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5 Reasons The Celtics Can Still Win The NBA Championship

After the Celtics lost – at home no less – to the Nets at the end of February, I was almost ready to give up hope. With the additions of Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels this past summer, along with a healthy KG, I really thought it would be like 2008 all over again. But things are never that easy. So after the C’s responded with a four-game winning streak, things are back on track and my wavering faith has been restored. Sorry LeBron, Dwight and Kobe, but I think Boston’s got it this year.

With 21 games left in the regular season, the next two months should prepare the Celtics for the playoffs. Sure their last four wins have come at the hands of some of the Eastern Conference’s bottom feeders (Detroit, Charlotte, Philly and Washington), but they’ve finally got their rhythm back. And here are five reasons that Celtics fans should be planning a trip to Boston this June.

1. The emergence of Nate Robinson
Sure Nate was 0-for-3 in the Celtics win yesterday over the Wizards, but his 14- and 16-point outings against the Pistons and Bobcats provided vital of the C’s. Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t want to see Eddie House go. But Nate has shown that he can fit well in this system. He’s definitely not a longterm option, and can’t be trusted with the ball in his hands in pressure situations, but in small does you’d be hard pressed to find a better volume scorer coming off the bench.

2. The health of Marquis Daniels
His numbers haven’t been amazing since his return, but the important thing is that he’s healthy. ‘Quis will be invaluable for the Celtics as they make a deep playoff push. He can score when needed, D-up the other team’s best wing and lead the troops in the second unit. If he’s able to do all three, Celtics fans will be like, “Posey who?”

3. The arrival of Michael Finley
Although Finley was in Boston on Sunday night, he did not make his Celtic debut. Nonetheless, his addition will prove to be huge for the C’s in time. “This was already a great team without me,” said Finley in The Providence Journal. “I’m just going to come in and lend my veteran expertise, whether that be on the court or in the locker room. I’m just going to do whatever I can to make this team a better one.”

4. Their schedule
There’s no better way to prepare for the playoffs than by playing playoff teams. This month, Boston will face Milwaukee, Cleveland, Dallas, Utah, Denver, San Antonio and Oklahoma City. I’m not saying their going to win all these games, but they should have a playoff atmosphere. And at the very least, if they do lose, they’ll see their weaknesses and try to address them. With a lot of doubters already out there, you know Boston is going to try and prove them wrong.

5. The luck of the Irish
Last year, after losing on Saint Patrick’s Day, the Celtics finished the season 12-2. This year, they’ll hope to do the same.

For one final footnote, the real reason I think the Celtics can still win the title this year is Rajon Rondo. Sure KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen get all the shine, but it’s Rondo that is currently the best player on the team. Averaging 14.1 points, 4.5 rebounds, 9.9 assists and 2.5 steals per game, Rondo leaves his imprint all over the court.

What do you think? Can the Celtics still win the title?

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  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    There is a chance I would have agreed with you after reading this article. There is, however, one problem; I watched them play the Wizards yesterday. KG was getting beasted by Andre2000, Thorton was lighting up PP, and the Celtics were generally a step behind the whole game. Sure, they pulled out the win, but that was more Washington handing it to them on a silver platter, than anything Boston did to deserve it. I’m from Vancouver, Canada so I don’t have any “home” team. I like the Celtics, I was ecstatic when they got KG, and I rooted for them all the way to their championship, but lets all be honest; their done.

    After the Boston-Washington game I tuned-in to see Denver wipe the floor with Portland. If the same Celtics I had just watched played the Nuggets that followed it would have been a 30 piece McAsskickin.

    There is no way Boston makes it out of the East, and if they do LA, Dallas, or Denver will be there waiting to show them they’re washed up old men.


    Nope! Second round exit for them.

