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Vince Carter, Dime #21

OK, so it’s safe to say Vince Carter is back. After a terrible month of January that would’ve made bigger headlines had the Magic had been losing, Vince ran off two straight 20-point games over Super Bowl weekend, then last night he exploded on the Hornets like Shane Diesel at a cougar convention … Vince got going early, scoring seven of Orlando’s first 12 points after tip-off, but was fairly quiet the rest of the first half as the Magic got picked apart by Darren Collison (27 pts, 9 asts, 4 stls) and David West (27 pts) and gave up 70 points by halftime. The defense tightened up in the second half, though, and Vince went nuts. He finished with 48 points, six threes and zero dunks. As the Magic made up the difference and eventually grabbed the lead in the fourth quarter, Vince scored on finger rolls, and-ones, mid-range J’s, step-back threes and wide open catch-and-shoots. On one of VC’s coldest buckets, he made James Posey‘s knees buckle and his hand touch the ground before dropping a triple from the wing. In the final seconds Vince could have gone for 50, but even with the crowd egging him on, shook his head “No” and just let the clock run out … Different uniform for Emeka Okafor, same inability to handle Dwight Howard. Okafor only saw the court for nine minutes thanks to foul trouble, and Dwight ended up with 25 points, 12 boards and four blocks … At least Stan Van Gundy tried to dress nice this time, but the printed golf shirt doesn’t work when you put a jacket over it. When will the NBA do the right thing, put this man on “What Not to Wear” and give him a fighting chance? … Line of the night from Reggie Miller: “You can’t give them a Valentine’s Day love kiss and let them get an and-one!” … The last time the Lakers and Spurs met up, San Antonio won what seemed like a turnaround/statement game to signal the official “Our slow start is over” playoff push. After last night, the Spurs are back at Square One, trying to figure themselves out. Even with Kobe (ankle) and Andrew Bynum (hip) sitting out — L.A.’s trainers are encouraging Kobe to rest through the All-Star break — the Spurs could never take advantage and lost a game they really should have won … Pau Gasol got all the touches he could ask for (8-20 FG, 5-5 FT) and finished with 21 points, 19 boards, eight dimes and five blocks. Do you think a team with Gasol as the No. 1 guy could be a contender in the League? … You could tell Shannon Brown was trying to fill Kobe’s role, but it didn’t quite work out for him. On his first touch Brown (8 pts, 3-13 FG) missed a layup, then later he lost his man on a pump-fake but airballed a jumper … There are understatements, and then there’s this line from Craig Sager: “Wilt Chamberlain, um, perhaps one of the greatest of all-time.” Yes, we’d go out on a limb and say Wilt might have been one of the best to ever do it. Maybe … Before the Mavs and Warriors tipped off in the Bay, one of G-State’s announcers said, “When it comes down to the fourth quarter, somehow Dallas gets a little spooked when they’re in Golden State.” For a while it looked like it wasn’t even going to come down to that, as Monta Ellis (27 pts, 4 stls) and Stephen Curry (25 pts, 9 asts) caught Dallas napping and went up double digits in the first quarter. But in the fourth, the Mavs dominated behind Jason Terry (36 pts, 6 threes, 9 asts) and Drew Gooden (24 pts, 10 rebs) and pulled out a win … When the Bucks were at MSG to play the Knicks recently, we got up with Jodie Meeks and Hakim Warrick to talk about why their former schools (Kentucky and Syracuse) are going to win the national championship. Come back to DimeMag.com later this morning to hear both guys in the debate … And you know with All-Star coming up, we’re going to be all over everything in Dallas. Not just on this site, but on Twitter and Facebook as well. Starting on Thursday, Dime will be All-Star central … People can be so stupid. The latest Super Bowl fallout is this story about Peyton Manning walking off the field without shaking hands with Drew Brees, a reminder of the overblown LeBron/Orlando story. So again we ask, who exactly is Manning supposed to shake hands with to make everything OK? If he shook hands with Tracy Porter or one of New Orleans’ linebackers but not Brees, would this still be an issue? What if he shook hands with N.O.’s defensive coordinator, or with Reggie Bush? Why does it have to be Brees? And besides, have you seen the field at the end of a Super Bowl? As soon as the clock hits zero, there’s 9,000 people on the field. And what about the other 50 players on the Colts? Did they shake an adequate amount of hands? We saw the same dumb story line with LeBron last year and it gets dumber every time … We’re out like Valentine’s Day love kisses …

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  • http://nba.com momo

    I aint a VC fan at all…but I gotta hand it to him. He gave it to the mavs last night.

    still dont see the Magic getting very far this year though…a couple of solid wins?…yes…playoff contender and finals hopefuls?…no.

