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Kobe hits another game-winner; Finley debuts with Boston

After three quarters of feeding the post and flexing their size advantage, the Lakers went back to their bread and butter when things got tense against Toronto: Give it to Kobe Bryant and vacate the premises … Midway through the fourth, L.A. was down on the scoreboard and in danger of losing their fourth game in a row. Predictably, that’s when Kobe (32 pts, 6 rebs, 6 asts) went to work. In the span of what seemed like a few seconds, he strung together a jumper and some free throws to turn a four-point deficit into a Lakers lead. A couple minutes later, Kobe put L.A. up four with a short baseline fadeaway. That was Derek Fisher‘s cue to interrupt Mamba’s hot streak by jacking up a contested three, but L.A. got the ball back when one of their douche-looking fans pulled a Steve Bartman and got in the way of Jose Calderon trying to save a loose ball. (Calderon visibly wanted to kick the guy in the throat, but Andrea Bargnani played peacemaker.) … The Raps were down two with 30 seconds left when Hedo Turkoglu passed up an open driving lane and threw it right to Fisher. But a quick Calderon layup and a missed Lamar Odom FT left Toronto with one more show, down three. Chris Bosh (22 pts) drained a trey with nine seconds left, and you know who was getting the ball next: Kobe took Antoine Wright to the right corner, and as Bargnani came over to double, Kobe dropped a gorgeous fadeaway in all four of their eyes for the game-winner … Before Kobe went into Takeover Mode, Kevin McHale provided the RCA Universal Remote Control PAUSE of the Night: “Kobe has decided to be a pitcher, not a catcher.” … Ron Artest ditched the Dennis Rodman look, going bald for last night’s game. Thank Wilt that experiment is over … Speaking of freak shows, Eddie Murphy was in the crowd. We’ve had an ongoing argument in the Dime office for years over who is and who isn’t an “A-List” celebrity. One of our guys claims Eddie is still an A-Lister no matter how many terrible movies he cranks out (Meet Dave, Norbit, Imagine That, etc.), and pretty much everybody is against him at this point. What do you think? Is Eddie Murphy still A-List? … Derrick Rose vs. Deron Williams was a fantastic matchup that delivered the goods. Bulls vs. Jazz? Not so much. While the two All-Stars went back and forth, the rest of the Jazz kicked the rest of the Bulls’ teeth in. Utah dominated the fourth quarter, as C.J. Miles (26 pts, 6 threes) rained from the outside, Carlos Boozer got his inside, and Utah took about 80 free throws in the quarter … D-Will put up 28 points and 17 assists, while D-Rose had 25 and 13. Rose made the highlight reel with a sick baseline two-hand dunk that he cocked back almost to the “1” on his jersey, but Deron one-upped that when he threw down a chest-to-chest one-hander over Rose … Mike Finley made his Celtics debut, scoring 5 points in 7 minutes off the bench against Milwaukee. The Bucks went on a 10-0 run in the fourth quarter and led by seven with 2:30 left, but a Rajon Rondo and-one plus a Kevin Garnett jumper brought Boston within two. Eight seconds remaining, Celts ball, they went to Paul Pierce and he got loose from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute — but Andrew Bogut forced Pierce to fadeaway on his jumper and he bricked at the buzzer … Bogut (25 pts, 17 rebs, 4 blks) caught Big Baby Gooch with one of the meanest dunks of the season. It wasn’t even the dunk itself, but more how BBG took the posterization. He went up with Bogut, got smashed on, landed upright but then stumbled for a few steps before falling to the ground. It was like watching Joe Frazier take those bombs from George Foreman and fall down in sections … Other stat lines from Tuesday: Brandon Roy had 19 points and 8 rebounds in Portland’s win over Sacramento; Dwyane Wade scored 27, but Miami lost to Charlotte; Luis Scola posted 23 points and 10 boards to lead Houston past Washington; Dahntay Jones scored 25 off the bench as Indiana beat Philly; and Dwight Howard hung 22 points and 15 rebounds on the Clippers in a rout … In the locker room immediately following that Orlando/L.A. game, the Clippers were told that Mike Dunleavy Sr. had been fired as GM. Baron Davis called it a “monkey wrench in a roller-coaster season” and coach Kim Hughes claimed he was “shocked.” Really? How could anybody — especially the people working closest to Dunleavy — have been surprised by this? The only surprise to us was that Dunleavy didn’t get canned last season … We’re out like Senior Dun …