  • Leroy Shonuff

    If rondo and daniels plus an old finley are the key to the Celtics winning…then they are really done. Rondo can’t shoot(24% from 3’s) Daniels….yea aight!!!!!!!!! And finley is done. Biggest issue with the celtics…old players. Atlanta runs past and jumps over them. Orlando is better in every way and Cleveland with their small unit is a killer….straight jason…they better hope they don’t get chicago again cause they might go home early

  • RC

    Rondo and Allen are carrying this Celtics team on their shoulders. I’m not sure if the Truth is just taking it easy and conserving energy for the playoffs but he hasn’t been the Paul Pierce that puts away teams. KG is definitely not taking it easy, infact he is trying as hard as he can but it’s obvious those knees are not holding up good. He is the core of the Celtics D but now he gets easily shaken by younger and quicker forwards. Rasheed is just out of shape and has lost his touch from beyond the arc. I am still hoping this team would surprise us in the playoffs. Finals? I doubt it but if it ever happens I am all for it.

    Rondo is the MVP of this team.

  • Taj

    NOT A CHANCE!!! Too slow and not enough legs to hang with younger/deeper teams comes playoff time.

    Second round at the most..

  • Showtime

    You’re not gonna win a title with Rajon Rondo as your best player and he’s been their best player ever since the Chicago series. KG and Pierce are declining rapidly while Ray Ray has been pretty solid. It’s only going downhill from here

  • Prof. TX

    They’ll win their first round matchup, but it will take more games than it should. When the second round comes, they’ll have to start making summer vacation plans.

  • Celts Fan

    5 Reasons to still think the Celtics can win the title:

    1. You’re blind
    2. Comcast shut off your service
    3. You’re related to a player
    4. Blatant homerism
    5. Heroin

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    I agree. I think if they make it to the Finals, the West will give them a tougher run for their money than the East.

    @Leroy Shonuff

    Rondo is not old. Sure, his teammates were born in the era of Mad Men, but they know as well as anyone that this is their year. The Bulls teams that won were older. Even the Lakers squads with Kobe & Shaq.


    Too slow? Rondo is arguably the fastest guy in the League!

    @Celts Fan

    Haha. Of all people, I thought you’d have my back. This team is still 40-21. It’s not like they’re the Spurs clinging to a playoff spot. People love to hate this team, but nobody wants to play them

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ CeltsFan

    Thats a good 5..

    But i will say there is no team i’d rather face in the Finals than the Celtics.. PLEASE MAKE IT BACK..

    But to me this team is full of too many INDIVIDUALS.. they dont have that same team concept they had during their championship run.. well to me it seems that way.. thats what happens when you get certain types of players.. And thats spoken directly at Daniels who is a 1on1 player and subpar defender at best.. then throw in Rasheed “do whatever i want” Wallace and you got a team whose left with anal issues cuz they signed these guys to make them better (Daniels, Williams) or rejuvenate them (Sheed) but half way into the season they still the same players they were last year.. no better no worst..

    but please by all means, catch fire and make it to the Finals Celtics.. Aint no Finals better than GoldvsGreen..

  • control

    Celts ain’t gonna win the title this year. Their core guys who got them the title in the first place have completely fallen off. Pierce and KG are just shadows of the players they used to be (and PP was kind of overrated to begin with) and Rayray is as consistent as always, but he ain’t gonna win it by himself, even in his prime.

    The Celts role players are average at best, and garbage in most cases:

    Rondo is still chilling in the top 5 worst shooters in the NBA category, not to mention being a bonehead 50% of the time he’s on the court.

    Perk is what he is, a big 7 foot guy who would barely stand out on an episode of “Little People, Big World”.

    Glenn the Gooch is pure garbage as a player, and should be wearing a sumo diaper instead of shorts.

    Sheed doesn’t give a fuck about anything, and has lost most of the ability that made him dangerous when he did give a fuck.

    “Quis” is a solid role player for the future.

    Nate Robinson is garbage that has already been through the trash compactor.

    Scal…even is own family thinks he shouldn’t even be in the NBA.

    The only reason the Celts can be talked of as contenders is because the players (cept Ray) are such douche bags that everyone (fans from the 29 other teams) has to bring em up to bash em. Most of the players on the Celts could give lessons to the Jersey Shore cast on how to act like douchebag idiots (I would love to see Glenn Davis and that short fat Snookie bitch get together, assuming Glenn Davis even likes females…he’s probably gay).

    Even articles like this are written to open the floodgates of hate on the Celts, and it’s working! Keep up the good work!

  • Dennis Castro

    The Celts are 2-8 against the other top 3 teams in the East. That is a good sample size to base my opinion against. They are done. As Elaine Benes told the Soup Nazi, “NEXT!!!”

