NBA / Feb 4, 2010 / 3:46 pm

The Larry Hughes All-Stars

Larry Hughes

In the final seconds of the fourth quarter of last night’s Sixers/Bulls game, Philly was down one with the ball. Allen Iverson was not in the building, as he was home dealing with a family illness. Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, respectively, were having perhaps their best games of the season.

But even I’ve seen enough Sixers games to know what every Philly fan was fearing most: Lou Williams was going to take it upon his shoulders to lose this game.

After Brand couldn’t get a good look over Joakim Noah, Lou got the ball. By some miracle, however, he dribbled around for a bit but didn’t launch a terrible step-back jumper from 26 feet — although he definitely appeared to be thinking about it — and instead gave it up to Iguodala, who drove and got fouled, hit the game-tying free throw, then dominated overtime in a Sixers win.

By not taking that potential game-winner, Lou Williams went against his reputation, seeing as he’s notorious for his bad shot selection. The biggest Sixers fan I know still calls Williams “The Teenager” — even though he’s 23 years old now — because he often still displays the decision-making and shot selection of a high schooler.

Lou would be the headliner for this roster of Guys Who Take Bad Shots, but it’s hard to dethrone Larry Hughes when he has this website named after him. These guys also have never met a shot that didn’t look good:

Corey Maggette
Antawn Jamison
DeShawn Stevenson
Rudy Fernandez
Vince Carter
Nate Robinson
Zach Randolph
Kobe Bryant
Ron Artest
Allen Iverson
Baron Davis
T.J. Ford
Charlie Villanueva
J.R. Smith
Eddie House

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  • hahns

    rajon rondo should be on this list just because he should never take a jump shot. ever.

  • Ben1en

    This list has one player who has worked hard enough to make any shot that he takes even if said shot is a bad shot. This one player is Kobe. Every other player on this list is streaky or just bad at shooting.

  • hahns

    jared jeffries should be on here too

  • mules

    Rasheed could coach this team

  • control

    I agree with Rondo being on the list, any shot he takes is a bad shot.

    How the fuck can you have Lou Williams there, but he’s not even the biggest jacker on his own team? AI is like one of the biggest jackers in HISTORY. Is there anyone else who has more 30 points in 30 shot games in history than AI? People are saying Kobe should sit down and rest because of how he is shooting lately, but what he’s doing right now is what AI used to do EVERY NIGHT.

    Other guys who need to be on the list are Bargs for Toronto, that guy is going to shoot the ball within 2 seconds of receiving it, no questions asked. He hits more than he misses, but the guy has one of the lowest passing to shooting ratios in the league.

    Michael Beasly should get some shine too, that guy is a big time jacker…

  • quest???

    Jason terry and dwade

  • Detroit Dave

    Ricky Davis and Kobe

  • johnny

    How about The Jet….if he gets hot and starts a game 5 for 5, you know he is going to finish the game 8 for 20

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I thought about Beasley, but I was more focused on guys who take bad shots, not just guys who take a lot of shots. I don’t think Beasley is as guilty of taking bad shots as a PF like Jamison or Zach.

  • control


    Yeah, Beas isn’t “as guilty” since 95% of the time when it would be a bad shot, Wade has the ball (as it should be).

    You should give an all time honorable mention to Smush Parker. He’s the only guy I’ve ever see wave Kobe off at the end of the game to jack up a contested 30 footer(and miss of course), not to mention freezing him out for entire games (and causing Kobe to break his 40ppg streak).

  • Rizwan

    Monta Ellis is a bit of a jacker as well, Richard Jefferson while at NJ did the same

  • http://dime eyes

    Does Gallinari the Rooster make the list? You know the sad part. Players usually take bad shots because they’re games aren’t complete. They just end up settling & jacking rather than turning the ball over. Some coaches teach you that instead of basic fundametals. It’s why Vince & most of everybody else on the list does it. It’s also very funny to watch. It’s like when you were you’re younger and about the arrive to early with a lady & acted like you had a cramp. LOL.

  • thenatural

    if we include guys no longer in the league i’d like to add:

    dejaun “once i scored 100 points” wagner

    are jr smith and deshawn stevenson the same person?

  • http://dime eyes

    @10 You know with this team they have know. I’d still take Smush over Farmar,Vu whatever the hell his name is. Shannon Brown has won me over. Smush actually wasn’t a robot nor was he scared of Kobe Bryant new tough look. He’s been blackballed for going against the 2 greats H.O.F. Smush Parker is still a better player & not a Point Guard. The Lakers were asking to much of both players. Just how Chris Duhon looks like the worse player in the league being asked to play 35+ and be effective. It’s not possible. Like asking Fisher to stay with all the young gunners in the league. How about expecting L.Odom to play consistent basketball or Gasol to be tough? It’s not going to happen.

    Smush would actually benefit the Knicks or Nets & help them to be better off than they are now. Also Kobe is still a man’s tool but has grown up considerably. He comes off phonier than a counterfeit bill. He’s been trying to be something he’s not his whole life. He finally got 2 tatoos & a earring. I’m suprised he doesn’t still have cut in his eyebrowns. Kobe always wanted to be a follower. Did Mike ever snitch on someone though. We’ll he kind of hated on Isiah a little. Isiah was a cold sun of a &^%$#. His game was just as good as they come. If Mike would have dyed his hair. He rocked the baldy too. Though it’s all cool at the end of the day. That was his childhood hero & who could blame him. Hell I tried but I couldn’t dunk and I’m only 5’10” so much for that.

