NBA, Smack / Mar 5, 2010 / 2:00 am

Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant Shoot it Out in an Overtime Thriller; Big Z Finds a Home

We’re still trying to figure out how the Miami Heat beat the Lakers last night, because it certainly didn’t feel like it was going Miami’s way. In the second half and then into the first part of overtime, it felt like the Heat were being buried in an avalanche of 39 points-worth of Kobe Bryant jumpers, drives and fadeaways. Every time Kobe hit a shot though, Dwyane Wade made some kind of big play on the other end of the floor to keep the game tight and to eventually put the Heat ahead in the second half of the overtime frame. Wade was in straight playmaker mode, taking on ballhandling duties in crunch time and either scoring (27 points) or kicking to wide-open teammates (14 dimes) when double and triple teams came flying at him. The rest of the Heat knocked down open shots and Miami won, 114-111… Is there anyone in basketball better at splitting double teams than Wade? He cuts through them at top speed like they’re not even there. Kobe wasn’t guarding Wade down the stretch (presumably to save him for the offensive end of the floor), so Ron Artest was doing his best to check him. When that grew into a serious problem for L.A., they started running doubles at Wade as soon as he got near the top of the key. The result? Wade split the doubles over and over again with ease and found guys like Udonis Haslem and Quentin Richardson (25 points on seven threes) for open jumpers … One of those open Q shots came at the end of regulation when he drilled a three to put Miami up two with 11 seconds left. You know Miami was happy for two seconds before realizing they had just left Kobe with 11 seconds to go to work … Mamba didn’t disappoint. Out of the timeout – with Wade checking him – Kobe casually walked the ball down the court, made a strong move to his right, pulled up (with Dwyane draped all over him), and stuck a fadeaway to tie the game with three seconds to go. Then he strolled back to the Lakers huddle like he was playing golf … Kobe continued to casually go about destroying Quentin Richardson in the overtime, trading baskets with Heat, until double teams forced him to start giving up the ball. That led to consecutive possessions where Lamar Odom launched an ill-advised three and Jordan Farmar threw up an out-of-control driving runner. On the next possession, a clearly frustrated Kobe drew an offensive foul when he tried to get to the rim and draw a foul. Game over … Suns/Jazz was a pretty pedestrian game until the fourth quarter was halfway finished. In that last chunk of the game, there was a near fight between Amar’e Stoudemire and Paul Millsap after they got tangled up under the rim, a flagrant foul (compliments of Robin Lopez), a crazy Jason Richardson follow up dunk that will undoubtedly be all over ESPN, and a huge three from Mehmet Okur as the shot clock expired to put the Jazz up two about a minute after TNT showed a stat that Okur was averaging a pathetic 1.5 points in the fourth quarter this season … The Jazz, after trailing most of the game (by as many as 13 points), found some life in the fourth and pulled out the win, 116-108 … The Bulls blew a 17-point lead at home in a loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, wasting solid offensive showings from Luol Deng (23 points) and Derrick Rose (20 points). For Memphis, Zach Randolp was a monster, going for 31 and 18. Unfortunately for him, the only thing anyone will remember from this game will be the savage dunk that Rose unleashed on him in the third quarter. We’ll find the video and post it for you today … News dropped early evening East Coast time that free agent Zydrunas Ilgauskas has decided that he’s going to re-sign with the Cavs. There was a feeling that maybe a team like the Hawks could talk him (or pay him) out of going back to Cleveland. We would have liked it Z shook things up a bit a signed with our new favorite title contender, the Mavs. They need more size and Z would feast on open jumpers coming from Jason Kidd passes and Dirk double teams … We’re out like doubling Wade.

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  • Sambuu

    wow that was early… even before AP recaps…

  • spk2629

    the other key to the lakers game was how poorly Gasol played in the late 4th / OT. He was soft, out of place, getting out-hustled, out-muscled, and failed to make timely switches. He looked like the frail Gasol we seen in the o8 finals w/ Boston. And for all of the “Kobe’s-a-ball-hog” haters, how well did it work when he passed late in the 4th & OT? Yeah, thought so…

  • nola

    kobe was a monster. seriously, that was as close to MJ as you can get. i really cant imagine lebron doing what kobe did even though they lost and i’m not talking about running at the rim drawing fouls that arent actually fouls and such. they were just perfect footwork jumpshots that were RIDICULOUS.

    also, farmar made some of the worst decisions on offense and defense last night that was the reason the lakers lost. it wasnt just pau. it was completely farmar’s fault.

  • The Proud Racist

    Gasol should have been more aggressive, Tito Jackson was guarding him in the first half. I meant Michael Beasley!

  • The Proud Racist

    Gasol needs to wake up and play. I might send him a bottle of Sangria. Gasol is becoming soft again!

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Z shoulda signed with the Cavs. Shoulda waited it out. I dont like that.

  • Sweet English


    Wait… What?

    You just confused me.

  • ab_40

    he’s a dumbass don’t bother

    miami cleveland would be one hell of a series. miami orlando not so much. orlando destroys em every time.

    phoenix and utah are going nowhere. Jerry Sloan team just don’t win championships neither do teams led by two time mvp!!!??? steve nash with the runand gun style of the suns.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ post 3

    Since you’re all over Kobe’s Nutz, do you wear a bib all day long to protect your clothes?

    Kobe’s the greatest….gargle gargle….it was all Farmar’s fault……gargle gargle gargle…..

  • JAY

    LMAO @#9

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Ha!!!!!!!!!!!! @ Post 9
    For real!!!!!!!!!!

  • shage

    Let’s not forget B-Easy’s follow-up dunk over Gasol last night. That was pretty sick.