  • Mike Mihalow

    Not winning. Not even A.I. would bet on the Celtics this season.

  • Celts Fan

    @Aron – I’d love to think like that, but I seen too much this year to believe that. We’re old, relatively thin at key spots, and not athletic. The younger teams are just more athletic (see how the Hawks have owned us) and I don’t see anyone on our squad that can stop the King. Just being realistic…

  • Dagger

    The only facts in this article concern the Celtics’ winning streak, and you admit that was against terrible competition. The rest of the article contains so much wishful thinking and biased judgment that number five on the list is about the “luck of the Irish,” as if something happening once indicates that it will happen again with different variables.

    The problem for the Celtics is that they can’t seem to beat great teams. The reason should be obvious: when the big three were assembled everyone knew they’d have a couple years before age became a major issue. Because of age the effectiveness of the Big Three would inevitably diminish with time, not only because players lose a step as they grow older but because injuries become more frequent and heal slower. Suffice to say age has caught up to Pierce, Allen and especially KG, and the emergence of Rondo isn’t good enough to cover the difference. Meanwhile the real contenders – LA, Orlando and Cleveland (maybe Dallas or Denver) have all become much, much better.

  • Name (required)

    Five reasons the Celtics wont win it all this year.


  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Rondo is underrated.
    But the Cs can’t win the title this year.
    Too old, too injured, too late.
    But rondo is the future…

  • Taj


    OK so they have 1 guy that has quickness in the starting 5.. with Nate coming off the bench that makes 2. So while they are all over the court, KG, Sheed, McDyess, Finley, Perkins, Big Baby, Marquis will all be able to keep up with them and make plays when it counts??? Not over a 7 GM series..

    Last nights game vs the Wiz showed that they can rely on their experience to grind out wins.. A team like the Hawks, Orlando, Miami puts them to bed easily..

  • Taj


    Do you seriously think the “luck of the irish” is a valid reason that they can win a Championship???

  • Leroy Shonuff

    @ Aron….

    Rondo can’t shoot. Plus he got brought and sold last year by Rafer and Anthony Johnson. The celtics have a good team, but it’s not even a title team. The second round is their best option but they can easily lose in the first round.

    They should of have got some young wing players(affalo) and Channing Frye would have been good. Instead it was Sheed(who sucks…and I am a North Carolina fan) and daniels….hahahahaha…plus perkins can’t score and pp is vastly overrated

  • rell

    I wished you didn’t make this post because I knew a post like #11 would eventually show up. I am a Celtics fan but I don’t we have any hope of winning the ‘ship this year. Garnett defense is average now since the injury and like others have said Pierce have lost a step. If Pierce played like he did in ’08 I would said we would have a chance even with Garnett being the player he is now. But since Pierce is not dependable, especially in the clutch, I think we only have a 1% chance to win the finals. We have too many problems to win a title.
    1. Our defense is not dependable like in ’08.
    2. We are a bad rebounding team that let teams get to many offensive rebounds.
    3. Our backline defensive rotation is slow once a player get past our perimeter defenders. Pierce can’t keep anyone in front of him anymore and Rondo gamble too much. Rondo could be a great man-to-man defender if he would stop gambling all the time. In ’08 the defensive was good enough to cover for Rondo once his man got past him but right now we can’t do that.
    4. We are old and not athelete enough at the 4 and 5 spot.
    5. Our bench is not good enough to win a championship. Rasheed is a 7ft shooting guard who can’t rebound, Big Baby have taken 2 steps back since last season, Marquis is not the scoring threat the Celtics thought they were getting, and Scalbrine is still on the team. I like the Nate pickup but that is not enough to win a title. Boston still is missing a athletic big man that can rebound and block shots. Tyrus Thomas would have been a good fit for Boston but we don’t have a good enough GM to recognize that. I wished Ainge would have resigned Powe back because a 50% Powe would probably be our best big man off the bench this year.
    6. Doc will not make Rasheed get his big tail in the post.

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO@CeltsFan… No. 5 might be a bit strong. Weed is green is more like for me…

    KG may have played like shit on offense vs the Wizards but he doing okay on the defensive end. He was moving better, he was challenging shots in the paint and rebounding.

