NBA / Mar 24, 2010 / 2:16 pm

Bomb Squad: 10 NBA Players with the Most Range

J.R. Smith

Not to get too out of control, but last night’s Nuggets/Knicks shootout between Carmelo Anthony and Danilo Gallinari had shades (just shades) of Dominique Wilkins versus Larry Bird. While ‘Melo was getting buckets inside, mid-range and outside on his way to 36 points — the “full-service buffet of offense” as described in Smack — Gallinari was knocking down long-range jumpers left, right and center; he jacked up 13 threes on his way to scoring 28 and getting the win.

In his breakout pro season, Gallo (14.4 ppg) has become one of the NBA’s most prolific outside shooters, ranking second in the League in three-pointers made with 162 going into tonight’s schedule. With each big game he has, his confidence grows and he becomes more of a threat to score from anywhere on the perimeter.

Talking about the concept of “range” in the Dime office, we defined it as, (1) obviously the ability to shoot from a long ways away, but also (2) including guys you have to check the second they cross half-court, because they have the confidence and the green light to pull from anywhere. Who cracks the Top 10 list of NBA players with the most range? My ranking…

1. Kevin Durant
2. Gilbert Arenas
3. J.R. Smith
4. Kobe Bryant
5. Ray Allen
6. Jamal Crawford
7. Steve Nash
8. Ben Gordon
9. Eddie House
10. Peja Stojakovic

Honorable mention: Aaron Brooks, Vince Carter, Stephen Curry, Danilo Gallinari, J.J. Redick, Rudy Fernandez

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  • No Money

    You missed Dirk

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @No Money:

    Not sure Dirk can be on the list. He’s only made 30-something threes this season. I’m sure he can pull from deep when he wants to, but all of those guys on the list are a danger to shoot as soon as they cross half court.

  • Heckler

    no lebron james on this list?
    he can shoot a set shot from 40ft!!

    a SET SHOT; not a heave!


    everybody thinks lebron is a bad shooter but when he’s feeling it, he’s hittin shots from 35 ft easily

  • Tee

    Gilbert Arenas
    Really?? When is the last time he played? If you are going to have him in there you might as well have Glenn Rice too.

  • Heckler

    @ Patrick
    the title of the column is players with the most range. not the most made 3ptrs. we all know damn well Dirk has range. he should be included. and not may of those guys are deep deep threats.

    andres bargnani i guess would be one that could make the top 10


    If Arenas is there, might as well have Starbury too. Just watched the video. Insane range for an insane player.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @ Heckler

    So because we always see Dwight Howard putting up underhand half court shots during warmups should he be included as well?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    We debated Dirk’s place for a while. If I had stretched this list out of the Top-20 he probably would have been on there because, as stated, we all know he CAN hit shots from deep. But the fact is he doesn’t attempt threes that much puts him behind the guys who you literally do have to worry about as soon as they cross halfcourt.

  • RC

    Gilb’s used to be on this list.

    Dirk I agree should be in this list.

    Peja another used to be on this list.

    Vince Carter can shoot a long three fading away. And can shoot a cross court shot with one hand while sitting down.

    Lebron if his shooting is on he can light it up way beyond the 3 point line. He also does his underhand cross court shot in practices.

    Monta Ellis shoots with one hand facing backwards from the dugout.

  • Dapro

    Dirk should be on the list, although he doesn’t shoot slot of threes he’s still a threat to score from anywhere on the court

  • isotope

    I’m not even sure if you should put Ray Allen on this list. He’s one of the best 3 point shooters but when was the last time you saw him take it from 30+ feet? And rarely does he just bring the ball down court and launch a 3, not his game. This is one list you shouldn’t have left Lebron out. He is capable of doing that. Plus nobody on the team (including the coach) will criticize him for doing it. My list:

    JR Smith
    Jamal Crawford
    Eddie House
    Stephen Curry
    Arenas (techinically he’s still in the league)
    Ben Gordon
    Aaron Brooks
    TMac (I know it’s a stretch but it hasnt been THAT long ago)

  • shuttles

    Chauncey Billups should be on this list. I might put him #1. Dude can pop a 3 from 35 ft the same way he shoots from 23 ft. Definitely agree with Arenas and JR on the list – they are the same way. Thing with Dirk and other big guys that can shoot is that they have high releases which they can get away with out to the 3 pt line but if you back them up even further I don’t think they have the strength behind their shots to shoot like that from really deep. So I’d agree with leaving Dirk off.