  • JAY

    In regards to players resigning back with the teams that just traded them. I think it’s BS. It happens every year and most of the time it’s set-up before the deal that Team A will trade player 1+2 to Team B for player 3. Then Team B will buyout player 2 who will then resign with Team A. There needs to be a rule against that… maybe a time limit before that can happen. I really hope they fix that loophole in the next CBA.

  • Dapro

    No mention of the tip dunk that “Tito” unleashed on Gasol’s dome in the third quarter? Sick

    The lakers bigs should have dominated but La seems to be on cruise control they’re back to spectating the Kobe show

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Now I read smack pretty often, but this is the first in a while with no Lebron mention right?

    Gratz to Dime for taking off them knee pads!

  • RC

    I was dissapointed how the Suns lost that game. Amare was beasting both Okur and Boozer. The guy just dunks whenever he wants to (all it takes is one quick drop step). They lost the game because of turn overs and a couple of bad shots. Although the J-Rich follow up dunk is nuts.

    I like how the Heat kept their composure against the Lakers. They didn’t panic in the last minute and took care of the ball. Kobe is Kobe he will score at will but basketball is a team game.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Ugh. Kobe was doing his MJ THAAANG down the stretch. Unbelievable. However, Gasol and Bynum were doing their Kwame Brown THAAAANG and dropping passes left and right down the stretch. That’s why we lost. Great game tho. Q was on fire

  • Cleveland2winitALL

    How can you compare Kobe to MJ or to Lebron for that matter…he didn’t win the game…isn’t that in MJ fashion….Lebron would have won the game not in a Kobe “last minute I wanna be the hero” finish. Kobe is good but he doesn’t always get it done…it’s the team as a whole thats geting it done….not just Kobe…he dominates in spurts…he doesn’t dominate the game…

  • isotope

    I was going to respond to post 18 (Jordan lost some games, Lebron loses games) but then I saw his username. That explains it all. Never mind.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    wow. poor dwyane wade. basketball life on the court is too tough for him.
    imagine on defense, you gotta guard kobe bryant late in the game. and then on offense, your guarded by ron artest.
    somehow, wade pulled it off. kobe made him look silly like his defense was nothing; other times dwyane wade blocked his shots.
    sometimes it appeared he ran circles around ron artest and hit long jimmies in his eye; other times he couldnt get free and ron was stripping him at midcourt cleanly (even scottie pippen got a chuckle and camera time outta that).

  • Suka Free

    **Zach Randolph

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @Kobe fans,

    Do you seriously think that was a good game for Kobe?

    If this was a game of one on one, then yeah Kobe had a phenominal game. Did he look like MJ? Hell no. He looked like Dominique Wilkins. What Kobe did was night was the exact reason why he ain’t on the level of MJ, Bird, Magic, Kareem.

    Kobe shot his team out of the game. Let me explain. He was on fire, and was hitting shot after shot. 12 straight Laker points I think i heard he had between the end of the 4th and OT. While Kobe was on his scoring binge, his teammates were forced to stand and watch, or maybe fight for an offensive rebound. What his teammates weren’t allowed to do was TOUCH THE BALL. He took so many shots in a row with giving anyone else a chance to stay in the rhythm of the game, that by the time he attempted a bullet pass to Bynum, or hit Odom for the 3, or anyone else, none of them were ready. Thats the same ish D.Wilkins, Benard King, Allen Iverson, and Rick Barry used to do. It’s the reason you get the selfish label.

    in contrast, here is what DWade (who i consider i better player) and Miami did in the most important stretch in OT.

    Kobe – Hits fallaway jumper over Wade, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami – Haslem hits jumper from top of key of pick n roll with Arroyo

    Kobe – Hit pull up jumper over Q-rich, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami – Pick n Roll Play, Arroyo nails jumper at top of key

    Kobe – Hits pull up jumper over Q- Rich, with Haslem running over to double, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami- Pick n Roll, Oneal’s fouled hits two freethrows

    Kobe – Haslem runs over to double just as Kobe crosses half court, bullet pass to Bynum goes off his hand and out of bounds
    Miami – I cant remember, but i think DWade got a bucket here to take the lead

    That sequence there, shows you the difference between a great player and a great scorer. While Kobe is taking all these pull-ups and fade aways, Bynum, Gasol, and Artest all had mis matches. Artest could have over powered Wade on the block, Bynum had the gimpy Oneal, and Gasol has 5 inches on Haslem and Beasly. Not to mention Odom is a mismatch on the entire NBA.

  • isotope

    lol y’all Kobe haters are too funny. He either shoots too much but if he doesn’t he doesnt take over a game. If y’all are old enough, you’ll know MJ was also accused of shooting too much. Lebron is accused of shooting too much. If they win, they’re “dominant”; if they lose, they’re “ball hogs paralyzing the offense of the team”. SMH.

    Wade took 21 shots (made 9) and had six turnovers. Kobe took 28 shots and would have had more assists if his passes werent dropped (Bynum had 5 turnovers). I’m not saying Kobe is Jordan but I’m sure you can find footage of games that Jordan had (with the team losing a close one) that looks very similar to Kobe’s game last night.

  • isotope
  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Motherf^ka, stop bringing up MJ’s name when talking about Kobe. That cat ain’t close to Jordan. That’s like saying Jesse Jackson is just as important to black people as Barrack Obama. you S.O.B.s are taking it too far now. Even when its right in your face, you still insist that Kobe is this God of basketball. Its not like Mj vs Elgin, or Shaq vs Wilt, where they never played eachother or didn’t play in eras close enough to each other to gage the others talent level against the same competition. Until the rule changes, Kobe was Dominique Wilkings, now he’s a Lord of Basketball because Shaq (3 time finals MVP)got him 3 early rings? which Kobe directly was the cause of them not having a 4th (vs Det) or maybe more.

