Smack / Mar 8, 2010 / 3:19 am

Kobe’s late surge falls short in Orlando; Celtics avoid disaster

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Down 10 going into the fourth quarter against the reigning Eastern Conference champs, it seemed Kobe was just waiting for the perfect set-up to steal another team’s heart. Scoring a modest 16 points through three quarters, Kobe hit back-to-back jumpers to open the fourth, then later went on a personal 7-0 run to cut Orlando’s lead to two with about 4:30 remaining. With 30 seconds to go, L.A. was still down five when Kobe (34 pts, 7 rebs, 7 asts, 3 stls) hit a ridiculous corner three with his defender all over him, then after a Jameer Nelson free throw, Mamba iced another J (about a toenail shy of being a three-pointer) to make it a one-point game with 12 seconds left. Vince Carter split a pair of free throws, so with one chance to tie or win the game, Kobe got where he wanted for a pull-up jumper, but he missed. Kobe immediately stormed off the floor (without shaking anybody’s hand) as the Lakers dropped three games in a row for the first time since picking up Pau Gasol in ’08 … Vince had 25 points (13-14 FT) and Dwight Howard posted 15 points and 16 boards, but Matt Barnes deserves some credit for the win, too. He went back-and-forth with Kobe all night, and hit some timely shots in the second half. One time Barnes crushed Derek Fisher on a screen, and Fisher got up trying to start a fight. And somewhere, Luis Scola smiled an evil smile and felt all was now right with the world … Ron Artest took one step closer to fulfilling his destiny as the next Dennis Rodman. Or maybe Ron-Ron saw what Brandon Jennings did the other night and had to one-up the kid. Either way, Artest’s blond dye job with the purple letters is just weird. PLEASE let’s not start this trend again. We already had one Sisqo; we don’t need another … Doesn’t it seem like forever since Tayshaun Prince was winning Olympic gold with Team USA and technically considered one of the 12 best players in America? Last night Tay had his first (and maybe last) great game of the season, dropping 29 points and 10 boards on the Rockets in an overtime win. Detroit was down eight with three minutes to go before Tayshaun caught two breakaway dunks — one of them a “Welcome Home” cram on Shane Battier‘s dome — then with 45 seconds left, Prince got another dunk in transition to tie the game up … Detroit got the ball back with 20 seconds left, and John Kuester literally took like 5 minutes during a timeout drawing up a play. NBA teams extend the time limit during a timeout all the time, but this breach was so blatant that Rick Adelman flipped out on the refs. When the Pistons finally came out of the huddle, they got the ball to Rip Hamilton, but he missed a jumper at the buzzer … In overtime, Rip’s offense (22 pts, 8 asts) and the Pistons defense was enough to secure the win. On some of the most crucial possessions of the game, Aaron Brooks (25 pts) and Kevin Martin (27 pts) just couldn’t penetrate the D, and Houston to settle for jumpers … Wizards/Celtics was all set to be one of those rock-bottom moments for Boston. Fourth quarter, the Wizards were up 13 and had the C’s looking old, slow and disinterested. One defining first-half sequence: KG went up for a dunk and got it sent back in his face by JaVale McGee, setting Al Thornton (24 pts, 11 rebs, 3 stls) up for a fast-break layup. Next trip, Paul Pierce tried to dunk on McGee and got rejected, leading to another Thornton bucket … But down the stretch, the Wizards (mainly Randy Foye) predictably fell apart, and Boston’s vets (mainly Ray Allen) came through when it mattered. Ray (25 pts) dropped a go-ahead three with about a minute left, then another trey with 17 on the clock. Washington had a shot to tie at the end, but couldn’t convert … If Glen Davis wants to drop the “Big Baby” handle, he needs to give us a reason to stop calling him a baby. After James Singleton beat Davis for a rebound then banged on him, Davis decided to start screaming the closest ref. The Celtics took a timeout, and instead of going to the bench, Davis followed that same ref and kept screaming at him. Eventually you could see Doc Rivers yell, “Baby! Baby! Get your ass back here!” … Other stat lines from Sunday: Thaddeus Young scored 32 in Philly’s win at Toronto, while Chris Bosh had 12 points and 12 boards in his return to the lineup; Kevin Durant put up 27 points in OKC’s win at Sacramento; and Carmelo dropped 30 on the Blazers in a win … BTW, Rodney Stuckey didn’t play in the Pistons/Rockets game, but he was released from the hospital in Cleveland over the weekend and is said to be OK. He’s undergoing tests to figure out the problem … We’re out like Sisqo …

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  • Bill

    Big Baby is most frustrating player to watch. The guy hustles like crazy and gets so many offensive rebounds yet is too short to get anything good inside. Even then he still tries to shoot instead of passing it back out and getting a better shot.

