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Jerry Stackhouse Puts Richard Jefferson On Blast

To make it to the NBA, you have to have talent. But to play a whole career in the NBA, you have to have a whole lot more than just that. As a 15-year NBA veteran, Jerry Stackhouse knows a thing or two about both. And on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio show, “Stack’s House,” the Bucks swingman decided to drop some veteran knowledge on Richard Jefferson‘s performance in San Antonio. Too bad the Bucks and Spurs already played their two games this year before his arrival in Milwaukee, because I would fly out for this match-up after Stackhouse puts Jefferson on blast.

“I just don’t think he’s as good as everybody talked him up to be, to me,” said Stackhouse. “I mean, I think he has some talent, he’s an athlete but a lot of the best basketball we’ve seen from Richard Jefferson came when he played with Jason Kidd, when he was just pretty much spoon-fed at the basket and was able to run out and just be an athlete. When it comes down to a half-court set and just being able to play half-court basketball I don’t think he’s that special of a player, in my opinion. It’s just one of those things where it’s just not a good fit. It wasn’t a great fit for him in Milwaukee when he was here. He had some big games but really nothing special. He wasn’t a guy that really helped them go to another level as far as wins and losses. And I think they’re finding out in San Antonio that he may not be the right fit for what they want to do. If I know Popovich like I know him I could very easily see him not in a San Antonio uniform next year.”

Wow. These are some strong words if you ask me. Leads me to pose a couple questions?

1. Was Jefferson on good when he played with Kidd?
2. Can Jefferson handle himself in a half-court set?
3. Will he be in a Spurs uniform next year?

What do you think?

Source: TrueHoop

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  • The Journeyman

    Playing for the Clips or G-State

    He has nothing left to use in trying to sell himself to any NBA team.

    If I’m at work and someone was doing all the work for me, and they get swtiched to another dept and I’m asked to do the same thing but I have NO CLUE on how to execute….

    I would be gone!

    GO Wolves…Boooo hometown Wiz lol and booo Aaron :)

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    A lot of people owe Kidd and Nash some serious coin.

    On a completely different note; when is Mark Jackson eligible for the HOF and will he make it in?

  • James

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Bulls jersey. An opportunity in a more uptempo-style offense might breathe a little energy into him. We’ve seen some flashes in San Antonio that he’s still capable of making some impact plays. I think he would be a better fit for the Bulls than the failed John Salmons experiment. However, I have to admit that I’m not sure if that’s saying much…

  • http://blog.dedrickwelch.com D-Money

    Really Jerry, what have in the last few years. You must not check your stats out very often.


  • control


    My question is: Why is Jerry Stackhouse talking about Jefferson?

    Did a reporter who was bored and decided to bring up the most ambiguous question he could think of ask him the question? Did Stack wake up and decide that the world just HAD to know what he thought of some random guy and he happened to pick Jefferson?

    How do comments like this even get thought of, let alone published by someone?

  • Ian

    hes good without kidd
    ill take milwaukee jefferson over this scrub that plays sf for the spurs now. i dont want him on the spurs tomorrow talk about next year.

    but comon stack u never were special either this is just one overrated player blasting another overrated one.

    k dizzle said it best the other day
    thank u jefferson for killing the spurs/lakers rivalry

  • Kermit The Washington

    Too many typos in this article for me dang it!! LOL

    Everything stack says is right, but why would you say that? Why put someone on blast for the skills that he doesn’t have, without being provoked? Was there some kind of issue between these two that I’m missing? Without that kind of context, it just doesn’t make sense for Stack to come with that mess; he just looks like a bitter jerk.

  • Ian

    good question

  • AZ

    spot on abot jefferson…

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Everyone looks better playing with Kidd. You saw Jason take two crappy Nets teams to the finals.

    I gave up my season tickets when Jason left. I knew that product that they put on the floor wasn’t worth it. I knew RJ wasn’t worth the money either.

  • Cha-Ching

    I agree with Stack. Stack is just getting his ESPN analysis game on. Andre Iguodala should be in the convo also. These guys can jump out of the gym but the jumper be so inconsistent. These guys are not rookies anymore. We can still say that Derrick Rose may get a jump shot soon, but these guys can’t say that no more. If both them had a jumper, fade away, offensive IQ, they could be a poor man’s Kobe, but it is what it is.

  • TL

    Hopefully Jefferson will hear this and spark a fire under him and get him to start playing with passion.

  • Roman

    He’s right. Jefferson is not all that. Just ask Popovich-

  • http://dime eyes

    It’s called telling the truth or letting the cat out the bag. Too many people hide behind agents or big time programs. They get exposed in the league & everybody wants to place blame on usually the player. At the end of the day. You either belong or you don’t. People like to describe styles of play. Street,Structure,Euro.