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  • hahns


    and yeah, i think eddie murphy is still an a lister


    D-Will dunk over Rose was pretty nasty! I like, I like!

    Kobe got Jordan fadeaway down to perfection!

  • sh!tfaced

    That mini win streak by the Celtics was on ICU from the time it started.
    Not as humiliating as Big Baby Gooch but goddamn Kendrick Perkins got owned by Andrew Bogut in the post.

    Eddie Murphy has more flops than Manu Ginobili and Anderson Verajao combined.

  • Rizwan

    Thats four games in successive days that has had some altercation going on, with Big Baby and Jennings.

    What do you make of this new nastiness in the league?


    How wad norbit bad? Raspusha was all time classic funny.

    “How YEW doing”


  • Ernesto

    This just in: Baby has just stopped sliding backwards. He used the rubber on his forehead as brakes.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Don’t think there’s any argument bogeyman is playing the best ball of his career right now. Best all round centre in the league imo.

    David lee , horford allstars gtfoh.

  • youngk

    Go Josh. Bogut has been killing it since the all-star snub

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Anyone see KG screaming at Nate on the bench (Think Glen Davis), and Nate was all kinda “yea yea yea”

    On KG’s 0-7 night, would anyone be yelling at him on the bench hmmmm

  • JAY

    Eddie Murphy = Perennial A-Lister
    To me he’s in the Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor echelon.

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    Steve Bartman – one of the greatest figures in White Sox history ( i still chuckle out loud when i think of alou’s expressions)

    @ Dime

    using the words “freak show” in reference to Eddie is disrespectful (and not in a good way). One of the G.O.A.T.s of comedy (behind Pryor in my book)

  • Scott

    Raw + Delirious + Beverly Hills Cop = A List For Life

    Come’on Dime

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    also, i agree that the players and coaches shouldn’t be surprised at dunleavy’s firing. What’s even funnier to me is his complete surprise at the firing. I guess though that says that he had no awareness of the terrible job he’s been doing for YEARS. interesting…

  • jzsmoove

    why dont kobe just stop teasing Raptors nation every time he plays us. The Raptors are Kobe’s booty call bitch.

  • Celts Fan

    The Eddie question really hinges on your answer to this question: Does a guy that’s put out countless classics, but nothing good at all recently, deserve a life-time A-List pass? I say yes, absolutely. Lump Pacino and DeNiro into the mix as guys that haven’t done ish lately either. You make enough classics, you get a pass. No one hits 100 forever. (and don’t forget, he was that Donkey in Shrek. Those movies were HUGE and not thaaat long ago.)

    @Dime – only reason Dunleavy’s GM firing is so surprising is that it was only like 3 weeks ago they canned him as coach too. Why let him stay on as GM at all if you’re not letting him finish out the season? But yes, he shoulda been fired years ago from both…

  • Kermit The Washington

    Yo DIME, did you catch the line by Tommy Heinson? Dude was like “Ridenour had to put on the gas in order to get by Nate Robinson…but the problem is, he was going so fast that he couldn’t stop. Must’ve been a Toyota!”

    It was noticeably uncomfortable after that, and 30 seconds later they were like “Tonight’s keys to the game, brought to you by…Toyota…”

    I was rollin’!

  • QQ

    Eddie Murphy would forever be an A-Lister. What up with you Dime? For a magazine that’s been hyping players who were good before but ain’t doing shit now (Hellooooo, T-Mac and Iverson), yall give shoutouts to Eddie Murphy everyday.

