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The Top 5 Players In The NBA

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Last night during the Cavs/Nuggets game, my roommate and I got into a discussion surrounding the following question: Who are the Top 5 players in the NBA? Safe to say, deciding on just five wasn’t easy.

During All-Star Weekend, when I was with about 15 other media outlets surrounding Carmelo Anthony‘s table, ‘Melo said something that stuck with me: “If someone doesn’t mention me as one of the top five players in the League, then they don’t know about basketball.” And after last night’s performance, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that disagrees.

In no particular order, if ‘Melo is going to be in the Top 5, then that group would obviously have to include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as well. But for the fifth guy, it came down to two people: Chris Paul and Kevin Durant.

Clearly two different players in their own right, while my roommate argued for KD, I had to defend CP3. Right now, in terms of complete players, you have to rock with Paul. Sure Durant is one of the most prolific scorers in the League, but he’s not a game changer like Paul is right now in his career.

So assuming Durant gets bumped down to that second group, other guys that have to be considered for number 6-10 include Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight Howard, Amar’e Stoudemire, Steve Nash and Chris Bosh.

What do you think? Who are the Top 5 players in the NBA? Who is in the group 6-10?

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  • Geoff

    Agreed. Joe Johnson fans are probably going mad, but you have to draw the line somewhere

  • Jah

    Chris Bosh?
    Dwight Howard?
    Amar’e Stoudemire?

  • Ian

    so no duncan in the top ten? gtfoh

    i think it was yesterday skip , rose and some skinny black dude where doing this same thing. skip nailed the top 5 perfectly

    jalen didnt know what the fuck he was talking about and lets not even get into the other dudes picks.

    my picks
    bron kobe wade td and dirk in any order you like. melo is top 10 durant i dont know yet. amare hell no.

  • Jah

    Steve Nash?
    Tim Duncan?
    Dirk Nowitzki?

  • The Other Aj

    Good list…

    It’s only because of Media perception why Melo isn’t mentioned in the the top 3 players in the league. Honestly is LBJ/Kobe/Wade that much better than him…

    The answer is no!

    In another year or so the real discussion WILL BE:

    Who is the best player in the league, LeBron or Carmelo?

    It’s what we’ve been waiting for since ’03

  • http://deleted leeroy

    No Earl Watson love?

  • Ian

    melo needs to lead a team somewhere before breakin out the paul pierce like comments. again lol amare and nash over td. dude just by pure logic if the suns had two players better than td wouldnt they be battling the lakers for best record out west?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    I agree. Even guys like KG, Pierce and Duncan aren’t in that Top 10 group right now.

  • rlf

    Melo is top five, yes, he is a great player. and he should get more credit, such as last night. Lebron had a triple double. But it was Melo that played great in the clutch, not lebron.

    And I don’t see ANY headlines stating how great Melo is,Why is that?

    At the beginning of the season he was the MVP.

    And talking about the MVP, someone like Kevin Durant should get votes. Remember is the team that does more for a team that was bad. he has done that.

    But, I regress, Melo is great and deserve more respect.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    There’s no way you can say TD is one of the Top 5 best players in the LEague right now. He may be the greatest power forward of all-time (I think there’s definitely an argument for Malone), but not in 2010.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    I think CP rounds out that Top 5. Then Durant. Dirk, Nash, Amar’r, Bosh are in that next group, and then you can start talking Duncan.

  • Jah

    My top 5:

    1. Kobe Bryant – the most complete player in the world
    2. LeBron James – the “human video game”
    3. Dwyane Wade – finesse meets unstoppable force
    4. Tim Duncan – Shaq said it best, “The Big Fundamental”
    5. Carmelo Anthony – unguardable

  • Ian

    yes i can say it
    let me know when guys like melo and durant carry teams deep in the playoffs a couple of times dont break out regular season stats. sir you had two suns over duncan that makes list kinda wrong. isnt td putting up the same stats he always does and his team can finish anywhere from 2-8 in the playoffs just like durants and melos? btw malone isnt even the second best pf ever how the hell is he up there with td let me guess you are going just number wise team winning doesnt count?

    amare bosh nash? over td then i can start talking td hahah sure. this is so simple like i told aron with the suns example (just in case if the suns had two players better than td they would have a chance at winning this season. you know nash and amare cant guard me right?) the same with toronto if bosh is better than td.

  • Ian

    good list
    i can switch out melo and dirk those are my top 6.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I think you honestly can only do top 4 cause after that it starts getting to unclear.

    Especially with no criteria (and I said this in another post about the top dunkers) it’s hard to say who is where. Has to be some specific rules.

    1 to 4 is easy though but after that with players like Duncan, Dirk, and Durant it starts getting fickled.

