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This Trade Has To Happen: Ray Allen For Kevin Martin & Andres Nocioni

I’m sorry Celtics fans, but the Big Three as we know it could soon be coming to an end. Sure it will be incredibly hard – if not downright impossible – to replace the Hall of Fame trio of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, but a new day in Boston is upon us. And finding a new player to complete a trio that includes Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins has to be priority No. 1. In order to make this happen, the following trade has to go down: Ray Allen for Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics have told other teams that that they are willing to trade Allen.

The Celtics have initiated trade proposals on Allen, multiple league sources say, and Boston is searching for a younger, less expensive guard and an expiring contract. This way they can find a replacement for the 34-year-old Allen without losing him and his $20 million expiring contract for nothing in free agency this summer. Only, there isn’t a shooting guard available who’s Allen’s peer. This threatens a perilous choice between transitioning for the future and refusing to compromise a chance to win a title now.

While it’s true that there isn’t a shooting guard available who’s Allen’s peer, Martin would be the best possible option. He just turned 27 yesterday, and since coming back from his injury, has finally started to get his groove back. At 6-7, the six-year pro would fit in well between Rondo and Pierce in the backcourt, and also could be just as potent a scoring threat as Allen.

But if I’m Danny Ainge, the real reason I make this deal is Nocioni. This fall, there were rumors that Nocioni could land in Boston as part of a three-team deal, although many people thought that Ainge would be reluctant to take on the remaining two years and $13.5 million of his contract. But with injuries depleting their bench, his offensive and defensive production would be welcomed with open arms in Beantown. At the same time, if Ainge is looking to acquire an expiring contract so the Celtics have some flexibility this summer, they could also do the deal for Martin and Kenny Thomas‘ expiring $8.8 million contract. (Both deals work in the NBA Trade Machine.) Either trade would keep the Celtics in the title hunt this season, and put them in the position to remain a threat for years to come.

According to Wojnarowski, while Allen wants to remain a Celtic, he’s believed to be intrigued with the possibility of joining either the Heat or staying close to his home in Connecticut and signing with the Knicks. Neither of these teams really have the pieces that the Celtics would want in return. If they’re just taking back expiring contracts, they might as well play out the season with Allen, and let his almost $19 million deal come off the books.

As for the Kings, they would jump at the chance to make this deal. Even if Allen doesn’t re-sign in the offseason, ridding themselves of the three years and $36+ million remaining on Martin’s deal – so they can build around Tyreke Evans, Omri Casspi, Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes – would be huge. With all that money off the books, the Kings could be huge players in this summer’s free agent bonanza.

What do you think? If you’re the Celtics and/or Kings, do you make this deal?

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  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler


    “With all that money off the books, the Kings could be huge players in this summer’s free agent bonanza.”

    doesnt make any sense for Sacto to even consider this. trading a young for an old? whats the point?!!? if they get rid of kevin martins contract, alls they gonna do is have to settle for another SG who wont be as good. and what FA you know is going to sign to play in Sacto?!!?

    them Maloof boys had to ut up billboards begging to cut grass to get FA to stay and sign with the Kings.


    this rumor makes NO sense at all for Sacto.
    they might as well let the season play out. take their chances in the lottery and approach next season with:

    tyreke evans, kevin martin, omari casspi, jason thompson and spencer hawes.

    that is a resepectable young starting five (just like ok city and memphis).

    they dont need to have money for FA — no player is gonna sign with them

  • blkrob

    kings dont make this deal…martin’s contract really isnt that bad. once they right the ship of getting him and reke on the same page, they will be just fine.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Pulling this trade would reek of desperation for Boston. Boston is “searching for a younger, less expensive guard and expiring contract” for Ray Allen… Well Kevin Martin is younger but do the Celtics really want to pay the remaining $36 million 3-year contract to a player who doesn’t make your team any better? I would say Ainge is smarter than that.

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    For celts don’t even think twice, for Kings noo f-ing way..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    They trade young for old so they have cap flexibility. The Kings don’t know if Tyreke and K-Mart can coexist. Just like Monta and Steph Curry.

    @Spliff 2 My Lou

    Desperation? I disagree. Chances are they don’t re-sign Ray this summer, so adding just as potent a scorer, for less than they’d have to pay him this summer, makes complete sense.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ blkrob

    What!? Martin’s contract isn’t that bad? $12 mil a year for a player who doesn’t make his team any better? That’s pretty bad in my opinion. I don’t think there’s any GM in the League who would sign Kevin Martin to that contract today. The Kings were the victims of an impulse buy in that case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1521333656 leetee337

    For The Celtics, they Just need to ride out the Ray Allen Train, to bring someone in now would mess up the chemistry they have & are working on achieving…if you bring in new guys now they have to get used to everybody around them…I say leave it alone

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I honestly didn’t think Ray Allen would want to re-sign with Boston anyway. That relationship seems pretty over. He is an expiring contract correct? Then why can’t they use that money on a 2010 class free agent? Somebody who can actually improve your team. I just don’t think Kevin Martin is that player. I’d be surprised if this trade happens. I just think Ainge could find something better.