  • 2 Easy

    See the prob is wen LBJ is riverdancin on the sideline of a blowout it makes him look lik an awful winner. Im shocked that they dared release a story like that about Peyton tho but that comparison is a bit wack only because the Cavs act lik big kids so wen they win their sometimes obnoxious and wen they lose their sore but whose particularly civil wen they lose?

  • Bill


    One) Pau, Memphis, enough said.
    Two) Just for you control, Rajon “The Clinic” Rondo is in HORSE competition friday night.

  • ToAn

    @Bill..is Rondo really in the HORSE competition? haha, that woul be great, the other 2 contestants will just shoot free throws until Rondo gets the E…and then they can start some tricky shots..you know who the other contestans are, i can’t find it

  • the cynic

    the spurs suck. Can someone tell me why Pop continues to play Bonner and Finely? Is he just too loyal? Its pretty obvious the spurs need someone to intimidate the rim, but they never seem to dust off Ratliff or give Mahmai(or whatever his name is) any game time to develop

    Richard Jefferson has been terrible; do the Spurs have designed plays for a slasher or does Pop just expect him to be Bruce Bowen?

  • Phileus

    The Spurs are done. Timmy has won his last chip. This was supposed to be their last stand, but they’re clearly not an elite team anymore. It makes me sad to see their decline, but they had a great run. The next decade belongs to someone else.

  • Name (required)

    other contestants are Durant and Omri Casspi

    as for “Pau, Memphis, enough said” would that be 50 win memphis or 20 win memphis? supporting cast are important, Pau with a solid one could make a contender, but probably couldn’t carry a crappy team anywhere. Last night he showed why he is an all star tho.

  • solomon

    man… vintage VC… minus the dunkfest… ok, so it’s not vintage… but the buckets were there…

    @ momo – it’s vs the H-nuts, not the mavs… u aint watching, eh?

    @ ToAn – LOL, nice one… have them do midrange J’s, FT… anything with fundamental shooting and rondo will be out faster than you can say h-o-r-s-e.

    yeah, sad… other than letting george hill play, the spurs aren’t doin it right… let dejuan blair start, get mahinmi some tick… at least compete with that and get a playoff spot, then let the old timers play till they drop in the playoffs…

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think Vince read yesterday’s Smack and took umbrage


    After the “Brain-Favre” in the 4th quarter I would have just walked off too.

  • bsteezy3

    Nah DIME, don’t let Peyton or LeBron off the hook so easily. Does every player have to shake hands after the game? Hell no. Does LeBron or Peyton have to shake hands? Hell yeah. Why? THEY ARE THE MVPs of their leagues! They represent all that is supposed to be good in their league. So we’re just supposed to laugh at all their commercials, listen to them talk about being a winner all season long, let the media brainwash everyone into thinking these guys are automatically gonna win games; then when they lose, they aren’t supposed to model good sportsmanship? We’re NOT supposed to call them out for that? I’m sure they were upset after losing, but still; both guys are aware that the cameras are on them 24/7. The media hangs on to their every word and action. If they don’t want the media calling them poor sports, then they should demonstrate good sportsmanship and shake the better man’s/team’s hands. (Who’s the worse sportsman? Peyton–losing the Super Bowl after everyone pretty much assumed that he’d win it; they were already crowning him. Or LeBron–didn’t even make it to the finals after the media definitely crowned him; even though the Magic had his number all season–was it really an upset?)

    Oh yeah, VINCE is back!! (I hope for the long haul!) Football is over so it’s all about the NBA. Go Magic…

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Comparing a sport with 49 dressed players with one with 12 is just the move a man with LBJ cock in his mouth would make.
    At least Manning has actually won the big one unlike your self proclaimed king.

    Wonder if manning ran round trying to get the footage of the pick 6 taken down….

  • control

    Rondo in the HORSE comp, hahaha.

    Omri, Durant and Rondo is the nba’s version of the “A Jew, crackwhore and alien trevor walk into a bar…” joke.

    Look at Rondo’s quote when asked about this “I used to shoot a lot of crazy shots before games,” he said. “I got a lot of crazy shots I don’t think anybody can hit. It’s only a matter of if I can hit it.” Does he not know that hitting the shots is the entire point of the game? Looking at how bad of a shooter he is, he apparently doesn’t realize that. Rondo has to be one of the worst interviewers in the league, as well as being one of the, if not the, worst shooter in the league.

  • no j mayo

    That hypothetical team with Pau as the dude: It was called Memphis. They WERE a contender every year…for the 8 seed.

    Peyton gets more of a pass than Lebron. You right about the 9K people on field after the Super Bowl. For Lebron, no such excuse exists. He looked like a spoiled, petulant child. Like a freaky big bitch, a giant Isiah Thomas. Nuff said.

  • bsteezy3

    @ momo–that’s what they were sayin’ about the Magic last year…

  • sh!tfaced

    Rondo in HORSE?! LMAO!! All you gotta do is go to the FT line and it’ll be an automatic H-O-R-S-E. O-V-E-R.