    With the Celts losing to lower tier East teams and the FUCKING NETS recently, yall thought KG will shut up already. Appaerently, yall thought wrong.

  • LebronAintComingSoStopSuckin

    yo smitty it wasn’t the white sox it was the cubs.. that was the year that my fricken yanks lost to the fishass marlins….and the celtics should just give up cuz half that team has their aarp and medicare benefits about to kick in..


    Just like Eddie Murphy, KG’s days as an A-Lister are over.
    They become a more and more painful to watch with every movie (Meet Dave, Norbit, Pluto Nash) and game (0-7, getting beasted by Blatche) they are in.

    Look for them to make more flops (Beverly Hills Cop 4 and the 2010 Playoffs) in the near future.

    Heard that Big Baby, Gooch, Uno Uno, whatever the f*ck he wants to call himself, actually auditioned for the role of Michael Oher in The Blind Side?

    We all know he can cry in front of the camera, whine on cue and act all innocent when the whistle blows, but you gotta be shitting me. HAHAHA.

  • rangerjohn


    that right there is enough to take you down to b lister.

    and then there are ” the adventures of pluto nash”

    i mean i dont know that one should cancel out at least 2 maybe 3 decent movies he has made.

  • control

    Eddie Murphy has always sucked. I didn’t find that guy funny at all, in any movie he’s done, Coming to America was decent I guess. I guess I’ll have to go back and watch some of his “good” shit again, since it’s been 15-20 years since I seen any of it, and it’s also been 15-20 years since he’s done anything good or so it seems. The stuff I HAVE seen him do was HORRIBLE. Fuck Eddie Murphy.

  • LebronAintComingSoStopSuckin

    that was so hard to watch.. i don’t even remember the last time eddie had a decent movie.. hm wait ..shrek..but still the last one was kinda ridiculous.. and even tho i hate the nets gotta admit wish they could stay in nj and play in newark..maybe their attedance wouldn’t be so shitty..

  • JAY

    Wow, this guy actually said, “Fuck Eddie Murphy”

    Someone give this guy a hug.

  • collaboro

    Did you guys see that Cocaine Jane he had crawling over him at the game? She was fiending by the start of the fourth forsure…

    As long as the camera’s stay on him, A-LIST in my books.

    Rap’s shoulda won that game..If they play like that I can see why they would be a frusterating matchup..nice team ball I was suprisingly impressed with Triano?

  • karizmatic

    Yeah I think Eddie Murphy is an A-lister.

  • JAY

    Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy opened up the doors for black comics. Don’t forget that.
    Bill allowed Richard to get on stage. Richard’s stand-up paved the road for Eddie Murphy’s career. Eddie Murphy’s stand-ups, appearances on SNL, movies opened doors for the Chris Rocks and Dave Chappelle’s of today.
    That’s like saying Big Daddy Kane is a B-list rapper bcuz he isn’t relevant today. If you pave roads for the people after you, you’re an A-lister forever in my book.

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away


    well said

  • fallinup

    Ya gotta remember that Eddie was killing it on SNL at 19. He was huge… HUGE in the 80’s. One could say he was the biggest movie star of the 80’s. After Coming to America…during Harlem Nights and Boomerang he started his slump (although I loved Harlem Nights). I think those other bad movies were more a result of contractual obligations than him actually setting out to do those lame crap burgers like Daddy Day Care, Pluto Nash, Meet Dave… yatta yatta… And you gotta give him credit for Donkey.

    Trading Places
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Golden Child
    Coming to America
    Nutty Professor

    Yeah… he gets a free pass regardless of the crap he’s been putting out. but he just needs to drop the family friendly stuff altogether and go back to Stand Up…. All he needs is a tour and he’s back on top. No doubt.