  • http://dime eyes

    1. Lamar’s Three rattled out. Bynum should have caught the pass plain & simple. Farmar sucks & shouldn’t be in the N.B.A.
    2.When Ron Artest starts flopping you know he’s in hollywood or maybe he just notices you get rewarded for it
    3.Bad officiating.A)Flop called on Ron Artest B)No call on QRich getting fouled on the 3pt shot at 11 second mark
    C)Kobe actually avoided the charge J.O. drew in O.T.
    D)I also forgot Wade got hip checked & fouled twice on the finger roll drive down the middle of the cup.

    Kobe is still great & the best player in the league by far. Wade is closing in. Lebron is the best physical specimen & teammate. He cannot do what Kobe did to get them into overtime in the 1st place. What LB did against an aging Pistons team. Bean has done numerous amount of times in the playoffs & Championship series. Hence the 4 rings. Shaq or not. Had he not been a cry baby. They would have ran the table & may have had 8 rings by now. Shaq is very sensitive. Kobe isn’t that cool.

    You can’t please everybody. LBJ fans I hope he makes it to the finals with the least of officiating help. It’s overboard at times. The pressure is on him not Kobe. The only player Kobe trusts in clutch to shoot is DFish & that is spot up Jumpers. Artest can’t turn it on & off like that. L.O. is confused he doesn’t know what to do. Pau is just Pau. Soft & liable to brick crucial free throws like LBJ. Bynum is overpaid & borderline Oden. He’s not even better than J.O. in his prime. I’d even take Horford & Bogut over Bynum. The Lakers have no bench.

    KoKaine Kobe Byrant. Stone Cold Killer. If you didn’t enjoy his performance. Who could come down & hit shots like that consistently. Wade was damn near in his skin to tie at regualtiong. Also BEAN IS 6’5″ & some change. Wade is 6’3″ and plays like a MAN. The height difference & MJ fadewayness is Unguardable. He takes you to his spot. Goodnight. FIST PUMP OR ARMS EXTENDED. “DAMN I’M GOOD” My name is “Kobe”.

    The Heat need to trade Beasley or get a legitimate playmaking PG. Wade can’t be the teams best passer. I’ll repeat it again. The Lakers made a mistake by not signing Rafer Alston. That taste of champagne ruined his career. Nothing motivates him but that & it was taken from him.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Yet in still you a$$holes keep saying his great and he’s the best when Kobe keeps proving you wrong. Kobe is a great talent, and has the tools to be top 5 all time, but mentally he’s a jagoff. Yes, a complete and total JAGOFF.

    Oh and MJ until you a$$hole actually watch tape of MJ, don’t sit there are say he was selfish and took bad shots and was a ballhog. MJ for 1980’s was considered a ballhog. But in today’s era he’s be too unselfish. Back in the 80’s it was so much more of a team game (thanks to the Lakers and Celtics) that ballhogs were frowned upon and…pay attention this is very important, so i’ll type in all caps…SPORTS WRITER WHO WERE ONLY LOOKING AT BOX SCORE AND WERE NOT ABLE TO WATCH THE GAME, LABELED MJ AS A BALLHOG. THEN THE MORE THEY SAW HIM, THEY CLAIMED HE TRANSFORMED HIS GAME AND TRUSTED HIS TEAM… read that several times until it sinks in.

    MJ wasn’t as unselfish as Magic or Bird, but he was learning how to win. He was so thristy for wins that he realized he should take less shots, get his team involved and he will win more. turns out he was smart enough to do so. While Kobe on the otherhand refuses to do so. That just makes you an JAGOFF.

  • Dave

    re:ab_40 – The Jazz success depends on whether or not the Jazz run Sloan’s offense. Whether or not the Jazz are a title contender depends on whether or not the players run Sloans system, end of arguement. Any fan who claims Sloan is detremental to the Jazz winning a chip is obviously regurgitating uneducated opinions they’ve heard some idiot rattle off who thinks the west is somewhere on the other side of the Appalachians.

    While I’ll cut you slack because you obviously don’t follow the Jazz, nearly every coach the Jazz have played for the past two decades comment on how it’s nearly impossible to beat the Jazz when they run Sloan’s system.

    I, and perhaps other Jazz fans, appreciate again your attempt to sound informed but the regurgitation of misinformation makes you seem like you’re a bit clueless, especially when NBA coaches and scouts unanimously and consistently point to Sloan as the reason for the team’s success. I tend to go with what the coaches are saying.

  • Sanssasin

    remember after the lakers lost to the celtics in the finals 2 years ago. all the kobe and mj comparisons stopped. it was a unanimous consensus that kobe was not even close to mj. now here we are 2 years later, just because kobe won a ring and has a puppet commercial he is suddenly in mj status??? please!

    2 awesome games last night on tnt. how miami and utah won? i agree with chuck and c-webb last night after the games, la is the most annoying team in the nba. they have all the talent and they just coast until the talent or kobe is needed. sooner or later that is going to bite them in the ass.

  • Claw

    First of all that was a great game, I don’t know how Wade made it through OT playing both sides and guarding Kobe.

    I usually get on Kobe for ball hogging, but in that game Gasol (on my fantasy team playing for the championship) looked like a bitch. How many times did he fall or get pushed out of the way? He should have schooled Beasley or Haslem but played soft. What happened to the Gasol when Kobe was out just killing guys?

    Suns/Jazz game, Nash is hurting and has an abdominal strain and you can tell he’s not the same. Had some bad T/Os and hasn’t been shooting the last two weeks but give props to the Jazz they were raining 3s, Deron’s two in row got them right back in. Two good games.

