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10 Best 1-on-1 Scorers in the NBA

Jamal Crawford, Dime #31

In the first half of last night’s Hawks/Bucks game, Jamal Crawford got a steal and took off the other way with only Luke Ridnour standing between him and the basket. Considering what JC did once upon a time to Kirk Hinrich — who’s actually a good defender — I was kind of afraid for Ridnour’s general health. But Crawford let him off easy with a simple wraparound behind-the-back and finger roll.

As is typical with a player who is suddenly getting a lot of overdue attention — in Crawford’s case, because he’s now on a playoff team after a career spent on Lottery squads — fans and media are prone to go overboard with praise. For Crawford, who should be running away with the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award, it appears the trendy thing is to crown him one of the best, if not the best, one-on-one scorers in the League.

As the NBA increasingly caters to guards and wings who can create off the dribble, the elements that make up a productive one-on-one scorer become even more coveted. Crawford has just about all of them: His handle is perhaps the best in the game, he’s got a quick release on his jump shot, he’s got range out to the concession stands, and there’s a certain level of craftiness to his game. He doesn’t have the muscle or mindset to get to the free-throw line as much as guys like Kobe, D-Wade or LeBron, but Crawford is in their class as a guy who can take over a fourth quarter/overtime on short notice and win a game by himself on nothing more than clear-outs and high screens.

Where does Crawford rank among the NBA’s elite 1-on-1 scorers? The top of the heap will inevitably be flooded with perimeter players, because they can create offense from anywhere on the floor, whereas big men often need to catch the ball close to the basket. That said, here’s my list:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. LeBron James
3. Dirk Nowitzki
4. Carmelo Anthony
5. Kevin Durant
6. Dwyane Wade
7. Brandon Roy
8. Paul Pierce
9. Jamal Crawford
10. Joe Johnson

Honorable mention: Monta Ellis, Manu Ginobili, Tyreke Evans, Kevin Martin, Vince Carter

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  • KT

    Honestly if I wanted a one-on-one bucket, I would rather have Melo over Dirk. Honestly, maybe even over LeBron, just because of Melo’s jumper. But of course Kobe still takes the crown.

  • hahns

    dirk doesnt have the moves melo has, but his fadeaway is unstoppable.

  • http://slcdunk.com AllThatJazz / Amar

    deron williams would like to send you a tape of the 2008 playoffs.

  • control

    It’s funny you got Dirk on the list, yet him and Steve Nash used to 1on1 all day everyday and from what they were saying, Steve would win almost all of the time. Steve Nash DOES have the best handle in the game (NOT Crawford), some of the best coordination and an amazing shot…he would be hard as fuck to beat. If he is having a good defensive day, he is top 10, if he’s sucking on defense, then maybe 20.

    I would put Chris Bosh ahead of PP and Joe Johnson, and maybe Brandon Roy. In fact, I’d take PP off the list completely, he’s gettin hit by father time HARD. Hell, old KG vs old PP and I bet KG would win. It would be tough to put PP in the top 20.

    Hell, take Brandon Roy off the list too, put him at like 11-14 range. Unless mean muggin skills factor into this.

    Lamar also has to get some mention, the guy has the size, handles, shooting and speed to mangle most players if he’s rocking a good sugar buzz.

  • Charles

    I hat not putting Amare on this list. i know he may not belong, but I went to see him play against houston, and that dude gives opponents BUCKETS, just a steady diet of jumpers and post moves that can add up over the game.
    but of course.
    Lebron james
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Kevin Durant
    Dwayne Wade
    Kobe bryant
    monta ellis
    manu Ginobli

    Joe Johnson
    Brandon Roy

  • Charles

    Man i thought about Bosh too, dude is a BEAST, and real underrated, but I didn’t include him because he can’t score from anywhere on the floor, he’s a post player

    and deron williams isn’t really a scorer, he’s more well rounded than a scorer, that’s why o excluded him. I don’t think Jamal Crawford belongs ahead of either one of them though in my opinion, but it’s really just an opinion.

  • RC

    Pretty good list!

    Melo is my number one pick in this category. He has the complete game with a mid-range jumper, power post moves and dribble drives.

    Kobe is the deadliest perimeter player in the league pretty obvious. Lets admit he does most of his work with jumpshots, even his post moves are fadeaways and floaters. But obviously he is the best clutch player in the NBA.

    Lebron and Wade are the best in driving the ball to the rim and running the break. They have strength and speed that makes it easy for them to drive pass defenses. They both have decent jumpshots now.