  • fallinup

    And CeltsFan hit the nail on the head with the Pacino, Deniro comparison. They are still great actors… A list… but haven’t put out anything meaningful for quite some time.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    I won’t take Lakeshow’s or KDizzle joy on this one. Kobe did hit another game winner and it was a tough shot. kudos….

    on the other hand, Bynum was 8-12 from the floor 6-6on Fts in 30min, Gasol was 4-11 but 9-11on FT’s 30min….perhaps had they gotten the ball more (Kobe 11-20 32pts 10-11fts 37min)

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    wow, Eddie Murphy not funny? Have you ever watched his stand-ups “Raw” or “Delerious”. Those are some of the best stand-ups your will EVER see. Maybe it’s a culture thing, you just don’t get his comedy. While plenty of his movies sucked (like Bowfinger & Metro) he also made plenty of good family fun movies, while under a strict contract for Disney I believe, which isn’t easy to be funny and PG13 at the same time. His roles in the Nutty Professor, Shrek, and Showtime are funny for what they are.

    to each his own I guess.

  • control


    It was probably the age I was when I seen his shit. I know the later shit I’ve seen from him was so NOT funny that it left an impression, but I was like 5-10 years old when watching his earlier stuff. My sense of humor just wasn’t developed much at that point.

    Ironically enough, if I had seen his later shit when I was younger, and his earlier shit when I was older, my impression of him would probably be completely different.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Kobe always hits game winners.
    Well, it seems like it.

    Ron Ron and Derek Fisher suck.
    Offensively speaking. Literally and Metaphorically.
    They suck in the sense they don’t come thru when thier number is called.

    My 6ers suck too.
    Especially Eddie Jordan. He really sucks.
    How’d we let the worst shooters found in an NBA backcourt, and the shortest by the way, dismantle us???
    Ask Eddie.

    WOW, the Bucks’ front line murdered Boston’s front line.
    Maybe Boston aint elite. I’m just sayin’..

    Good to see Livingston gettin’ burn in Washington.
    Good to see Ariza demoted to bench status???

    Ariza, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva…they laughin’ at us! What do they know we don’t know? What are we missing??These cats stealing franchise-player type money. Can’t knock THAT hustle. Cottamn, can I get a fat check??? I can warm up a bench, crack some jokes, even do some mop up duty. Please!?!

    Anyways, anyone else notice Shane Battier hasn’t made a field goal in like 2 and half months. That’s crazy. And he’s still a starter.

    Maybe it’s me but it seems Luis Scola be dropping 20 10s like it’s January 1st every game.

  • Ian

    agree on everything except on fuck eddie murphy hehe

  • fallinup

    @ Control


    To know Eddie. Is to know Delirious and Raw. It’s must see stand up comedy. :)

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Almost forgot…



  • rell

    I guess the rumors about Larry Brown and the Clippers are true. I guess they are gearing up to give Larry Brown complete control over the Clippers. Dang Boston another lost. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Ian

    waitt the same thing doesnt apply to murphy those dudes were making oscar winning movies and performances not some stupid comedies. eddie murphy is that big on the states or was but hes not half as known as the actors u mentioned. unless of course u compare coming to america with the godfather and shit like that. tom hanks for example gets that pass in 20 years jim carrey wouldnt imo.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla


    You have to youtube him homie. Especially when he acts as his father on stage

    “Lillian….Lillian! Lillian can not go out-side N-E-more. And since you wanna be such a smart muthaf^ka you can’t use the phone either!”

    hahahahaadsjlfasfkljasdlfjkakjfLMAOLMAOLMAO, you gotta check that $h!t out. I got the whole stand up on my MP3 player and watch it all the time.

  • Ian

    to me thats the prob the only thing i think he ever did that was funny were those two standups. some of the movies u call great i think they were ok and the bad ones were prob the worst movies ever made this side of freddie got fingered.

    but like u said to each his own.

  • Ian

    corey haim died?????

  • fallinup

    Haha… @ Ian.

    How many comedians have oscars under their belts for comedy anyway? Once again… Eddie Murphy was the 80’s.

