NBA / Mar 19, 2010 / 5:20 pm

Brook Lopez gets fed up, storms out of Nets practice

Brook Lopez, Dime #43

As the Nets’ wayward ship careens toward the iceberg that is the worst record in NBA history (they’re still in the running with just 7 wins this season), you figured incidents like this would have happened more often. This is from New Jersey writer Al Iannazzone on the Bergen Record blog:

Lopez’s frustration has been obvious in games and in the locker room lately and it was apparent at practice today.

Lopez stormed off the court and was followed by assistant coach Roy Rogers, several players and a Nets’ security person. Lopez never returned.

I like Lopez as a player and a person, but he needs to grow up a little. He was short with reporters on the trip, got annoyed during one interview I had with him in OKC, snapped at someone in Philadelphia.

The losing and his play — Lopez has scored under 15 in four of the last six games — are affecting him. (Devin) Harris said the Nets have to focus on lifting Lopez’s play.

“Teams have been a little bit more aware,” Harris said. “He’s been more of the focal point of the offense. His catches aren’t as deep as they were earlier in the year. It’s probably both on myself and him – it’s kind of a partnership that way.

“We need to make more of a conscious effort that when he has deep position we need to give him the ball regardless of if he has an open shot or not. He’s our focal point in the paint. We need to first and foremost try to get him going and try and get the rest of the guys going.”

For starters, I don’t see the point of calling out Lopez like he’s the problem. He has been NJ’s best and most consistent player all year, and you can’t really blame a second-year pro whose team challenged for the playoffs last year when he gets frustrated playing on arguably the worst team of all-time. Just because he was short with you in one interview, get over it. I’ve had players be short and testy with me all the time; I just understand their circumstance and usually don’t hold it against them. I can only imagine how tense things are in the Nets’ locker room.

Lopez has had it rough this year — he even got frustrated during the Rookie Challenge when his team of Sophomores couldn’t even win a meaningless game they usually dominate — and you just hope it doesn’t impact him negatively moving forward. Either he uses this season to motivate him to never let it happen again, or he starts to pick up poisonous habits of a loser and becomes a 7-foot Ricky Davis.

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  • ERIC

    I really liked Kiki as a GM.

    As a coach, not so much. This team should not be as historically-awful as they are now.

    Hopefully new ownership, new coach, a lottery pick and a tier-2 free agent (we know tier 1 guys arent going to NJ) will get the Nets back to respectability.

    Thats like working at a company where you are competeing with companies for other deals and you keep losing. It’s gonna frustrate you and eventually you’re gonna snap.

    I’m surprised they havent snapped sooner.

    Keep chugging away.

  • quest???

    is it me, or does his head look like it was shrunk by voodoo priests like in the movie beetlejuice?

  • sh!tfaced

    His head was shrunk because of too much losing…

  • http://dime eyes

    How about gettin some players from NJ to play for the Nets. That would help immediatiely. How do you expect a fan base. Why is Lebron & Rose adored by their fans. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hometown heroes(The right ones make for a great following. NJ players are still some of the best in the league & college. Especially overseas. Learn how to pick talent. Money can’t win anything without good assesment of skillful players. The Nets stink because they actually are that bad. The Mavericks would not be as successful had they kept Harris. Donnie Nelson is a GM Wiz. If Dirk had one more cahuna. He has balls. He just needs to cornroll his hair or get some fronts for just the playoffs. Take some MMA classes or something. Hang out with R.Artest for the summer or Stephen Jackson. 50 Cent could help too.

  • quest???

    lol @ dirk with cornrows

  • LakeShow84

    Must be rough to be such a competitor and be the best player on a team about to set such a WACK record..

    i feel for the guy.. Hes legit too..

    I agree with ya AB.. if you cant understand what his problem is then you probably shouldnt be covering professional sports.. yeah these foo’s is rich but there is a lot of pressure on said franchise players.. A WHOLE LOTTA..

  • Cb

    Him and klove need to be on a going postal watch list

  • control

    Saying Brook can end up like Ricky Davis is low, even in a hypothetical situation…

    Ricky Davis was one of those guys who you see a headline like “Ricky Davis is gone” and you think he died…and you are kind of glad it happened. I doubt Brook could ever get to that level, Ricky was a born bonehead and will die (hopefully soon) a bonehead.

    I’m glad Brook is getting pissed off losing, I hate when I watch Raps games and you got guys like Vince, and now Hedo, yucking it up on the bench while being served a fucking 30 piece mcnugget (like fucking tonight, fucking Raps). Let the guy get pissed, just show him how to use that anger to destroy motherfuckers on the court.

  • the cynic

    worst coached team of all-time

  • Posterboy15

    Lol @ Control

    WTF does Vince still have anything to do with the Raptors…BTW Vince had a lesser talented team knocking at the 8th seed last year. Speaks volumes about his game and Hedo comparisons if u ask me…New Jersey i think is a Draft pick and a free agent away from being real playoff contenders…Devin Harris and Lopez are too skilled at their positions for this team to be the way it has been.

  • johnsacrimoni

    Yeah I don’t know..Vince Carter, Raptors? What the hell does one have to do with the other? Crazy…I mean it’s not like he was the face of that franchise for 6 1/2 years and arguably still the most famous player to play for them or anything..I fail to see the connection.

  • Coop

    1) Control you’re a piece of dirt and, more pertinently, a troll.

    2) Lopez has been their only bright spot this year, for the most part, so he deserves a pass without question.