    Kevin Durant is still developing which is scary because he is a nightmare for any defense in the NBA.

    That’s my top 5 anyway

  • JD

    I would put D-Wade and Durant ahead of Dirk

  • Dapro

    If were talking open floor then Bron deserves to be #1a or 1b if were talking from anywhere on the court then he drops down a few notches

    Jamal Crawford

  • Chaos

    Yea in this category i would have to put Melo first or second because he can terrorize whoever he has in front of him, whether its a jumper, three point shot, beating his man off the dribble, he can create separation and he can post up. Lebron and D-wade’s jump shots arent as reliable as his but i think they go to the bucket harder…him and kobe are interchangable as well because kobe while like RC says is based on jumpers, his icy cold play makes him even more dangerous. he’s gonn score no matter how hard you play him….and he could have a broken leg as well and he still will killl you.

    Lebron is next with his pure athleticsm and size and he has developed a better jumpsot but not near as good as melo… he has the best 1on1 game as far as well roundedness which includes passing which is better than Melo’s. D-wade is the same way jus smaller but to me more explosive.
    Durant is next because his length makes him so hard a match up unless you get extremely physical with him like lebron or artest would be. Dirk is next because he is seven feet tall and u arent gonna block his shot period. hes not as athletic or even as good a ball handler but u wont block his shot.
    Crawford is better than jason terry as far as single handedly winning a game ans scoring buckets and will win the 6th man award. also he has that street ball 1on1 game in the nba which means inevitable embarrassment to a defender. afterward i would put bosh, brandon roy, joe johnson…PP is next because he is old and losing a step but always seems to beat someone off the dribble or hit a jumper in someones face and it always seems to be in slow motion but the damn ball goes in and i have no idea why

  • http://ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    Dime, can you please just get along with your “Top 10 LeBron James lists” list?

  • Dapro

    Left Dirk off by mistake

  • e

    lol@ control saying nash has the best handle in the league hahahahaha yeah right

  • LakeShow84

    Im sorry..

    But Lebron would barely crack top 10 IMO.. he doesnt have the handles to be a true 1on1 player and his J isnt consistent enough.. he doesnt really juke anyone he just puts his head down.. if you playing with no whistles (or no BULLLSHIT whistles for that matter) that 18FT’s per game BS wouldnt be a factor..

    1. Kobe
    2. Melo
    3. Kevin Durant
    4. Joe Johnson
    5. Manu
    6. BRoy
    7. Pierce
    8. Lebron
    9. Vince
    10. ima put Dwill up here since he got handles and a good 3 ball.. plus hes too big for the small guards and too quick for the big guys..

  • LakeShow84

    And for people who DONT somehow know this, when you play 1on1 there is NO OPEN COURT lol silly guys..

    Unless you both jockeying for a loose ball a good 15+ from the rim..

  • jawjack

    Tyreke is a BEAST as well and I’m a big fan, hope he ROYS, but I don’t think he merits an honorable mention at this point in this blog. He has no reliable outside shot to speak of although you just know that its coming. I do agree that with this guys grace, power and especially maturity for a 20 year old, he will be on this list soon.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Great list, though control makes some good points! Interesting stuff on Melo, because judging from the writing on Dime and various other reporters, you’d think he was the “best pure scorer in the league”. Dirk still has it like that, though.

    Also I just L’edOL at the poll. Michael Redd’s knee?! Hahaha cold, but I had him on my fantasy squad all year, so I’m kinda not that bothered by the coldness hahaha

  • control


    Bosh actually has one of the best 15-18 foot shots for a big man in the game. How much farther you expecting him to jack in a 1on1? Even his 3 point shot is much improved, he’s hit a few clutch 3s this year. Thank god he ISN’T trying to play his 3 point game this year, Toronto has enough guys at every position jacking 3s, don’t need Bosh doing it too.


    Who has a better handle than Nash? How many times you see Nash have the ball stolen from him? The guy can thread needles with his passes, with his left hand, mid dribble and make it look as easy as a grade school chest pass. I’ll stand by my statement, guy has the best handles in the game. He’s getting a little old though, so who knows how long that shit will last.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    a lot of pg’s could be on their but paul and williams most def.

    No Tracy McGrady lol? Come on 1 on 1 when healthy everyone knows.

    Oh and what about Al Harrington or Thorton?

