.

  • mememememe
  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    Mcgrady, if healthy, will play for the minimum, IF Bosh and LeBron come. This is not a rumor. This a legit FACT, trust me. At that point you have

    T-Mac (more like a grant hill/ray allen player)
    Douglas AND……. dont laugh

    Eddy Curry (‘ud be surprised what Lebron being around does for him)

    Thats a solid core and a couple other will come as well.

  • Paul

    2 Issues
    1. Is there a better deal out there. I think there is, and airing the deal to the public lets other GM’s know to hurry up and get an offer in. Jefferies has played well lately, hitting close to 50% of his 3’s, and playing his usual solid D. A Contender in the west who isn’t worried about 2010 cap space might/should want him. That said, the swapping and giving up of picks is alot to do here. Hill, Jefferies and Harrington for T Mac should be plenty. (I know the logic is that those two pics are meaningless, but injuries happen, and FA’s decide not to sign, and teams that are supposed to make the playoffs end up in the lottery! Especially if they are from NY!)

    2. I take Hill at age 21 over Boozer going ahead. First, With Gallo and Chandler, the Knick have their 3 and 4 filled in the future. Boozer at the 5 makes no sense to me, and won’t get wins. Second, Boozer gets hurt.

    Giving up on Hill is a bad idea b/c he has recently shown flashes, and likely will show more flashes as he gets more minutes down the stretch this year. Without this deal, the knicks will still likely have 26 million (with a 54 mill cap), that will be a max deal, and either a deal to keep Lee, or another similar player(Ginobili?). That next season, the key will be to trade Curry and Jefferies as their contracts are expiring(Ie, next Feb. trade deadline), for a talent upgrade, or wait till summer of 2011. Reason to make the trade vs. wait for the cap space in 2011, is that Chandler is a RFA that summer, and they might end up using alot of their cap space on him. If they get around that, it’s 18 million to spend on Al Horford or Greg Oden or Kevein Durrant or someone else!
    As a fan, I don’t think it is time to go ‘all in’, I think it is time to be patient and know that with the cap space we have for next year, we are sure to be very good.
    Now imagine if Wade Decides to come to NY next summer!

  • Name (required)

    If the Knicks dont sign anyone at least they’ll finally be clear to start over.
    The worst thing they can do this summer is sign some consolation free agents like Boozer or Amare who will lock them up as a lower level playoff team for years to come, thats what Zeke would have done. It needs to be Lebron/Wade or a proper rebuilding project.

  • JP

    @ da real


    You gotta be a Knicks fan!! lol

    you gotta be kidding, or crazy!


    TMAC for the min? how do you figure? when has he ever put a team before the $’s? Come on!!

    and Eddy Curry? not even going to say anything about that cause it’s just too ridiculous!

  • karizmatic

    Even if the Knicks couldn’t get anyone in free agency, I think blowing up the team and having that much cap room is a good thing for one of the biggest markets in the league. Even if they get free agents of less value with that much cap room how could you not put together at least a competitive team?

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Hahahahahahahaha just like the Knickerbockers to screw themselves over!!

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler


    this reminds me of the Bulls (a couple of years ago) saying that they wouldn’t include Luol Deng in a trade for Kobe Bryant.

    any of yall remember that?!!?
    hahahahaha. hows that working out for yall Bulls organization?!!?

    who the hell is Jordan Hill to be untouchable?

  • Brown

    Yo, fuck all the glamours and glitz, I plan to get rich
    I’m from New York and never was a fan of the Knicks

    Big L (R.I.P.)

  • Chuck

    Lebron is staying with cleveland, and anybody who thinks different is crazy.
    Lebron is playing head games with Ferry to make him step up his game as far as finding him some help. He has done a poor job thus far with an old shaq, A crazy gun toting delonte west and a overrated point guard in Mo Williams. If Ferry pulls off the Amare trade, that will be the first decent trade he has pulled off. Oh! Let’s not forget trading for Ben Wallace after you could see he was clearly washed up in Chicago!

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    LeBron James ain’t staying in Cleveland. He’s leaving for NY.
    NYC already has (LeBron) James #6 jerseys printed. and my company is in the process of securing a suite for 2011-2014 at the re-designed MSG arena.

    corporate sponsorship is already on the rise; which means LeBron is out.

    what logical reason is there for him to stay in Cleveland? in 2yrs, the Cavs gonna suck! they have NO young players–and they aint getting any in the draft cause their reg season record is always too good.

    they aint gonna have no frontline. Big Z is gone after this year (retirement). They aint gonna re-sign Shaq. who does that leave?….LeBron, JJ Hickson and Varejo?…hahahaha.
    championship trophies are not made from that frontline crop. I DONT THINK SO.

    if Kobe went to the NBA finals 6 times in the last 10yrs, and LeBron can go to 6 NBA finals in the next 10yrs —-ask yourself—- would he rather do that in Cleveland or in New York?!!?

    like i said….homeboy is a goner. he going to NY

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    dagwaller Austin didn’t write this lol.