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  • Kermit The Washington

    Oh STOP IT Dime…now you KNOW the Manning thing isn’t anywhere NEAR the Bron thing. Lebron James left the court without shaking ANYONE’S hand or even ACKNOWLEDGING anyone. And he did that on purpose, because in his words he couldn’t see saying congratulations to anyone who’s beaten him. Poor sportsmanship. So to say that being bothered by that or talking about it is DUMB, would be…DUMB.

    Now with the Manning situation, sure. THAT’s dumb to make a big deal of it. The Bron thing? You can’t possibly sit here and try to defend that

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    ok lakeshow, tell me how great the lakers bench is.

    the spurs need to do something with jefferson, maybe put his ass on the bench or something. pop has been trying to make him shoot his way into the games/season and he is LOST. he needs to sit, maybe a manu type role will wake him up. put someone like mason in to start (he plays better as a starter anyway), or maybe play duncan, dice, and bonner at the sf (he likes the outside game anyway). who knows but jefferson needs to sit.

  • jackie moon

    i’d die laughing when vince puts up that stinker game next time. fool’s gold.

  • zcw

    Shaking hands with the opposing team after a loss is a sign of good sportsmanship. I know it has all but disintegrated in pro sports but it’s still good form. Peyton Manning doesn’t do shimmys when he’s blowing out teams, but should he get a pass? No

  • yoda

    i wonder would kobe need to sit 2 or maybe more games if he wore high tops sneakers instead of those low cut shoes. there was debate here about that, and i think this is argument that high tops can keep your ankles safe, or safer compared to low cut. plus, unlike most of us, playing some pickup ball outdoor, kobe gets his angles taped before every game. so, i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: for basketball, low cut is crap.
    as for pau, and people calling him soft…19 rebounds.

  • Brown

    After one good game, Vince is back? That’s a bit premature to say the least. Let him have a stretch of games where he contributes consistently, then you can make that claim.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    LMAO@the thought of bonner guarding a small forward!!

    VC scored 48 pts but only shot like 6 fts the entire game. Wow… has that ever been done before. That’s about as real a 48 pt game as you will ever see. No help from the refs, just flat out open gym/ymca shooting your face off. He should have slapped Mo-Pete again when he checked into the game.

    Petyon Manning= superbowl, thousands of people rushing the field, probably shook a few peoples hands, just not Brees

    LBJ= conference finals, no one rushing the court outside of the media, only 12 people on the opposing team, acts like a bafoon pre-game and during games

    so no it’s not the same thing.

    Rondo in any kind of contest related to shooting is wrong. It will be down right disrespectful if the NBA somehow makes it so this a$$ wins the shootout.

  • Posterboy15

    Vince hasnt just had one good game the whole season, before he got injured he was leading the team in scoring leading them to a 17-4 record…he hasnt avergage less than 21 in Febuary yet and played good vs the Celtics in a meaningful game..VC has always been that dat dude,He had a bad month and has been tryin to find his way in the new system ,It dont really make sense to say that a 12 year veteran needs to prove himself for more games to prove that he is good, he isnt a rookie , I dont care who he goes off against..people go ape shit everytime Lebron and Kobe go for 60 and 50 pt triple doubles on the knicks like they the conquered the world r sumthin..Dudes are professionals in this league its their job to play their game and Vince professionally beasted da Hornets last night..Let Dat Boi Vince have his moment…damn I dont understand haters sometimes but then again were not supposed too..

  • Dagger

    A number of things here.

    First of all, Vince has been horrible all year long. I’m not prepared to announce that he’s “back” based on a couple decent games and a 48-point explosion against a Hornets team that has no wing defenders at all. We’ll see, but here’s hoping.

    Second, something has to be made about how the Lakers play much more as a team when Kobe’s not on the court, and how the Lakers without Kobe are still a great team. Kobe’s “supporting cast” is the best in the league, no question. And if Gasol’s night was any indication, he’s now probably the best PF in the league. When Gasol outplays Duncan like that the Spurs don’t have a shot, and that goes to the heart of their decline: Duncan, while still a great player, just isn’t as good as he once was. He was always the heart and soul of that team, and neither Parker, Manu or Jefferson especially can make up for his decline.

  • QQ


    Watching that game made me orgasm. No, seroiusly. It’s been everything I wanted this year. Dwight getting all the touches he needed to dominate. The whole team playing hard after being slaughtered in the first half, and eventually dominating. The defense just clamping down on the opponent in the 4th. And Vince…

    Oh, Vince. Getting to the rim AT WILL? Shooting the ball with crazy ass efficiency? Doing a variety of moves that made people thing it’s 2000 again, when you were the Heir? Showing class by not going for that 50 even if you could easily do so? Just plain being a BEAST out there? DAAAAAMMMIT man. I always trashed your game this year, and you proved me wrong with that one game. You earned it, cat.

