Latest News, NBA, Video / Mar 11, 2010 / 11:00 am

J.R. Smith’s Incredible 360 Alley-Oop

For some reason, people never mention J.R. Smith when they mention the NBA’s top dunkers. After last night, all that should change. Coming down on the break, Smith didn’t just catch the alley-oop pass for the dunk, but also decided to get freaky with it for the 360 too. Check out the video after the jump.

Where would you rank J.R. in the NBA’s best dunkers?

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  • Sambuu

    it’s not like he adjusted in the air, like some crazy dunks we’ve seen before, he was going for the 360

  • m

    Do you know what a 360 actually is Aron? Because what he did was a 180.

  • Sanchez

    It was technically a “360”, he just caught the ball at the 180 mark. Besides, a lot of 360s aren’t even 360s.

  • Andy

    Feet facing the same way when he lands as when he takes off. That’s a 360. Yeah he caught the ball a quarter of the way through the turn but still, math is math.

  • cesar

    looks more like a 270

  • deeds

    @ M

    Well the announcer apparently doesn’t know either judging by his call. I know your point…he didn’t do an entire 360 with the ball IN his hands, but come on. He DID do an entire 360 from the time he took off, to the time he landed. You should get the sand out of your vagina and just enjoy one of the best dunks of the season.

  • Brown

    Dunk of the year candidate?

  • ap

    WAAAYYYY better than shannon what’s his face

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    @ Deeds and M
    “sand out of your vagina”…


  • IGP

    I love when you grab a woman’s breast and it’s like a big bag of sand

  • HoustonBoy

    @ 8

    It was a great dunk, but IN MY EYES… Dunk of the Year goes to D-Wade dunking Andersons’ soul to damnation.

  • Cha-Ching

    JR and Shannon need to do a hood style dunk contest. Not that crap that was in Dallas.

  • Promoman

    I’d put J.R. in the top 15 or so in NBA when it comes to dunking.

  • fallinup

    In game. Shit, that was a hell of a dunk.

  • thedoc

    That dude has so much talent.

  • sweetv0mit

    @M dont be hating coz u cant do a 360 in a game, on a professional level. and nba live or 2k dont count

  • karizmatic

    I wish someone would have done that dunk in the dunk contest this year, it might have been more exciting.

  • Colton

    dunk of the year? no

    i personally liked andre millers dunk more than that one.

  • silky

    i wonder what bone head play he did 3 minutes later?

    …such an enigma

  • GimmeDemSox

    The dunk was ok but i think the real highlight is the pass by billups…

  • Ian

    lol sure

  • http://www.jockpost.com JOCKpost

    OK, I’m not saying that I can do it or that it’s not a sweet dunk because it is, but…

    I watched the video 20 times and every time it looks like his feet are facing Billups when he actually leaves his feet. That would make it closer to a 180 than a 360.

  • Royal

    Sikk dunk by jr. He kan really throw down some kool dunks. He has krazy athletik ability

  • Raj S

    The thing that really messes this dunk up is the finish. If he would have FLUSHED it with authority, it would have looked as impressive as it actually was.

  • kicks

    You haters should go out there and make that dunk yourselves. Awesome stuff by JR.

  • yeahokayguy

    thats jus plain dum….in a good way of course…normally people who can pull off transformers tattoo on their necks can pull things off like that

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/heh8meN1 heh8meN1

    The Mamba did this plus an “AND 1″ almost 10 years ago against the 76ers.


    Dunk number #3.