    NY need to stop trippin and make that move. Even if they don’t get LeBron who would be stupid not to go. They can get some big names and be back in the thick of it all.

    The life you save could be your own, pull the trigger!

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    All this talk of Lebrick staying in Cleveland.

    Lets be honest Bosh is staying in Toronto, Just like all the other big name guys we have resigned. Vince, Tmac, Damon, Camby, the list is endless.

    Toronto has huge marketing potential Hell the Raptors represent an entire country when they play.

    So to sum it up, Leave BOSH out of you NY dreams


  • dave small

    The Rockets should forget the Knicks and talk to Phoenix, Chicacgo, or Philly. Why would they want Jeffries and his $7 million contract to sit at the end of the bench? If Jordan Hill wasn’t good enough to get off the bench in NY then how would he do that in Houston where there are two excellent players at the 4? (Luis Scola and Carl Landry). The Knicks would need to offer a lot more than that to get TMac. Tracy is younger than Kobe Bryant and he’s recovering nicely from surgery.

  • MBE18

    control, why do you hate New York so much?

  • http://dime eyes

    Seriously the Knicks are sad. A rich owner who could care less. How many coaches in the last several yrs. Countless bad drafting which is a 3yr & more problem. What was the reason in not taking Jennings again? I need that answer. Nothing is good enough. Toney Douglas is going to have a solid N.B.A. career. He’s not better than Mardy Collins.

    Chandler & Gallo what you see them do now. That’s all folks. They’re not starters in yesterday’s,today’s or tommorows game. No where in the near future will they be stars or decent role players. People really don’t know talent. What do you expect from a team that sought out Chris Duhon. We want ever star on their decline. We resigned Bender as a favor. The game is getting younger & we sign an aging GM who can’t be current with the game or draft picks. Our scouting dept never played basketball.

    It might be orders from up top for us to be that bad. Stern has already said no Lebron. He has the final say. He’s the commish. You have to listen right it’s in the contract. He’s always right? We could have had Jennings,Crawford,Stephen Jackson,Elton Brand,David Lee,Budinger,R.Artest.

    You mean to tell me Andre Barret isn’t better than Duhon. God. Who isn’t? I’d take pretty much any NYC bred college player over this Duke pet. Seriously where’s is he from & who allowed this to go on for so long. He’s worse than Kwame Brown. What pick was Duhon in the draft?

    It still makes no sense that you have all that talent in NY,NJ,PHIL. Yet neither team has any players from the respective area in large part. How can you build a solid fan base. Don’t you think you’d generate buzz & on the cheap. Omar Cook couldn’t help the Knicks out. Sundiata Gaines. Quinton Holsey from UNLV not better than Chandler. Steve Burtt isn’t better than Toney Douglas. I know some refs that are better than Jeffries/Duhon/& 3 cuts in my eyebrow in 2010. That was a sign right there. Patrick Ewing Jr can’t make this pathetic roster. Daryll Hill couldn’t get a 10day contract & help ignite a spark & bring his Rucker Showtime game to the league.

    Save money find talent. Why pay bums money? Some players in this league deserve to get paid for the interest & revenue they generate. On the other hand there are too many players that are better off working. The league has tried to hard to keep all the real talent out for whatever reason. That as a whole it’s gotten diluted. From Corey Williams,Reggie Freeman,Ryan Williams,Nate Brown,Gerald Green,Curtis Stinson,Gary Forbes,Gary Ervin,Mike Glover,Rashad Bell,Junie Sanders,Shaheen Holloway,Shamgod,Tyliek Brown,Curtis Sumpter,Lenny Cooke. Just to name a few. The Knicks would get smacked in Hunter College,Fireball,Tri State, Dyckman.

    Who actually believes that all the best players are in the league? Those that voted Lebron is the best player in the decade? Those that don’t even remember Chris Webber,Jalen Rose,Mashburn,Damon Stoudmire. The New fans of the game don’t really love the game. They like alot & it’s a past time. They don’t live basketball. It’s something that’s hard to explain. The Damn Knicks have St.Johns looking like a D3 team in the wrong conference.

  • http://dime eyes

    Fellas please for 2010. What the hell is a douche bag? How do we make it go away? Please use a different word. You can’t play basketball & call someone that. Is that a fantasy word. It feels like a 90’s word. I also noticed something else over the All Star Break. If you don’t like Nate Robinson & what he brings to the game you’re probably a DB. LOL. I’m puking now. I also think it shows how difficult Mike D’Antoni is. He wanted someone to re-create Steve Nash effectiveness. Good Luck. He’s a top 10 player & your a top ten nothing. Douche AWAY. To date Allan Houston’s contract has to been one of the worse in Knicks History. We could of used some of that money to retain Spree & Camby.