    PS: Because of that fucking awesome performance, I’ll now stop using the Vince Cancer handle unless you play like shit in 10 straight games. And you know what, I know you won’t. You earned it man. Fucking props.

    @ momo:

    LOL. The more I read your comment, the more it feels like you’re forcing/convincing yourself that the Magic ain’t contenders, even though you know they are. And the ‘Mavs’? What, ESPN.com said it was against the Mavs? Come on now.

  • BooBoo The Fool

    “last night he exploded on the Hornets like Shane Diesel at a cougar convention”….. LMFAO LMFAO that shit is hilarious lol, dunno if everyone knows who dude is but that shit was a classic line lol kudos dime

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    gasol out played duncan? maybe a little bit, he did get a couple more rebounds, and def more assists but duncan shot a better % and was not to far behind him in pts or rbs and duncan only played 33 minutes while gasol played 46 minutes. thats 13 minutes more, that is more then one whole extra quarter. his numbers IMO are inflated because of the extra minutes. in the long run the 2 of them are a wash on averages. they average almost the exact same numbers (duncan is slightly ahead on points but everything else is by tenths of a point one way or the other) now take into consideration that duncan is averaging almost 5 minutes less per game and he is almost 5 yrs older, duncan is still the best PF in the game hands down. look at the big picture and not just a single frame.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Uh you idiot, it was a stretch of games, he just took it to another level with 48pts. damn read the whole thing before you comment.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    ~Gasol is not better than Duncan this year or any other year. Give me Duncan anyday.

    ~ Gasol is a very good player and yes the Lakers have the best supporting cast behind a superstar and only Orlando and Denver can compete with that…well maybe San Antonio too.

    ~ Gasol played for the Grizzles, they won 50 games because Hubey Brown is one of the best coaches ever. Gasol was only getting 32min a game in Hubies system. James Posey and Shane Battier were monsters on defense then. JWill was the best PG in the L at asst/TO ratio. They had a great formula. Then came the playoffs where your “star” is supposed to lead you to glory. How did Pau do? Swept. So can he carry a team with a good supporting cast and a great coach….ah NO! The Lakers would get swept.

  • JAY

    @ Dime

    “So again we ask, who exactly is Manning supposed to shake hands with to make everything OK? If he shook hands with Tracy Porter or one of New Orleans’ linebackers but not Brees, would this still be an issue? What if he shook hands with N.O.’s defensive coordinator, or with Reggie Bush? Why does it have to be Brees? And besides, have you seen the field at the end of a Super Bowl? As soon as the clock hits zero, there’s 9,000 people on the field. And what about the other 50 players on the Colts? Did they shake an adequate amount of hands? ”

    So many questions from Dime…. I have a couple for your guys. 1) Did you know Manning walked off the field before the game was finished?? Obviously not. 2) Would you pose the same questions if you knew that?? I don’t think so.
    It was a punk move. Both teams deserved to be there and for that reason alone he should have been a man and congratulated the Saints. At least one person. Dude was heading to the locker room before the game ended. I’m a HUGE Manning fan but he was sulking throughout the whole game… obviously frustrated by the Saints defense and his WRs dropping balls. I find it ironic that after he was sulking for 40mins, he called the play which led to the INT that iced the game.

  • JAY

    I love this Vince sh!t. Vince isn’t “back”. Don’t kid yourself. He’s hot right now. That’s it.
    I find it amusing that he blows up for one game and people are all over the man’s nuts. Soon he’ll have a string of sh!tty games and reality will set back in… Vince is a cunt. And for anybody out there who thinks/thought Vince put Orlando over the top , think again. Any team with Vince as a main piece will never win a chip.

  • QQ

    @ 33:

    You know, I always considered VC an asshole before, and even when my team acquired him. But, puhlease, let the man have his shine. He deserved it. Dudes don’t just drop 48 points everyday. Give the man his props.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    let me guess, you are a Toronto Raptors fan? Why would you still hate the dude, it’s over. let it go.

  • Ian

    in memphis he didnt have half the team he has now.


    shit bonner guarding anyone is sad but damn u really dont like gasol you made it sound that the 50 win grizzs were good because of role players and the coach with their only star doing nothing.

    gasol didnt out play duncan but made me look good when i picked him over kaman. kaman not even the best player on his team lost to the same spurs while gasol went for some nba live stat line and a win as the number one man oh and they won at portland too.

    ps fuck you richard jefferson go back to milwaukee .

  • JAY

    @ #35
    Nope. Not a Raptor fan. I just know the dude is a cosmetic player. Pretty game, numbers are good, but he just doesn’t get it done.