  • Leroy Shonuff

    Dirk is not top ten…I have been saying that for years…Top five in no order are: Bron,Kobe,Melo,Wade and Paul.
    The next five are:Durant,Roy,Bosh,Dwill and Dhoward…

    Dirk is not top ten and neither is Nash. Duncan like Garnett, is bascially done. But if dirk is top ten then so is joe johnson and amare. Dirk and amare are both great offensive players but they will score 28 but give up 28…not top ten…top 20 yes…top ten no…

  • Chris

    DWill is in my 6-10 range over Nash and Amare.

  • Dave

    Kevin Durrant is top 5, I’d take him over Duncan today.

    he is just as unguardable as Melo and if he had the cast these other guys do he’d dominate.

  • derek

    in no particular order

    dwight howard- i know, i know but u gotta put him man. he has more of an impact defensively than any1 on this list including lebron. his offense is getting better too. he has his team 2nd in the east.

  • Hansosword

    DHoward may still be a few years away from having a really dominant offensive game, but you have to double team the guy on every play. That alone makes him top 5.

  • fred a stair

    ummmm deron williams? he is better then paul everyone knows its true look at them play each other, look at there records look at everything so if ur gonna even have one of them in the top five d-will deserves it more

  • isotope

    Ericka Dampier. How come nobody is mentioning his name?

  • Ross


  • Ian

    aron listen i dont have a prob if you leavin td outta your top 100 but you cant put two suns over him it doesnt make sense when the spurs even have a better record and havent been healthy.

  • Cavs1643

    kobe, lebron, dwade, melo, durant….the only 5 people in the league that can do whatever they want no matter who they are playing against.

  • ctkennedy

    1-lebron- only weakness is he too good 30 7 7 and motherfuckers still complain
    2-wade- smaller lebron
    3-kobe-his startin 5 is in the top 50 players in the league overrated in the clutch though
    4-howard-controls the game and cant score consistently leads the league in two major catergories (rebounds and blocks)
    5-duncan-19 10 2blocks and all of a sudden u washed up lmao and needs no doubles to defend the post
    6-durant-melo wouldnt have this same team winnin with this record he would gun them out of games
    7-dirk-2biggest mismatch in basketball most unblockable shot and 90percent from the line so once he get rollin u done 50wins 10straight seasons tough
    8-deron williams-most complete pg in the league he gets the nod of paul he has a better halfcourt game period
    9-chris paul-20pts 11dimes 5boards 3steals from the point guard position mini magic
    10-paul pierce-more clutch than melo on both ends of the court and the one matchup bron dont want to see in the playoffs in a best of seven

  • control

    6-10 I would take Amare out and put Tim Duncan in. Steve Nash is clearly a top 10 player, and there’s no way that the Suns can have two top 10 players and not be thought of as contenders.

    I don’t know how much I’m feeling CP3 this year either. I think Steve Nash has been the best point guard in the league this year. CP3 is obviously going to be better when healthy and in the future, but Steve has been playing out of his mind for a 37 year old. He’s older than some of the old guys at the rec center.

    I’d even bump Melo to the 6th-10th range. The guy is a hell of a player, but I don’t think is in that area where he makes his teammates play out of their minds like LeBron, he isn’t quite the killer Kobe is (yet), and doesn’t have the refs in his pocket as much as Wade.

  • highest23

    my top 5 as of RIGHT NOW in the NBA:
    1) Lebron James
    2) Kobe Bryant
    3) Carmelo Anthony
    4) Kevin Durant
    5) Chris Bosh

    6) Dwyane Wade
    7) Dirk Nowitzki
    8) Chris Paul
    9) Dirk Nowitzki
    10) Tim Duncan

  • dimemagreader

    1. Kobe – hands down the most skilled, most unbelievable player, has EVERY move in the book. Not as quick and high flier as he once was however
    2. Lebron – Most dominant player, fundamentally not nearly as good as Kobe but will break all sorts of records when all said and done.
    3. Wade
    4. Melo
    5. Durant

    6. CP3
    7. Dirk
    8. Duncan
    9. Amar’e
    10. Nash

  • LakeShow84

    Right Now

    1) Lebron
    2) Kobe
    3) Dwade
    4) Dwight Howard
    5) CP3

    Sorry Ian but the Spurs have too much talent to be where they are at.. give Dwade and CP3 Ginobli, Parker, RJ, Mason, McDyess, etc, etc and let them keep their servicable bigs in Beasley and Okafor and they going somewhere.. Spurs might be out first round this year..

    I keep Melo off the list because Chauncey manages his game FOR him.. All the top 5 do is manage games period.. Well Howard is such a beast he doesnt need to lol

    But Melo def in my 6 spot though..

