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Six People That You Must Follow On Twitter

In the Tangled Web section of Dime #48 (April 2009), we told our readers that Twitter was going to be the next big thing. Nearly a year later, we were correct and everyone and their mothers are tweeting away on their computers and cell phones. If you need to zest up your Twitter feed (besides following the @DIMEMag crew), immediately hit the follow button on these Twitter accounts.

@Baron_DavisBaron Davis is great to follow because he doesn’t give his Twitter followers tips on improving your handles or getting more lift on your jumper, but rather he hooks you up with daily tips on grooming your beard. Baron’s beard is always on point, so he’s easily certified to give expert advice on keeping your facial hair crisp. Next time you’re on Twitter, make sure you look for #BaronsBeardTipOfTheDay.

@mw1ll – Memphis Grizzlies guard Marcus Williams is a self proclaimed quiet person in real life. For a shy person, Twitter is the perfect outlet to express the thoughts you otherwise wouldn’t. And expressing his thoughts he does. Williams will go on hilarious rants about random episodes in his life; crack jokes at his friend and rapper Joe Budden; and even tell certain fans of his to go do push ups.

@myfabolouslife – When Fabolous, isn’t recording music, he’s starting Trending Topics on Twitter. He’ll keep you entertained with his witty tweets that go after any and everyone. He’s made the New York Jets’ head coach’s stomach famous after losing in the AFC Championship Game (#RexRyanStomach); had Lil’ Mama on the Trending Topics list for consecutive days after she crashed the MTV VMA’s (#LilMamaIs); and has even taken shots at himself in regards to his crooked teeth (#FabsTeeth).

@drakesknee – This account popped up on Twitter immediately after the Drake fell on stage last summer and suffered an ACL tear. Knee injuries are no joke, and are as serious as injuries come, but you can’t help to find yourself laughing at tweets from the perspective of the rapper’s injured joint. The best part about this account is that no one knows who’s actually tweeting these rap lines. It may actually be Drake because the tweets sound very similar to the real rapper’s writing style and cadence, but it’s probably someone at home with too much time on their hands.

@OGOchoCinco – Chad Ochocinco is about as crazy and random as a celebrity can get. Through Twitter, he promotes his newest songs (yes he’s also a musician now too), treats his followers to a brunch at Denny’s or lunch at McDonald’s, and even gives out his different Call of Duty online gamertags so follower’s can friend him…or shoot him down with their M1 Carbine assault rifle.

@itsthereal – Eric and Jeff Rosenthal are the hip-hop sketch comedy brothers that have made themselves household names in the rapping world with their viral videos that have made fun of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper at one point or another. You can expect a similar style of comedy on their Twitter account, but instead of two minute videos, you’ll get the funniest 140 characters or less that you’ve read all day.

What do you think? Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

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  • fallinup

    Twitter aint dead yet????

  • vince

    dime seriously taking credit for saying twitter was gonna be big in APRIL 2009?! heheheheh

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    Twitter really isn’t any type of big thing at all.

    Funny how every single person on that list would benefit from more talent and hard work and less talking….

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Course I am on twitter and all but it’s really overrated to me.

    I think it’s great to get sports updates, like I follow my favorite teams and espn and other things just to make sure I am not missing anything.

    Thing is my twitter updates come to my phone, as I am sure they do for many people. So like following a celeb. like Fabolous was just too much.

    ALL DUDE DOES IS TWITTER. I mean granted many of them are fun but I don’t need or want my phone going off at 3 in the morning with a tweet from him about something, at that time of the morning stupid.

    I had to drop a lot of celeb and non-celeb tweets from coming to phone cause that is like all they do. I still follow cats but I only follow follow cats (with phone) who don’t tweet all day.

    Shaq is a good one. He doesn’t just be on their all the time and will say stuff interesting from time to time.

    Katt Williams (assuming I have the real Katt Williams) doesn’t just tweet all the time but comes with some good stuff when he does.

    Time magazine is good with various article links and they don’t bombard you with crap.

    I did have Ricky Smiley but ALLLLL he does is tweet, but he will have you lol’ing for real.

    Marlon Wayans is funny but tweets to much.
    Kevin Hart is a good one but tweets to much also.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Oh yea and I got that shirt B-Diddy is rockin but I got the black one. Shirt still gets mad attention when I wear it lol. Just have to be sure to watch where I wear it, McCain supporters flip out sometimes lol.

  • Jeff

    @Poppi Gee

    You should check the settings on whatever Twitter App you’re using on your phone. There should be an option to turn off updates so your phone doesn’t go off when the tweets aren’t directed at you.

    And you are right about some celebs tweeting too much like Fab. His “There Is No Competition 2″ mixtape was supposed to drop Super Bowl weekend but he’s been too busy Tweeting everyday to get in the studio and finish it up.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Jeff good looking out man.

    Wow are you serious about FAB? Dude couldn’t finish an album for tweeting? Ok I’m done lol.

  • Beth G


    He puts up funny, old school sport pics.

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    That shirt is on point. Got to pick that up on my next trip south of the border… Or ebay i guess

    Can’t think of anyone i want to hear during the day in 140 chars, but i’ll give some of the guys on this list a shot.

    Raw talent of the day