  • Sanssasin

    can we give gasol the nickname gass-hole?

  • isotope

    lol Chicagorilla. READING is fundamental. I said “I’m not saying Kobe is Jordan but I’m sure you can find footage of games that Jordan had (with the team losing a close one) that looks very similar to Kobe’s game last night.” This wasnt comparing both players. Just last night’s game to any of Jordan’s games. You guys act like mentioning MJ’s name is like saying the Lord’s Name in vain. lol. Not that serious. He had bad games. He had losses. He had critics. He was/is human.

    And all that Shaq won the championship garbage is old. Put it to rest. Even the league has stopped pushing that in the media like they were.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chicagorilla –

    U done losin credibility yet?
    So after readin your rants, what I got was:
    Shaq won 3 chips by himself
    It was Kobe’s “fault” they didn’t get the 4th
    Kobe lost the game last night by himself
    Kobe was responsible for Bynum’s 5 turnovers and Farmar’s outa control drive and Odon’s missed three
    Kobe was responsible for Gasol not showin up
    Kobe’s not great because the Heat stepped up and won a game so now he’s “Dominique Wilkins”
    Mentally, Kobe’s a “JAGOFF”
    Here’s my favorite part tho:
    “Oh and MJ until you a$$hole actually watch tape of MJ, don’t sit there are say he was selfish and took bad shots and was a ballhog. MJ for 1980’s was considered a ballhog. But in today’s era he’s be too unselfish”
    What the FUCK does that even mean? If the man played in the 80’s and was considered selfish in th 80s, who cares what he woulda done 30 YEARS LATER…
    When a player shoots 15-28 on nuthin but pull up jumpers, u need to appreciate. Did u see the shot to send the game to overtime?

    I’m gonna chalk up ur rant to too much hennessey or maybe just cuz the Bulls lost and the starting point guard had one less assist than Kobe…Explain that one

    Get. Well. Soon.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @ K Dizzle,

    I’m pretty sure i don’t respect anything you’ve ever said and you have Kobes cock shoved deeply down your throat, so uhh… the same as usual playa…”Go f^k yaaassseeeellllffff”

  • Sherm

    Can we PLEASE get rid of that gray bar on the right side of the screen? It makes it really tough to read the words that go across it, since they’re….in GRAY as well. Especially tough to read on my BB. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, mos def seemed like it was the Kobe show last night and without seeing the score I would have sworn that the Lake show won.

  • Sherm

    My bad acting a little slow today,….i Meant the bar on the left side of the screen.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Wow…Chicagorilla must have had some bad coffee this morning or something….

    How can today’s smack comments be about Kobe, killing the defense softly and not being MJ, but not be about Wade proving he is not to be effed with?!!!??? He LED the offense on one end and guarded the best SG in the L on the other end!!! And he did it with a bunch of average-type players!!!

    Chicagorilla…..can we get a rant like that for LBJ….can anyone do a rant like that for LBJ????

  • LakeShow84

    Daaaammnnnnnnnn.. Lots of hate today.. All i have to say to some of goofs is Kobe did all that with a broken finger.. and whether you guys like it or not, THATS AS CLOSE TO MJ AS YOUR GOING TO GET, did i mention the broken finger?? NEXT if you cant appreciate that then you need to get Kobes whatever out your ass..

    cuz clearly you ni$$as is butt hurt from being buttraped too many times..

    Someone gets on here and praises Kobes for a good game and then everyone got some dumb shit pop out they neck.. AMAZAZING.. The funniest thing to me is we still right where we need to be.. 20 or so games left and we STILL sitting at 16 losses.. thats fine with me :)


    Oh shit @ JAY.. you know i meant to type ease.. my bad..

  • Dave

    Gass-hole, best one I’ve heard in awhile.

  • LakeShow84

    Nah i think Gasols nick name should be

    Mr. Spaghetti

  • LABaller

    @ chica haha
    how you gonna claim anyone has anyone’s cock in their throats after the superhead you just gave Jordan??

    I’m just saying.. If youre gonna talk shit make sure you ain’t doin the same thing twice as bad


    what about michael beasley’s put back dunk
    you gotta get a clip of that!!!
    that was just nasty

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    Again, to all you Laker fans and Kobe lovers, tell me this sequence didn’t happen or care to explain to me why this makes Kobe great.

    “Kobe – Hits fallaway jumper over Wade, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami – Haslem hits jumper from top of key of pick n roll with Arroyo

    Kobe – Hit pull up jumper over Q-rich, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami – Pick n Roll Play, Arroyo nails jumper at top of key

    Kobe – Hits pull up jumper over Q- Rich, with Haslem running over to double, no other Laker touches the ball
    Miami- Pick n Roll, Oneal’s fouled hits two freethrows

    Kobe – Haslem runs over to double just as Kobe crosses half court, bullet pass to Bynum goes off his hand and out of bounds
    Miami – I cant remember, but i think DWade got a bucket here to take the lead”

    Again, i’m not a Kobe hater, I actually hate Lebron much more than Kobe. But I LOVE BASKETBALL, and don’t like when people spit on history by stating that Kobe or LBJ are better than the PROVEN/EARNED Legendary status of MJ, Bird, Magic, Kareem

    “Have a different opinion and they gon say you hate” – Joe Buddens

  • isotope

    Chica, my question is this? Is it sooooo unreasonable to think that Jordan could have done all those things too? And the last Lakers sequence had him pass to Bynum and he dropped it. I wouldnt say it’s Kobe’s fault. How many games did Jordan score XX points in a row by himself?

