Latest News, NBA / Mar 4, 2010 / 3:49 pm

NBA Rumor: Boston Celtics to Sign Michael Finley

This just came across on Marc Spears’ (Yahoo! Sports) twitter feed:

Michael Finley has decided to come to Boston and will sign in next couple days, source tells Y! Sports.

Imagine if it was 2004 or 2005 instead of 2010 and the Celtics were adding Finley? Boston is definitely getting a version that is light years away from the beast that used to be Michael Finley, but he can still really help Boston.

They lost their second-best shooter in the deal to get Nate Robinson, so by adding Finley, at the very least they will have another guy who (in theory) can spot up and knock down jumpers. Every team can always use another shooter.

Finley is rocking career lows in FG% and 3-PT %, so maybe a change of scenery will do him some good.

Is this a good signing for Boston?

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  • LakeShow84




  • kg fan

    damn, adding pj brown is one thing since he’s not supposed to be quick, but finley cant hang with the guards/sf of cleveland or la

  • Scott

    Finley can gaurd Anthony Parker. I promise you that. lol.

    He’s there for Robert Horry action, go in, make a couple 3’s, go back out. Simple stuff. Now if only they could sign KG some new legs, then they’d actually have a chance at the title.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    He wasn’t signed to keep up with anybody. He was signed to stand in the corner and knock down open shots.

  • Name (required)

    if this was 2004, that Cs team would be STACKED.

  • Rizwan

    @ Patrick

    Exactly. I thought that was obvious to everyone that he came as primarily a shooter. Hell even the article says that!

    I agree a 2004 version of this C’s team would not need Finley.

  • MBE18

    Does he have anything left?

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    Maybe the Spurs let him go because he sucks, ever give that a thought?

  • Scott


    Well of course they did. What’s your point? lol

  • http://www.pinpointbranding.net PJ310

    @ Scott

    People are questioning whether or not he’s still a good player or is this a good signing, well my point is if he was still a good player the Spurs wouldn’t have let him go.

  • kg fan

    @ Pat
    Thats true eddie lacked D too and they still made up for him. Hopefully he gets his shot back in green

  • ab_40

    if it was 2004 and shaq played with lebron the leauge would be theirs

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Darkness everybody, darkness…

  • Name (required)

    Nahhhh…… Version2004 Sheed, KG, Pierce, Finley and Allen would Destroy Version2004 Shaq and Lebron.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. If this were 2004, the Celtics line up would have been

    C – Mark Blount
    F – Vin Baker
    F – Pierce
    G – Finley
    G – Chucky Atkins

  • the cynic

    man the celtics are desperate

  • jzsmoove

    Ainge just covers up his utter stupidity with stupid moves. Has it occured to anybody that this douche doesnt know shit?

  • ilovehaters

    the celts had open roster spots, why not sign a proven shooter for the vet min? if hes a bust, o well…i swear people get their jollys off by coming on here and hating!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Spliff hahaha that’s what I was thinking

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719


    “fuck yo’ couch nigga!”

  • http://iamcool.com nawlage_x0719

    And damnnn, the only way you know that’s Finley in the pic is the shine from the light even with that he matches perfectly with the backround.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    We can’t do nothing right? If we leave scal in the line up the haters crawl all over that if we fill it with a proven vet then the haters just hate! I’m not found of it but given the talent pool what other choice do you have? I still would have raped washington for Butler and Jamison.

  • RC

    I think they would sign him for a 10 day contract to test if he can contribute. The guy is old but he is a reliable knock down shooter and a team player.

  • hwm3

    Are the Celtics trying to get a seniors discounts on team dinners?

  • rapTOr

    really bad photography here dime…what were you thinking???

  • JH

    Do you think Finley’s agent would allow a 10 day contract? HELL NO. At least we know his agent has his head on right.