  • DLG


  • Zack

    Good list. For me, it’s Lebron/Kobe/Wade, then a gap, then CP3/Melo, then another gap. D-Will and Durant are the next closest. D-Will needs to look to be more of a dominant scorer IMO, Durant needs to prove that he can do this kind of work against elite teams in the playoffs. Probably Bosh/Howard after that.

  • b


    how are you gonna say that’s the top 5 ‘right now’ when cp3 is injured? considering how melo scored at will last night, i dont think you can slight him for dh or cp3.

  • Tbest

    In 2 years the question is going to be Lebron or Durant as #1.

  • Name (required)

    Melo is probably the best offensive player in the NBA right now. But his game isnt as well rounded as Lebron, Kobe, Wade and Paul and he doesnt bring the Defense like Howard. He also isn’t the leader on his own team, he’s their main weapon, but Chauncy is what makes that team so good

    Top 5 guys you’d give the ball to if you needed a Bucket

    Top 5 players in the NBA

  • Name (required)

    *** my list is based on everyone being at full health

  • TJ

    Top four are easily Kobe, Bron, Wade, and Melo. Then it gets fuzzy. Howard is not top 5 and I have trouble putting him in the top 10 because of his lack of any offensive game other than dunking. Amare isn’t in the top 10, but Joe Johnson and D-Will deserve some mention for top 10. Johnson is definitely the most underrated guy in the league. He’s got all the talent and skills as the top guys but he’s smart and picks his spots (sometimes he’s a little too choosy). He so efficient and rarely hurts his teams with bad shots or decisions.

  • brado

    How the hell did you fail to mention D-Will? You can argue that he is better than CP3……but wort case scenario he is a hair behind CP3 which makes him top 10.

    ARON – you misheard Carmelo, he just said YOU “don’t know basketball”!

  • Ian

    so its duncan fault they are the 5th seed?? not parkers injury not manus injuries not jefferson sucking?? now mason is great all of the sudden the reason he played better since coming over is he feeds of duncan. the only reason the spurs are in the playoffs is duncan how the hell can you twist it to sound that hes the reason they are doing so bad? now you did prove my suns point if the suns have a worse record than the spurs how can amare and nash be better? if you like the what if game of givin players other team mates give bron or wade kobes team and see what happens.
    dude you give jefferson to someone else and that team might miss the playoffs. love the part were you combined teams for wade all the spurs plus all the heat and wade takes them somewhere dude comon.
    again he might not crack your top ten but keep things real.

    “and there’s no way that the Suns can have two top 10 players and not be thought of as contenders”

  • Diego

    Top 5 (not in order0:

    Dwight, Dirk or Durant

    After top 3 though it actually is tough to choose beween Carmelo, Dwight, Dirk or Durant–and I can’t argue with anyone that sorts those 4 out differently. Bosh also is a tough omission and would be next on my list (no. 8).

    Amar’e is not even in consideration here–he is not what he was a couple of years ago. AND Chris Paul these days is radically overrated! What the hell is N.O. doing these days?

    After Bosh at 8, I go with Nash at 9. Maybe Chris Paul squeezes in next, but I think I’d still rather have Duncan and D-Will (@ 10 and 11). And I’d also take Derek Rose (@ 12) over Paul. Okay, I’ll give Paul next slot (@13), over Pierce and Joe Johnson.

  • LakeShow84

    Shit i dunno Ian

    After 4 its rough ok lol.. OK ok.. ill put Duncan in the 5 spot since he is doing more than CP3 (who is injured mah bad).. i will agree and say they have faced their share of injuries..

    Lol shits.. its rough after 4..

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    no way CP3 is in the top 5. combine his bitchy adittude and now his questioable health and you have a tradeable point guard. From day one I was always a bigger fan of D-Will than Paul. Top 5 players u want on ur team, in real life, not stats or fantasy league, real warriors.

    Also not based on history or 5 years ago


    next five


  • gtfoh


    ‘nough said.

  • LakeShow84

    And damn people if you top 10 it aint a bad thing lol

    we talkin top 10 in the whole wide world.. in all of the human species lol.. shit..

    But if i could get CP3 or Duncan nowadays ima take CP3.. well then again shit i dont know lol

  • Claw

    I had to choose 11 players because there is 3 tiers within that.

    First Level: LBJ/Kobe
    2nd Level: Wade/Melo
    3rd Level: Dhow/CP3/Durant/Dirk/Dwill/TD/Bosh

    To say TD is not top 10, even today is ridiculous. What big would I want come playoff time? Who is better than TD at both ends of the court?

    I have Suns season tix and I wouldn’t put Amare near those groups though Nash is very close to Level 3 which is a testament to his conditioning, dude is 36!

  • LakeShow84

    You really just said CP3 is tradeable because of his “bitchy adittude”?? good thing you aint a GM..

    That aint real at all..

