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Highlight Factory comes to Miami

D-Wade (photo. Jeffery Salter)

Hawks/Heat was only notable last season for being the worst playoff series of ’09: A brutal seven-game stretch of blowouts, dead crowds, a subpar Joe Johnson, an exhausted D-Wade, and some good ol’ Pat Riley-approved ’90s Knicks prison yard basketball sprinkled in here and there. This season it’s been more of the same, as the three Hawks/Heat meetings leading up to last night had been decided by an average of 16 points. And yet Saturday’s matchup turned out to be the best game on the NBA schedule … It was nip/tuck throughout the fourth quarter. Jamal Crawford (24 pts, 5 threes) hit four straight triples during one run — including another four-point play for the NBA’s career leader in that category — but Miami always had an answer. The Hawks were up one with about two minutes to go before Mike Beasley put together a 7-0 run of his own, consisting of an alley-oop from Wade, a tip-in, and a corner three right in front of Atlanta’s bench that shut the door … Miami’s sideline reporter asked Beasley (22 pts) about his late-game explosion. “Number 3 got mad,” Beasley said. “He punched me in the chest and basically said I need to quit feeling sorry for myself.” … Crawford was a beast — one time he unleashed a string of crosses and behind-the-backs on Carlos Arroyo that popped the drawstring on Arroyo’s shorts before sticking a jumper in his eye — but Wade (38 pts, 10 asts) was a highlight factory. Once he knifed through the defense and crammed on Josh Smith, before dropping a halfcourt shot to beat the halftime buzzer. In the second half he was hitting pull-up threes with a hand in his face and scoring like he was in a gym by himself … Something weird is going on with the Cavs, or more specifically, with LeBron‘s ankle. After Friday’s win over Detroit, ESPN’s sideline reporter appeared to get shut down while asking about the ankle (following LBJ’s vague answer), then all of a sudden LeBron gets the night off Saturday against Milwaukee — which Mike Brown swears had nothing to do with the ankle, even though everybody could see LBJ limping on the sideline. In a pre-game interview, Brown said, “It was MY decision” kind of like a guy who was trying to convince himself … As for the game, Brandon Jennings dropped 25 points (5 threes) to lead the Bucks in a win while rocking a dyed-red mohawk. Was it ugly? Yeah, pretty much. But at least it was creative. And for once, Anderson Varejao didn’t have the most ridiculous hair in the building … Terrible news for the Spurs, as Tony Parker broke his right hand during their win at Memphis. Parker got tangled up with Marcus Williams and Manu Ginobili going for a loose ball. He could be out anywhere from a month to the rest of the season. We had just said the other day that San Antonio needs Parker, Manu and Richard Jefferson at the top of their game to do anything in the playoffs. George Hill is nice, but he’s not getting you past the Lakers … Other stat lines from Saturday: Dirk Nowitzki‘s 27 points led Dallas over Chicago, the Mavs’ 11th win in a row; Carlos Boozer hung 17 points and 17 rebounds on the Clippers in a Utah rout; Luis Scola put up 25 and 21 boards to beat the Wolves; Boris Diaw just missed a triple-double with 14 points, 12 boards and 9 assists in Charlotte’s win over Golden State; Devin Harris scored 31 as the Nets picked up win #7 over the Knicks; and Amar’e dropped 30 on the Pacers in a win … Channing Frye got into a fight with Earl Watson. It looked like Frye just shoved Watson from behind for no reason, then threw a punch that caught Danny Granger in the face (and would have made Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson shake their heads). The funniest part was the Phoenix crowd treating Frye like the new heavyweight champion after he got ejected. We know the Suns are notoriously soft, but don’t throw the dude a parade for picking on somebody a foot shorter than him … Duke/Carolina was a massacre. This was just a case of bad timing for the rivalry; UNC lost their key guys from the ’09 championship squad to the pros, while Duke’s key guys all matured as seniors this year. The Tar Heels were throwing up airballs, falling asleep on D, and getting bullied in the paint, while Duke couldn’t miss a shot. Jon Scheyer, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler combined for 65 points on Senior Night … Was it really necessary for Dick Vitale to hype up his ACC Player of the Year pick for like 45 minutes when all he did was take the easy route and go Co-P.O.Y. with Scheyer and Greivis Vasquez? … We’re out like ‘Bron …

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  • ab_40

    wow if luis scola can get 21 rebounds why isn’t amare averaging at leat 10? Moses was right guys don’t wanna rebound anymore.

    How the hell dit new york lose to new jersey? When I went to sleep they were up by 20. New York makes Tmac look bad. He’ll leave next summer hopefully to a contender. He’s just as good or even better than hedo and he’s more athletic even in this state hehe.