    @ #34
    He had a great game. No question about it. Let’s revisit the topic a month from now. After he has a string of 4-games below 15 points, even a couple single digits outputs, resorts to fallaway 3s and doesn’t get to the free-throw line. If you’ve really watched him play, you’ll see he’s a fraud. Ask Magic fans who watch him every day, they’ll tell you it’s frustrating. Fact is, he can do this every single game to anybody. Then every once in a while he’ll have a game like the one he just had that makes everyone think he’s back. I’m just pointing out the obvious. For now though, I’ll give it up. He scored 48… great game.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Nothing against Gasol. I actually met him and his brother at the 2001 draft up in NYC a month before 9-11 and he was pretty cool (didn’t speak much English then). I was in the same hotel with all the draftees. Got to joke around with Eddy, Tyson, Kwame, Kedrick Brown, and their families. I ran into Shane Battier coming off the elevator, funny I congradulated him for making it that far, but refused to shake his hand because he was a Dukie and I’m a Tarheel fan. He was cool about too.

    anyway, I don’t think Pau is garbage, he is an all-star caliber player. I do think he is soft though. I also would rather have Kaman on my team.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ “fuck you richard jefferson go back to milwaukee”

    Damn, feels good bein a Laker fan today. Never thought one of the best games we’d play this season was without Kobe against the hated Spurs.

    Now to answer some dime questions: Can a team with Pau as the alpha be a contender? Pau now with THIS team would contend. I don’t know if they would win it all, but they would be in the discussion. Pau is better now than he was in Memphis and Mitch would get a solid wing to compliment the passing skills of Ron, Odom and Gasol since we take into consideration that Kobe’s not on the squad. One thing Lakers do is spend money to win…

    @ Ranger – you tryin too hard, man. Is Pau better than Tim? No. Tim been doin it better and longer than any powerforward in the league, but last night was Pau’s. I love how Spurs fans look at points and rebounds, but act like Pau’s 8 assists mean nuthin. Tim was -14, Pau was +14. He was better last night, that’s all.

    I’m lovin the confidence that the bench playin with. It’s like a positive Kobe’s out so everybody gotta row harder to move that boat and Kobe gets to rest. I’m hopin dude sits out the all-star game too. I got no problems with Aaron Brooks havin Kobe’s spot. None. Shannon Brown missed some bad shots, but Farmar and Fisher more than picked up the slack, even Sasha got goin and Lamar took it back to Miami with his nobody can stop me but me game. It was only one game, but what it did for team confidence can’t be measured. What Ron did last night is why we wanted him. Kinda been off his groove, but kept us in it early on when the Spurs got up like 9-0 and then just meshed nice with Pau and LO to take the game.

    Lakers alllll day

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Before y’all saturate Vince with too much love, umm..

    Peja was guarding him most of the time.

    That’s an automatic 35 points.

  • tragicnomore

    I was there. Darius Songl-whatever the hell his name his is lucky his head is still attached to his body. VC48 Kobe is a hoe

  • JAY

    #40… thank you for the reality check. Dude’s are trippin’ in here.

  • QQ


    Ummmm no. James Posey, the so called the defensive specialist, was guarding him on the second half. The half we’re he scored 34.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn


    i mentioned the assists, BUT assists only go so far. TD would have at least matched that if the spurs (ie jefferson) knew how to put the ball in the fucking basket. i also agree pau had a better night but i say that for different reason, he had a better night because his team won. i love it how lakers fans over look the minutes their team puts up. i will say it again, pau played 13 more minutes, thats more then one whole quarter of play. do you think duncan would have gotten more rebounds, points, assists maybe if he had a whole other quarter of playing time? absolutely he would. bottom line while pau put up more numbers, duncan had a more efficient game.

    the story of last night was 100% fouls, the spurs had almost twice as many fouls called against them as the lakers. maybe the refs wanted to “even things out” with bynam and kobe gone at stapples, or maybe it was just one of those nights but 24 fouls to 13 fouls with duncan not going to the line a single time?

  • Roman

    @Smack- dont make excuses for Peyton not shaking hands with the opposing qb. He’s a sore loser just like Lehype. The media puts the pressure on them to get to that elite level and win and when they lose, they just run off. I wonder what Lehype is gonna do this year when he loses or if he even gets to the finals. He might run out of Cleveland.

  • tragicnomore

    keep hating come June kiss the ring

  • LakeShow84

    @ RangerJohn

    Lol i could but i wont.. all ima say is that damn you guys made that Spaniard seem like the second coming of SlyStone in Cobra lol


    Let me explain this to EVERYONE.. THE LakeShow made it to the Finals 2 years in a row, thats 2 DEEP playoff, runs 2 consecutive years.. Our bench is littered with youngsters but they follow the lead of Phil, Kobe and Fish and they KNOW when we need to really gel and get things together.. AFTER the AllStar break.. March, April and so on..