    And yes I’d PREFER Dwill’s game over CP3’s any day but cant argue with the results.. give CP3 Utahs squad and that could be frightening..

  • JBaller

    You people sayin Howard is a top 5 NBA player are obviously paying more attention to the commercials than the games. He’s the most dominant center in the league and he’s on a winning team, but he doesn’t have the skills of a Melo or Lebron. He’s a top five athelete, but he can’t hit free throws, and is just now beginning to be able to score from more than 3 feet away from the rim. And don’t gimme no “he hit some 3 pointers in the all star game” nonsense either. If he starts shooting from more than 12 feet the Magic will lose in APril rather than May.

  • JBaller

    That said, my top five are:

    Nate Robinson (Nah just messin witcha)

  • CTP


    Deron might not make top 5 cut, but he should be in the top 10, and he is a more complete package than Chris Paul… and bigger, and stronger, and has a better crossover!

  • control


    I got business in Phx and will be there next Friday…feel like selling those tickets if they are good? :)

  • Big V


    Duncan has done some truly great things in his career, but if you’re taking a static snapshot, at this exact point in time, he’s definitely NOT a top 5 player. Hell, he might not be a top ten player.

    Yes, some of the guys we’re listing up there haven’t accomplished what TD has, but that doesn’t mean he’s a better player than them RIGHT NOW.

    I somewhat understand what you’re trying to say, but in my opinion, it’s not even debatable.

  • Reddi Red

    4)dhoward – even when his offense is off, you still can bring that shit to the hole! AND will get mad rebounds.
    5)chauncey – because he has the defense to go with the offense.

    6)Wade – (6 bcz he sometimes shoots too much and can’t see the floor as well.)
    9)nash – (makes everyone around him better!)

    you can hate me now.

  • Claw

    @control – I split the tix, and the single guy took the Friday games but check out this link for season ticket holders selling tickets. There are some on there at half price and as you get closer to the game the prices drop further


  • Claw

    @control – Also, scalping is legal and they have their own area where they scalp the tickets that is just east of the south entrance, ask anybody around there and they will tell you where to go. For a Clips game you probably can hook up primo seats for cheap.

  • Reddi Red

    “you still CANT bring thatish to the hole”

  • Celts Fan

    the list (none in any order)
    Top 5
    Kobe, Bron, Wade, Melo, Durantula (he’s the only big time scorer on a ridiculously young team that’s somehow already a playoff team.)

    Roy, Joe Johnson, Dwight, CP3, Dirk

    DWill, Nash (no D drops him here,) Bosh, Pau, Duncan (yes, I’d still rather have a slowed down TD than a still-can’t-defend, but at least occasionally rebounds now Amare, but know that Amare’d be next.)

  • srb

    1. Paul Pierce
    2. Kendrick Perkins
    3. Rajon Rondo
    4. Ray Allen
    5. Kevin Garnett

  • LakeShow84

    @ JBaller

    Dwight Howard has a team BUILT AROUND HIM, they have a great record and are coming off a Finals appearance.. FT’s or not Howard can have NO offense going and still steal a game with a big block, big board, big screen, etc..


  • srb

    also, people, don’t look at it as the decline of duncan. look at it as the rise of lebron, wade, carmelo and durant.

  • control


    Nice, thanks for the info. I am hoping to get some courtsides so I can be that asshole who heckles players. Problem with the Clips is they have the Clipper’s curse fucking them up worse than I could ever hope to ;)

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I’d put Rondo in the 6-10 range too for sure.

  • control


    You are what is called “an instigator”…

  • gastro


    (Right now, not overall!)

    CP3, no. Williams, Nash and Rondo are better.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before slamball

    Alot of you guys need to get off the homer juice. It’s a list if best 5 in the NBA NOW. No points for bein good in the past (cancels out kg and duncan and shaq who seem to have no real tred left).. It’s not a best guy on their team list ( so there goes Dirk joe johnson Nash Amare durant Bosh etc..) never have any people watched those guys games and really gone “wow this guy could carry the NBA or he’s easily the best guy” even in Nash and dirks MVP seasons no one thought they were the best player in the NBA. Prolific game changers who can dominate every part of the game are rare and seats at the table, Kobe, Wade, lebron, melo now, Chris Paul and honorable mention to Dwight. Each of these guys can take over on offense and defense and lead. Dirks not chasin down and makin a game winning block, you can ride td and kg like you used to. So that’s my take on it.

  • ay yo.