    Let me add that I can’t stand Boston so I wouldn’t mind if they get Martin. I don’t fear Martin.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    Absolutely love this for both teams. Boston doesn’t lose the points provided by Ray and their bench is bolstered by Nocioni (who brings defense, some offense and grit).

    The Kings get Ray’s expiring deal (or the option to move him to a contender) and they clear the way for the ‘Reke/Casspi future.

    – PC

  • chee4three

    Trade for TMAC.

    When motivated(contract yr) and healthy, he can be an asset. This give celts another guard who can create his own shot at iso situation.

    FYI i’m tmac fan, so i’m kinda bias

  • Seany T

    I’d say the only person that loses out on this trade is Ray Allen. It’s business and all, but that’d be a kick in the nuts getting traded to Sac-town. Maybe they’d cut him and he could re-sign with someone else. Ultimately I think The Kings need to accept that Reke is a shooting guard and that it’s him or Martin. If Reke was more of a point guard maybe it would work but he’s not. Sac Town should do the right thing by both of them and trade Martin. Reke gets his shot at potentially building a dynasty and Martin gets a shot at playing for a contender. Only Jesus Shuttleworth loses out with this deal…

  • mules

    Pierce and KG are the ones showing their age…not Ray. The Celts should be shopping one of those two if they really want to get younger.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Absolutely not! Haha.

  • Clips

    Bill simmons suggest CHI gets R.Allen/House expirings (2010 cap space!); SAC gets Deng + T.Allen/Scal exp’s; BOS gets K.Martin, Nocioni + Hinrich. Who says no?

  • Celts Fan

    @Mules – amen. We’d be shopping the only one in our big 3 that’s not blatantly aging at this point (and the guy that allows Eddie House to do his thing by being hte primary ball-handler w/ the second unit AND our crunch time guy – though Pierce has proven he’s more than capable of handling that too.) I guess I’d do this deal since even if we let Ray walk, we’re not that much under the cap anyway thanks to the other contracts we have, but I’d ONLY do it for Noc and Martin. We need both or I’d be pretty upset. (and Ray’s openly talked about wanting to retire here and knowing he’d have to take a massive pay cut to stay next year, so maybe he would stay for like $5M per. I’d take that…)

  • Fosho

    Ray may not be showing his age, but he’s no longer a reliable perimeter presence. He can’t nail the dagger anymore, and more importantly, teams are willing to play off of him and let him miss his jump shot, knowing he isn’t going to make it, and creating mismatch problems for the rest of the C’s.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    The only thing I don’t like about this trade is Kevin Martin’s defense. Ray Allen usually digs into their best perimeter player like Kobe. I see Martin getting abused in these match-ups. But I’d love to add Nocioni to this Boston team it would be a match made in heaven.

  • Swedish Mooze


    Even without Ray’s millions, they’ll still owe $63 million and above the cap with what they owe KG, PP, RR, Sheed, etc.

    As a Kings fan, this actually doesn’t sound bad if they get something in addition to Ray, ie a draft pick, or can add Perkins (assuming Rondo’s untouchable) by trading Martin, Thomas and Nocioni, because the Celts have scraps on the bench right now. Alternatively get a third team in desperate for Thomas’ expiring deal with some young talent.

    I mean, how desperate are the Hornets to save $$.. here’s a deal that works…

    Kings get Allen, Perkins, plus Collison from Hornets
    Celts get Martin, Nocioni and Okafor (5 years at $10 per)
    Hornets save $25m and get Udrih and Thomas from Kings at the expense of Paul’s back up, Collison.

    or switch that up a little and toss in a Peja reunion in Sac…

    Kings get Okafor, Collison and Peja from Hornets
    Celts get Martin, Nocioni
    Hornets get Allen and Thomas and save >$50m over the life of the contracts.

    Interesting to note is the Paul Pierce has a player option this year… he wants to be a Celt and would be crazy to give up $20mil, but if Ray leaves in free agency and The Thuth’s stuck with a hobbled KG, fat Sheed and no cap room, doesn’t he have to consider joining the FA fracas this summer and potentially getting another 3-year window? I say Ainge has to do something to avoid that now… a new young gunner like Martin might save the franchise.

  • Bill

    Screw trading Ray Allen.
    He’s struggling yeah, but everyone struggles.
    You let the greatest shooter in history of the game shoot out of his slump instead of letting him go and giving up on him. He’s openly said he wants to finish his career in Boston.

  • heavy d

    I see where it makes sense for Boston, but I don’t get the big advantage for Sacramento. They clear cap space, but are they an attractive free agent destination? Doesn’t it just set them up to overpay the 6th or 7th top free agent? If you’re offered max dollars in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Sacramento who do you choose? Even if they trimmed more cap space so they could pay two max deals are 2 superstars mutually agreeing to join up in Sacramento? Sorry, it’s unlikely. I think the Kings pass and look more better return out of Martin or hold him until the off-season and look to deal then.