    Either you have skills & heart or you don’t. A great player can excel anywhere. If you need a certain system or coach. A good basketball a crowd. Refs,D.Stern,Flops,etc etc. YOu need one offseason devoted to getting better. Too many players are content because they know the league if fixed and bull. Why work & not be able to get rewarded. It’s funny how much money some players actually make for the Teams & Owners. Yet people think there overpaid. Hilarious. The Stars of the league in comparison to all the money they generate. Memorabilia,Concession,Tickets,etc etc. Lebron,Wade,Melo,Durant,CP,Kobe alone. Man o Man. They fill seats by themselves. People come just to see the greatness of individual talent. Not the owner,GM or coach.

    Put real talent back in the N.B.A. & everything will go back to normal. There will be no reason not to fill seats. With each star aging there should be somebody ready to fill that void. Iverson,KG,PP,Kidd,Nash,Duncan,
    Shaq. Pretty soon Kobe,TP. It looks as if were so so. The league has to have an overall. You can’t broaden something that’s so weak here. Just look at the Nets & Knicks/Wizards/Wolves/Pacers. Those are not N.B.A. teams.

  • Drink the Haterade

    I just saw this ish and cannot for the life of me understand how this could be

    Tennis babe Maria Sharapova and her Lakers boyfriend Sasha Vujacic like making things difficult for themselves.

    This is alomst as bad as Marco and Adrina Lima

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    I’m not even a Richard Jefferson fan, but I just find it amusing that the wash-up would try to bring someone else down with him at this point in his career. When was the last year You were considered a top tier guard? Just be glad you’re still balling for a paycheck b.

  • Big Island

    He’s a decent player, great athlete. If he can get out and run, then he is better than most guys because of his athleticism. Same for Iguodala, Tyrus Thomas etc… It’s not that they suck, it’s that they thrive in a certain style of play and struggle in another. Blame the GM/scouts whoever, for not knowing that he wouldn’t fit their style.

  • Soul Jax

    I hope he get’s traded to Golden State. That if there’s one team that hate’s the half court set it’s the warriors. Golden State could revive his dieing career.

    Steph Curry to RJ would be a nice duo.

  • BxBaller

    Being from the tri-state area, and watching my fair share of nets games, I’ve been saying this for YEARS about Jefferson. Dude was grossly overrated when he was playing with Kidd and this season and last season proved it.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    I agree with everything Stack said; it would just mean more if it came from someone who has more credibility.
    The only time Stack was useful was when Detroit used him to get Hamilton from the Wizards and win a chip…
    Outside of that, I only remember him having to dunk after Vince in Oakland and just shakin my head thinkin, “No chance…”

    Great college career tho

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Stach straight up looks like Sgt. DOakes in that picture.


  • Octopus Jonny

    Some of y’all seem to forget that Stack dropped 25+ for a couple seasons. And have you guys seen Stackhouse on the Bucks this year? He’s actually been a great offensive sparkplug from the bench.

    RJ sucked in Milwaukee last year too. He showed up out of shape after crying to the media about getting traded. Boo fucking hoo. So happy that Hammond realized his mistake and flipped him for cap space and Kurt Thomas. Hammond turned RJ into KT, cap space to sign Warrick (ugh), signed Stack midseason, and then turned Warrick into Salmons.

    Stack+Salmons>>>>>>>>>RJ+Redd last year.

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    ha, finally and old school mind set speaks. He spoke the truth, same thing everybody in the world thinks and what RJ knows.

  • buck

    rj is garbage. i told everyone he wouldn’t be shit out in SA just like he wasn’t shit for the bucks. RJ and charlie V both whack.

  • Sporty-j

    Man thats messed up that stack house would come out and put his fellow NBA vet out there like that rather he sucks or not. As a man you always keep a certain respect level for each person and to be honest the same can be said about Stack house because hes been nothing more than a six man for a while. Again you should never down another man and i dont care if you are Kobe, Lebron or D-Wade. Maybe they can play 1 on 1 to settle what ever beef they might have and lets be honest. Stack house wish he had Jeffersons contract because he lost out on a lot of money he could have made if he just decided not to be a teams six-man and be more help to a franchise by being part of a franchise starting line up like Jefferson and help a team win a ship that way instead of hiding on that bench as a six-man so the pressure would not be on him like it is on Jefferson. Jefferson wants those responsibilty while Stack house has hide from that type of spot light with all that talent he was blessed with…

  • Mark

    In my opinion he’s like Rudy Gay. A bit too good to ride pine, but not really good enough to start, but they’ll always be paid too much for production.

    That said, guards like CP, Nash, and Kidd always make alot of people better than they usually are.

  • http://msn Desiree

    Well everyone is entitled to have an opinion, so here’s mine. Whether Stack is making the dough like he use to or not, obviously he is a big help to the Bucks. I give J S all his props.