    Kobe, Bron, Wade, Melo, CP3

    That was easy…

  • Jayo

    1. LeBron – Is simply a monster
    2. Wade – If he was taller, he’d be LeBron
    3. Howard – Is possibly the most dominant
    4. Kobe – He’s not carrying the load anymore so he’s 4th
    5. Melo – Now that he’s playing D no longer over-rated
    6. Deron – Most complete PG in the game
    7. Paul – Only slighty behind Deron
    8. Durant – “see Melo”
    9. Duncan – Still dominant big man
    10.Br. Roy – Is becoming the smoothest & most complete player in the game.

  • Ian

    lol like i look at the 90s but the other way around not the rise of jordan but the decline of magic , bird and isiah. hehehe (relax jordan lovers im messing its friday im not getting into this one today)

    ehh thanks i think hehehehe

    big v
    im not goin from the past right now hes the only one keepin san antonio in the playoffs and his declining stats are 20 10 and 2??? thats not a top ten player man?? how can you say its not debatable? im not sayin im right but we can both give valid reasons to why hes top 5 or not.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Gabriel Brogden

    Beno Udrih
    Mardy Collins
    Willie Green
    Roy Hibbert
    Earl Watson

    any order

  • surfnaked

    tier 1 – 1. kobe 2. lebron 3. dwade 4. CP3 5. Melo 6.KD

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Haha! You make it too easy control!

  • sporty-j

    1.D.Wade-Was clearly the best player on the olympics team and if you would put him or Lebron on that L.A. team last year they would have swept the Rockets who were without there 2 best players by the way. 2.Lebron-He has everything a player can ask for in a team now and there is absolutely no excuse when he gets big Z back in 30 days. Would be #1 if he finally leads his team to a championship and makes me wonder does he have what the MENTAL tuffiness to. Thats Y D.Wade is #1 because hes has proven with good team around him. He might just be the scariest thing in the league. 3.Kobe-Does not have the same hops he use to, but may be the best all around player in the game. Could be #1 but only knock is he makes the game to hard on himself and as you can clearly see with L.A. being almost 5-0 until last night without him. Y Lebron and Wade are before him. His me first always attitude to hog the ball sometimes holds his team back and makes me wonder if he suffers from a small case of i always want the spot light on me desease and wants to do it absolutely by himself, but when he had the chance to 3 years ago, he complained and said he needs help and when you bring him help, which he has plenty of, he goes back to being the same Kobe somtimes that cost L.A. a championship and might cost them 1 this year if he doenst slow down on the ball hog. 4.Wow, this is when it gets fuzzy because after those 3 it could be Durant,Melo, or Howard. Durant and Melo are the same players if you ask me(Scores). But they do not have the safe defensive impact on a game as the big 3. Howard changes a game by himself on th defense end(ask Lebron) and would be a clear #4 If had developed a better offense game to go along with that magnificent D. All 3 players would go 4,5, and 6 if there was a draft today. 7.D.Wiliams-bigger version of CP3. 8.CP3-mini version of Magic. 9.Bosh-Best PF in the game today. 10.Tim Duncan-Best PF in the history. Could probably be #9 over Bosh if he wasnt so old, team hit with the injury bug, and added roster upgrades did not turn out to be busts. Caring that franchise by himself at his age speaks volume and is the second most intimidating defender around the rim after Howard. (DIRK did not make top 10 because he plays absolutely plays no defense and the 2 PFs before him bring it at both ends of the floor.)

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    when Melo and Kevin Durant can effect a game without scoring, then they’ll get more attention, credit and hype.

    if they are not scoring, they are useless. for all their skill and ability, they both should be able to do more (mainly rebounding and better defense).

    scoring a bunch of points shouldnt get you in the Top 5 Today argument.
    sheeeeit, danny granger averaged 25pts per game a few yrs ago. and Monta Ellis is doing that this year. and none of us on here are including them anywhere near the top 15; let alone the top 5.

    scoring is only 1 dimension of the game. and if thats alls you can do (ie..durant,melo) then dont start ya bitchin if your not mentioned in Top 5

    “‘Melo said something that stuck with me: “If someone doesn’t mention me as one of the top five players in the League, then they don’t know about basketball.”

    hahahahaha. Melo, do you know defense or anything else other than just scoring?!!?

  • NL

    1.) Kobe
    2.) Lebron
    3.) Carmelo
    4.) Wade
    5.) Durant
    6.) Duncan
    7.) Dirk
    8.) CP3
    9.) Howard
    10.) Bosh

  • Leroy Shonuff

    Melo one weakness is his lack of rebounding…he should avg like 10 a game like antwan does…But DIRK IS NOT TOP TEN!!!!!!!!!!!
    When people talk about him having ten straight years of 50 wins or more, I say look at the talent that was around him: Nas, Finley, Stackhouse, Jamison, Antoine, Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Marques Daniels ans so on. Dude aint do nothing with that. He got to the finals on some whack call against ginobil and lost. Went back to the playoffs and got manhandled by stephen jackson and matt barnes…
    Dude ain’t as good as people think. Great offensive player, but I would take many players over him.