  • spit hot fiyah

    did anybody see andre miller dunk????!!!!!!!he took of with 2 feet from the dotted line and was leaning!!!! if u think i’m lying check out nba.com top 10, dime please get this video so we can se it from multiple angles. i’m not lying about this!

  • rapTOr

    caught the celtics game last night…didn’t like how old the c’s were looking…looked like a team that was trying to trick themselves into beleiving that they still had it. I wonder how long it will be until the NBA gets to see another Lakers-Celtics final? by the looks of it…not soon.

    On a similar note…has anyone else noticed the consistent domainance Andray Blatche has been dishing out lately? Dude is playing like Elton Brand in his prime!

  • Soopa

    Matt Barnes is kinda what the Magic have been missing the last couple of years. Maybe he overdid it last night, but he doesnt take any bull from anybody and gets in the faces of people.

    Personally i loved how he harassed Kobe. Last night it was to the Magics advantage. Kobe took on his “im winning this alone”-cape. How many shots did Kobe take on the 4th? 16! Resulting in 18 points?! Assists? 1! Job well done Matt!

  • dave

    jeah right that andre miller dunk was naaasty!!

  • The Proud Racist

    Gasol needs to nut it up! Something is wrong with dude!

  • common sense

    kobe shooting 30shots in a game again, gasol, bynum, odom and artest shot 35 shots… someone tell this guy that its a team game.. dime and other media outlets kiss so much ‘A double snakes’ that they never call this guy out, yall are weak dime but we all got bow down to the paymasters huh… really cant trust mainstream media these days…

    millers dunk was probably the most astonishing thing of the night, that guy does’nt even elevate for his jump shots…

    andray blatche good on O but plays very little D, but you could see he had this kind of production in him, he just never got the opportunity to ‘Be the Man’ until the trades.. other teams should have traded for him when they had the chance because he was always gonna blow.. id put beasely in this scenario… hes gonna blow but if Wade leaves itll accelerate his game.. but hopefully wade stays n they tear it up together..

  • porkpiehat

    Barnes was always wound too tight, even before his mom passed. When he was a freshman at UCLA, I remember he got suspended by the team for smashing his roommate/teammate over the head with a stool over some in the home dispute. Can’t remember who the guy who got smashed was, but I remember he was a more heralded prospect at the time. Barnes has worked very hard to attain his success, hats off to him.

  • porkpiehat

    Hey, I was wrong, it was Barnes who got his head smashed with a metal stool by Rico Hines. And here I am saying he’s too intense just because is college roommate wounded him. What a jerk I am!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime

    before it’s too late, remove that pic of Vince and replace it with Dre Miller. That dunk was ridiculous for a chubby lookin point guard on the wrong side of 30.
    Please post that.

  • Rizwan

    How good was that Magic-Lakers game yesterday??

    With that game, I wanna see a finals rematch

    Also, with that game and the Suns game from the other day, the NBA got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Rafa23

    even though dre miller travelled VERY BADLY, it was one of the most amazing things I gave seen recently. have never seen him dunk, maybe just a standard on hander. couldnt believe it was him.

  • sh!tfaced

    Wizards almost pulling it off in Boston. They couldn’t finish it though. Too bad they didn’t have a go-to guy.

    Damn. KG looks like he had his talent stolen by a Nerdluck from Space Jam or something. Got called for traveling three times. He played like shit.

    Dre Miller! LOL. Must have forgotten to wear his usual cement boots or something. Never seen him dunk before, stuff the ball, maybe, but not cram it like that.

  • Waz
  • geoluhread

    Joel Przybilla ruptured his knee tendon again.

    story is he slipped in the shower a ruptured the tendon again. no word yet if he’ll have another surgery or weather this effects next season.

  • Rizwan

    Why the F is Joel Pryzbilla calling Milwaukee HOME?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Doc ain’t the only man yelling at Big Baby to “Get your ass back here!!!”

  • That’s What’s Up

    Hey, Brandon Jennings, does the carpet match the drapes?