  • control


    As much as I love Tmac, and agree that “when healthy” he’d be one of the best 1on1 players in the league…that “when healthy” is so elusive that I think he’s going to have to wait until they develop Avatar technology and get him a new body to play in…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Bosh was the highest-ranking traditional big man I had; I thought about putting him in my Top 10 and he probably would be #16 if I stretched the list out.

    I know it’s trendy to hate on LeBron, but get real. Who else on this list has gone on a run of scoring 20-plus points in a row in a playoff game like he did against Detroit? And that was, what, 4-5 years ago? He’s even better now. You can’t deny he’s Top-4 at worst.

    If he actually made more shots, Baron Davis could’ve been on here.

  • K

    Would put Melo over lebron one on one he can do everyhing lebron can do but he has much deadlier jumper

    Couple of years ago PP would’ve been 2nd

  • SJ

    Top ten for me:

    1) Melo
    2) Kobe
    3) Wade
    4) LBJ
    5) Durant
    6) Timmy D
    7) Dirk
    8) Manu
    9) Deron or TP
    10) Tyreke Evans

    Honorable Mention: Chris Bosh,, Steve Nash, Danny Granger, Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Brandon Roy, Paul Pierce

  • Big V

    I have to agree with some of the earlier posts and put Melo over Dirk, and possible Durant as well.

    Props for bringing Crawford into the equation. When his jumper’s on, he’s virtually unstoppable. That said, with single coverage, he can pretty much crack anyone’s ankles en route to a pull up or drive.

  • Big Mike

    At GEE:

    Damn, I almost fell on the floor at that one. My vote is for TMAC and Greg Oden as soon as that becomes available…

  • dat dood

    i know most big men in the league have no handles, but don’t you think someone like shaq could just back down one of these guards from the 3 point line and get some easy buckets?

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Come on now.. plenty of players have CAREERS of avg 20+ in the playoffs but that dont mean they top 10 1on1 players.. you cant pull up some crap Lebron did 4-5 years ago and top it with “hes even better now”..

    I mean i understand you could argue him onto every list but it gets old after awhile..

    I mean seriously who else on your list is encouraged to shoot jumpers when the games on the line?? I dont see people sagging off of Dirk when hes on the 3 line.. plus all the players listed have a good goto move when they need a bucket.. Dirk with his upfakes2fadeaway, Dwade with his spin, Kobe with his midrange everything, etc..

    Lebron has the cannonball..

    And i aint hating cuz ive watched dude play.. like i said lowering ur head and driving to the hole like a running back (with all the extra steps you want to boot) and counting on whistles is not 1on1 play.. he barely even dances on the perimeter..

    I gave him the 8 spot but thats about it.. No goto moves, no handles and no real killer in him spells my point out for yas.. Damn sure aint top 5 when u got killers like Melo, Kobe, Dwade and Durant doin they thang.. sprinkle in some Broy seeing dude has no real physical advantages but burns everyone 1on1..

  • LakeShow84

    I was going to put Baron in there too..

    when hes on no one can stop him..

  • brado

    No mention of D-Will? Dude is a PG, but he can get a bucket one-on-one whenever he wants. He’s at least a top 10.

  • control


    Baron gets on the list before his Jenny Craig days…

    As for LeBron, if you want to make the arguement about refs bailing out, and in a 1on1 tournament, lets say it’s call your own fouls or something where they are fair. You kind of have to knock Wade down a little bit. He is skilled, no doubt, but he does get more bail outs than damn near anyone.

    LeBron does make the list, the guy is just too athletically gifted, with no real lacks or deficiencies in his game to justify knocking him off the list. He could back any one of these players into the post like they were kids, and his handle is good enough to not even worry about gettin his shit stole on.

    It IS annoying putting LeBron on damn near every top 10 list out there, but it ain’t really jocking on him or anything…the guy is just one of the best athletes in the world, with enough basketball skills that he can’t really be taken advantage of…

  • control

    In Addendum to my prior post:

    Even a blind, homophobic Klansman can’t fail to admire the beauty that is LeBron James’ Body…

  • Joe

    Kobe all day, there is a reason he gets more double teams and at times even triple team’d than anyone in the league.

  • Posterboy15

    Vince is so underrated its rediculous, i dont think he has fallen dat far or fallen at all to be on a honorable mention list on sumthin like this, Vince doesnt even sweat puttin up 20 pts. But anyway Kevin Durant and Melo are easliy 1 and 2 on this list. People are scared as shit to guard them.

