College / Mar 19, 2010 / 2:50 pm

LeBron’s Worst Nightmare may be coming to the NBA Draft

Xavier's Jordan Crawford

*Dime’s NCAA Tournament Day 2 coverage*

Jordan Crawford just made himself a lot of money. Projected as a late first-round NBA Draft pick in 2011, the Xavier junior two-guard put on the whole f’n show today against Minnesota: dropping 28 points, five boards, five assists and handful of blocks and steals. Always known as a sick athlete who can score, Crawford showed he can shoot — he buried a dagger three with 38 seconds that put Xavier up nine — and play solid defense to go along with his scoring ability. I’d compare him to J.R. Smith without the knuckleheaded-ness.

If Crawford does go pro this year rather than next, LeBron James might wanna stock up on his DVD collection in the weeks leading up to the Draft. That grainy footage of Crawford dunking on LeBron from last summer will be shown about 10,000 times.

* Look-a-likes: Tubby Smith looks like what Barack Obama will look like when he’s 60 and gains weight; Minnesota’s Lawrence Westbrook looks like Leandro Barbosa‘s little brother; and Xavier’s Kenny Frease looks like either a shot-putter, an axe murderer, or a huge cast member of “Deadliest Catch.” And Ralph Sampson III kind of looks like his Dad, but not really.

* There are rumors that Tubby is a top candidate for the Auburn opening. If you’re in his position, what would you do? Auburn is in SEC country (a.k.a. warm weather), where Tubby had his best success with Kentucky and Georgia. But he’s got a good thing going at Minnesota, a program on the rise and where expectations probably aren’t as high and fans aren’t as insane.

* West Virginia smacked Morgan State, getting 16 points and 13 boards from Devin Ebanks and 17-8 from Kevin Jones. Morgan State is coached by Todd Bozeman, who you might remember as Jason Kidd‘s former coach at Cal who is trying to get his career back on track after basically getting fired from the entire NCAA for a few years due to infractions committed at Cal.

* 12-seed Cornell upset Temple. Here’s an interesting bit of irony/coincidence: A couple years back, Dime’s Andrew Katz did a feature on the Cornell backcourt of Louis Dale and Ryan Wittman. Today, Dale had 21 points, while Wittman (son of ex-Wolves coach and ex-NBA player Randy Wittman) had 20 to lead Cornell. And our boy Katz is a first-year law student at Temple.

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  • bone0315

    Tubby never struck me as a midwestern guy. Auburn is opening a new arean and is looking for a big a big name. Plus as bad as the SEC is, he could come in there and have pretty instant success, especially in the West. And he would have a shot to stick it to UK for basically running him out of town.

  • KnicksFan84

    I hope the Knicks buy a pick in 1st round and draft Jordan Crawford and sign Lebron.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol i’d hate to see the kids first game against Lebron..

    You know LBJ will dismantle whatever team the kid is on..

    Probably would do the “Remember The Titans” moment when dude stops in the middle of the field and points to the coach all angry and shit lol

    But Lebron will be pointin at Jordan like “get your ass out here!!”

    lol goodtimes..

  • Heckler

    is Nike gonna confiscate this kids draft rights?!!?

  • K Dizzle

    lmao @
    “If Crawford does go pro this year rather than next, LeBron James might wanna stock up on his DVD collection in the weeks leading up to the Draft.”

  • sh!tfaced

    Thought he’d be mostly remembered by just dunking on LeBron. Guess he can damn play too. Think Wittman didn’t play for the Celtics…? hawks, kings, pacers…?