  • IG

    What about players still in the NCAA tourney?
    1.Farokmenesh (UNI)
    2.Diebler (Ohio St.)
    3.Clemente/Pullin (KState)
    4.McConnell/Dellavedova (St.Marys)
    5.Elston Turner (UW)

  • Diego

    I’d bump Vince and Rudy up on the list. Arenas is off, because he’s been irrelevant (in NBA games played) for so long.

    Vince takes long range 3s, so he has to be on list, like JR Smith–whom I’d probably bump to 1. We are talking guys that like to pop it back several steps from the line, not just shoot minimum distance 3s. JR seems to be the king here. Joe Johnson does this too. I think when he shoots 3s, they are more likely to be long ones than Crawford. (Crawford particularly goes for the baseline 3s.)

  • Heckler

    @ Patrick
    how foolish. but if you wanna be a fool and give Dwight Howard honorable mention, so be it. afterall, you’ve seen him make that shot enough to qualify him as having range if you want. again….if you wanna act foolish like that, be my guess.

    the bottom 5 are NOT a danger to shoot as soon as they cross half court. they all have 3pt range, but they are not gonna give you a jumpshot 2-3 feet behind the 3pt line. only jamal might do that and thats only if the shot clock is winding down.

  • Beth G

    LBJ and Dirk should def be on the list

  • LakeShow84

    I think you guys are missing one of main points..

    Yes Dirk has range but dude dont pull up from 30ft out.. The players listed shoot those shots when the game is on the line..

    And if you put Lebron on there then, as PC pointed out, you’d have to throw Dwight on there as well.. and that wouldnt make much sense would it?? Lebron aint pullin up for no 27 footer in the 4th.. maybe but NEVER seen it..

    Drop Allen (doesnt stray to far passed the line) and Peja (shell of his former mad bomber self) and throw in Brooks & McGrady and its legit..

    And Arenas has made a 30FT BUZZER BEATER.. keep him on the list too.. i’d just drop him to the lower half though considering hes missed a lot of time..

  • stillanetsfan

    TJ Sorrentine
    One of my favorites
    “Sorrentine Hit that one from the parking lot”

  • LakeShow84

    Shit good one Diego.. JoeJohn does pull up pretty far out sometimes..

    Lol @ Heckler

    You’ve never seen Nash, Gordon or House pull up from DISTANCE??

    Damn whatchu been watching?? i’ve seen Nash hit CLUTCH bombs.. we talkin Shaq’s shoe sizes away from line bruh.. pay attention..

  • Heckler

    @ lakeshow84
    all of these guys can take (and possibly make) those loooong range shots with the game on the line.

    but if the game isnt on the line and theres 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, how many of the guys on the list make the conversation of “bomb squad” loooong range shooters?

    how many are casual deep-deep threat shooters?!!?
    like 25-30ft and or beyond?

    all the players in the league are stronger than you think. and 90 percent of them can launch a 30ft with the clock winding down. but that aint what this column is about.

    nevermind what I’VE been watching. stick to the topic homie

  • rangerjohn

    no manu? no roger mason jr? on a decent night they can hit from just about any place on the floor

  • john

    yall sleepin on chauncy.

  • sup den

    speaking of long ranged 3 bombs..



  • Ian

    dirk has to on the list
    thats a bad excuse patrick the 30 threes made or change the title of the article. you think his range disappeared because hes not taking them.

    btw your howard remark is just like when someone says well longley is better than ewing because he has more rings (austin knows what im talkin about on this one).

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jack J

    soon to be Jerome Randle from Cal. Unlimited range

  • Ian


  • watchingandhi

    You guys must not actually watch Ray Allen. He never takes bombs. He’s way too smart to shoot from anywhere beyond a couple of feet out beyond the line.

  • Gerard

    Aaron Brooks

  • isotope

    Since we’re NOT talking about the game being on the line, you can scratch that argument. You do have to consider the player’s conscience and confidence in his shot, as well as confidence from his teammates and coach. If he misses, he’s likely going to be benched. Except everyone knows he can make it consistently from 30 feet. Or everyone just knows better than to criticize him.

  • TJ

    If you talk about guys still in the tournament you can’t leave out Andy Rautins. Dude can pull from anywhere.

