High School, Video / Mar 2, 2010 / 12:15 pm

Ian Miller Is The Next Eric Gordon

If you’re looking for the next Eric Gordon, then look no further than United Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, N.C.) senior Ian Miller. The 6-2 guard, who is Florida State bound, has been putting in work this season. Leading his United Faith squad to the second straight NCISAA state championship, Miller’s stock only continues to rise.

According to Hoopmixtape, credit it all to his crazy work ethic. Miller gets up at 5:00am and rigorously trains for hours with former NBA great Muggsy Bogues. You may have heard of Miller after his 40-foot game-winning shot against a stacked John Wall led Word of God squad last year, but expect to be hearing more of Ian Miller in the future.

Who would you compare Ian Miller to?

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  • ay yo.

    stop.. he is not the next Eric Gordon.

    He nice, and everything… but not on Eric Gordon’s level.

  • Diggity Dave

    Ian Miller, exeno with big, long, hair on top of his head!


  • haslem

    that’s a pretty specific search. I’ve heard of the next Michael Jordan, Hakeem, Shaq…but Eric Gordon can’t say I’ve been questing

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Lol @ haslem. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. What’s next, “The Next Jrue Holiday”?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Haha. Eric Gordon was a blue chip recruit and one of the most explosive guards in the League. Don’t get it twisted just because he plays for the Clippers. He’s the real deal.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Aron – I guess you’re right. If you had said, “the next AI” we’d all be complaining about how there will never be another AI, and if you had said “the next Jordan” we’d be complaining about how we’ve heard that too many times.

  • dat dood

    i feel the eric gordon reference is on point. miller’s style is very similar. that tip smash at the end was DIRTY. looked like he bitch slapped the ball into the rim.

  • haslem

    I love EG, have him on my fantasy draft and everything, and really perfer when we compare guys to EG instead of MJ, but I just found this line funny:
    “If you’re looking for the next Eric Gordon, then look no further” I dunno how many people spend sleepless nights looking for the next Eric Gordon, but we are all very happy you found one.

  • ctkennedy

    im from raleigh nc i seen him play word of god a couple of times he reminds me of rodney stuckey just shorter

  • Charles Kirk

    If you guys are looking for the next OJ Mayo then check out Austin Rivers (son of Doc Rivers) and Brandon Knight. The only difference is that both aren’t nearly as strong or as athletic as Mayo.

  • solomon

    LOL @ looking for the next eric gordon… not that people are raving to find the next eric gordon as much as looking for the next lebron james or the next kevin durant…

    anyway, that head level slap-in dunk @ 1:11 is damn nasty… hope he’d truly come near eric gordon than be the second coming of robert pack… but that ain’t too bad, isn’t it…

  • jesus christ

    Another undersized shooting guard? Who cares..

  • Paul

    Maybe its just because he’s heading to Florida State but Miller reminds me a lot of Toney Douglas. He’s a great fit for that team. Snaer and Miller along with all that length… FSU should be dangerous next year.

  • Ed

    I have seen Ian play a number of times. As far as comparisions, hard to say. I can say this, Eric Gordon was a lottery pick. There is nothing wrong with being compared to someone who is a lottery pick and relevant in the league. There are only a few Kobe’s and Jordan’s out there. Ian is very good and if things go right could be a lotto pick oneday as well.