NBA, Video / Mar 2, 2010 / 10:00 am

Chauncey Billups: NBA All-Star, And International Beverage Spokesman

I’m not going to lie. Before watching this video, I had never heard of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages. But apparently they’re a big part of Chauncey Billups‘ life. Rather than other sports drinks and juices, they have bioactives (a material that has interaction with or effect on any cell tissue) that are supposed to strengthen and balance the whole body. Regardless of whether or not you believe the hype, this video about Billups’ life is kind of cool.

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  • jm

    Dude is all class. Love the professional he has become over the years. Struggled early on and may not be a top 3 pg in everyone’s eyes, but he just hits big shots and wins games.

  • Marian

    class act. thats what i call a real star

    p.s. he looks exactly like dmx with that beard!

  • as

    play his best season so far although he is way beyond thirty already

  • dvs

    I think its funny there are guys that are super pro, look after themselves and eat well, then there’s guys who eat burgers and fries before the game and drink soda and stuff. How can you perform at such a high level if you’re eating crappy foods.
    Gotta love Billups. He’s a true Star

  • http://twitter.com/movezthaking movez

    my homie daniel work for them

  • Jason

    I drink Tahitian Noni Juice everyday…good stuff! Hit me up if you want some and I’ll put you in touch with my Noni guy.

  • Ace

    Great video. People may not agree with me and I hope Dime prints this tomorrow but I think Chauncey is the best point guard in the NBA. I knew that last season they would beat the hornets because Chris Paul wouldnt be able to handle him on both ends. And out if all the points in the league I would rather have him in the playoffs before anyone else. He is a winner plain and simple.