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Terrence Williams Could Be In The Dunk Contest

Terrence Williams (photo. Nicky Woo)

About 17 hours ago from UberTwitter, Terrence Williams (@TheRealTWill) tweeted something that got the Twitter world in an uproar. Lost by most people because either A) They were watching the Super Bowl, or B) They don’t follow T-Will on Twitter, a seemingly innocent tweet could have huge ramifications this weekend. “Finding out tomorrow if I’m in the dunking contest.” While I’m not quite sure what the dunking contest is, this got me thinking: Who’s out?

1. Nate Robinson – Of all the people that could miss the dunk contest, it’s most likely not going to be Nate. Keep in mind though that he didn’t practice today because of a left groin strain, but then again, he might just be resting for Saturday. Mike D’Antoni announced today that he’s going back to Chris Duhon as the starting PG, so perhaps defending his crown for the second year in a row could help take his mind off of the current state of the Knicks.

2. Shannon Brown – The hype surrounding Shannon has been huge all season. Besides the launch of LetShannonDunk.com, this guy has someone live tweeting on his behalf during every Lakers game. He’s as fit as a fiddle, so expect for him to be dunking – and perhaps winning – this coming Saturday night.

3. Gerald Wallace – Things couldn’t be going worse for Wallace right now. After making his first All-Star Game, the Bobcats forward missed Wednesday night’s game against the Lakers because of his hamstring. Then Saturday against the Hornets, Charlotte tried to hide the defensive superstar after the first half by putting him on Morris Peterson. He clearly hasn’t recovered from his hamstring problem just yet, so look for him to perhaps miss this weekend’s festivities.

4. DeMar DeRozan – DeRozan, who’s ankle caused him to miss five out of the last six games, returned to action on Sunday and played 23 minutes. Depending on how he felt after the game – and feels this week – could determine whether or not DeRozan takes part in Friday night’s dunk-in. If he’s out, perhaps T-Will will take his spot.

5. Eric Gordon – Gordon missed eight games in November, and another three in late January, so he could very well use the rest during All-Star for the second half push. I was kind of surprised to see EG in the dunk-in in the first place, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he bows out for T-Will.

What do you think? Will Terrence Williams be in the dunk-in Friday or the dunk contest Saturday? Should he be?

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    i hope he does get in it. look him up on you tube. he jumps out the building!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Being that he hardly gets any playing time for a 4 win team he should have plenty of energy to participate in a dunk contest.

    Until the dunk contest moves to the H-O-R-S-E format I’m still not going to watch.

  • Doug

    I think if g-wallace is in it he could win but man they need to get the dunk contest back to the old days with the SUPERSTARS – kobe, d wade,lebron, dwight howard, and kev durant!

  • b

    i was shocked to hear that crash was going to participate in the contest in the first place. i’d still be surprised if he was in it. maybe during his kings days but he’s taken a beating the last few years and is too valuable on a surging, yet fragile, bobcats team.

  • Jah

    Get Eric Gordon outta’ there — he’s stated that he’s doing it only because the league appointed him to do it (similar to Tyrus Thomas 3 years ago).

    I’m FOR Terrence Williams dunking this year — I’ve seen him “head-high” to the rim on several in-game dunks this year. Let the fella’ make a name for himself!

  • ctkennedy

    what do people always want the superstars in the dunk contest when they r not the best dunkers like back in the day its that simple u do the top 15 players in the league only lebron is a dunk contest dunker period

  • Billy Sunday

    …til the dunk contest goes back to the spin-the-wheel format i dont care about it…

  • IG

    HORSE contestants: defending champ Durant, Casspi, and Rondo. Game will end with Durant having a H only. What a joke.

  • http://www.yoooouuuknooooww.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@Rondo being in a shootig contest….seriously NBA….are you gonna fix it so he wins too? gonna lace his ball with metal plates and the rim with a magnetic pull? so gay

  • http://www.yoooouuuknooooww.net Chicagorilla

    oh and Terrance and Shannon should just have their own dunk off via youtube. Maybe throw Nate in too. Then they could compete against the street dunkers. AUT is the only one who stands a chance against the NBA dunkers. Because once they (the NBAers) get some ideas from watching the street cats, they will mimic it and make it better.

  • surfnaked

    the Should-Be dunk contest: terrence williams, demar derozan, lebron james, and shannon brown. period end of story….

  • KiLLaCaM

    Terrence could own this thing. Period. Plus its another Seattler baller to represent. 206!

  • JD

    2010 Contest should ideally be consisted of:

    * Shannon Brown
    * Corey Brewer
    * Terrence Williams
    * Demar Derozan
    * Gerald Wallace (is a maybe)

  • Flipisatrip

    i thought they came out and said wallace was out?

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Williams shouldve been in Eric Gordon’s spot to begin with.

  • http://fitnesskiss.com sexycutie

    Maybe Shannon is the best!! My friend recommended me an interesting place –** FitnessKiss.com **– It’s a dating service for strong men and fit girls to find their fitness love!! Maybe you wanna check out. FREE TO JOIN…C’MON NOW!!!

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    seriously, you gonna keep posting that $h!t til someone acknowledges you or your wack ass site. It’s probably some sort of virus you are are trying to give people. Go that—-> way

    Corey Brewer should never enter any dunk contest, he should spend that time working on his game. The dunk on Fish was nice, but that’s where it ends.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Hold up everybody… Dime, maybe you can help me out: Iunno if everybody remembers or not (what with our short term memories and all) but what happened to all those Sprite Dunkoffs that they had posted on the NBA.com site for the longest, letting the fans vote a street dunker in? Wasn’t this supposed to be Air Up There’s time to shine? Is the League hatin on a non-Nba’er? When can we finally get some quality dunkers in the dunk contest, this is a sad lineup coming in to this weekend… Eric Gordon, my dude are u kidding me? instead of a Mr. 720? gtfoh…lol.

  • jamal

    I think terrence should be in it that guy is the coldest dunker i have ever seen ive seen him jump towards a 15 ft hoop with jeans on.. hes better then ne dunker in the nba RIGHHT NOw.

  • Colton

    sexy cutie is lookin for some grade A weiner.