    Who scouts NYC for talent? Wouldn’t that help a little. Mark Aguirre scouted Sundiata Gaines. Guess where? Also he’s back in the front office. That’s what friends are for. Hey If I were GM. My mother would be the coach. My grandmother the team’s cook. My unborn kid Lebron. My friends would fill up the roster & front row. Sikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Then we’d probably still fair better than this pile of boozo’s. Aside from a few. D.Lee,N.Rob & even Chandler I’ll give you a pass. I know how hard it is when that excuse for a pick & roll PG has the ball going left to right posing no threat. To imagine people think Rondo sucks. The Knicks give NYC a bad name.

  • control


    A perfect example of a douche bag is the Jersey Shore cast. A bunch of loud mouth, slightly mentally retarded, no respect for anyone assholes who don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. That is a douche bag.

    Another perfect example is the cast of “the Boston Celtics” right now…;)


    I’ve spent way too much time in New York for business, the people there are assholes, they think they are the center of the world and that if you don’t live in New York, you ain’t nothing. They are just so full of themselves, they talk like fags, and their shit is all retarded.

    EVERY trade rumor has to involve them, EVERY free agent has to WANT to sign with them, and the media (based in NY) seems to think the NBA revolves around one of it’s worst franchises.

    It also comes down to me needing SOMETHING to hate, at least when I’m hating on New York, I know I won’t feel bad 99% of the time because they deserve it one way or another.

  • Chaos

    Im not a Knicks fan but everything that is going on is whats wrong with the league. ifyou look at the most successful teams, the teams that won wereactually a TEAM, not just 1 or 2 players doing EVERYTHING! the spurs, pistons when they won were so impressive cuz they built team chemistry. Boston put three aging superstars with the right players round them to get the championship. Even the Lakers with 2 of the best players in the world at the time had complimentary players that knew each other on the court, regardless of their off court personalites. the brass in NY are doing the cowboys/yankees thing and trying to buy their championship and that shit aint gonna work. LA tried that when they brough GP and Karl Malone on and that shit didnt work, even tho they made it to the chip. like was said earlier, chips are built through the draft with free agents here and there. portland, denver, okc and atl are doing right by BUILDNG…not BUYING..t aint about a championship. the knicks are desperate team thats running themselves into the groun. that shits gonna back fire.

  • Chaos

    They are making themselves suck so bad and giving the city so much hope for lebron that nyc will prolly tear itselves apart when everything that they do now doesnt pan out in the way it should in 2010, they may geta sperstar but will they win. prolly not.

  • MBE18

    control, it must have been a business thing with the people you dealt with and you now stereotype all New Yorkers that way. As a lifelong New Yorker I have to disagree with you that “they talk like fags, and their shit is all retarded.” Whatever that means. I think anywhere you are, there are gonna be assholes and pieces of shit, I don’t think that is based on location. Anyways I find it sad that you need SOMETHING to hate, but that is you and I respect your opinion.

  • ab_40

    @ heckler… if deng wasn’t there kobe didn’t want to go so that was the whole problem there.

    these new york knicks. I realy like Tmac but I hate the knicks and mike d’antoni. wheres the D fellas

  • Big Island

    @Khalvin- Dude, LeBrick isn’t going to catch on and it isn’t even cute. It makes me appreciate Skip Bayless a little bit. You are an asshole for making me even feel that way.

    NY is just going to be bad for a long time. I can see Bosh going there, but that’s about it. He is the only one who would actually get better marketing which seems to be the whole selling point that NY is pushing. The Q and MSG seat about the same, Nike markets LeBron plenty, and why would anyone go there if they have a better team at home? He isn’t leaving. It’d be like having a hot ass girl at home who is great in the sack, but you go screw a fat chick because she’s in a big city. HE AIN’T LEAVING.

  • DavMat

    Again like I said 100X .. Chris Bosh ain’t going anywhere!! Why is it that you guys fail to realize that according to NBA cap rules, Toronto can pay him the most cash! and they are prepared to open the vault. So what? just because its NYC that’s enough? Ohhh please! forget about that management is NY is screwed for a sec. Why would any superstar go to a team that’s rebuilding? So please leave Bosh out of your delusions of grandeur NY fans, it ain’t gonna happen. Since Dec, Toronto has had the second best record in the NBA. No superstar wants to leave a successful team that they are a integral part of, especially when he knows he’s getting paid.

  • http://www.slamdunkzone.com/the-twist-in-the-knicks/ slam dunk jason

    The Knicks need fresh blood. Not just in the team but also in the management. Why can’t people be open to change? There is no way to succeed until you try!

  • dagwaller

    Damnit, Gee! Ha I was hoping no one (least of all Cass) noticed. MY POINT STANDS

  • Knicksfan84

    The simplest thing for the Knicks to do is if they are to make ANY trade. Trade Nate + Jefferies to Lakers for Farmar and Morrison.

  • Guitar Hero

    Come on…one of the greatest cities in the World, great fans, an owner more than willing to spend money, endorsements coming your way…free agents would have to be pretty stupid not to consider the Knicks, especially if they’d have money for 2 max deals.

    If they sign, say, Joe Johnson+Bosh for a little less than 2 max deals, they can pair them with Gallo, Chandler and 2 or 3 young guys, they’re winners.