    I’m not saying Kobe is a perfect player. He’s not. I’m not even saying Kobe is like MJ. And I don’t think anyone on here said that. But we can’t say MJ was a perfect player either. He wasn’t. I’m just saying some of the things being said about Kobe were being said about MJ. And it’s not blasphemy to say Kobe had a MJ-like game.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Unlike you skirts who only know how to jock your teams best player. I am more than willing to call out my teams best player or even MJ/Pippen when they played in Chicago. There was plenty of times where MJ f^ked up (Nick Anderson rip in 95′, 60+ Fg attempts in one game in the 93′ finals, trying to take on Det by himself 88-91) and I have no problem getting on him about that. Pippen too (throwing chair, sitting out vs NY, migrane vs Det) and I don’t defend what they did when I know it’s wrong.

    on the other hand, Kobe could piss in your coffee, kick your dog, $h!t on your portch, slap your moms and you kobomosexuals would just laugh it off and say “Oh that’s just Kobe being Kobe, at least he dropped 60 vs NY”.

    Thats whats wrong with the sports nation now. To busy riding the magic cock carpet to hold dudes accountable for anything. Unless it’s Mike vick or Barry Bonds. thats what you call true hating

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    I mean.. are you serious??

    Is it the bullet pass that is supposed to be Kobes fault?? Kobe threw it too hard is that ur getting at??

    Or are you trying to point out the fact no one else touched the ball??

    I thought the greats were SUPPOSED to take over in the end of games??

    And this coming from a Jordan fan?? i dont remember Jordan passing the ball for his infamous shot over Russell.. NO BULL TOUCHED THAT BALL..

    Given we won a FINALS game just last year with Kobe doing the same shit i cant see what your getting at.. Kobe aint got to prove nothin to NOBODY.. dude won 3 chips as 1B and then he won a chip as 1A doing the same shit..

    Get off it bruh.. You just pointed out a player who made 4 good plays.. Bynum shouldve caught it.. like someone said he aint Kwame Brown.. if PICKUP players catch worst passes from UNTRAINED professionals then i expect a PROFESSIONAL big man with solid hands to catch a “bullet” pass..

    And for the record.. it was Shaquille ONeal getting outplayed and out muscled by Ben Wallace that lost us that Detroit series.. That and Malone broke down..

    When Slava Medvendenko is starting opposite YoungHungry Rasheed Wallace u bout to have problems..

    Just sayin..

  • common sense

    you kobe and Mj stans make me sick… i reiterate post #22 by Chicagorilla aight… and check this for pete sake.. MJ had Pippen and Rodman Kukoc and other great players… OK… Mj wasnt a one man team OK… do we all understand that so before we start sucking u know what all the time lets remember that… and mr Bryant.. I mean with all due respect if he was still injured the lakeshow would have one that game because they would have used their bigs… i mean seriously its pathetic… how much of a ball hog must you be to let off 28 shots with a team with that much talent..

    why is this not obvious… bball is a TEAM game and you win as a TEAM but the kobe nut hugerz think gasol and bynum are soft.. their not soft… their just tired of watching this selfish narcissistic egomaniac dominate the ball so much and care about breaking records and enhancing hes resume as the greatest than winning games and creating true dynasties… same reason why him and shaq never worked (even though shaq was also at fault) and same reason I hope this laker team do not win another title…

    lebron and wade play team ball talk team ball… they understand team play… kobe… yeah rite.. assits to kobe are like kryptonite to superman… nuff said…

    and ever wonder why when the olympics and allstars role round the most dominat players are bron and wade.. thats right.. because their the best players and if wade had a team that Q.rich Slim (honestly) wasnt the second best player on the team he would show that…

  • LakeShow84

    And i dont remember anyone saying Kobe looked BETTER than MJ last night.. like ISO said.. he had an MJ like game.. that didnt involve phantom calls, travels, and putting ur head down like a RB hittin the hole.. nowadays thats all you can ask for.. i mean who really plays the GOAT nowadays??

    You PMS’in it today bruh..

    If anyone said Kobe played better than MJ ever did i would expect u to ignore it in anycase.. real basketball heads know that thats blasphemy..

  • common sense

    aight i used hes resume instead oh his resume… poor.. poor

  • LakeShow84

    “assits to kobe are like kryptonite to superman” lol

    Wait wait.. it gets better..

    “ever wonder why when the olympics and allstars role round the most dominat players are bron and wade”


    So if thats the case why did we win the gold once Kobe stepped on that court?? Bron and Wade took the bronze if i recall.. now i aint saying it was all Kobes cuz Dwade held down that olympics but Kobe manned up the best player every game and in the medal game was the clutch killer.. u WACK reason # 1

    And the AllStar game?? your reaching real high there.. so high you’ve stepped out of common sense into delirium..

    You mustve just started watching bball Common Sense.. Kobe usually dominates the AllStar game and he out there dishing with the best of em TO the best of em.. u WACK reason # 2

    Some people so WACK sometimes..

  • isotope

    How are you going to have

    “you kobe and Mj stans make me sick…”
    “lebron and wade play team ball talk team ball…they understand team play… kobe… yeah rite.. assits to kobe are like kryptonite to superman… nuff said…”

    in the same post? lol.

    What if I said: I can’t stand Wade. He’s a ball hog. He HAS to have the ball in his hands. He HAS to be the one that makes the pass, AND the shot. He’s a SHOOTING guard; not a point guard. Let the PG do his job and stop demanding the ball every doggone time! He’s lucky they walked out with a win.

    lol. Yeah I know. Sounds ridiculous.

