NBA / Feb 11, 2010 / 9:20 am

Rajon Rondo Ignored Team USA

When Team USA‘s 27-man invitee roster for this summer’s World Championships and 2012 London Olympics was released yesterday, there was a pretty healthy debate on Dimemag.com about some of the names left off the list. Two of the most popular names being discussed were Andrew Bynum and Rajon Rondo.

It turns out there was a good reason for them being left off the list. Jerry Colangelo told reporters on a conference call that Bynum received an invite but pulled out at the last second and that Rondo was, well, “not responsive” to his invite.

We’re not really sure what to make of Rondo at this point. His talent is without question (even though judging by some of our readers’ comments every time his name is brought up, that sentiment is not universal among basketball fans), but it seems like his personality might consistently rub people the wrong way. He appears to have a complicated relationship with Doc Rivers and KG (often contradicting them in the press), among others in the Celtics family.

We’re not saying that Rondo has to play for Team USA just because the invite was thrown his way – he can do whatever he wants to do with his offseason time. No reason for him to burn bridges for no reason though…

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  • Prof. TX

    Rondo only deserved an invite if you really believe he is better than Chris Paul and Deron Williams. He’s a good PG, but is he the best? Team USA has the right couple of guys in that spot already, with some SG’s like Wade that can do time at that spot too.

  • Randomized

    Here comes the flood of hate.

    Control, where you at?!?!

  • vince

    hes not suited for international play either way. stephen curry or someone like him who can shoot too.

  • kudos

    Good thing that bynum turned it down. His offense might be decent, but he can’t guard a traffic cone. And Rondo?? Who needs rondo if you got deron williams. Bigger, stronger, faster, better.

  • Jayo

    I’m sure once Bynum’s & Rondo’s non-descript basketball careers are over. They’ll definitely regret not having that gold medal to go along with that 1 ring in their trophy case.

  • Ko_Peso

    Lol @ Randomized

  • Shakers

    I love watching Rondo play, but his game does not fit the FIBA style. You have to be able to shoot from the top of the key to be a successful PG. Even Chris Paul struggled with it a bit.

  • Celts Fan

    @Kudos – Deron is NOT faster than Rondo. That’s not even a question. Bigger, stronger, better though, also not a question.

    I’m not too upset by this, cuz Rondo is a HORRIBLE fit for the international game (shakers got it right in #7,. which is why I don’t think Rose or GWallace are good fits either) but damn Rajon, at least call a mofo back.

    Much as I like him as a player, he def reminds me of that one guy we all know that thinks his ish don’t stink that you just wish had gotten his @$$ beat a few times in HS to fix that attitude.

  • Pig

    I love Rondo..He’s got personality

  • gilford22

    Well he’s not really needed on that squad, but I think Bynum is a great complement for dwight.

  • gilford22

    He won’t be able to penetrate those zone defense that other teams will give you, so hitting outside shots is necessary to succeed in the tournament.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ Rondo in an FIBA game. At least he would be able to legally molest PG’s every game as FIBA seems to allow more contact then the NBA.

    @Celts Fan,

    Have you watched Rose? That whole thing about him not having a jumper washed away into the sea almost a year ago. The boy can hit mid range jumpers consistantly.

  • Mike Honcho

    Hmmm, a PG who doesn’t shoot jump shots playing in international ball? So the USA just wants to lose again? Rondo is good where he is

  • Jay

    Rondo is a No No……..period peeernt blank. He should go play in traffic somewhere………LMAO

  • control

    Hearing shit like this just reinforces why I dislike this fucking idiot. The guy acts like he is the BEST pg in the world, probably thinks he is, and has no class at all. The guy is lucky to even be playing in the league, being the worst shooter and all, and he goes and demands to be paid like a top 3 pg. Now, he just ignores a guy like Jerry Colangelo who is building a team to represent his fuckin country.

    Jerry shouldn’t have even be considering him in the first place, the guy is a pure straight out douche bag who sticks out on a team full of douche bags (kg, pp, gooch, perk, house). What skills does this clown even have other than being pretty quick? He’d get crushed in the international game, can’t shoot, isn’t a good play maker, can’t get away with flagrant fouls (you know those hooligans would be stepping up looking for some blood) and I think he’d rub the teammates completely wrong. Kid probably thinks he’s better than everyone else on the team (like he seems to think he’s better than Chris fucking Paul).

    Fuck Rondo, stupid crackwhore looking douche bag.