  • Dagger

    So you guys will listen to sports analysts but not someone who’s dropped around 30 ppg for an NBA season . . . .

    Also, Stack is pretty much done in the league. He probably intends to be an analyst – hence the SIRIUS gig – so don’t bash him for the analysis. And why should he have performed at a high level in the NBA in recent years – with his body breaking down – for his analysis to be correct? If you think about it that take doesn’t make sense.

    Either way Stackhouse is on the money here. Jefferson has been exposed as a system player, and TP isn’t a true point like Kidd.

  • Ian

    tp has nothing to do with rjs crap he plays the style pops wants and plays it perfectly. give tp dantoni and he would also be droppin 10 plus assists hell john stockton would have a hard time crackin ten assists playin spurs basketball.

    stack did avg 29 once sure gunning for a bad team please the dude shot 40% that year hell he shoots that for his career. jefferson sucks but if there is or was someone more overrated it was stack.

  • http://dime eyes

    For Stackhouse to be able to come back in the league & still play at a high level. Speaks on how bad today’s game is. Allan Houston & Reggie Miller could start right now for some teams. That is terrible. There aren’t even enough starters in the league. If you’re relegated to the bench in today’s game. You need to work on your craft. It’s your job. Aside from some coaches who don’t have a clue. Either that or to stubborn to let rookies play. We need younger coaches,refs,execs,GM’s,scouts. The game is getting stale. Most people have no hunger. I’m great already you know who I am. Yes & I don’t care. It’s like we could talk about past legends until our face turns blue. What about the future.

    Anybody is overrated once compared to Michael Jordan. Just another reason Kobe is that good. Think about what I said before you comment.

  • Abe504

    Man, nobody wanna hear this clown Stackhouse, now he was overrated.

  • http://brutal... what???

    completely agree…look at how many players left Phoenix…and now..NO nash…how are they playing???

    also…props for “eyes” comments about the league turning into a bit of a joke…I am sure there are some really good high school teams that could compete with the Nets/Wolves etc…and these guys are getting paid millions to continue to lose….quite pathetic really…

    no “professional” team in any league…NFL …NHL etc…should have a winning percentage of .150ish…poor management by the league…the teams GM…and so on…

  • RC

    Every NBA player have bad seasons. No matter what the reason is for RJ it doesn’t take away that he had a solid NBA career. Stackhouse did too when he was in his prime. But don’t rag on an aging player just because he can’t do the stuff he does when he was younger. Look at Vince, D-Fish,Iverson,Tmac,KG,Big Ben,Sheed all these players are very good and some of them are the best in the league in their prime. They all face the same struggles as RJ.

    The body ages and it limits your game. Either adjust it to keep up or be ready for a decline in performance.

  • machineflesh

    i think you’re missing the point. it’s not his body giving up on him. he’s still doing crazy shit, no one’s questioning his athleticism.

    the problem is his game has nose dived ‘despite’ the fact he can still leap and outrun the best of them. why?

    trying to compare him to a bunch of players in their mid 30’s when he’s still in his 20’s doesn’t cut it.

  • JH

    Props to Stackhouse for speaking his mind in the hush hush media environment we have today.

    We need some more rivalries in the game today.

  • Cynthia

    Totally agree with Stack. I don’t know why he would actually say this on a radio show but he’s spot on. RJ is good for virtually nothing but offense so when that’s not clicking he’s good for zero. I remember all those media idiots just going on and on about how Jefferson was going to SA and how that would make such a huge difference. And nothing was said about Shawn Marion going to Dallas. Yet Dallas got Marion for significantly less money AND he’s had a great impact on the Mavs. No, he’s not the scorer he once was (although he’s asked to play a completely different role for Dallas than he did at Phoenix), but Marion does myriads of other things that RJ does NOT do….like play awesome defense, get rebounds, etc. RJ has ALWAYS been overrated in my book and YES Kidd DID make him look better than he ever really truly was. Stack is just speaking his mind (which he has always done) and speaking the truth. I loved Stack when he was in Dallas. He brought a toughness that not many players have. And although he might not be the player he once was (although I’m happy to see him playing so well w/the Bucks) he’s hardly washed-up like some of you have been commenting on here.

  • dave

    stack has a point, i remember watching rj at the olympics and marveling that this ‘marquee’ NBA player couldnt hit an outside shot.

  • Kyle

    Right now as Stackhouse takes a bench/veteran role for the Bucks, and has had 5 straight years of decline he still averages more points and assists a game than Richard Jefferson.

    Stack was a 2-time all-star(could have had 2 or 3 more appearances especially the year he scored 29.8 or 2001-2002), and there’s nothing wrong with calling out one of these guys who is paid too much for doing nothing. Stack also led a team without any other stars to the second round playoffs after Hill left for Orlando. Has Jefferson ever done that?