    Until then people, get off the schtick.. Us losing in November, December even January dont really mean a whole lot.. Ill sweat when we start playing crappy in April, May..

    People talkin all this yap about us playing ugly is really just us playing uninspired.. The past 2 games we’ve seen damn near everyones A game.. and please dont try to tell me everyone was playing like that when Kobe was out there..

  • LakeShow84

    And i agree we should all coo the Vince hate..

    48pts on barely any FT’s aint nothing to balk at..

    Even though Peja is good for an automatic 35 on D.. lol good one..

  • LakeShow84

    And RJ is a lost cause out there.. anyone see the play where he went up around the elbow, got the whistle and DIDNT EVEN ATTEMPT the shot for 3pt play..

    DAMN.. Thats SHOTDEAD confidence right there..

    RJ on a Good Team with other great players = Out of his league

    RJ was the 4th best player when Jkidd was making Kenyon Martin look valuable.. i say 4th because Kittles.. that should say something..

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I have a feeling Aron starting writing this column and then midway through, Austin took over

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ranger

    ok, lol, we can do this all day but I’m just gonna make some points but I ain’t expectin to change your mind.

    1) I don’t know what “assists only go so far” means. Gasol had 8, Tim had 1. Lakers shot .437 Spurs shot .427.
    Lakers took 2 more 3 point shots and made 2 more 3 point shots. Jefferson missed 7 shots, but Shannon missed 10 shots, Ron missed ten shots. Tim hasn’t had 8 assists all season so I don’t know how u say he matches at all.

    2) Obviously, Duncan didn’t play as many minutes as Pau, mostly cuz he hardly ever plays more than 34-35 minutes and obviously with two starters in Kobe and AB out, there’s minutes to be had and 4 Laker starters played more minutes than Tim anyways.

    3) I’m not gonna sit here and pretend Duncan played his best, but Pau definitely did. Duncan didn’t have a more efficient game cuz obviously Gasol did lore with his possessions. He wouldn’t have matched Pau’s numbers because the Lakers did play better and we talkin triple double for Pau if Ron and Shannon hit the kickouts. Parker disappeared after a great start, the shooters weren’t hittin and we rarely doubleteamed Tim. Shoot, he scored 3 buckets in the last 1:30 when the game was already wrapped up otherwise it’s a ten point night.

    4) If the Lakers had lost, it would still have been a great effort. No Kobe, no Bynum. Spurs beat us last time and now they comin in fully healthy. I was just happy to be in the game. When everybody started steppin up their game, then it got interestin.

    5) I knew you’d fall back on the reffing, but it’s obvious that the Lakers are the more aggressive team now. Even in that 20 point loss in San An, Lakers shot 15 of 16 freebies(no Kobe in the 4th- Bynum beastin) while the Spurs only went 4-11…..at home, but then those are just facts lol

    I ain’t mad. I don’t expect any props for Gasol after a dominant night against the Spurs from a Spurs fan.
    See ya in the playoffs
    I’m out

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So according to a lot of you, zero baseball players are good sportsmen. Because they never shake hands after a game.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB


    The main issue here is that when he is winning Lebron is on the sidelines, on the court, in ur huddle doing some “How does it feel” to lose dance.. I aint never seen Coco crisp in the outfield doing the Macarena.. i’ve never seen Peyton riverdancing on his way to another win over Houston..

    Plain and simple.. NO ONE IS SPORTS ACTS LIKE LEBRON except maybe a few boxers.. there is no comparison.. like someone said, Superbowl thousands of people run out onto the field.. ECF you got time to give props.. especially if the refs treated you like god and you were damn near getting fixed calls..

    And to top it off Peytons explanation for it was WAY BETTER than “well im a winner and i dont want to congratualate someone after they beat me”..

    LBJ still has no excuses on that one, PU$$Y..

  • kudos

    Who the fuk cares about baseball. One team is sitting in a bunker and the other is out on the field, kinda different from 5-on-5 and your boy(at least in mcdonalds commercial) is right next you. That’s like saying marathon runner’s must not be good sportsmen, if they dont shake each other’s hands. Makes no sense, and makes you look dumb. -

  • control

    Anyone find it ironic that just after LeBron bitches out of the dunk contest, he’s filming commercials about a dunk contest?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    What do you mean nobody else acts like LeBron? Have you seen a football game lately? Guys are on the sidelines mugging for the cameras, dancing, plotting Gatorade showers, pretending to call the President (Shannon Sharpe is hilarious), all kinds of celebratory stuff. NBA players clown and joke around on the bench when they’re comfortably ahead, too, from the scrubs to the superstars. Baseball players play pranks on each other during the game.

    You have to put yourself in LeBron or Manning’s position. When you play pickup ball, isn’t it more fun when you’re winning versus when you’re losing? Losing is frustrating, and frustrated people do things like not shake hands. And with the LBJ thing, like I asked back then, would this be an issue if he’d shook Mickael Pietrus’ hand and not Dwight Howard’s? Why does it have to be superstar-to-superstar?