    Plus i would replace Jamal Crawford with Gilbert Arenas in a heartbeat, Hands down, no questions asked.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Control..

    And i did put him on the list.. just not @ top 5 IMO..

    Still lmao lol

  • Detroit Dave

    Somebody, somewhere is gonna vouch for me when I say this…….FLIP MURRAY. 1 on 1 with no help defender can’t be guarded. Period. Def not top ten but I’m just giving him some love.

  • Zack

    “i know most big men in the league have no handles, but don’t you think someone like shaq could just back down one of these guards from the 3 point line and get some easy buckets?”

    Exactly. We need some more more definition to the requirements for this list. I mean, straight 1-on-1, by 1’s, to 11 or something… you gotta go with a big guy. I mean, take Shaq when he was younger. He backs anyone in the NBA down and dunks every time. The only way you stop him is if you can steal the ball from him and that’s pretty much impossible when he’s got you on his back. On defense he just backs way off and waits for the other guy to finally miss a jumper.

  • Harris11

    Melo should be number 2 easily.. if not number 1

  • http://dime.com Jojo & Melo

    I take the same guys but I think this order is better !
    7-Joe Johnson
    10-Jamal Crawford

  • KnicksFan84

    How is Nate Robinson and Ben Gordon not on list/honorable mention?

  • control


    Because they both suck (compared to the people who are on the list).

    Nate would lose 11-0 to guys like LeBron, Durrant, Melo, Kobe, etc. Ain’t no 5’8 guy who isn’t SUPER quick, beating a 6’6+ guy who is just as quick. Nate isn’t even a good shooter.

    BG might get on a hot streak and tear some shit up, but only in the 4th quarter of the match…by then he’d be down too far to do any good.

  • http://dimemag Saleem

    Manu Ginobili no doubt deserves to be on the list, as well as Steve Nash

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden



  • Nyeme

    What do they mean by 1-on-1? Do they mean just give them the ball and clear out, no one can guard them 1-on-1 or just a 1-on-1 game? Dirk really can’t handle the ball, and his post game is suspect, he still gets the ball taken while trying to post.

    1. Kobe
    2. Melo
    3. Lebron
    4. Wade
    5. Durant
    6. Dirk – his shooting gets him higher than he would be otherwise
    7. Duncan – still practically unguardable
    8. Monta Ellis
    9. Chris Bosh
    10. Deron Williams

  • the cynic

    1. Kobe
    2. Melo
    3. James
    4. Wade
    5. Durant
    6. Manu
    7. Roy
    8. Dirk
    9. Pierce
    10. D-Will

  • CTP

    I would put D WILL on there.. He can get to the free throw line at will! He is to big for guards to maintain.

  • http://dime eyes

    The title reads 1 on 1. Which means basically breaking your man down in a N.B.A. game.

    I second Flip Murray,Rafer Alston & Jamal Crawford. I don’t even remember how many 50 point games he has. 6’4″ with everything except defense. Could play the 1 & 2 legitely. Honorable Mention: Stephen Jackson,John Salmons-Tough Cover(Very unorthodox) Tony Parker healthy with no help your dead

    Steve Francis dribbled better than A.I. & had his crossover & the D.C. cross.

    Jamal Crawford has been a special player in this league. Just not marketed as a star. The Knicks ruin everybody & w/o Jamal this year the Hawks would not be in position to compete. How can 1 player equate a bench. That’s crazy.

    Gilbert Arenas 1 on 1 game is impecable. When he’s on it’s worse than Crawford. I think both players are cut from the same cloth with scoring ability. Melo’s Jab step pullup is unfair. Nash really can’t be guarded if he was a jacker & mean. He’d get 40 nightly. His offensive skill might be the best of any guard in the league. Brandon Jennings with a green light & hot is a nightmarish of a cover.

    Ginobli is sick & very underatted. Has more moves than a dance class instructor. Step backs,euro step,Shamgod/Pooh Allen,Kenny behind the back,in & out,head fakes Just cold.

    Lebron is more of a flat out bully. He goes through you rather than skillfully around you. If he had Joe Johnson games or Gilbert’s he’d have 3 championships by now. The ability to score whenever you want with no help from a referee.

    Wade is on constanct attact & plays with reckless slashes & drives. Therefore he’s bound to get the benefit of the doubt.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Big Mike and Control yea I know T-Mac ain’t what he used to be. Thank GOD for old video games where he is still a beast lol. Just have to put “injury off” on settings before you play lol.