  • crossphaded

    your list is on-point. If I had to rank them right now:

    1. LBJ
    2. Kobe
    3. D-Wade
    4. CP3
    5. Melo
    6. KD

    I put Melo over Durant simply because his team is more successful and he’s got more years on him than KD.

    To round out the Top 10:

    7. Dirk
    8. Bosh
    9. JJ

  • LakeShow84

    ^^ HAHAHA people RARELY bring up that WACK ASS CALL.. or the fact Manu was retarded for even going for it lol

    They needed a 3 Manu! which means you give them the 2 lol sad cuz he cost SA a chip right there.. and didnt Timmay foul out the game before when Dirk stepped on HIS foot driving?? lol

    No way SA loses that lead to Miami.. plus they been there b4.. Dallas wet the bed that Finals..

  • Boozerrr

    Cp3 is the best point guard in nba. Only who can get 20pts 11ast 5reb 2-3 stl.. he is just the best ! 4th or 5th player in nba . ! Deron ?? haha…

  • Cameorn

    How do you not have Deron Williams but you have Amar’e Stoudemire in the top ten??? Utah is a small market, but c’mon!!!

  • stephon

    1-4 is locked in no particular order

    Wade, Lebron, Melo, Kobe.

    5 would be D-Will. Efficient & Effective. Straight productive & he has the mindset of a winner.


    CP3: Super talented. Amazing court vision. Unique style of play. One of those PG gems you get once every decade. Last time around was Jason Kidd in 94-95. Injuries slowed him down this yr, so he’s out of my top 5 for 2010.

    Durant: is sick and unguardable, but he needs to improve his clutch and big-game experiences.

    B-Roy: dude is clutch, will look for him to expand other parts of his game other than offense. Huge impact player on his team.

    Dwight: Starting to have doubts whether Ewing is still with the Magic. Dwight’s offense is horrible. Yet, he is the premier defensive player in the league right now. Ugly offense while still commanding double teams. He’s still in my top 10.

    Bosh: Needs to be more vocal as a leader. Go at it even harder. In 2010, adding to his amazing footwork around the base lines, Bosh has now a reliable long range touch and became more beastly on the glass. Definitely concludes the top 10.

  • Deron Williams

    Does no one like me at all? I get it.

  • stephon

    Forgot to mention that no way in Hell Amare is in the top 10. I’d put nash before him. Nash is a proven leader. He can run a whole damm team. Amare’s flaws are hidden. He is a monster in the paint but he lacks defensive skills to become a complete player in the top 10. Plus, he’s the real douche.

    TD is still ice cold, but he’d be in top 20 this year, not top 10.

    Dirk is top 20 not top 10. Another unguardable player in the league but still not a complete player, lacks defense.

  • sh!tfaced

    The REAL Top Ten Players in the NBA – if you asked them
    (no ranking needed because they obviously all think they deserve top spot)

    Gilbert Arenas – considers himself an elite player.

    Allen Iverson – thinks he’s still an elite player.

    Amare Stoudemire – might be a top 5 or 10 player if he wasn’t so full of himself.

    Paul Pierce – believes he’s one of the best shooters in history.

    Ron Artest – considers himself the Scottie Pippen of today’s NBA.

    Stephen Jackson – proclaims he is an elite franchise player.

    Shaquille O’Neal – if the Cavs win the Chip, he’ll be the first to say he’s the reason LeBron got his.

    Rashard Lewis – thinks he is the franchise player and not Dwight Howard.

    Kendrick Perkins – thinks he’s up there with Dwight when it comes to elite big men.

    Stephon Marbury – believes he’s still an NBA superstar who deserves a superstar contract.

  • stephon

    How about a new list:


    Carmelo Anthony: Strong enough in the paint along with amazingly smooth footwork. Height advantage on the outside stickin J’s with smallers defenders on him along with an amazing first step to drive. Even LBJ can’t handle Carmelo.

    Lebron James: Unguardable because even when he’s guardable driving in the lane, the REFEREES will make him invinsible. 2009 Eastern conference finals was really hard to watch. BS calls against dwight were so obvious that it was extremely embarrassing to be a basketball fan.
    The league wanted a Kobe vs. Lebron marketing frenzy. But good thing they realize they are already overboard with the staged officiating. Orlando was baddass in the 09 playoffs. Dumb ass trades on Skip and Hedo.

    Dirk: That 7-Foot midrange fall-away is untouchable. Enough said.

    Kobe: Too versatile. Too much to handle. Carmelo can check him one on one, but Kobe is secretly an MJ-superfan. He’s taking in what Jordan did before Money won his first chip. Learning to Utilize and elevate your teammates’ talent. That is why kobe is the best player right now. He’s the most complete player. You can check him, but you cannot check his whole team. Most clutch player in the league (Note, I ‘m not a Laker fan and I hate the lakers but Kobe earned my respect these last few years).