    And keep in mind, Brees nor Dwight made a big deal out of it. If the “dissed” player doesn’t care, why do you?

  • rainman10

    I have no respect for someone who says Rondo is the worst shooter in the league.

  • control


    Then you have no respect for stats. Or Rondo’s mom, even she says he’s the worst shooter in the league.

    Might have to refine the statement slightly, worst shooter in the league who gets more than 5mpg. There might be some 12th or 15th man on a roster somewhere with two broken arms or no fingers or something that shoots slightly worse than Rondo.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    PEYTON SAYS (according to Lakeshow84) –
    “Well im a winner and i dont want to congratulate someone after they beat me..”

    LEBRON SAYS (according to Yahoo Sports)-
    “Shaking hands is not a big deal to me. It’s not being a sore loser, it’s moving on. Sometimes people want you to accept losing and I’ll never accept losing.”

    It seems those two are on the same page.

    And after I get beat on the black top that makes 3 on the same page.

    No matter how LOUD I was screaming on the court, no matter how many TAUNTS I threw out there, no matter how many times I mouthed the F word at your teams’ direction, no matter how hoarse my voice may be, no matter if I’m playing against my family, if I LOSE there’s a GREAT chance that Pops gets NO DAP.
    No dap at all.


    Shaking Hands after Heartwrenching Losses = OVER-RATED.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah but your talking about Touchdown celebrations bruh.. your talking about making a big pick and heading back to the sidelines to celebrate.. and plus thats on the sidelines.. Football is way different from Bball.. in a good football year u might get what 4-5 TD ALL YEAR?? Hell yeah you celebrate or do your endzone celebration.. and did the other sideline even catch a glimpse of Sharpe (lol) callin the president?? nah he was buried on his sideline.. he didnt take the red phone onto the field and do that shit..

    Now if u shooting FT’s (#1,235,154th of ur career) there aint no reason for showboating ON THE COURT..

    Your talkin DURING the game FOOTBALL GAME AB.. im talkin AFTER the football game.. You think Belichek has ever wanted to shake Mangini’s hand?? or anyone elses for that matter?? but he fights his way through reporters AND DOES IT..

    Lebron and Dwight are boys.. even colder.. if you can show no sportmanship when u winning then try to show a little when u lose.. otherwise your a spoiled ass brat.. plain and simple.. dont make him less of a ball player hes just a spoiled kid with no respect..

    And i always give my props to my boy if he bests me in a pickup game.. NO MATTER WHAT.. and im a cutthroat competitor..

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    I don’t get on LBJ too much for not shaking hands, but its an unwritten rule. Every game I watch from College all the way down to little league both teams shake hands. Even when Duke ran up the score in UNC’s buidling Matt Daugherty still shook Rat Faces hands, (discounting the time Dean Smith wanted to fight him).

    It’s just a rule in sports. One that you aren’t supposed to break when you are the face of the L.

    As a coach, I’ve had to shake several coaches hands who I would much rather have put blood in his mouth instead. I don’t want to send the wrong message to the kids I coach.

    I just saw that commerical with LBJ and D12…it was terrible. I mean really terrible. It looked like a action movie that hadn’t spent enough money the CGI portion of the movie.

    @DIME, Lakeshow, KDizzle, and any Kobe/LBJ supporters

    At the end of VC’s game when he had the ball with only 20 secs or so left, he dribbled out the clock and shook his head “No” to the crowd as they encouraged him to get his 50. Would Lebron or Kobe have made it a point to get that 50?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brogden


    i was talking Lebrons letter to Dwight when he brought he was a winner and its to accept losing.. I didnt say Peyton said that my man..

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Let me ask you first before i give my answer.. Do you think Kobe wouldve went for 50??

  • LakeShow84

    Oh that was Chitown lol

    ChiTown you think Kobe wouldve went for 50??

  • control

    From personal experience, I have gotten in fights with guys and then shook their hand after the game…of course I have never played in the ECF or Superbowl. It really isn’t a big deal if he’s all pissy about losing and doesn’t shake hands, really. I’d rather see a guy pissed about losing than be like Vince Carter, laughing and joking…

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    the assists only go so far because all it is is a pass, the passer has little control after he lets the ball lose. the passer leaves it up to the receiver to make a shot. the assist number could have easily been the other way around, but then we have RJ who cant hit the broad side of his mommas ass right now.

    how can you say pau was more efficient, he shot 8 of 20 and duncan shot 8-17. duncan had zero ft attempts to paus 5. that said they both had 16 points and duncan had his 16 on 17 shots, in 33 minutes, pau had his 16 on 20 shots in 46 minutes, that is called efficiency.