  • thenatural

    add Stephon Marbury… but only when he plays in China

  • RonNation

    okur has some nice range

  • hotrod

    man , hate to say it (toronto)
    but Wince drops bombs when needed

    1 wince harder
    2 jr smith

    and those are locks

  • Ape

    Ray Allen not part of this list escapes me.

  • Ape

    *check that

    Paul Pierce

  • GoEasy

    Did a little youtube research on james…

    LBJ can light it from deep


  • GoEasy
  • srb

    JR smith should be at the top of this list. ugh. he’s just looking at the rim the second he steps over the half court line to see when he can launch one.

  • JJ

    Vince and JR are the only two players with the same controlled follow through at 35ft as they have at 25ft.

  • MBE18

    If Vince made the list, LeBron has definitely got to be on it!!!!!

  • thedoc

    That youtube video link that sup den posted was fun. McGrady and Arenas shooting regular form jump shots from that range is just insane. Reminds me of the video of Arenas shooting 1-handed 3 pointers around the horn like it was nothing, feet planted on the ground. How the hell do you get range like that?!! I don’t get it.

  • http://Dimemag Dre Day

    J.R. Smith has the best range in the NBA his name should be first on the list

  • lsuhornet17

    Marcus “Buckets” Thornton belongs on this one.

  • lebron

    u forgot lebron

  • Ian

    just a couple of feet???

  • Sonito

    Not even a fan of Lebron but I’d think he would be at the top of this list.

  • kudos

    Lebron has one of the ugliest shots in the L. That, and the fact that his form changes completely from the free throw to the 3pointer. Duh he gets on fire sometimes, everybody does. But lebron has been, and always will be, a horrible shooter. 7-8 years in the L and he still shoots like he’s in high school. If he hasn’t learned by now, he never will. -

  • Jeffco

    I would definitely have J.R. Smith as the top dog.
    Durant right behind him and Crawford following. You just have to throw Eddie House in there somewhere, dude will shoot from anywhere in the building. Nate Robinson too. He shoots from 90 feet out . . . to the wrong basket.

  • hiimeric

    remember the rookie/sophmore game from i think 2000. jason williams did the elbow pass and pulled up deep a couple times just in normal offense with the quick release to hands behind the back shot? he doesn’t throw his hands down so fast after his release anymore and probably for good reason but he made a living off of deep deep (rick adleman killing) 3’s. he would still take j will out even if he made them haha…. hi memphis

  • sh!tfaced

    If you take away Ray, Nash and maybe Peja…
    “10 NBA Players with the most range” AKA 10 NBA players who didn’t see a shot they didn’t like…

    That’s why they considered Dirk not joining the list.
    Vince and Monte definitely belong.

  • Eric

    Didn’t see any Danny Granger on there. Was he considered at all?

  • Kevin

    Al Harrington? Danny Granger? 3 point champion Paul Pierce?

  • Posterboy15

    With 3 sec on the clock and i need a bomb to win or tie the game..give me Vince Carter..people just go youtube Vince Carter 3 pt shots compared to any other nba player, dont care who it is..They fail in comparison. I wish Vince would brag and show boat his athleticsm more like he used to..these cats now a days run to a camera lookin for a espn highlight. When Vince was on his shit, which it seems he still is btw..it wuz more natural, he didnt need hype, he wuz the HYPE..

  • deepthreat3

    1. J.R. Smith (undoubtedly has the most distance)
    2. Chauncey Billups (proven threat – anywhere – anytime)
    3. Kevin Durant (horse anyone?)
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Lebron James (When his shot is wet, no stoppin it)
    6. Jamal Crawford / Joe Johnson (two in the same)
    7. Steph Curry (still young, but can pop it from ANYWHERE)
    8. Ray Allen (one of top 3pt shooters in history)
    9. Eddie House (quickest release in the league)
    10. Steve Nash
    11. Vince Carter (CARTERRRR)

  • NBAQueen

    glad to see jamal crawford in that list!
    6th man anyone???

  • Kyle

    Dirk, Stephen Curry, Billups and Reddick all have to be on the list.

    Arenas, Gordon(have you seen him this season?), House and Peja(also washed up)should not be on this list.

  • MT In Sao Paulo

    Why is no one saying Rashard Lewis??

  • ryan

    cmon man..wut about VINCE

  • Cain

    What about Eric Gordon?