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Clemson-Missouri headed for an epic finish

Missouri's J.T. Tiller

*Dime’s NCAA Tournament Day 2 coverage*

This was the first-round game I wasn’t gonna miss for anything, even if I had to watch it on my little computer screen. Clemson likes to run and gun; Missouri thrives on a full-court press taught by Mike Anderson, a disciple of Nolan Richardson and “40 Minutes of Hell.” Mizzou’s J.T. Tiller is a defensive demon and one of my favorite college players, while Clemson’s Noel Johnson is the son of ex-NBA player “Cheese” Johnson, who always makes sure to call up the Dime office and update us on his kid’s progress since we did a story on Noel in 8th grade. AND Gus Johnson is on the mic? You couldn’t drag me away.

As I write this there’s 14 minutes left and it’s tied. It’s been close all game long and they’re going back-and-forth sticking threes and dunking on each other. This game will definitely go down to the wire and could be the best game of the day.

* Clemson coach Oliver Purnell is 0-5 in the Tournament, but today he’s wearing a pimp-style orange jacket that may change his luck. How come you never see Jim Boeheim rock the orange blazer? He probably couldn’t pull it off like Purnell, but still.

* Mizzou’s Zaire Taylor has an amazing back story: He started his career at Delaware, but after he quit the team they pulled his scholarship and his housing, so for a while he was homeless and sleeping in a science lab because he hadn’t told his Mom what happened. He transferred to Mizzou and is one of their best players, and is now in graduate school. And he’s nicknamed “Tazmanian Devil.”

* PAUSE Line of the Day from Len Elmore: “We’re always glad for happy endings.”

* Clemson’s Jerai Grant is the son of Harvey Grant and nephew of Horace Grant. The 6-8 junior is a product of legendary DeMatha Catholic H.S. in Maryland and 7 points and 4.7 rebounds this year. He just dunked on a kid from Mizzou and made him fall down.

* Talking about Clemson’s Trevor Booker, it sounded like Gus Johnson said “booger.” Which got to me to thinking, we need somebody in the NBA nicknamed “Booger.” It’s just a great nickname.

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