  • noGO

    put him on another team and he gets no invite. doc tried to trade him and no one wanted him did they? so turns out help the US team anyway

  • http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/basketball/nba/02/09/spurs.hill.ap/index.html K Dizzle

    @ Control

    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    I totally forgot about Rondo gettin in CP3’s face and that “You ain’t never gettin a ring” rant in his face during that Celts-Hornets game.
    If Rondo got issues that bad with CP3, then he knows CP is a lock for Team USA, maybe even the starter so he ain’t comin anywhere near that team…
    Bitch move? yes…
    Expected from Rondo? yes…

  • shiptar

    i was just waiting for control’s coment.. :)

  • UncheckedAggression

    Someone finally brought up the point that doesn’t get made nearly enough. The Celts were looking to deal Rondo and what happened? Teams weren’t exactly falling all over the place to get at the dude. That’s probably part of the reason he is “untradeable”–no team would be willing to part with equal talent for his services. Why do you think that would be?

    The Celts are putting themselves at a disadvantage if they try to build around Rondo. The holes in his game are obvious and somewhat fatal to a “superstar” point guard. He’s a guy that has some great skills and natural ability but would not improve Team USA at all.

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – how you gonna call the a top 3 assists per game guy a bad playmaker? damn the hate is blinding you (before you go on the 3 HOFers ish, all 3 of ‘em are running on fumes and they haven’t all 3 been healthy at the same time for more than like 10 games all year AND Tony Parker played w/ Manu and TD and has never averaged what Rondo’s averaging for dimes, so just being around them isn’t enough, otherwise Matt Maloney woulda been dishing dimes like crazy on the ’97 Rockets and Derek Fisher would be top 10 this year.)

    @Nogo – are you high? Plenty of people would’ve wanted Rondo. Danny never actually tried to trade him.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Rose will be good in international comp because he’s the fastest point guard on the break. Rondo would be good because he’s the best perimeter defending point guard in the league.

  • control

    Celts Fan

    Answer this honestly, you like Rondo’s personality?

    Is Rondo getting those assists because he’s setting up the play? Tony Parker would have a shit tun more assists if he played in a different system, most of the passes he makes lead to swing passes to find an open guy who then makes the shot. He makes the right pass, by making the play that sets up the good pass.

    I don’t see Rondo as a guy who makes guys around him better, he ain’t going to take a group of scrubs anywhere, but a true play maker like CP, Nash, LeBron can and will take damn near any group of guys somewhere.

  • shiptar

    problem is how NBA counts assists. Almost every pass before a basket counts as assist. On the other hand in Euroleague only pass that set player for an easy layup or dunk counts as assist. And so is in FIBA basketball.
    Assists are inflated in NBA.
    Just saying, got nothing to do about rondo and team usa.

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – not arguing against Parker, just using him as an example that it’s not just as easy as rolling out the ball. And I do see Rondo as a guy that makes guys around him better. He’s not as good at it as some of the great ones, but he’s not TJ Ford either. He takes the time to set guys up and you can see him seeing the floor when he’s running the break. The only reason he can’t take a team of scrubs further than they should go is cuz of his lack of a jumper (though it’s improving bit by bit. He’s passed Tony Allen and now at least isn’t our worst shooter. Give it time…)

    In regards to his personality, read the 3rd paragraph of my first comment (#8) and you’ll get your answer.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Control, do you prefer orange or blue Hatorade?

  • Claw

    Dude is flippin ET, and jumper is terrible. He can run the break and it would be one of the quickest players and could D the other PG, but USA needs a shooter – BIG TIME!

    Also, why did they even look to get rid of him and why is there always something going on in that locker room that he is usually in the middle of?

    Curry would be interesting or his teamate Monta, but have to see if he would play well with others.

  • Me

    rondo is overrated, cant you see it now with the old 3 struggling, he doesnt take over games like the hyped up rondo should

  • control


    Green hatorade actually. It ain’t my fav drink though, the tears of Rondo jockers just happens to be my fav drink.

    Celts Fan

    I agree, Rondo does need his ass kicked.

    We don’t really disagree too much about the guy, we both agree he is a super douche bag, his hair looks like pubic hair (which is fine because he’s a dickhead), he can’t shoot worth shit (even though you seem to think it’s improving) and he’s not a great playmaker. Seems the only area in which we disagree is that I don’t think he does anything that special or outstanding in any way.