  • richard from cleveland

    so am i the only one that thought that ron artest looked like he leader of the golden lords in the movie Meteor Man haha

  • Kermit The Washington

    Matt Barnes was a little punk when trying to fight with Kobe. He needs to watch some Raja Bell tape to see how to do it successfully (minus the body slam).

    I thought someone would mention this, but that time where Barnes tried to get Kobe to jump by faking the ball right to his face? Kobe didn’t even bat an EYE; that was so sick. Gave him the “whatever” face the whole time.

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    meteor man. ha!

    i agree with all of ya’ll about that andre miller dunk. I played it back at least 3 times to 1) verify that it was Andre Miller 2) verify that it was a dunk (not a dwight howard throw dunk contest lay-up) and 3) verify that he took off from where i thought he did.


  • QQ

    Yall see a Finals rematch?

    Been sayin it all along, cats.

    Nice to see my guys win a game like that.

    Good to think we’re STILL the best in the East.

    Don’t front, haters. GOOOOO MAGIC!!!!!!!!

  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    kobe not budging wasn’t “so sick”. He knew barnes wasn’t going to do something like that for real. Why would he jump if he believe in the possibility of that happenin. Now if it was Chris Childs inboundin the ball? Maybe thats a different story

  • Ever


    Kobe not flinching at that ball fake was crazy. I bet 99% of the dudes in league would flinch at that. Mamba just kept giving him the “I’ll shit you kid” face. Lol

  • RC

    I agree the Celtics just looked slow and sluggish against the Wizards. KG has no business being on the floor, he was barely keeping up with Blatche. If they want him for the playoffs they should keep the guy rested. He doesn’t have much lateral movement anymore. Ray Allen and Rondo bailed them out this time.

    I love how Dwight out muscled the supposedly biggest frontline in the NBA (Gasol,Bynum,Odom) He was getting and ones everytime he gets an entry pass in the paint. And great job from Matt Barnes, thats how you play Kobe. The guy is dirty but you gotta be dirtier.

    I caught the first quarter of the blazers vs nuggets game. Carmelo is just too good and too strong for the Blazers. I always enjoy watching him eat up small forwards in the post.

  • ShowKase

    “Baby! Baby! Get your ass back here!” – Funniest “not trying to be funny” line of the day.

    Kobe and Melo have to be the 2 best scorers in the League. Mamba basically was the Lakers yesterday in the second half and those shots he was making were ridiculous! And Melo just makes scoring look so easy. I wouldnt mind seeing a rematch in the Finals, cuz we all know that other guy aint winning nothing in Ohio.

    Lamar’s attempted dunk that got pinned on the rim had me rolling all day.


  • http://wwww.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away


    that lamar miss was big. your link led me to this other clip of lamar which has me smiling and chuckling still


  • Chaos

    @rapTOR, thank you! i lke jamison as a player but blatche has the green light to just be the man and take over on defense. like all players he needs to work on O but he does have mcgee beside him. Cognrats to him\

    I seen him dunk before…..i thnk he was with cleveland

    everyone needs a guy like barnes on their team. he does the real dirty work.

    if Artest shows up in a wedding dress and like 300 tats…the world will end buc he is the new rodman

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Barnes finally gettin’ love.

    Glad to see he’s shedding that ‘high-yella-stupid-tattoo-bench-warmer’ moniker.

    He really looked like he was gonna knock Kobe da f*** out.

    And Kobe looked like he was ready to thump whenever, wherever, however.

    BARNES must feel about Kobe like Lakeshow feels about Lebron.

    The only difference, Barnes got a NBA gig and has the opportunity to actually confront his nemesis.

  • QQ

    @ 28: LOL @ the Lakeshow line.

    Let me drop another one:

    Brogden must feel hyped whenever he ‘drops knowledge’ like Stuart Scott (or any other pretentious anchors in ESPN).

    The only difference, Scott actually appears on TV to be a poser that acts like he’s a gangsta who knows the game.


  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    LOL – just a lil’ jab at a fellow Dime poster.

    QQ –}}} Just think buddy, one day you’ll know me when you hear my name on TV. Then you’ll tell all your buddies I knew this guy who was a poster on Dime Mag yadda yadda yadda…

    …basically forgetting that you’re supremely on my d***.

    BOO YOW!

  • Big Island

    Would it kill the Lakers to try Bynum or Gasol for a couple of buckets sometime after the first 5 minutes of the game? They sucked against the Bobcats the other night and yesterday was just bad. I don’t even like them, but dammit man…

  • Big Island

    OH GOD DAMMIT!!!! They just interviewed the guy who did Artest’s hair on the news. I love L.A…

  • Roman

    Matt Barnes played a good game, but his antics overshadowed the whole game. Good game all in all.