  • IG

    They should have kept Lester Hudson. That dude has more game than RayRay at this point.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    Martin is injured each season, it seems and is an absolute matador on defense. The defensive lapses currently kill the Celts and they’d be ensuring that a starter would continue that trend to a higher degree.

    It’s a good move to keep the Celts above water, but the main issue for them is that KG and Sheed are aging rapidly and don’t have more than 1-2 (if that) seasons ahead of them.

    For Sacto, I’d want something much more back than an expiring contract. Hawes has been a complete bust and they need a substantial amount of help at the PF and C sports. A trade for them has to include a big who is contracted for a couple of years since there’s no guarantee they will strike gold in the free agent market this summer.

  • Brown

    I could see this deal working if Sacramento flips Allen for T-Mac. Allen would be a good addition to Houston. Sacramento could even flip T-Mac to a team looking to shed some contracts, but only if those players fit with the Kings long-term plans; maybe to Philly for Igoudala & Dalembert or to Chicago for Hinrich & Miller (who would then be bought out).

  • srb

    I don’t see the logic of breaking up the team right now to get a gunner who won’t fit in right away. Nocioni would be nice, in fact any team would be lucky to have him, but if this is the last chance to win the chip it would make more sense to stick with what has (pretty much) worked.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    This trade would have nothing to do with Ray struggling, but rather looking forward to the future.

  • bighou

    Absolutely rediculous. There is no way in HELL the Kings should do this. I’m a huge K-Mart fan(got the authentic jersey) and there is no way I can cheer for him in Boston. I hate Boston. Kevin is a superstar and all of Sac town knows it. He shouldn’t be going anyware. Come on brothers Maloof, don’t Goof!

  • http://www.hot1047fm.com Steve Gomez 10a-3p on Hot 104.7fm Modesto, ca

    Wow Aron I don’t even know where to start with this one. First, you don’t trade a 27yo 25ppg scorer with a reasonable contract for an expiring. I mean you do realize Geoff Petrie has won 2 Exec of the year awards right?? You don’t get those by making lopsided trades like this.

    Even if the Kings do decide Kevin and Tyreke can’t coexist as starters they’ll move Kevin to 6th man status first. Kevin is a team first guy and he has said he will do whatever he has to to make this work.

    And if that doesn’t work they’ll only trade Kevin for a legit big NOT just an expiring. I can go on and on on why this would NEVER happen but I’m on the air

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    explain this to me please (anyone):


    NO player wants to sign there as a FA. so why do they need salary cap money to be flexible? whats the point?!!?

    Teams and cities with specialties to offer beyond basketball can attract FAs. Not bum ass teams/cities like Sacramento.

    …what are they gonna do with that money? OVERSPEND for 2nd tier talent?!!?

    NO. there is NO good reason for Sacto to trade Kevin Martin for Ray Allen. NONE.

  • willis

    Kings are not trading Kevin Martin.

  • Sweet English

    As long a jb keep dropping those ray Allen xii pe eds I’m good. Kmarts are pretty hot too so I’m covered.

  • blkrob

    @ Spliff 2 My Lou

    Martin is “only” making 10 mil this year and 11 next. 12 the two years after that. I doubt thats even top 40-50 salary in the nba. pretty good “bargin” for a guy who just turned 27, and is a capable 25ppg scorer. and thats why kings wont trade him…he is a cornerstone, and petrie and westphal will hammer the square peg into a round hole until it fits. (reke + mr. effecient in the backcourt)

  • Big V

    Bad trade for Sacto.

  • julian


  • winograd

    The Kings do not have a cap problem in the first place, are patiently rebuilding and don’t necessarily need to jump into the FA market because as a small market team they can’t always best value there. Aaron Phillips, wishful thinking! Any trade for Martin would only be one that brings them a quality young post scorer, probably around 20 ppg now, not a prospect. Sacramento is in value-for-value mode, not salary dumping mode.

  • lilmissheather

    I agree with leetee-

    It would be stupid for the celtics to trade ray allen-and mess up the big 3 trio…their chemistry is amazing and theyve just had a bad season…it happens to the best of em…they can bring it back next year, but not without ray…pp, allen, KG, and imma throw rondo in that mix are a beast when they really working together. Its not gun be good if boston trades Ray.

  • tokki

    no disrespect to kmart and noccioni, but if boston thinks trading for them will put them over the top they are out of there minds.

    they have much bigger problems, starting with kg’s knee. dude hasnt been right since he went down mid season last year. and don’t get me started on sheed. that dude is like a 7 foot child. stfu and ball.

  • http://dimebag.com Hector J. Herrera

    I say do it Kevin Martin and the other guy for Ray Allen would be a great fit. Not only do you get a great shooter in Martin but also youth. Please Celtics make this trade. No disrepect to Allen he still has about 3 or 4 more years but the chance to make your team a little younger, why not.