NBA / Mar 29, 2010 / 1:30 pm

J.J. Redick Can Still Shoot Your Face Off

As his alma mater was advancing to the Final Four, J.J. Redick was doin’ work in the NBA. Last year this would have seemed impossible, but against the Nuggets yesterday, Redick had his best all-around game as he dropped 23 points, seven rebounds and eight assists. Redick filled in for Vince Carter, who played only 95 seconds before leaving with a “sprained right big toe.” What else is new? On the bright side, Redick showed that he could be a key contributor for the Magic heading into the playoffs and that he may have a place in the Magic’s future plans.

Redick is a restricted free agent this summer, but his increasing consistency may force GM Otis Smith to match a team’s offer sheet like he did last summer with Marcin Gortat. Redick is best known for his Better Shooting sweet stroke, but if you watch the highlights, you’ll see a player who has evolved greatly since leaving Duke in terms of controlling the ball, finding his spot on the floor, and making the right pass – all things he couldn’t do four years ago.

Do you think the Magic should match any offer for Redick? What’s his ceiling? Will he be a key contributor for the Magic come playoff time?

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  • Diggity Dave
  • zcw

    my question is, why does J.J. Redick look like a date rapist?

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Not sure what his worth is? $5M a year would seem like he’s overpaid. (full mid level exception)

  • life-p

    4yr. 26M sounds about right! Definitely resign him!

  • cdiz


  • sh!tfaced

    He needs to ditch that Jersey Shore look.

    LOL@1… Damn sad if that shit is real. Sheryl Swoopes might even have a bigger cock. Dorell must have a good reason like doing coke, meth or something to have major shrinkage like that.

  • Thype

    Absolutely. Championship caliber teams are comprised of big stars and solid role players that – well – know their role.

    JJ is a solid, solid role player and Orlando should match any offer that is some what reasonable. If a team offers him Ben Gordan or Charlie V. money they should let him go.

  • chief youngblood



  • Rich

    Why would the Magic need Ben Gordon?

  • jm

    They should match any offers because he is still improving and one of the best shooters in the league. He has great work ethic which is obvious by his progression in the last few years. He is a valuable piece of the puzzle for them and is really finding his niche…which is not just a stand still jump shooter.


    Contract year. Player from DUKE. He will disappoint when they reward him with a contract. Learn your lesson Brand, Boozer, Bad Porn and Dunleavy. Turkoglu too, I swear he looks like he went to DUKE hahahaha

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    Reddick is a ball player !!!!!!! He’s gonna get paid ! He can defend pretty well also !!!

  • dat dude 6

    Great article on J.J., no one ever thought his game outside the 3 pt line would evolve, and he has been showing how much hard work can take u to the next level, all college players should take notice, JJ is arguably one of the greatest college players of all time..and it still took about 4 years to develop NBA skill sets…..The Vince Carter comment was not needed, Vince has been ballin, and to be honest he has showed up in all there biggest games this season, just tired of people always shittin on dude and not acknowledging him for the great player he is and has always been. If he hasnt done enuff for u to get ur hard on, maybe u should go fuck yourself……Peace

  • Robby

    Redick has proven time and time again that he can perform at a high level. He just needs more minutes and/or more shots.

    This article says it all: http://nbasoup.com/?p=385

  • Big V

    He’s always have value in the NBa as long as he can shoot (which we all know he can) and semi-consistently get open enough to get his shots off.

  • Mulder

    JJ Redick is the man. I hope the Magic are stupid enough not to sign him so my team can pick him up.