    Wade: No. Still guardable. I can say that he’s super efficient on the court. He racked up 30 points without even breaking a sweat last time i saw him play in person. But i want to see him take over games at will. He needs to up that offensive game a notch still.

    Durant? NO. Just almost. Artest owned him in one of the OT’s last december. 2 airballs during crunch time, WTF. Needs more work young fella.

    Joey Graham: Only his ego is gettin’ in his way. Still recall when he was on the raptors, him claming that he’s easily one of top 2-3 small forwards in the league.

  • Mo

    @fred a stair. That’s a terrible way to say one player is better than the other. I seriously don’t know where people get this sort of thinking. By your logic Derrick Rose is better too then right? Yeah, he’s more athletic but what else? Deron Williams has better teammates than Chris Paul. Would you want Carlos Boozer or David West? AK47 or Peja? Chris Paul has outplayed Williams STATISTICALLY quite a few times but Williams’ teammates have always brought more to the table than Paul’s teammates which leads to the Jazz winning the games. And Williams has always had a better coach. Williams gets up for Paul but didn’t feel he needed to for Darren Collison the other night until Sloan told him at halftime to pull his head out of his a** and stop letting a rookie have his way with him. LOL! Deron Williams is rarely on anyone’s top 5 list. Sometimes he’s not even in the top 10. Whereas, Chris Paul almost always is. But keep spewing your screwed up logic.

    @jayo-LOL!saying Williams is the most complete pg in the game. He should be happy he’s finally averaging 4 rebounds a game. And maybe he’d be more complete if he stopped turning the d*mn ball over so much. I just knew once he made the ASG he’d turn the ball over on a crucial possession. I should’ve placed a bet and made a whole lot of money on that one. LMAO!

  • Mo

    I think Dime Mag must have the most CP3 haters of all other blogs. Gotta love it! LOL! But keep hating though. All greats have them.

  • Mo

    @Aron Philips- Did you see the last time the Hornets played IN OKC? OKC ball. Hornets up 3 with 11 seconds to go. Who do you go to? Durant couldn’t even get the ball because he let under 6ft tall Chris Paul deny him. Yeah, Durant is younger and a great scorer but you’re right, he’s not the game changer CP3 is.

  • quest???

    who are the five best ball players of all time…. think about it..Iverson, Iverson, Iverson, Iverson, Iverson…because he spit hot fiya

  • Bones

    here we go!
    Top 10 players are
    1.Lebron James Can dominate every stat, going 4 second mvp
    2.Kobe Bryant One of the 3 dynamic complete b-ball player
    3.Dwyane Wade Needs the supporting cast, still dominates
    4.Dirk – The best shooter in the league,
    5.Chris Paul – The best complete point guard,
    6.Kevin Durant – Upcoming best Scorer in the league
    7.Steve Nash – Dominates by averaging doubles doubles
    8.Dwight Howard – Dominates the paint, EXPLOSIVE D
    9.Carmelo Anthony One of the best scorers in the league
    10.Chris Bosh- Most underatted player in the game.
    Check his performances,still doesn’t get props like dwight or even melo

  • Kyle

    1. Kobe, but LeBron is making me a believer…
    2. LeBron is still number 2, but he’ll change my mind.
    3. Dirk… why? He can take any team to the playoffs like the other top 2 players.
    4. Wade – still worried about him getting injured, and he can’t shoot for sh!t while he ruins his teammates production.
    5 and 6. – Nash, D-Williams… the two best point guards in the game.
    7. Carmelo
    8. Kevin Durant
    9. Bosh
    10. Chris Paul – his teammates are better when he’s off the floor… West and Peja score more, and his back-up had a triple double tonight.

    Dwight Howard would easily be in the top 10, but the guy can’t be trusted to get the ball in deep at the end of games. Besides him Brandon Roy, Tim Duncan, Billups, Amare, Rose, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, David Lee(maybe?), Boozer are all in the top 20, but KG, Pierce and Ray Allen not even close.

  • Pig


  • http://dimemag.com CP3fan

    Are yall serious CP is the best point guard in the league hands down i mean look at his stats they speak for themselves he’s eaisly a top 5 in my opionion and when hes around he teams wins way more games then when he is hurt.

  • http://dimemag.com CP3fan

    With that said the top 5 players in the league right now are:
    1. Kobe Bryant- not only dominates the game he also makes his teamates better.
    2. Lebron James- Comes in a close second but doesnt have the ability to make his teamates better like kobe does.
    3. Carmelo Anthony- There is just no way you can guard him.
    4. Dwayne Wade
    5. Chris Paul- does everything in a point guard that you could hope for steals, points, assists, rebounds etc.