  • common sense

    man lets be real… wade plays shooting gaurd but hes really a point gaurd.. positions dont matter because unlike the lakers wade gas to do it all but u still dont see no 28shots man.. seriously 28shots with gasol odom artest bynum… seriously… how does that ever happen… how… you know phil is just pissed and he cant say shizzle to kobe because he cant penetrate the ego that surrounds his ego… seriously 28 shots whaaaaaa cut damn…

    i will reiterate… IF KOBE WAS STILL INJURED THR LAKERS WOULD HAVE WON… suck on that isotope and lakeshow kobe nut hugerzzzz

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Man, this is great….I’m bored as hell at work and I get to have basketball discussions (via the net) with people who know ball….not just fantasy stats….keep it going!

    I agree with Lakeshow in saying that Kobe had an “MJ Like” game. Everyone knows he will never be MJ….somebody needs to close the floodgates of hate.

    Kobe is good. Period. He’s a winner. Period. He competes. Period. He’s arrogant in interviews, he comes off overly confident, (He’s disrespected Philly) He’s etc. Period. Give the man some respect for his game! We’ve all played against cats on the court who are good, but we don’t want to admit it, because they’re arrogant, etc. BUT we know the truth.

    Again….WHY IS NO ONE GIVING WADE HIS PROPS!?!?!!!!! 20+ and 12+ assists AND guarding Kobe AND doing this against doubles and Artest AND going home and smashing Gabby Union????

    My bad, that last part was from my dreams

  • isotope

    superhero: the article gives Wades his props. See:

    “… Is there anyone in basketball better at splitting double teams than Wade? He cuts through them at top speed like they’re not even there. Kobe wasn’t guarding Wade down the stretch (presumably to save him for the offensive end of the floor), so Ron Artest was doing his best to check him. When that grew into a serious problem for L.A., they started running doubles at Wade as soon as he got near the top of the key…”

    @CommonSense: It’s ridiculous because Wade needs to do whatever he needs to do to win. If he has to be a playmaker, then he has to. And is 28 shots THAT much more than 21 by Wade. And you know if QRich wasn’t hitting his shots Wade would have shot more. Wade averages 20 shots per game while Kobe averages 22. Carmelo and Bron also average around 20. In fact all the top scorers average about 20 shots per game. And they all have pretty good supporting casts. Especially ‘Melo and Lebron.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn he went home and smashed Gabrielle Union?? i didnt even think of that..

    That SOB!!!!

    And if Dwade had a good supporting cast he would avg close to 9-10APG while dropping 22-27ppg, probably more.. dude has to do EVERYTHING on his team.. including check the other teams best player from BEGINNING to end..

    Lets not forget when Dwade had a decent team he was running the East.. it wasnt you know who..

  • common sense

    before this goes any further.. i just want to acknowledge kobes greatness.. but i will never respect him for his selfishness.. if he only could play TEAM ball the lakers would be unstoppable… really wouldnt loose a game… i dont see how.. theyre that good.. i have not seen a more complete team ever… except for fish… i have no idea why he plays so much (seriously)… kobe ruined one dynasty and I can see him ruining another but this time in a different and more subtle way…

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    Mj ALWAYS took the last shot…or did he ALWAYS make the right play? Lets re-cap

    1992 NBA Finals Game 6 SERIES CLINCHER vs Portland: MJ has bad game and gets benched. Pippen with bench players Livingston, Bobby Hansen, BJ Armstrong, Craig Hodges, Scott Williams and Stacy King led the team back from a 20pt deficiet. Jordan did not complain, or beg to be put in. Once re-inserted into the game, he played great defense, and made plays to HELP THE BULLS secure the win.

    1993 NBA Finals game 6 SERIES CLINCHER vs the Suns: MJ had been scoring at will all series long and had even taken 63 shots in a triple OT loss trying to win it by himself. Last few second of THIS game, MJ drives and makes a pass to John Paxson because he was double teamed and Paxson hits the game winner…3 peat secured.

    1997 NBA finals, game 6 SERIES CLINCHER vs Utah: MJ had already hit a game winner in game 1 over Bryon Russell, so Utah sent a double at him. Jordan had already warned Kerr that this would happen and told him to be ready. Jordan hit Kerr for what was the game winner… Repeat secured.

    Those are just the examples I coming with off the top. I’m sure I can find plenty other ones.

    Kobe is great, and I’m not taking that away from him. And talent wise he is easily top 5-8 all time. But he doesn’t have the IT factor. He’s just a super talented player. He doesn’t have a WILL/DRIVE TO WIN. Kobe has a WILL/DIRVE to score. That’s it. You never see him making game winning plays in important games.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    I’m sorry, but the Lakers do not have a complete team….they lack too many pieces coming off the bench and they have too many good pieces who do the same things

    I’d look at the Hawks as having a complete team, with a solid bench or even my….I can’t claim them this year….THE 76ers…The Lakers have great talent, but they lack in too many places and that’s one of the reason’s that Kobe jacks so much….just one of them

    And Lakeshow is right, Wade was killing the East before the prince and he’s still doing his thing today, while the Prince needs all kinds of pieces just for him to not get over the hump

  • My Favorite Superhero

    @ Gorilla….But honestly, other than Fish and maybe Artest, who else on that team can he pass too to bring it home??? The team looks to him to closet he games out because everyone else are basically just upgrades of each other….

    MJ had quality shooters on his team that had proved themselves….Kobe has Shannon Brown…Wade has Q Rich….LBJ has whatever he wants

    MJ had other guys who could step up and take over the game….Kobe, at best has Odom and Gasol…Wade has Gabby Union….LBJ has whatever he wants

    Basically, my point is that MJ is the greatest, but he had admirable help…Kobe is the best right now, but truthfully and from a basketball standpoint, Kobe, Wade, Durant, etc, don’t have those great complimentary players causing them to look like ball hogs

    When Kobe was on the Olympic team, he diverted to his teammates, because he had other guys to take the slack continually

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Who knows maybe Kobe will make those plays?? maybe he wont need to??

