NBA / Mar 22, 2010 / 1:50 pm

Mike D’Antoni Murders Jordan Hill

Since the media always bemoans athletes and coaches for not speaking their minds and then predictably turns around and kills them when they do saying something outside of the standard sports cliched responses, Mike D’Antonio will probably eventually regret shooting straight when a he found out that ex-Knick Jordan Hill was quoted as saying that D’Antoni didn’t play him because he “isn’t fond of playing rookies.”

Mike’s response couldn’t have been better:

“Where does that come from?” D’Antoni said when the NY Post told him about Hill’s comments. “Seriously. It’s something that cracks me up. I don’t play rookies? I don’t like to play bad rookies.”

Mike could have deflected the question or come up with some kind of PC answer, which he kind of did after the fact when he stressed the numbers game in New York:

“I don’t have anything against rookies at all, I like them,” D’Antoni said. “Jordan was in a position, if you noticed, where we had Al [Harrington], Jared [Jeffries], David Lee, [Darko] Milicic for a while. We had about five guys. Rookies are usually in the pecking order of the last guy.

He could have left it at that, but then Mike couldn’t resist adding this at the end:

“I do like Jordan. I think he’ll be a nice player in the league. But that’s as far as it goes. For the record, I do like rookies. I like good rookies.”

Should coaches be brutally honest with the media when talking about players?

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  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Ether “noun”
    Definition: That shit that make your soul burn slow

  • Mad dog

    Does anyone else think that New York won’t back as big a splash in the offseason as they wanna.And shouldn’t they refund some of those monies since they tanked their entire season?????????

  • James

    Wow, he lit the rookie on fire. I would say coaches should refrain from using the word “BAD” to describe their players, but whatever. It was funny enough to not raise too many eyebrows. Besides, he didn’t just come out of nowhere to beast Hill; Hill made what was perceived as an incorrect and unfair assessment of his play and his coach’s philosophy, and his coach offered an alternate assessment.

  • quick wit it

    hill doesn’t care- he gave d’antoni’s knickerbockers 13 pts & 5 rebounds (in 25 minutes) in a W pretty embarrassing for the knicks at home.
    actions speak louder than words

  • Captain Marvelous

    Coaches comment about Hill being a bad rookie speaks more about him and the Knicks management, who selected Hill, than it does about Hill. Now I hope Hill proves him wrong, dead wrong.

  • RC

    I heard Nelly saying stuff about rookies too! In one of the Warriors home games he was asked why he plays Stephen Curry a lot even though he is a rookie. And he answered “I don’t like playing bad rookies but Steph is a good rookie”

    D Antoni is just doing the right thing by keeping Jordan Hill where he is supposed to be. Jordan Hill is a rookie and not a very good one. He should just shut up and play hard.

  • netstar

    It would require a GOOD coach to develop talent.

    too bad d’antoni is a terrible coach.

  • Big V

    I don’t think this is that big of a deal.

    Mike D, however, probably does have one of the worst rotational strategies I’ve ever seen. His guys go from starting gigs to not playing a single minute, seemingly on a whim from D’Antoni.

    I can see how a coach might want to experiment with a couple of different looks on the floor when his team is not going to make the playoffs, but he’s been doing this kind of thing since early in the season before the playoffs were a forgone conclusion.

    D’Antoni needs to go, and fast.

  • JAY

    D’Antoni is crap. I’m sure for some players he’s fun to play for. But his style is too reckless to be successful in the playoffs. Steve Nash made a lot of careers. D’Antoni is one of them.

  • sh!tfaced

    Still feeling the effects of passing up Brandon Jennings…

  • Heckler

    mike d’antoni played the Gallo bum as a rook.
    so…d’antoni is full of shit. he played his bad rookie last year.

    you mean to tell me, jordan hill (8th overall pick and 2nd big man taken) cannot get minutes over Gallo, al harrington, jared jeffries and darko?!!?


    a rook cant crack that rotation?

    knicks coach SUCKS and is the WORSE in the league

  • JBaller

    Danphony actually motivated a player for the first time since coming to NY…Now let’s see him motivate one of his current players – to win a freekin’ game!

  • http://dime eyes

    FIRE MUSTACHE MAN. HE DOESN’T HAVE A BIT OF NY IN HIM. GET GALLO OUTTA HERE FAST. TAKE DUHON WITH YOU. We have a rooster posing as a franchise player in NYC of all places. The Knicks were too sold on Rubio & Curry to assess Jennings.

  • Promoman

    D’Antoni is two-faced as hell. I don’t blame him for getting on Nate’s ass but for the most part, he’s shady as hell. Not to defend Marbury, but it’s starting to look more & more like D’Antoni does operate under the table.

  • mules

    sounds like some of ya’ll didn’t get the memo…Hill’s not a Knick anymore.

  • IG

    It was smart of Phoenix and Chicago not to cave into his salary demands.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Suns the season before D’Antoni’s first full season: 29 wins.
    Suns in D’Antoni’s first full season: 62.

    Knicks the season before D’Antoni took over: 23 wins.
    Knicks in D’Antoni’s first full season: 32.

    Yea, D’Antoni is the problem. It’s easy to spot a bandwagon forming on a forum and jump on, but ya’ll are ridiculous. D’Antoni’s a bad coach? Howzat?

  • K Dizzle

    @ dagwaller

    good post.
    I was wonderin where these post were comin from.
    If u a Knick fan, u know it ain’t D’Antoni’s fault cuz EVERYBODY knew this season was a white flag special just tryin to shed salary..

    If u ain’t a Knicks fan, then you don’t care….

  • Jesus

    afterwards, Hill dropped 13/5 in 24 minutes on Dan Phony and his sorry a*ss Knicks.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Seriously, K Diz. I’m looking at the guys that they dumped in the last couple years that D’Antoni was here…Zach Randolph? Gone. Darko? Gone. Q Rich? Gone. Larry Hughes? Gone.

    Were any of those players going to save the franchise? No. I can completely understand (even if I disagree with or doubt the likelihood of success for) their plans, but I fail to see how any of their failures fall at the feet of D’Antoni.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah wasnt Donnie in charge of the draft anyways??

    Mike just ran the workouts i imagine..

    I think what we’re seeing is a frustrated as hell D’Antoni right now.. i expect a couple of jabs at EVERYONE to surface some more before the years out..

    But i will agree with all the haters in the fact D’Antoni wont bring NY a championship with his style.. well his offensive style aint the problem its his DEFENSIVE style..

    Little prick jumped ship just in time though.. wouldve loved to bust his cherry in Phoenix..

  • K Dizzle

    The only thing that hurts me is that because my Lakers were already over the cap, we gave Toney Douglas to the Knicks for nuthin and as everyone knows now, we coulda used him….damn

  • weaksidehelp

    cold blooded…