  • Ian

    really?? thats what u got from my post?? im sorry u dont have to win doing comedies or even win at all (john travolta will always be an alister and he died in the 80s) what did tom hanks started doing (comedies just in case)?? im sayin that to be remembered as an alister u have to do more stuff. again did i mention you have to win doing comedies??
    eddie murphy was the 80s??? sure in you house.
    if you like his stuff fine everyone likes diff shit but dont come here talking like hes daniel day lewis or someone like that cuz hes not and hes far from it.

  • Ekstor

    There was a timespan in the 80s when it seemed everything Eddie Murphy touched turned to gold. I wouldn’t say he’s A-List right now, but back then? Anyone saying he wasn’t A-List back then is just delusional.

  • fallinup

    haha… who said he was daniel day lewis. You say I can’t compare him to Deniro and Pacino because they did oscar winning crap… hence me bringing up the point about comedians don’t win oscars for doing comedy. Tom Hanks didnt win his two awards for Bussom Buddies or Turner and Hooch…

    no need to get your panties in a bunch Ian. Didn’t mean to offend you with my defending of Eddie Murphy.

  • Claw

    @Mr. Brogden – You mean like the miss Sunday against Orlando?

    How is Bargs even out there for a defensive stop, dude was way late on the double, and I’m surprised they didn’t put Bosh on him to force him to shoot over him. Terrible D, but give Kobe credit he knew what to do moved to the corner and drilled it.

    Eddie is A List. The Stand Up, I memorized Delirious, and the 48 Hours and Beverly Hills cop shit was solid. Recently he’s sucked, just don’t forget SNL, Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr. Robinson that shit had me rollin.

    Also, could you imagine not having Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood stories?

  • fallinup

    Oh… and “Party all the time.”

    Game, Set, Match… case closed. :)

  • silky

    those refs were disgusting in the raps laker game. foul, bitch, makeup call, complain, bitch, scowl, bitch….fk!

    that douche fan shoulda got one punched. too bad jose is a featherweight. if that dude gets front row laker seats and so does eddie, then eddie is def not an A-lister

    no mention of jennings giving KG an earful on the way outta the arena? lettin him have it! the young boy has swagger…. must be weird to take from someone in a milwaukee jersey

  • Ekstor

    @ Chicagorilla

    Kobe entered the 4th quarter with 8:18 left on the clock. At that time, he was 7/13 FG and 4/5 FT with 6 assists, Bynum and Gasol had each taken 11 shots already. So the shot distribution was pretty even at that time. However, the Lakers were still down by five points. Kobe goes 4/7 over the final 8:18 and 6/6 FT turning a 5 point deficit into a 2 point victory. During that final 8:18, Gasol only played the last 2:30 and Bynum played the first 5:48 (they didn’t play together during that final stretch).

    Now, are you saying that Kobe was wrong to take over the final eight minutes, at which time the shot distribution was actually relatively even and the Lakers were down?

  • silky

    those refs were disgusting in the raps laker game. foul, bitch, makeup call, complain, bitch, scowl, bitch….fk!

    that douche fan shoulda got one punched. too bad jose is a featherweight. if that dude gets front row laker seats and so does eddie, then eddie is def not an A-lister

    no mention of jennings giving KG an earful on the way outta the arena? lettin him have it! the young boy has swagger…. must be weird to take from someone in a milwaukee jersey

    farmar looks like the subway monkey

  • Ian

    i guess that red head that made 99% of the movies in the 80s is still an alister (breakfast club).

    but ill give u party all the time that song was sorry is awesome.

  • JAY

    I can’t believe i’m reading that the only good thing Eddie Murphy did was his stand-ups. CRAZY TALK!! Lol
    he carried SNL when it first started, 48 Hrs, Trading Places (hilarious), Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop movies,… etc.

    Those of you raggin’ on his latest movies… he has kids now, and they watch his movies. Life changes things and he can’t be doing the same things he used to. Don’t believe me?? See Snoop’s career. See Ice Cube’s career.

  • JAY

    See post #26

  • JAY


    See what you guys did with your silly Eddie Murphy argument?? Turned this place into an Entertainment Tonight forum.