    And did you see the last minutes of the 4th vs the Wiz? They turned up the defense and became the Celtics we know that played shut down defense.

    But yeah, they miss Powe as well.

    Think Marquis on defense AND Finley on offense will make people forget Posey.

    @LakeShow… ain’t nothing better but green vs gold. But be careful what you wish for… I think… lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Boo on these 5 reasons…

    Finley as the great veteran piece? No way.

  • Sporty-j

    If the Celtics play the Heat in the first round they are gone. I cringe watching Garnett run up the floor now… Thats what agedoes to ya. The heart is willing, but the flesh is weak…

  • quest???

    “Sure Nate was 0-for-3 in the Celtics win yesterday over the Wizards, but his 14- and 16-point outings against the Pistons and Bobcats provided vital of the C’s.” yea…how can you keep a straight face reading this…hahah 0-3 against washington!!! and 14 and 16 points against the pistons and bobcats..the effing pistons and bobcats?!?!!, i rest my case. you should change your title to some of the reasons the celtics will not even get out of the second round. wow how can u not laugh when reading the reasons??

  • Kermit The Washington

    I’d rather see the Celts in the finals than anyone else. I don’t want no parts of Bron, and sadly, Nelson and Williams and Reddick are too quick for any of our point guards in LA. I think the Celts can GET to the finals, but I don’t see them winning it.

  • chris

    26 posts and no one but aron thinks the celtics can do it – nuff sed

  • the cynic

    5 things that have to happen for the Celtics to even have a chance at the Championship

    1. Kobe Blows out his knee
    2. Lebron breaks his neck
    3. Melo has his foot amputated
    4. Dwight retires
    5. Joe Johnson and Dirk fight to the death and kill each other

    Smooth sailing for the Celtics once all that stuff happens

  • Nigel

    Oh please. They’re toast TOAST.

  • John R. S.

    Just how many people are there can’t see that Rondo is a much better shooter now than he was his rookie year? It’s probably never going to be the strongest part of his game but at his position IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!

    He always could rebound far better than most people his height, punish the opposition for being even slightly sloppy in their ballhandling, etc., etc.

    This year will NOT be his only All-Star appearance, starter or benchie. He’s going to have a LOT more, barring injury of course.

  • bola

    LOL@ Lakeshow for wanting a rematch with this year’s celts.. i agree with the fact that they are the game’s best rivalry bu c’mon.. i want a competitive Finals and having an ageing Garnett and worthless shitheads against pau and bynum and odom.. that will be a massacre.. ron-ron will beast out PP at this stage.. are you just itching for some payback since the big 3 mopped the floor with your boys in 08?.. bring on the cavs or magic, i think they will provide more competition for KB24 and crew.

  • QQ

    Comment#8 is OBVIOUSLYa faker. It’s not Celts. Told ya Dime to fucking regulate your site, unless you want instances like this every day.

    And yeah, yall have to be blind to actually say the Celts can win a chip. No fucking way.

    And look at how this article is written. It’s like someone mumbling when asked to give a reason: they state enough words to make it seem like an argument, but if you look at it, it’s as vague as shit.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    All I can say is WOW u Haters are foaming at the mouth! I love the Celyics and will continue to support my team! There is only one team that can win it all if Orlando doesn’t knock them off, that’s Clevland! “Lakeshow and control are wrong” we may be old but wisdom is a hell of a thing! Sure Denver dallas have a great shot to knock the lakers off but I don’t see it happening. How come you guys never mention Fisher’s tired ass when age and youth are in question he get’s beasted all the time. Anyway if we get miami or chic first round you’ll see a different team and finley is a good lockeroom guy still better that having (sorry scal) Scal as your backup.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Typing to fast sorry for the misprint but Dime does it all the time lol!

  • JB

    Boston will be stopped in their tracks this year. To win the title, they have to get by younger, and more athletic teams. They do horrible against younger teams. Why do you think they lost to the Nets with whom they provided their sixth win of the season. They just cant compete with the likes of Orlando, Cleveland, Atlanta, LA, even Denver or Dallas. Face it. When your best player averages around 14 points per game and your X factor (KG) just brings to the table intensity, frustration, and age, you don’t stand a chance.

  • herb