    I honestly think if he wasn’t a Celtic, you would be on the same hatewagon I am. Of course, if he wasn’t on the Celtics, he’d be chilling on a bench somewhere…it’s not like Boston has any other options at the point guard spot. When they did have those other options, his ass was glued to the bench (first 2 seasons at least eh?).

  • CV

    I admit that Rondo is the MVP of the Celtics for the last two years…but its hella annoying when people start jockin´that weak ass move he does all the time.

    Thats all I have to say…hahaha…Late.

    Go Warriors!

  • Pais

    I really don’t care for the boy’s character either, and Deron is better at this position. But, this ‘Rondo can’t play fiba’ argument is bogus. Right the midrange jumpshot thing, gimmee a break the boy is bad. Rondo would be carving up those flat footed fools left right and center.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hehatemetoo David



    i hate him with an infinite passion. always have, and always will. he would literally need to cure AIDS and be saving orphans singlehandedly for me to begin liking him. kendrick perkins is reaching this territory, too.

    it’s like a bizarre side of the KG-animal-persona-infecting-team effect.

    my top 3 things i’d like to see happen in the NBA:
    – KD wins a title or 7.
    – lebron stops caring about his media persona and global iconage and starts loving the game monogamously.
    – somebody breaks rondo’s face. then he can take a fat flop like he did when eddy curry pushed him a little in the back the other month, and it’ll be real for once.

    honestly, i don’t know why colangelo was even considering him for team USA when rondo’s problems with almost EVERYONE else in the league are well-documented. i thought we had moved past 2004.

  • 92021SpurMD

    I agree with Control, Rondo is a douche. But I’m sure this is what he’s thinking… “Why play for Team USA when they don’t need to even play this year since they are already in for 2012 to defend the title, and even if I do play, i’ll in NO way take the spots of CP, Deron, and probably Rose or John Wall by then.” He should have answered Jerry though, douchebag move…

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – He wasn’t benched his first 2 years. In his 2nd season he was a starter on an NBA champ… and his rookie year he backed up Sebastian Telfair. So ya, there’s that…

  • jace

    yea rondos not suited for international play.. not a consistent shooter so its hard to have him on the team. fiba is filled with zones.. if he can’t get inside he’s 100% passing it.. itll tend to be too predictable.

    and i agree.. he can do whatever he wants with his offseason.. but to completely ignore TEAM USA? just went down another notch in my book.

    i think team usa needs another big man tho. even if bynum isn’t as good as we all thought hed be… his length alone would still create problems for opponents.. plus he has pretty good hands, which would come in handy in FIBA play because TEAM USA is awesome at dishin it out. seems to be pretty even play across the roster in terms of scoring.

  • control

    Celts Fan

    Yeah, you are right about the time he was on the bench. Still played less than 30mpg his 2nd year, but he did start. Kid is still a major douche bag though, has the personality of a Jersey Shore douche bag.

  • noGO

    @celts fan

    danny didn’t want to look stupid. rando did his part in the championship no doubt but when u have the coach wanting to trade u then it shows to your personality. not that he has the best role models to learn gamemanship from though.

  • I know more than you

    Who wrote this crap? I can understand not wanting to put your name on it because of how terrible it is. Colangalo says Rondo wasn’t invited because he “had heard” he wouldn’t be interested. Rondo says he is interested and would love to play and that he never turned down an invitation.

  • Rondo Phone Home

    Haha. Love the ‘tude. Gotta respect a man for saying what he thinks and sticking to his principles.

    That said, Rondo got game and Team USA would do just fine with Rondo running point.

  • JD

    Good work you idiots, for publishing this article without having all the facts straight. And for the tards in the comments (I’m lookin at you Control), way to make assumptions based on garbage news. Still, its better than that guy who wrote the column for MSNBC, a reputable news source, that trashed ROndo for “ignoring team USA”…. even though HE DIDN’T!!

  • NewComer


    The hate is undeniably blinding you??? Stop sipping that haterade….not a playmaker??? are you serious???

  • John R. S.

    Unchecked Aggression, did you consider that the Celtics might, as I would, make the bare-bones-minimum price for getting Rondo eating the contract of the guy I call ScalaSTIFFne?

    That WOULD have been my bare-bones minimum price, though I doubt I would have actually accepted it, however much I hate seeing the slow-footed Scal. That zombie is forever getting boxed out by smaller players, showing himself unable to guard against a half-decent spin move, etc., etc. Not to mention that his pathetic offense is TOTALLY based on somebody else getting double-teamed.

    Deron Williams may be bigger than Rondo, but faster, or more aware of how to use his talents? LMAO bigtime!