  • isotope

    Rockets are done!

  • JAY

    Hmmmm. why is Vince’s picture used for this Smack entry? Other than a player we’d all like to “Smack” upside the head, just to see how he would writhe in pain on the floor grabbing his ANKLE, i don’t see the relevance.

  • silky

    how can kobe still not understand the team concept?
    ….such a hog

    with the pieces on that team they could be tough. i’m gonna love this trainwreck this year

  • LakeShow84

    Well what can i say??

    Both teams played hard last night.. Good game lol

    ON a sidenote i cant stand playing with tough guys in pickup game.. I was hoopin with some foos this weekend and these foos was flyin all over the place jumpin into foos after made baskets, hackin and scratchin, bumpin knees (which is a nono with me) and so on.. long story short as physical as them foos was i throw ONE elbow (and boy did it connect) and its such a big deal..


    Nice to see im on your mind this lovely Monday morning Brog lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    Ur trippin.. u hit VC in the head and its a knee sprain.. u gotta drop him on his shoulder then he’ll hurt his ankle.. crazy guy..

  • Claw

    Solid game, playoff level basketball. Gasol actually played well had some dunks, blocked a shot then ran the break and was awarded a dunk by DFish.

    Kobe’s last shot though, he missed it but how is he not doubled? Then DHow doesn’t step up on D and lets him hit a wide open 3 (later 2)? Not a fan of Kobe’s game but not flinching when Barnes faked that ball at him, usually there is a natural reaction to flinch, that was cold blooded.

  • Sporty-j

    It took Jordan 6 years to realize that i cant do it without my teammates. Kobe is in year #14 and he still doesnt get that i have the best team in the league and i dont have to do it all by myself like D.Wade has to. The Celtics were about to trade Ray Allen before the deadline as if he was the problem but Kevin Garnett looks like hes the problem because Ray Allen stay bailing those guys out. Kevin Garnett looks like hes in pain just trying to make it to half court. I would not be suprised if they had to play a team like the Heat that they would be gone after the 1st round. Im calling it now. I like the Magic vs Nuggets in the finals or the Magic vs Dallas. I just think the Lakers are going to crash this year like they did in 2004 because Kobe is going back to being ball hog Kobe that killed L.A in 2004. I think the BOBCATS can also be the CAVS worst nightmare in the playoffs. They are 3-1 against the Cavs this year, atheletic as hell, and they match up very good with the CAVS. PLAYOFFS is a totally different ANIMAL… Dallas looks like the best team in the West now and hopefully K.Martin will be back for the Nuggets in the Playoffs.

  • Matt Barnes fan

    I’ve seen a few times this season where Kobe has walked off the court without shaking hands. Why is there barely a whisper? After Lebron did it, people said “oh if that was Kobe, he’d get crucified for that” I guess this proves otherwise. The Lakers are in trouble plain and simple. The formula to beating them is easy. Play rough with Gasol, deny Kobe the ball for 3 quarters, then let him go off in the 4th while he waves off teammates shooting better than him. And let’s not even talk about the bench. Yeah, teams usually shorten their rosters but the Lakers barely have a roster to shorten. They have a legitimate 6 man rotation (maybe 7, Brown is not bad). Last year, they won without trying hard because they were clearly more talented than everyone else and they caught a few breaks. This year will be different. If they end up winning the championship, God is a Lakers fan (he’s obviously a Saints fan too, but that’s a different story).

    p.s. Guys like Kobe and KG are fugazis. Kobe will never throw a punch, he’s too smart for that. But at the same, he knows he’d get his block knocked off, so he’ll do things like brush his shoulders, make weird faces, and say “it’s fun, it’s good when things get chippy”. You just know if he was cornered by Matt Barnes in a back alley it would be a whole different story.

  • My Facorite Superhero

    Kobe grabs 7 boards, gets 7 assists, gets 3 steals…..but people still say he’s not playing a team game. If you have the best closer in the game since Reggie Miller and your team is down, are you gonna want him to pass to guy with yellow hair or a C/PF who makes post moves softer than cotton? No, you’re gonna want your closer to CLOSE THE GAME! Stop criticizing the man.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol holy shit..

    There really are Matt Barnes fans around here??

