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NBA Rumor: A Brook Lopez-David Lee Frontcourt In New Jersey

A couple weeks ago when we rolled out of The NBA’s Top 10 Frontcourts, Brook Lopez & Co. and David Lee & Co. were nowhere on the list. But with about $23.3 million in cap space to play with this summer, the appeal of staying in the metro area and playing alongside the East’s next perennial All-Star lock could be too much to pass up.

“If statistics work out, they get the No. 1 pick,” Lee told the NY Post. “They have a great center in Lopez, an All-Star point guard, Devin Harris, great athleticism with wings Chris Douglas-Roberts and Terrence Williams. They could have a big turnaround year next year if they get a good free agent and the No. 1 draft pick. It’s going to be interesting which direction they go.”

Think about it. Lopez, Lee and Yi Jianlian holding down the front line. That trio has to be up there with the best in the League. And if you’re not a Yi fan, the Nets also have T-Will and CDR on the roster, along with names like Rudy Gay and oh yeah, LeBron James, available in free agency.

What do you think? How good would a Lopez-Lee tandem be in New Jersey? Should the Nets pursue this?

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  • Ant

    Hell yeah they should, why not!??!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I can just imagine Rod Thorn or whoever is GM for the Nets this summer telling Lebron or Dwayne Wade, “Come play for New Jersey. We have Courtney Lee, Devin Harris, Yi, Terrence Williams, and CDR.”

    Not exactly a great sales pitch if you ask me. Lopez is the only legit building block on that team. Even if they added Gay and David Lee this team is still not a playoff contender.

  • sh!tfaced

    Might be a pretty good frontline. And damn big too – if Yi will slide down to 3. Don’t know how well he does defensively though.

    Brook’s been putting up nice numbers with Yi and Kris Humphries as his bouncers, what more if he had somebody like David Lee…


    who do yall think they would take with #1 overall

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    By the way, nobody has done less in the League and thinks he’s worth more than CDR. Dude daily tweets about averaging 15 points in a three game stretch 5 months ago as if it was tantamount to curing cancer.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ kwame

    No team is going to pass up on John Wall with the #1 overall pick.


    do u thnk theyll trade harris?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ kwame

    Well, he is one of their more attractive trade pieces if they draft Wall.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Problem is though there might not be many teams who would take on Harris’ contract especially with his injury history. Having Harris and Wall run together in a two guard set could be very interesting. I’d use them together and as insurance if one or the other gets injured.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    John Wall goes No. 1, but Evan Turner could surpass him depending on the team and their needs.


    thats wut i was thinkin…i feel like the nets would take turner over wall jus because it would fit better

  • Leroy Shonuff

    The nets need to make that happen. A frontline of Lopez, Lee and Williams(Yi is just plain horrible!) Then draft Evan Turner to man the 2 guard spot and with Harris at point. No need to draft wall the nets already have him in devin harris. Wall is just smaller and a lil quicker. Next get a big who likes to bang and the nets could have a future….

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I agree that Turner may be the better player at some point in their career’s but I kind of see this year’s draft situation like the 2007 draft. Many believed Durant to be the better future player but teams just couldn’t pass up on Oden. Same thing with the 2008 draft with Rose and Beasley.

    Turner could be a player like Brandon Roy but Wall could be a player like D Wade. If they both hit those respective ceilings who would you rather want?

  • Leroy Shonuff

    I would take turner. I hear what you are saying Spliff…but wall is no dwade. He is more Devin Harris(which isn’t bad…matter of fact he’s a better passer). But Turner could be Roy but a better defender and rebounder. Plus he is more fluid than Roy is. If the 07 and 08 draft comparions is any indicator…they better take turner.

  • the big fundamental

    i dont see why Nets would need John wall unless they’re planning on trading Harris

  • wifey

    Imagine if they get the first pikk and nab John Wall. Then sign David Lee, and maybe a guy like Ginobli. The Nets are in MUCH better shape then the knickabockers

  • RC

    Incase John Wall is a bust(If they even get him, who knows who gets #1 pick). Then its good if they keep Harris. They also should gun for a top free agent. I’m not sure who fits in this system anyway. They have a shoot first point guard and no team play. They just run and jack up shots and get discourage if it doesnt go in. Thats why they are the worst in the league right now. Brook Lopez is getting better and better but this team needs a veteran leader to keep things organized.

    Bottom line is I don’t see Lebron going to New Jersey, doesn’t make sense for him to leave Cleveland with all the pieces intact to make it to the finals and win a ring. If money is the case for Bron I think Cleveland would even sell the city just to finance his contract.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    You make good points Shonuff but 1. you don’t know that Wall won’t be a D Wade type impact player. Nobody really thought Wade was going to be that type player coming out of college. Be honest. Cause if you did you lying. And 2. you said Turner COULD be a Roy with more defense and rebounding. So there’s no way to know that Turner will be a superstar.

    When I hear people talk about Turner’s skills it sounds like they could be referring to Josh Smith (minus the knuckleheadedness of course). Let’s face it, the NBA draft is all about future potential now. And like I said earlier, if you could somehow see the future and Turner was Josh Smith or even Roy and Wall was Wade who would you pick?

  • Jackson

    @spliff 2 my lou

    It was a 20 game stretch actually, before Kiki took over. He’s been bad for a combination of reasons since then, but gotta give him a bit more credit than that.

  • G Ride

    What’s funny, is that the Nets aren’t even the worst team in the NBA, they may be based on their record, but the Timberwolves are much worse, don’t see anybody talking the Wolves up, who would when they have David Kahn ruining their organization, not that it wasn’t ruined already by McFail. Worst franchise in basketball, believe me, I live in Wisconsin, they are awful, and Jonny Flynn is a backup PG at best, just think, the only thing they have to rely on for talent is the draft and they can’t even get that right, who takes Flynn over Curry, or even Jennings, I remember Kahn talking him up, saying he was this great kid and leader, that kid has the worst Basketball IQ for a PG, they are going nowhere, enjoy Wolves fans, you have nowhere to go but down, and 14 wins is pretty down, good luck!!!!!

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @Spliff those are some of the worst player comparisons I’ev ever heard in my life. Don’t ever take a scouting job my man…EVER!!!