    Smush Parker is killing in the C.B.A. and just won a chip last year. He’s still a N.B.A. player & started for 2 years strong on the West. More than anybody could’ve have expected. He just ran into arguably one of the greatest guards ever. It was like when everyone was facing A.I. early on. He was making people look real bad. Had he had a little help they might have been able to pull that one off against the Lakers. That would have been bad Ass. A.I. would have had to been already in the H.O.F. That lil dude man I miss him sometimes. Why again did they ban his move guys? Why did Pat Croce leave? Mark Cuban should have bought the Sixers too. To stubborn people holding it down. Stern even found a way to quiet down a multi millionaire. So you know he’s got power.

  • LakeShow84

    Ima give the award to JR Smith

    Dude will take a 30ft 3 pointer with his team TRYING TO CLIMB BACK IN THE GAME.. I remember in last years playoffs i was praying for those.. yeah you’ll hit 1 but u’ll miss 3 more u ass.. duck walked his ass into fishing..

    Great talent but made for the pickup game.. not organized basketball.. He just fits in Karl’s system.. he could not play in a well organized system..

    And Dfish gets a considerable mention.. In the last Grizz game Kobe caught fire in the 4th and was doing his thing and got us into dagger distance.. Odom brings the ball down, looks off Kobe, passes to Bynum who swings it to Fish who has a good 2 people in closing distance.. so what did he do?? He jacked a contested shot.. horrible regular season jacker lol but big time playoff jacker..

  • thenatural

    i think someone sweats smush parker.

  • Mike Honcho

    I’m gonna throw Lou’s teammate on here as well…..Speights! Speights is gonna jack no matter who’s around, who’s in the paint, who’s in the building, anything! He is taking the shot. He’s like an angry sniper who just wants to some action. If he stays in the league, he’s gonna be the assistant coach of this team with Sheed

  • LakeShow84

    Lol Eyes

    your on a good one today.. started 2 years STRONG?? ima Laker fan, dont say that shit to us, we remember Smush.. He was part of the Dark Ages for our franchise.. dude would come out and drop 4pt&1-2assists.. Shit he damn sure never double doubled.. 2 years strong.. GTFOH.. a slight upgrade over Atkins at the time but a bottom tier PG all day..

    I dont even need to break it down.. ur rants are running parallel to madness..

  • Showtime


    Damn, I almost forgot about Chucky Atkins. He was a horrible gunner as well

  • Ekstor

    Re: Smush Parker… he had world class athleticism and terrific length… but a terrible attitude and little-to-no feel for the game. Farmar lacks the height and length of Smush, but is better in every other regard.

    Still not convinced? This is the same guy who got a 2-year guaranteed deal in Miami and was so bad for the team, that they waived him (and ate his contract) only a few months into the FIRST season… this happened DESPITE the fact that the Heat were one of the worst teams in the entire league and absolutely DESPERATE for backcourt help.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Ricky Davis

    Is there any shot worse than one at your own damn basket?

  • Ekstor

    BTW… I’ll second that vote for Fish… watch him on EVERY fast break where he has the ball… it doesn’t matter who is running the wing (even Kobe) or how many taller, longer players he has surrounding him, he’ll take (and typically miss) the shot just about every time!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Showtime

    I remember a game where Chucky shot a 3, missed it, Kobe got the offensive rebound like 3 times in a row and kept on feeding Atkins.. he shot 3-4 3’s in a row with 2-3 being wide open and bricked every single one..

    Everyone got a good laugh out of that one.. except Laker fans..

  • Jayo

    Gotta list Derek Fisher, Mike James, & Rafer Alston. Three of the most inefficient gunners of all-time. Fisher is king of the ill-advised 3 pointer. Mike James & Rafer are like bad basketball identical twins. Also gotta add in a vote for Stephen Jackson. S-Jax is a bad gunner too.

  • RC

    Mike James!!!! and of course Ricky “buckets” Davis!!! should be in this lists. Please put them in there. They are the best in the business in jacking up shots. Von Wafer likes to jack up shots too.

  • Nyeme

    Jamal Crawford? He’s the only player in the league that shoots half court shots while fading away, with his team up 2 and 22 seconds left on the clock

  • Peter

    Stephen Jackson HAS to make the list. Even last year in home games, before his trade demand, fans in Oakland were yelling “PASS IT!!” whenever Stack Jack touched the ball.

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  • QQ

    Allen Iverson

    And the best MVP of the team:

    Derek Fucking Fisher

    Just when your team’s on a 3 on 2 fastbreak, with the best player in the game (Kobe) on one side, your POINT GUARD will stop and shoot. You want to kick his mug afterwards. WELCOME TO COACHING FISHER 101!

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Ben Gordon should be somewhere near the top of this list. I’m sure every Chicago (and now Det) fan can attest to his mindless jacking.

  • Guitar Hero

    Derek Fisher, obviously. A horrible jacker with great press.
    Kobe shouldn’t be on this list, simply because he MAKES a ridiculous amount of these supposed bad shots.
    I don’t agree with House, too. He’s just an amazing shooter.

  • sh!tfaced

    How can anyone forget Antoine Walker? All the damn talent in the world but a hands down Hall Of Fame (black)Jacker.

  • MSkittle

    Michael Finley! When he was on the Mavs, me and my friends came up with “Finleyitis”- a disease to describe his bad shot selection.

    Nowadays, I’d say Stephen Jackson too. Its as if he prefers to shoot with a hand in his face.

  • Ekstor

    Good call on Antoine Walker. One season he was averaging 8 three-point attempts per game and when asked why he takes so many threes, he answered, “because there are no 4-pt shots.”