    no duncan did not have his best game, and pau did play about as good as he could, they where both played pretty much man up and not doubled much. as for triple doubles, i dont put much faith in any of them when they include assists as i do not feel they are a single persons accomplishment. had he had one including blocks or steals great, thats why you dont see those types of TDs much, it is hard for a single person to do.

    as for “falling back on the refs” i qualified that statement 2 ways, 1) are the refs suspect in the league? yes they are after the tim troubles. 2)i also said maybe it was just the way the game was played.

    i give pau his props, i did not knock him i only took exception to another persons post suggesting that just because pau had better numbers he was the “default” best pf in the league which is just not true. no knock on pau, just a knock on the notion that he is actually better then duncan, in which he is not. not yet anyway. maybe next year he can take that title who knows.

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody GABRIEL BROGDEN

    Don’t pay me no mind, Lakeshow.

    It seems the spurs mascot has reeled some of y’all in, i’m tempted to say something like I’d take Pau as my power forward than Tim.

    You know the more I think about it, the more I realize I would pick Pau over Timmie right now. ZBO over Timmie right now. Maybe.

  • zephyr

    for the one millionth time, stop riding lebron’s dick..
    one more lebron nut hugging i think i’m not going back here anymore. biased journalism.

  • the cynic

    why does anyone care if lebron or peyton shake hands? this isn’t peewee football, its the superbowl. It really looked like Brees was crushed he couldn’t find Peyton, he was looking all over, but gosh darnit he just couldn’t find him. Guess he’ll just have to settle with celebrating with 50 other teammates and 1000 strangers

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Yes I think Kobe goes for the 50, but he would have been intuned enough with his point total that he would have made sure he had gotten fouled a few plays before that so he could get to the line and knock out two more FT’s for the 50peices. Lets not forget his 81 point outing… i mean about 30 of those points were after his team had a big lead.

    I do not think Lebron would have done it though. Not because he’s a better character guy, just because he doesn’t care about scoring like that. He would have danced another jigg instead.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    1. I don’t think Kobe would have gone for 50. In that exact situation, with the game in hand and the Hornets clearly giving up, the only guys I could see going for the easy dunk and 50 would be Nate Robinson, Ricky Davis, or somebody else who might never get 50 again in their life.

    2. LakeShow, I’m not talking about post-TD dances, I’m talking about late in a game when they show a football sideline and the winning team is celebrating. It’s very common, moreso in college than the NFL, but still common in the NFL.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown


    Think back earlier that year when Kobe outscored Dallas by himself through 3 quarters and sat the Final quarter because the game was well in hand.. Kobes said it himself that wouldve been a special night had he played the 4th but PHIL sat him and he had no problems with it.. if anything he was cheesin on the bench, not dancing mind you.. then the media labeled him as “selfish” for not turning the screws on Dallas.. Try to remember that..

    Lebron?? Dont know about points but ive seen him hustle for an unneccessary rebound in a blowut to finish a triple double.. and when i say not neccessary i mean he had teammates around for the rebound and damn near fought through them for it.. And then get on TV and say he didnt care about the triple double..

    Just saying..

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    You know i was thinkg about what i said and remembered the Patriots doing the LIGHTS OUT dance when they bounced the Chargers and LT getting butt hurt about it.. that was straight nose rubbing lol.. Football is such an aggressive sport though.. Certain teams HATE each other.. basketball a few players might dislike each other but football is the machismo sport of our lifetimes..

    But to me bottom line is its an unwritten rule and Lebron isnt above that rule and NO ONE IS.. The Superbowl and even the Finals is a different story because there is so much celebrating and everyones goes bonkers.. Conference Finals you congratulate and wish the victor luck in the big game.. maybe not all that but u damn sure congratulate..

  • LakeShow84

    And there were no big leads with our 06′ team..

    Shit our 06′ team had a big lead in the 3-1 we had on Phoenix.. that didnt hold up..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Everyone saying Pau is better than TD..

    Please write the Spurs a letter and encourage such a trade.. id trade Pau’s youth for TD’s everything in a heart beat..

    Tim Duncan would not disappear in the playoffs playing off KB24..

    Quote it

  • Ian

    damn kittles better than jefferson?? nah he was 2b on those nets team he played great without kidd also.

    “Tim Duncan would not disappear in the playoffs playing off KB24..”

    kobe wont disappear playin off duncan boom

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    You get my point.. RJ is a wash bottom line..

    And i meant TD wouldnt have a Pau Gasol series..

    Shit please give us TD and lets replay that Boston Finals.. we take it 4-1..

  • http://dime eyes

    AB….Why try & make a comparison in the first place ? Damn
    2. Ur defending him like his momma. Not cool.
    3. Stop throwing jabs at Nate & Rickey D while blowing kisses at LBJ. It’s not even Valentine’s day.