    Bottom line is Kobe got a lot of those moments left to make the right decisions.. he’ll have to trust his teammates eventually in the PLAYOFFS.. key word there PLAYOFFS.. your crying about a regular season dude.. all those MJ moments you listed were in the FINALS..

    who hit that dagger trey in game 4 of this past Finals?? yeah that was Fisher.. who got that assist?? oh shit that was Kobe..

    Dagger trey from Fish = 3-1 Finals lead.. chip secured

    “He (Kobe) doesn’t have a WILL/DRIVE TO WIN” = WOWZers bruh.. WOWZers.. i mean wowzers..

  • http://dime eyes

    D Wade is better than Lebron in my book. My Opinion I heard the grumbling already & TMobile doesn’t have a blog.

    The Lakers & Phil Jackson are what w/o Kobe Bryant. Shaq has how many rings w/o Kobe. Pau Gasol got an extension & Derek Fisher can start. Shannon Brown & Ariza games are relevant. The Lakers legacy has lived on because. Lebron thinks the best player in the game is? Hibachi favorite player in the league is. Michael Jordan has given the man his respect. He was the best player in the Olympics that chose to concentrate on the D assignments. How many stars could do that & still dominate in the clutch to secure the win.

    The hate for both players at times is justified. Let’s take it easy on the comparisons. We don’t really compare Lebron to anybody. Who actually started to comparisons. They’re are going to be plenty. Kobe modeled his game after arguably the greatest guard to ever play the game at the 2. I do it by positions for arugment sake. The man is amazing. We just can’t relate to his cockiness & demeanor. He isn’t hip hop therefore Philly won’t claim him. He’s more crossover than anything. It’s like Lebron he doesn’t scream Hip HOp either. In a way your forced to love Lebron by Media which causes the Hate. Everybody loves Wade as they should because he continues to fly under the radar w/ little to no pressure to win year in & out. If Kobe or Lebron don’t make it to the Finals let alone win. They’ve failed.

    My favorite players in the league now currently
    Wade,Gilbert,CP3/Deron,Kobe,Melo,Jennings. In that order. I don’t like Kobe swagger or his demeanor. I don’t think I’d even like to hang wth him off the court. From a pure basketball perspective the man is as close to greatness in today’s game. We may never see another player grace the court like him. To say Lebron is the best player in the league. Is close to Stupid or just rushing along history seriously. I know everyone has a job to do. If your boss says promote the man. YOu promote the man.

    D.Wade only has ring because he played with Shaq and wasn’t the alpha male. If anybody has the games of when they were winning please start replaying them on NBA TV. Tell me Kobe didn’t have that team on his back. Shaq was literally always in foul trouble & couldn’t make free throws. Even ask D.Wade about Kobe Bryant. Everyone is looking up at that man. To see him perform like that injured & on the decline. Lets you know how special he is. If he were on your team. You’d be a fan. Same for Lebron. Stop taking the damn sport so personal. We don’t know them & wish we did. LOL. LMAO.

    We’re all miserable & wish we were our heroes. We think we could do better but I beg to differ. Those are some big shoes to fill. That is why so few make it & why they deserve to be treated & compensated diffently. We aren’t that equal in every sense of the way. We may be stronger in other depts but in ability to master their craft. ITS SIMPLY AMAZING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH.

  • K Dizzle

    @ POST 57

    Did u just pick out 4 scenarios that “prove” Mike never messed up in his career.
    Maybe you should start before ’92…

    And by the way, against the Suns, Mike didn’t pass to Paxson. Pretty shameful for a Bulls fan to not know that. Mike inbounded. Gave the ball to Scottie, who drove and found Horace who kicked it out to Paxson for the trey. Stop givin credit to Mike where it ain’t due and tryin to make arguments that even the biggest Kobe hater can’t get with.
    My second favorite quote of yours:
    ” He doesn’t have a WILL/DRIVE TO WIN. Kobe has a WILL/DIRVE to score. That’s it. You never see him making game winning plays in important games.”
    Dude has hit 5 gamewinning shots this season, basically carried us to a chip against Indiana back then, just led the squad to a chip last season and u wrote that shit down? Comedy!
    One more thing, I’m a Lakers fan. Kobe’s just flyin the flag right now. I was a Laker fan before Kobe and I’ll be there after him. U rip on Fish or Odom with ridiculous opinions like that, I’ll have shit to say too. Try not to be so bitter that Mike is retired and Kobe’s now. It’s our turn…
    Lakers ALLLLL DAY

  • LakeShow84

    One more thing, I’m a Lakers fan. Kobe’s just flyin the flag right now. I was a Laker fan before Kobe and I’ll be there after him. U rip on Fish or Odom with ridiculous opinions like that, I’ll have shit to say too. Try not to be so bitter that Mike is retired and Kobe’s now. It’s our turn…
    Lakers ALLLLL DAY

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ Haha and thats the truth ^^^

  • UncheckedAggression

    Man I didn’t realize last night’s game would cause such a stir.

    Here’s what I think some people are trying to say about Kobe: he’s got a stacked team and he’s still playing like there’s nobody he can pass to. The game last night is yet another example of that. Wade (who has much less he can rely on in terms of teammates) kept his team involved and somehow managed to come out on top of a superior team. That’s it. And it won’t happen very often.

