• Chaos

    i like this list!

  • Chaos

    Izzo always tough teams and there was rarely something not to like about them. only sad this was cleaves couldnt stick in the nba

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatJazz

    Charlie Bell’s wife is one of the nicest people on twitter — has nothing really to do with this list, but she’s super awesome. I’m biased though because she actually replies to me ever since I started giving traffic updates to Charlie when he’s driving through the 313 on the way to Flint in the off-season.

  • SJ

    You should’ve made this article for the past 31 years, just to be able to add Magic Johnson as #1. Shame!

  • Trix

    man i used to love kelvin torbert and shannon brown…highly hyped high-school players that didn’t quite excel in college but were still great players

  • PrettyPaula

    Steve Smith is one of my fave college players of all time…

  • Mateen

    Go back and watch videos of Shawn Respert. He was sick. I remember him lighting up Michael Finley in his last home game. He was unreal.

  • callamazoocrew

    scoonie penn is missing from your buckeyes list bro!!!!!!!!