    LAKERS Refs where blowing the whistle like a car alarm on a windy day…Kobe didn’t beat the raptors, the refs did with those freebie free throws since the 1st quarter. The game was already 8 against 5 and still a fan had to come and mess the game up. I bet that cat didn’t even get kick out of the arena. Kobes good but let him earn his free throws…these phantom fouls kills the game mang!!! Yeah interesting hows games are gettin intense now with a lot of altercations

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    @silky, <—Chapelle reference? Silky Johnston?lol

    B.Jennings wasn't talking TO KG, he was talking $h!t with the fans on his way thru the tunnel. I'm sure with KG being directly in front of him, he was intending for KG to hear him, but he wasn't talking AT him like Rondo did with CP3 earlier this season.


    The reason why i pointed out the FG attempts was to show the dominance that Bynum and Gasol potientially had facing a soft as geese $h!t front line in Bosh, Turk and Bargs (@Raps fans, yes i know Bosh isn't as soft, but he still has a lil left in him). Kobe did not trust the bigs to close them out. I'm sure Phil and Text don't like that.

    Kobe is a great player and he has that "takeover" ability. I like that he has the mentality and ability to take over. I don't think he does it at the right times that's all. If he was facing the Spurs, Celtics, Magic, Mavs, Nuggets or Blazers, it would make sense for him to take over those games. Seeing as how those teams have strong (defensive) front lines combined with soft perimeter defense. That's right up Kobe's alley. But teams like Raptors, bulls, Knicks, Rockets (minus Yao), Warriors, and Suns are so undersized and lack good defensive fundamentals that it is idiotic not to pound the ball inside to your twin towers. But his selfishness gets in the way and he wants to put up 50.

  • da man

    Hats off to Kobe for hitting ANOTHER game winner. I personally have never seen a string of clutch shots like that since you know who. With that being said, the Raptors had their chances. That 9-0 run LA made earlier in the 4th quarter is what killed Toronto. Between fouling, bad execution, and not getting rebounds, that terrible 2-3 minute stretch was the difference maker.

    you guys ever think they keep the games close on purpose so Kobe can win the game for them? just kidding.

    It’s obvious this Lakers team is not as good as last year. Good teams don’t win close games, they win blowouts. I understand every team is going to have close games, but the sheer amount of games (quite a few to mediocre teams no less) that go down to the wire is staggering. Around 15 games were decided by one possession. They shouldn’t be putting themselves in that situation. I know there are probably some more teams that have played as many close games, but they aren’t anointed the favorites like LA.

    This isn’t to say they can’t win the title, of course they can. It’s going to be a dogfight all the way though. I like when Kobe said his team showed they can play physical. I must have been asleep for those games. Their idea of physical is whining to the refs, karate chopping, and flopping.

    p.s. the fan who touched the ball looked like he had one too many 8 balls.

  • JAY

    100% agree. I didn’t watch that game but I didn’t have to. Every NBA game I watch the refs are so inconsistant. They are terrible. IMO, the worst in professional sports. and it’s not even close. It’s one thing to miss a foul, or blow the whistle on a non-foul. But you have to make the same call every time it happens. They should be some sort of quality control program in place. Refs have too much power and can make calls at their discretion. And when a call is blatantly wrong, the NBA says, that was the officials view. BULLSHIT!! If you mess up at your job, your manager wants to talk to you.

  • control

    The reffing in the NBA is by far some of the worst in all of sports, professional and non-professional. Basketball at that level is very hard to ref to begin with, the players are so big, strong and fast (and refs so old, stupid and blind) that they have the deck stacked against them to start with. They make it completely worse, almost to the point where it looks like shit is fixed with how subjective the calls are. A foul on Kobe ain’t a foul on Demar Derozen. What happened to a foul being a foul?

    Raptors get NO respect from the refs at all, 90% of questionable calls will go against them. They are such a soft team (how many people have career high for everything against the Raps?), when the refs are against them to, it’s just impossible to fucking watch.