    Anyway I would be interested to see how young vs. old would do 1 on 1. Would be some really good battles too.

    Kobe vs. Jordan
    Bird vs. Carmelo
    Duncan vs. Russel
    Shaq vs. Wilt

    @ DIME: The list goes on I think you all should do like you had who would win in a 1 on 1 tourney and do it with old vs. young.

    Come on DIME you have to admit it would be some interesting match-ups. Plus with old heads voting and all the youngins who don’t know some of the older players it would make the voting interesting (plus the homers).

  • Ian

    i like your top 5
    change jj for nash and im set but my order would be diff you know who i have at one hehehe

  • killa cam

    @KnicksFan84: Ben Gordon?
    You’re a joke if you consider him even top 50. His ball handling skills are mediocre at best for a guard in the nba. Ben Gordon deserves absolutely no mention.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I should have clarified to say 1-on-1 in a game situation. Shaq couldn’t just back his man down from the perimeter because somebody would eventually come over and strip him.

  • zawon

    did anyone see manu fake out the whole thunder team last night? how many times have you seen manu go past an entire team while attacking the rim and finish with an and-one? why can’t any dime writer acknowledge any spurs greatness beside tim duncan’s? questions.

    p.s.-lebron just blindly attacks and hopes to get bailed out by the refs. def. doesn’t deserve to be that high on the list.

  • pdxballer

    I gotta say, and I know I’m not in the popular opinion on this, but I think Brandon Roy has top 5 one on one scoring, but because he’s in Nate Mcmillan’s system (which isn’t designed for quite the outlandish numbers of some other teams) he gets a little overlooked. At the same time, however, many people don’t see all his moves just because not that many people outside of Portland (and dedicated fans) see all Blazers games and I understand it makes it harder to (in my opinion) properly rate him. Brandon Roy can post up and from there perform up and understand, fade-aways and drop steps and out of the triple threat, he can shoot or take his man off the dribble and has a nasty crossover. So therefore I think he also one of the most versatile one on one games. Now, without further adieu, this is MY top 10 one on one scorers list:

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Lebron James
    3. Carmelo Anthony
    4. Brandon Roy
    5. Dwyane Wade
    6. Kevin Durant
    7. Dirk Nowitski
    8. Jamal Crawford
    9. Monta Ellis
    10. Manu Ginobilli

    Finally, I understand that based on what everyone based their lists on their own experiences and opinions and these are just mine, so if you disagree, explain why rationally.


  • ash

    dirk is top 5 for sure. he has the most unstoppable shot in the nba..he gets that shot off even when people know exactly what he is gonna do. dribble to the free throw line, fadeawya off one leg, money….

    for the people suggesting flip murray, rafer alston…cmon…these guys are not go to crunch time scorers in the nba…they cant shoot for shit

  • LakeShow84

    Oh fasho its a gametime situation!!

    1. Lebron
    2. Melo
    3. Kobe
    4. Dwade
    5. Durant
    6. Manu
    7. JoeJohn
    8. BRoy
    9. Pierce
    10. DerOn

    Had to bump Vince.. cant believe i forgot Dwade.. Big whoops lol

  • http://stonerodco.com Dennis stone

    since Koby said the other day that Brandon roy was the only other player in the league with no hole in his game besides himself ,and ron artest says he is the hardest player to gaurd i pick Roy as no lower than second on a list such as this one.

  • control

    Damn, gametime situation? Only to get a score? Not make a play/pass/etc? AB, you gotta mention those qualifiers straight up, not 50 comments in :P

    That changes things…I think Duncan needs to be slipped on to the list in that case. Even with him starting to show his age, he has the best fundamentals in the league, you know he’s going to do the absolute right play at all times (even break hearts with his first 3 of the season).

    Bosh slips right off the list, for some reason he just does a fadeaway when the Raps NEED a bucket. Guy has to grow a set and rip the rim off…

    I’d take Joe Johnson off the list too (not that far off), from what I’ve seen, he shrinks in 1on1 situations.

    I’d add Tyreke, rook has some crazy fucking moves in game situations.

  • LakeShow84

    Honestly i need to watch of more Tyreke Evans..

    I would like to tweak my list a little too..

    1. Lebron
    1a/2. Melo
    3. Kobe*
    4. Dwade
    5. Durant
    5a/6. BRoy
    7. Manu
    8. DWill
    9. Joe Johnson
    10. Pierce*

    * Should be higher but banged up.. or just playing for the GRIM green.. lol jk beantown, had to..