    I can understand how defensive Laker fans can be about these situations. After all, Kobe is one of the best players in the league and may be the best scorer of all time (not to mention a number of other strengths he has as a player). Sometimes it appears that Kobe’s teammates aren’t stepping up, which can be incredibly frustrating. But that’s where the problem is. Kobe tends to get tunnel-vision and makes spectators of his team. It’s hard to believe, but goddamnit sometimes he comes out on top that way! Other times this weakness becomes all too obvious to your typical basketball fan–when Kobe loses confidence in his team, they no longer factor into the game the way they are capable of doing. And that is not a positive effect to have on your team.

    I’m sorry to do this at the moment, but I gotta bring up other players. I already mentioned what Wade did last night and how it runs counter to the way Kobe operates. But the reason many fans like Lebron is because he is such a team player. If his teammates are missing shots, he doesn’t ignore them. And they know that now. So even if they aren’t having the best game, they still know that they haven’t lost Lebron’s trust. How else do you think the Cavs are so damn consistent? Until this recent Jameson trade, they were nowhere near the top 3 most talented teams. I know some people will contest that statement, but think about it. Kobe’s team is miles ahead of Lebron’s. Even the Hawks. Joe Johnson had a better supporting cast than Lebron before Jameson.

    I think Kobe’s an amazing player. There are some things that he just doesn’t seem to “get”. At times those things are vital, others not so much. Enjoy watching him because he’s ridiculously talented and drilled to the extreme. It’s just that at times he must still feel like he’s on the court with Kwame, Cook, and company because he goes it alone too often.

    And some of the anti-Kobe comments stem from your typical backlash. The Lakers and their fans will always be disliked by a certain percentage of basketball fans. That’s what happens when a franchise has so much success.

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    @K Dizzle,

    Seriously, I pulled those scenarios off the top of my head, but after watching it on youtube, i’m still sticking by the point that he gave up the ball while not just the game, but the entire series was on the line.

    the reason i point out these finals games is because of the importance of the game. Like i said there were plenty others (MJ’s double nickle game, he hit Bill Wennington for the game winner cause he was doubled) but I focused on 3 game winners from NBA FINALS.

    @Lakeshow, just because you love the Lakers doesn’t mean you have to act like a battered wife who’s husband beats and cheats on her but she stays with him because of…love. Get a grip son. You should know better.


    man i’ve been trying to tell them, but they ain’t hearing it. to each his own ya know.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    ?? So you get to act like a 15 year old virgin who got her cherry popped by one nigga and cant accept the next ??

    U over here whining about Kobe taking over the end of a REGULAR SEASON game and acting like last nights game was the defining moment of his career.. Get over it doo.. Like we said..

    Kobe is now.. MJ is the past.. so please put ur thumb in your mouth and call it a night..

  • http://www.slamdunkzone.com/dwyane-wade-and-kobe-bryant-playing-one-on-one/ slam dunk jason

    I don’t think MJ can ever be forgotten, but yes Kobe needs more attention right now. Look after the present and the future will take care of itself. Plus u can’t do a thing to change the past so why keep yakking about it.

  • underated

    Dwyane Wade is deff one ofthe best gaurds in the league. And if u disagree check the stats. He not only scores prolifically but he also passes the ball which only Kobe does when he’s double teamed. All in all solid game by both teams.

  • sporty-j

    I just dont understand Y some of you people on here cannot understand or see people are saying that they like D.Wade and Lebron better than Kobe. Its nothing personal but if you watched Kobe thru out the years of his NBA career. Sometimes he gets what you call “TUNNEL VISION” and makes the game harder than what he really has to. When you have a SHAQ in his prime or even now a GASOL, BYNUM, ODOM, RON ARTEST, and a hell of a bench. You dont have to make the game so hard when you have a HELL OF A TEAM to take all the pressure off of you. Isnt that what he cried for a couple of years ago when he wanted to be traded. Nobody is questioning Kobes greatness. People question if he suffers from a disease that called “I HAVE TO TAKE ALL THE SHOTS”. By the time he decides to pass the ball sometimes, his teammates are cold from standing around watching him do all of that unnecesary dribbling after they have fought so hard for the rebound. All you have to do is look at there faces sometimes. And you wonder Y BYNUM plays like he doesnt care sometimes or y the lakers keep struggling with such a loaded team??? There was no excuse for them to struggle with a Houston Rockets team that were without there best 2 players last year in the playoffs and if you put Lebron James or D.Wade on that team and they would have swept Houston in the playoffs last year and definitely woould not be having the problems that they are having now. Those 2 guys are also scores first like Kobe but they are distributers unlike Kobe and understand that i have to get my teammates envolve if i want to have the most sucess because if im on fire and my teammates are not envolve, when i make that pass to them when the double team comes they are not going to make that shot because i took them all. The Lakers have so many mismatches in basketball that it should be a crime and eligle. Thats all people are trying to say and if you are a true fan of basketball and real person, rather your a Kobe fan or not. You would agree because even the NBA analyts say it, its there for everybody to see, and the Lakers winning without Kobe is a prime example. You guys saw the heat without Wade. Until I see Lebron win a championship with all the pieces Cleveland keeps adding to help him. I will always consider Wade the best because he has shown that if you give him a good team that he can lead them to a top and thats Y i say that Lebron better get that ring this year because next year when Wade has a team you can hang it up. Wade will be rewarded with a good team next year for being such hunble young man and not blasting his franchise for not bringing him any help the past 2 years. Lebron is the second best player if you ask me because he like Wade just get it when it comes to team ball wins you chapionships not one on one play. Kobe is 32 and still doesnt realize that and it makes you wonder if he ever will because lets be honest. He has awesome teammates to clean up his mess when ever the chip goes off in his head to just not pass the ball which hurts his team more than it helps them. Seriously could you imagine D.Wade on that team? You would not have to ever worry about a last second shot like the lakers have numerous times this year to beat the heat, memphis, or whoever because the games would have been blowouts…