  • QQ

    1. Lebron
    2. Kobe
    3. Durant
    4. Melo
    5. Dwight

    This is the REAL top 5. Come on now. Cp3 over Durant? Pure fucking bullshit. Durant is arguably THE best played in the L right now.

  • atti887

    gastro just said rondo is better than cp3. disgusting.

  • http://dimemag.com LBJfan

    d wade
    terrel owens

  • http://dimemag.com LBJfan

    Terrel Owens
    Eddie House

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    alright, i’ll join in.
    I’m basing this off of ability and effectiveness

    4)Carmelo Anthony
    5a)Steve Nash
    5b) Chris Paul

    7)Tim Duncan
    8)Kevin Durant
    9)Chris Bosh
    10a)Dwight Howard
    10b) Deron Williams

    Guards are always going to have more skill than bigs, but bigs have a height advantage which gives them more effectiveness.

    just missed it: Dirk, BRoy

  • Chise

    “he’s not a game changer like Paul is right now in his career.”

    …kill yourself.

  • Chise

    “he’s not a game changer like Paul is right now in his career.”

    …kill yourself

  • 206dizzy

    1Kobe Bryant
    2Lebron James
    3Dwayne Wade
    4Carmelo Anthony
    5Dwight Howard
    6Kevin Durant
    7Chris Paul
    8Amare Stoudemire
    9Dirk Nowitzki
    10Bandon Roy OR Chris Bosh——
    Its a new era guys like tim duncan and allen iverson r being replaced with david lee n brandon jennings… Although they were once elite n still can provide for there team they are being overshadowed by the new players and they are starting to prove that they are better as the veterans age.Who will want to watch the big fundamental bank in jumpshots although that wins games that is played out people rather watch al jefferson dunk on some one…. but my point is its time to move on from the little tim duncan, kevin garnett, tracey mcgrady era there are new better players and all of yall are sleeping on BRANDON ROY……………

  • D-Nice


  • Mo

    D-Nice, you might have the best list of all. Forget all that other bullsh*t that others up there are listing.

  • michael

    this is the order as of right now (this season)

    1. lebron james
    2. kobe bryant
    3. kevin durrant
    4.carmello anthony
    5.dwight howard

  • TR



    then either Melo or Roy

  • TR

    p.s. everyone needs to stop thinking of dirk as he was in 2004. He has twice as many blocks as 3’s this season and is an above average positional defender. When was the last time a PF exploded on Dallas? It never happens. He is at least as defensively competent as Melo, and his basketball IQ and ability to completely carry an offense completely outclasses Melo.

    plus, he never slapped anyone in the face and ran away like a little girl the way Melo did.

    If STD-Wade was more durable, he’d be in the LBJ/Kobe category.

  • beast

    1. Kobe Bryant -Best player period. Closest player to “His Airness”. Best clutch performer. All-NBA defender who knows how many years running. Underrated overall game cuz his teammates are better than anyone elses so he doesn’t have to do as much.

    1. LeBron James -Best Player not named Kobe Bryant. Video game created player attributes (6’8″ 265-275, jumps out of the gym wit ease and fastest end to end). Walkin triple double. Argueably the best help side defender. Makes every player on that team better 10 fold.

    3. Dwyane Wade -An unstoppable force combined wit poetry in motion. No one keeps him from the basket or the line. Crazy step back J and improved three point shooter. Comes thru in the clutch. Crazy court vision. Very good defender. The only reason his team isn’t lottery bound.

    3. Carmelo Anthony -Another unstoppable force. One of 3 complete offensive weapons (Kobe and KD the others). Also number 1 clutch performer. Grown man on the boards. Step his defensive game up (As seen takin on Kobe and Dirk in last yr playoffs). Team one step away from the Finals.

    5. Chris Paul -People quickly forget about the best point guard in the league because of injury. He does it all. One man fastbreak. Crazy court vision. Great defender for a lil guy. Once he gets realvent teammates other than David West, his team will be a real threat again in the West.

    Notables just missing the cut:
    6. Dwight Howard -Defensive juggernaut
    7. Kevin Durant -Offensive machine
    8. Amare Stoudemire -His game speaks for itself
    9. Tim Duncan -Still The Big Fundamental
    10. Dirk Nowitzki -Can’t knock his 7’0″ hustle

  • johnsacrimoni

    Alright, I’ll go 15 deep.
    1. LeBron
    2. D-Wade
    3. Kobe
    4. Melo
    5. D-Will
    6. Dirk
    7. TD
    8. Durant
    9. Nash
    10. CP3
    11. Howard
    12. Roy
    13. Bosh
    14. Gasol
    15. JJ