    @ Ian

    I had to give Brandon Roy the SLIGHTEST bit at the moment lol but Ginobli is starting to look vintage again and dude was a top 10-15 player in the league not too long ago.. it would certainly make the playoffs interesting..

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    yea 8,9,10 all over roy, roy is a good solid all round player that is terribly overrated

  • Derrick

    hey dime you always doin the best this the best that. so i was wondering if u can make a list of the best ballhandlers in the league.

  • Ian

    make the playoffs interesting?? jefferson will fuck it up alone.

    with the new rules duncan is in the list.

  • Dre

    Lebron is the best but JC is so serious. I would move Dirk below PP and move JC just ahead of B. Roy.

  • http://www.blueballs.net Chicagorilla

    So if we take away the refs, and we put all the NBA players into a pick up game in a random gym. You’re telling me Lebron would be picked up in the top 10? without the help of David Stern or a whistle? f^^^^k no! Everyone in the right mind will pick Shaq or Tim Duncan first and second. Then Melo, Wade, Kobe, and the rest of them. No one is picking Paul Pierce in the first 25 spots. Hell if you want PP, just take Tyreke Evans since they are the same player.

    Oh and yes i’m a Chicagoan, so why is Derrick Rose not mentioned at all? you’re telling me, after watching the playoffs, you would want Derrick starring you down instead of PP or Joe johnson? I’ll take that bet every single time.

  • killa cam


    you sir are a moron. In your scenario of course Bron gets picked in the top 3 (probably 1st 9 times out of 10). No one is picking Shaq or Duncan first. If as a captain you REALLY wanted to go big Dwight is top dog. Stop living in the past.

  • http://bbs.hoopchina.com yagami90

    are you kidding me?
    The best 1-on-1 Scorers must be an insider Scorers like Tim Duncan or Yao Ming.

  • http://www.blueballs.net Chicagorilla


    I’m a moron, but you’re telling me in a pick up game with no refs, you would pick Dwight before Shaq/Duncan? Its not even worth debating you on this topic, in this battle of wits, you are clearly unarmed.

  • http://dimemag.com CP3fan

    1. Kobe
    2. Melo
    3. Wade
    4. Bron
    5. Durant
    6. Jamal Crawford (I’m mean get real 1on1 who can really stop him)
    7. Broy (is not overrated if anything thing is underrated he will be the second if not the best SG in the league when Kobe retires)
    8. Chris Paul (some of the sickest handles in the league and can finish with contact around the rim)
    9. Dirk (Jumpshot is nearly impossible for anybody to stop)
    10. Manu (one of the best playmakers in the league right now)

  • Patrick

    10 Best 1-on-1 Scorers in the NBA? With this question, I’m thinking of 10 players who isolate frequently, are very versatile on offense, and can explode for at least 45 points on any given night. I’ve provided descriptions for my top 5.

    1a. Kobe – Most polished offensive game in the L, scored 81
    1b. Melo – Possibly more versatile than Kobe, can post-up with a great array of moves, has a great jumper(mid-range and long-range) that in my opinion is the best looking shot in the L, has a lot of moves off the dribble that, along with one of the quickest first steps in the L, allows him to get to the basket anytime he wants, very strong inside with put-backs, lay-ups, and dunks, gets to the free-throw line most often in L
    2. LeBron – Sheer athleticism, size, strength, speed, and quickness allows him to get easy baskets on the break and in the half-court, although jumper is inconsistent, has very deep range
    3. Durant – Improving rapidly, has total package of skills in a power foward(at least height-wise) frame. Great jumper with some of the greatest range in the L, has mid-range game and short floaters and bank-shots down pat, quick off dribble with great moves. Will probably overtake LeBron as a scorer but not an overall player
    4. D-Wade – Shreds defenses very often by slicing through the lane with unbelievable dribble-drive moves, gets to the line often, goot mid-range jumber and improving long range 3-point shot, great floaters, bankers, and all the trick shots around basket, extremely quick, fast, and explosive
    5. Dirk – Tremendous jumper that’s impossible to defend given his height and where he releases the ball, good post-up game that supplements his great mid-range and long-range game effectively, lacks explosiveness and moves off dribble that the above mentioned players possess
    6. Brandon Roy
    7. Monta Ellis
    8. Joe Johnson
    9. Al Harrington
    10. Paul Pierce

    Honorable Mention : Chris Bosh, Manu, Jamal Crawford, Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans