Smack / Mar 24, 2010 / 4:26 am

Carmelo & Danilo go toe-to-toe; more problems for the Wizards

Good to know that a Nuggets/Knicks game at MSG can be entertaining and even playground-style competitive without innocent rich people getting trampled in the front row and Carmelo Anthony having to do a Floyd Mayweather Jr. impersonation … Instead of fighting, ‘Melo just got into a little harmless smack-talk with Danilo Gallinari. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but much like Andrea Bargnani, Gallo kind of snuck up on the League (as much as a guy playing in New York can do it low-key) as a legit problem for defenses. He and ‘Melo were lighting it up all night, but there was a particular stretch in the third quarter where they were guarding each other and trading buckets back and forth, and neither was shy about letting the other know about it. While ‘Melo (36 pts) provided his usual full-service buffet of offense, Gallo (28 pts, 5 threes) was banging jumpers all over the arc … After the Nuggets had blown a couple opportunities to take the lead in the fourth quarter, Toney Douglas got Nene ice-skating with a step-back move and hit a jumper on him to put New York up three with about 30 seconds left. With Chauncey still in a little shooting slump (at least from the field), Denver went to ‘Melo. He took David Lee to the rack, but his power layup spun out. Gallinari hit a couple more free throws, then ‘Melo and J.R. Smith (4-16 FG) missed their last-ditch trey attempts … Crazy that it was less than two years ago when the Knicks exiled Stephon Marbury in part to allow Chris Duhon to have the starting PG job without controversy. Now Steph is playing in China and getting All-Star Game MVPs, while Duhon has been Marburied on the Knicks’ bench. Duhon played all of two minutes last night … So Andray Blatche is showing everybody he can play now, but apparently he still hasn’t learned anything about being a professional. During the first quarter of last night’s Wizards’ loss to the Bobcats, Blatche got into an argument with Flip Saunders and was benched for the rest of the game; Flip said he probably won’t play when the Wizards go to Indiana tonight, either … Post-game, Flip said the beef started when he got on Blatche about his defense: “He didn’t want to hear it. I told him, ‘If you don’t come and talk, if you don’t want to be coached, you’re not going to play.’ We had coaches go up to him three different times. They said he didn’t want to play. Fifteen years, never seen anything like it. He can be (mad) at me, whatever, but you never leave your teammates out to dry like that.” … And the Wizards obviously could have used Blatche. It was a close game where both teams shot under 40 percent, and everybody except Mike Miller (15 pts) was struggling to score for Washington. Gerald Wallace (17 pts, 19 rebs, 3 stls) absolutely destroyed the Wizards on the glass, plus JaVale McGee and Al Thornton fouled out in overtime … That’s now 12 losses in a row for Washington; they haven’t won in the month of March. And their last win was against the Nets, so that doesn’t even really count … In a totally related story, most of us haven’t bothered watching the Wizards play in a while, so maybe we’re late on this. But did Fabricio Oberto just re-emerge from six weeks alone in the woods or something? He looks like he’s been filming a season of “Man vs. Wild” … There was only two other games on the NBA schedule: Danny Granger dropped 32 points on the Pistons in an Indiana win; and while Dirk Nowitzki got ejected in the third quarter and Drew Gooden was a beast out of nowhere with 26 points and 20 boards, Jason Kidd went for 26 points, 6 threes and 12 assists to lead Dallas past the Clippers … J-Kidd turned 37 years old last night. With Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf putting in work over in Japan at 41 years old, do you think Kidd can keep playing in the NBA at a decent level into his 40s? Can anybody currently in the League stick around that long and still make an impact? … We’re out like Duhon …

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  • budz


    and you thought the JKID – DEVIN swap was bad for dallas.

  • mcw88

    i find it weird that point guard is the only position where the player doesnt have to dominate offensively to still be considered valuable (e.g. Kidd, Rose). If players playing in any other positions dont want to take the last shot or be the go-to guy, they are immediately considered a 2nd banana. What’s up with that?

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    And people were wondering why Blatche wasn’t getting more minutes for the Wizzers earlier in the year. By the way, i know you guys renamed the Bobcats the Charlotte Flight, how about we rename the dumb ass Wizards? Wizards… seriously? Can you think of a less marketable team name than that? Why not just call them the D.C. Douche? Washington Presidents. They go from Bullets (easy to sell jerseys) to the damn Wizards – gross. Blatche is a perfect reason why kids should spend some time in school – how would that garbage fly with Rick Pitino? I’d love to see Blatche play for Bobby Knight. Dreamy. Is there any league made up of bigger princesses than the NBA?



    I been wondering how Lebron fits on the Knicks with there already being 2 emerging young small forwards there?

  • Rafa23

    @ mcw
    rose doesnt dominate offensively? he cant do anything really well except driving and scoring.

  • Josh Tha roc

    because the pgs role is to pass the ball and get people looks.

  • Josh Tha roc

    What about D12. Dominates boards and D. 1st banana.
    KG dominate d and facilitate, but known not to take final shot. Career 1st banana.

    Not sure 1st banana is even a saying but oh well…

  • scarboroslikechuck

    hows about gallo in the 3rd
    for the haters

  • Dapro

    Other positions and players have been valuable without scoring the ball

    Big Ben

    Jkidd is the best at it and I don’t know what Rose you were referring to cause it damn sure couldn’t have been Derrick Rose.

  • bigdoggchad

    How bout the refs giving the game to New York with some ridiculous calls late in the fourth? The worst one was the reversal of the charge call on David Lee which would have been his 6th, and the Nuggets would have got the ball back down one. Instead Lee makes 2 fts puts the Knicks up 3.

  • RC

    Blatche is getting a little more burn after Jamison and Caron left and now he thinks he owns the team? Wow I hope Flip straightens out this guy, honestly players like that should all end up like Marbury or Tmac. They are cancers to teams and shouldnt be a pro.

    Jason Kidd is just an amazing athlete. I think him and Nash are very smart in taking care of their bodies and having long productive careers in the process.

    I am dissapointed with the Nuggets loss to the Knicks just a little tiny bit.

  • SJ

    Blatche got two blocks and only played a few minutes into the first quarter last night. Just by that alone, his defense couldn’t have been that bad… He does need to check his attitude, though, he’s gonna f*** up my fantasy stats!

  • Seany_T

    Blatche needs to remember that the Wizards have stuck by him through alot of stupid crap he’s done. He was mouthing off about being under paid the other day, funny how he’s giving it the big “I AM” now that they have blown up the team, he’s top dog by default not because he earned it.

  • bsteezy3

    I think J-Kidd can play in his 40s, but he would eventually have to accept a back-up role, only because the younger guards will blow by him when they run (think Chris Paul at the Allstar Game a few years back). If he is fine with that, then sure he can play in his 40s–he can run an offense easily, he doesn’t care about scoring, he can hit the open threes (I didnt’ know J-Kidd ranked so high on the all-time 3pt list!!)


    and he is perfect for the “player/coach” role…

  • sh!tfaced

    Stockton started all 82 games when he was 41. Why not Kidd – maybe and Nash too…

  • wathelmet

    you know i’ve always thought about this:

    can we have an article on how you can no longer talk about lebron not being around teammates to support him getting to the championship.

    the way i see it, he’s got no excuse if he doesn’t win a championship this year.

    over the years he’s had the following players alongside of him:
    shaq – future hof
    big z – all star
    mo williams – all star
    jamison – all star
    ben wallace – all star / dpoy
    carlos boozer – all star
    wally world – all star

    ok i probably stretched that. but definitely this year can’t be blamed. right?

  • http://www.dish-network-vs-direct-tv.com Compare Satellite TV

    if kidd will not be injured then he can keep playing :)

  • DH

    Out of respect for the sport of boxing, please don’t EVER compare Melo throwing a sucker punch and running away to Mayweather.

  • control

    DH just mentioned it before I was about to. How can you compare what Melo did to anything any boxer has done? The only boxer who would do what Melo did would be one who was just told his medical insurance was canceled a minute before the fight.


    That is stretching BIG time. That is the most obvious of stretching I have ever seen.

    Shaq 6 years after he’s stopped giving a fuck about basketball.

    Ben Wallace after he died and somehow kept moving, because he is just that tough.

    Jaimison has been with him for a month…going to judge him already? Really?

    Big Z is aight, but that is about it.

    Mo Williams was only an all star BECAUSE of LeBron, he is one of the least deserving all stars ever.

    I’m all for being a hater, but a list like that just strains your creditability.

  • LakeShow84

    JKidd can play into his 40’s.. his game is timeless.. doesnt really involve scoring just making the right plays.. plus he gots eyes in the back of his head, you seen the commercial..

    Big NONO for the Nuggets.. cant drop games to the Knicks.. or the Wolves, Wizards and Nets.. Toronto, GS, Memphis, Hornets (no Paul), Rockets, etc, etc. will surprise you so i can see those teams getting big wins but the Knicks??

    Thats a bad loss..

  • Skeeter McGee

    Is it just me or are the Washington Wizards turning into the NFL’s version of the Oakland Raiders?

  • Skeeter McGee

    ***Correction: NBA’s version of the Oakland Raiders

  • JH

    Kidd is his 40’s? in limited minutes off the bench maybe. How old was Sam Cassel when he retired?

    A championship ring in Dallas would leave nothing else to prove but I don’t see him playing more than 2 or 3 more years (with or without a ring). I just don’t think he’ll take the “shamed out of the league” route of AI though.

  • killa cam

    Blatche is a retard. Who he really think he is? I hope he gets benched the rest of the season. I dont care that he on my fantasy squad. The coach cant demand you get back on defense? He a pussy for that behaviour. A real child.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Skeeter

    Nah the Oakland Raiders of the NBA ironically are the GS Warriors.. Horrible drafts and no real FA signings.. plus they alienate their best players..

    @ JH

    Sam Cassell and Jkidd are damn near polar opposites as far as PG play goes.. shame on you..

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Dime, you’re right, I don’t watch much Wizards basketball. The first thing I noticed; Randy Foye is awful, I mean terrible. The guy does not know the meaning of the word pass, and when he does try and pass it’s almost a sure turnover. I love how McGee, on the last Wizards inbound, looks at Foye, looks away and passes to Thornton who promptly heads down court to throw in the game tying bucket. This was after Foye had just thrown up some dreadful double clutch three that had no business going anywhere near the basket.

    I like this McGee kid. It looks like he might be legit. It’s too bad he’s surrounded by head-cases and on a team that is going nowhere fast.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    “Ben Wallace after he died and somehow kept moving, because he is just that tough.”

    @control — That’s hilarious. Sounds like something from the Chuck Norris list.


    Most of the Celtics are over 40. Aren’t they playing decent and making somewhat of an impact?

  • JH

    @ Lakeshow

    It’s true that Cassell & Kidd have/had different playing styles…”polar opposites” as you put it. But I just found out that Cassell played till he was 39 years old and managed to be somewhat productive even @ that age.

    The comparison was of their age…not game. Anyways…I don’t think we have a current NBA player who is over the age of 40. 2-3 more years…I don’t think Kidd will play into his 40’s.

  • Ian

    chuck norris will never die

    blatche is a retard

  • LakeShow84

    @ JH

    Fasho lol you can never be too careful with some of the goofy guys on here..

    If he doesnt lose much of a step he’s better than half the PG’s in the league today.. like i said there arent too many pure PG’s nowadays.. And with enough talent around him his defensive shortcomings wouldnt be so obvious..

  • the cynic

    Blatche is a pure numbers guy. The only people who like his game play fantasy basketball. His bbal IQ is so bad he makes JR Smith look like John Stockton out there

  • LakeShow84

    Damn JR Smith look like John Stockton??

    Thats the harshest criticism ive heard this year lol

  • knickabocka

    @ buffalo brave he’d fit in just fine.