    And i just think everyone would WANT Kobe to get his block knocked off..

    I mean imagine if u ran into Kobe or your favorite tough guy ran into him and Kobe gave him a quitter.. DAMN how pissed would somebody be.. i mean to top it off he shits on people on the court all day, oozes CANTFUKWITME and to top it off he can back it up..

    Talk about nightmares..

  • My Facorite Superhero

    Wait, “Last year, they won without trying hard because they were clearly more talented than everyone else and they caught a few breaks.”……What playoffs were you watching???

    They played a talented Jazz team, with one of the top PGs in the game….No one can deny that last year’s Rockets team were defensive monsters and then they met Chauncey, Melo and the Nuggets in the West Finals….plus their squad was weaker than it is this year! So what breaks???

    The Cavs caught all the breaks last year and everyone jumped on the LBJ overhype wagon.

    I’m a Lakers fan, but not necessarily the biggest Kobe fan and it just seems like cats hate for no reason

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Man, this has been a rough day….didn’t even realize I was spelling my name wrong!

  • Sporty-j

    Some of you Kobe fans still dont get it. Your love for Kobe is so blinded that it would make Romeo and Juliet look like amatuers. Nobody hates on Kobe but the lakers have mismatches all over the court. Yeah he might be the best closer in the game but do you really want to grab a rebound just to never at least get 1 touch on the offensive end every freaking night. All you have to do is look at Bynum face sometimes. That team is to loaded to be struggling the way they do a lot of times and if you put Lebron James or D.Wade on that team they would never need a last second shoot like they have numerous times this year to beat teams. And if you are a straight up person and a real fan of the game, rather your a Kobe fan or not. You would be straight up and say. Hell no they wouldnt be struggling if they had Lebron or D.Wade because those guys would average 15 assists per night and you might see a more motivated Bynum. Hell he might come to the game 12 hours before it even starts… Does Kobe even have 1 game over 10 assists with that allstar team???

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ LOL YAWN ^^^^^^^

    And to answer your question.. Yes he had a couple of 10+ assists games this year..

    Does that change ANYTHING in your mind?? didnt think so lol

    Funny how people get mad though that Lakers fan arent ready to oust Kobe from the team all in the name of “togetherness”..

    “Ur love for Kobe this”, “you got Kobes d#$k in your mouth that”, “You Kobe lovers this”, etc, etc


  • jzsmoove

    Very Big Ups to Doc Rivers for the drawn play that freed Jesus for the deciding 3. That folks is why he IS a good coach and not just a product of good players.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    So basically, the Lakers have close games because Kobe takes shots….not because Gasol gets beasted by stronger bigs, Bynum lacks consistent intensity, Fisher can only shoot threes now, Odom is good when he wants to be, Artest is not the best offensive weapon and the bench is not that deep?????

    It’s all Kobe’s fault? GTFOH!!!! You’re basing an argument on close games??? If we’re going with the team element, then why isn’t the rest of the team stepping up to blow everyone out? Kobe isn’t even the top scorer in the league!!! But his TEAM has the second best record??? Something’s just not right.

    You know what, maybe if I ignore the stats, the fact that Odom has been balling lately, the fact that Shannon Brown has a name (just like Ariza and Turiaf got one…playing on a team with Kobe), the fact that Bynum has been doing better, the fact that Gasol is a consistent all-star, I guess I could see how Kobe is just ruining this team. Yea, I’ll just ignore every other basketball related item.

  • Sporty-j

    Man i guess its true like some people say. Its a waste ,of time argueing or trying to prove a point to a Laker fan or Kobe fan. I guess all the sports analyst from tnt,people from talk shows in the morning or radio shows or people around the world that are seeing the same thing are wrong. I’m trying to keep it real. But some people dont want to take off there Kobe glasses. Its everybody fault on the Lakers who yall just named except for Kobe lol… Hes always right and does nothing wrong… Boy if you guys cannot see your love obsession for that guy. I dont know what to say! Just read your post and you will see from your response lol. Again lets keep it REAL for a second and watch the games closely. I cant believe this just just complain about the lakers players and bench? HaHa…

  • Sporty-j

    oh yeah guys!!! You dont believe what the world is seeing its on yahoo when you click on NBA. Ball Dont Lie, talking about the same exact stuff that the whole world is saying. Y does Kobe have to take so many shots on a team like that. Everything i just said about him hurting the team more than helping them word for word… I guess the whole world is just Kobe Haters…