    The NBA needs to do something about the ref situation in the league, it’s just disgusting. Weathermen, President of the USA and NBA refs. Only jobs where you can be consistently dead WRONG on a daily basis and still keep your fucking job.

  • Grissy

    Kobe does it again. Incredible.

    @Pweezy, I do agree that the refs took over a bit and it’s a shame when they take control like that. Both teams were acting like whiny children with EVERY call but some of them calls were just ridiculous (i.e. the late call on Bosh after Kobe botched the lay-up, Antoine Wright with his arms straight up and getting called for leaning in and the obvious fan interference call)…if those calls are made correctly, the Raps might’ve walked out of Staples with a W.

    All of that said, you still have to play the game regardless.

    Now seriously, how bad is Hedo Turkoglu? I’ve been giving this guy the benefit of the doubt game after game but he’s straight up useless most nights. I’ve heard all the excuses and reasoning behind his shitty play but at some point he needs to grow a set and just get back to playing ball. His turnovers are becoming unbearable and he needs to quit complaining on every call. Ball.

  • Justsayin

    You guys forgetting Dream Girls?? thats when Eddie Murphy became a TRUE legend IMO. The man gave a helluva performance. After years of comedy he came thru on some serious schtuff and was probably (besides Hudson) the only light in a bunch of bland performances, yes you Jamie Foxx and Beyonce. How many more classic comedies dude gotta produce? ill take Fallinups list and add the sequels for BVC and 48hours..

    No more black mamba ima call that man the assassin. hes back to being the assassin and damn is it true this time around. but i doubt Laker fans are too excited another Raptor game went down to the wire. RonRon needs to hit something, anything, PLEASE.

    Good game from AB and Gasol even looked like he had fire in his belly. even though he picked up 4 fouls in a 1-2 minute span. dude can be so athletic yet so uncoordinated.

  • Justsayin

    @ ChiTown


    @ Control

    It went both ways. Everytime the Lakers tried to pull away a whistle blew that favored the Raps. Just sayin. Everyone forgetting Gasol quick 3-4 fouls in 1-2 minutes? in the end game they had they bullshit but there were BS calls all game. shit Gasol picked up a T with no time left for walking away to the bench talkin shit, no run up or nothin.

    And i didnt know it either but the Raps are top 5 in shooting FT’s per game.

    Either way though. IT IS FIXED IN THE NBA. their no handchecking/contact on the perimeter rule basically was a way of giving the refs control. Stern knows what/who he wants to be in certain situations. thats why some of the so called “best refs” are some of the worst fuckin wormy refs ive ever seen on any level.

  • JH

    Worst new additions of 2009 (in relation to their pay level & expectations):

    Spurs – JEFFERSON
    Raptors – HEDO
    Pistons – VILLANUEVA

    I think Artest, Gordon, & Ariza stay off the list…for now.

    And how bout them Bucks? 9-1 in their last 10 and now the #5 seed in the East. How much of that is Salmons?

  • Claw

    That Hedo pass was HORRIBLE, what the hell happened to that guy? Was he that good, I mean he carried the Magic against the Cavs in the playoffs he was the go to guy, what happened?

    RJ is a shell of his former self and V is doing what he’s always been doing its just the Pistons paid him too much for doing it.

    Bogut is a flat out stud, dunking over the StayPuff Marshmallow Man was sick. Salmons has opened up that interior and has eleveated that team since coming over.

  • fallinup

    @ Ian

    You’re seriously now comparing Eddie Murphy in the 80’s to Molly friggin Ringwald??? You really need to study up on some Eddie Murphy.

  • Jay

    #65 I agree… his cup doesn’t hold water. Starting to think he’s developed a case of wackness. Better get that cured.

    @#65 Ciaw
    I vote “Stay Puff” for Glen Davis’ new nickname. It’s a LOT better than that “Gooch” mess Dime trying to start.

  • collaboro

    gooch = taint no?

  • Ian

    sarcasm (insert insult)