    Maybe this is clevelands way like they do every year to make bron the mvp. Lose to medicore teams without lebron so everyone sees the rest of the team kind of sucks. Shaq would’ve gotten his last night but he’s injured. Too bad.

    And this is terrible news for the spurs. They finaly started to get on a little role. The little championship hopes that they had are now out of the window. While I can still see them winning a first round series.

  • 2 Easy

    after seein that replay I say Earl watson antagonized Frye into that fight. They bumped and watson didnt lik it and then Frye tried to set a screen and watson fully smacked his hands altho it was def soft of Frye to try and shove him from behind, kinda reminds me of the infamous backpedallin incident from new york couple years back… was frye apart of that too? Poor Granger, he’s now gonna be hated in Phoenix forever unless he signs there, dah well at least he doesnt hav a glass jaw

  • Jay Jay

    The Mav’s team is loaded and talented!!!

  • common sense

    man I love me some wade… and damn BE-easy n Q.rich steppin up..

    ab_40 i feel you.. when im ballin rebounding to me is as fun as scoring.. dont get why so many ballers dont seem to appreciate the art..

    also if the cavs dont win the title this year then its time for coach Pop or Brown (Larry) to head to cleveland and get that chip… because mike (Brown) aint gonna get it done (thanks Jason Whitlock)..

    looks like a change of era.. some of the most dominant forces of the previous era are waining… T-Mac and the Spurs… Mac looks like my pentium 4 is running at 100% system overload when im watching him on league pass (hit that ‘Dont Send’ button)lol, and the spurs dynasty is OVER.. funny how im starting to appreciate what the spurs were now that theyve lost it.. I used to hate manu, timmy n tony endlessly crucifying the Suns with flawless fundamentals, execution and ruthlessness, now I can see how great they were… R.I.P……….

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dwyane Wade said “Man, YOU ARE Super Cool Beas !!! You got to step up!!!”

    Parker broke his hand, but not his dick, so he’s gonna be okay for the next two months.

    Brandon Jennings Red Mohawk??? I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes

  • Name (required)

    New Jersey is a better team than the Knicks.
    David Lee is a 4th option Power Forward pretending to be an All Star Center. Gallo can play, but he’s inconsistent and never gets more than 8 shots in a game. TMacs decrepit knees and 1-6 shooting make him look bad (and that aint New Yorks fault)
    Harrington is Antwon Walker V.2.
    Their best guard is a fucking Sacramento Kings castoff, that should show how bad they really are.
    Don’t let records deceive you, Knicks are worse than the Nets, They should be like 2-60, they just bin lucky a bunch of times. I cant wait till all these guys contracts are over.

  • Rizwan

    How are the Suns soft? A lot teams don’t play aggressive anymore. Are they all soft? Earl Watson and Danny Granger are little bitches anyway.

  • http://www.rmef.com rangerjohn

    i am on the fence on TP’s broken hand. on one hand, its a terrible time with the toughest stretch of games all season and not a huge lead on #9 seed. the spurs need him now.

    on the other hand, with all of his other problems (foot, ankle, hip) they all need time to rest and recover that he was not going to get much of any other way. this injury gives those time to get better just in time for the playoffs where we need him the most.

    then back to the 1st hand, without him who says they make the playoffs.

    im on the fence

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    LMFAO@ Thats what’s up

    carpet/drapes/ tMI/ but damn funny

    DRose scored 34pts and dished 8 dopey dimes, yet we lose. Can the Bulls please get some help since we traded everything (Tyrus/Salmons) away that would put us in the playoffs. i hate you Bulls front office…I hate you. Maybe we can get Julius Peppers to play PF for us. That would be aaawwwwsssooommeee

  • sh!tfaced

    “Brandon Jennings Red Mohawk??? I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes”
    Just banged a bitch having her period…?

    Can’t help but think of the same thing for Psycho Ron-Ron’s multi-lingual defensive do.

  • Mark

    George Hill may be the best player on the Spurs. Like I said during the Hornets game, nobody wants to guard some dude with naked pictures of himself on the internet; no telling what he’s gonna do to you on defense.

    Better bring some hand sanitizer when coach tells you to pick him up.

  • Freezy

    Wade’s game against the Hawks is an example of why he’s my favorite player in the league.

    The Knicks are so bad, hating them is getting exhausting.

  • http://greatsportsarticles.com greatsportsarticles

    Wade is not only my favorite player in the league but after my wife likes him for different reasons, like this picture.

  • http://electronicb2c.com sun