NBA / Mar 3, 2010 / 2:45 pm

Reggie Evans Named The NBA’s Dirtiest Player

In a recent poll, Sports Illustrated asked 173 NBA players who the dirtiest player in the NBA is. And according to the League, the winner (perhaps loser) is Reggie Evans. This past September, we put together our own sneaky-dirty list, and Evans clocked in at three. (Keep in mind, we note that if we were ranking guys in order according to strictly dirty-ness, Evans would be #1 and #2 at the same time.) Check out the rest of the list:

1. Reggie Evans, Raptors (21%)
2. Ron Artest, Lakers (13%)
3. Andres Nocioni, Kings (6%)
4. Anderson Varejao, Cavs (5%)
5. Kobe Bryant, Lakers (4%)

Anecdotal at best, it’s interesting to see Artest and Bryant on this list. While perhaps they haven’t done anything recently, it proves that reputations are hard to shed. And although Fabricio Oberto leads the League in fouls per 48 minutes, averaging 9.1, he did not receive a single vote. Unfortunately for Evans, he has been injured and doesn’t have enough playing time to qualify.

Who do you think is the NBA’s dirtiest player?

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  • Bruce*Leroy*Green

    dam……you grab a mans nuts ONE time in a game and everybody gets all sensitive about it

    but f*ck that Bruce Bowen is still the dirtiest player even while he’s not playin in the league. I bet he be at the rec center trippin the sh!t out lil kids and elbowin women in the chest tryin 2 take charges in a game of 25 and sh!t. And why is Bruce Browen an analyst on tv now??? Nobody wanna see that sucka ass nicca on tv! ol’ Braxton from the Jamie Foxx show lookin boy! That bow tie he had on is a fashion #FAIL smmfh

  • http://dime eyes

    Usually dirty means lacking in skills. It can be used to give you an advantage. Tim Duncan is pretty dirty. He pushes you in the back for every rebound literally every possesion. He also knees you to gain position while sealing. He uses his elbows while spinning of you. He does it very smart & quick. He also is Tim Duncan so of course it’s legal. Bowen has to be the one I remember the most. What he would do with stepping under you. Should have earned him every suspension in the book. That could end another players career. Even If you wanted to break his face. You couldn’t. He’d succeed by getting in your head.

    There’s dirty & crafty. That’s actually something I dont miss from the old days. You could be aggresive & tough w/out having to be dirty. That should be saved for off the court. Some dirty players in the league are the softest of the court. That’s pretty sad.

    Varejao definitely but he’s with the King & that’s allowed. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

  • TL

    How is Chris Paul not on the list. That guy is always taking cheap shots at people. I hate how he acts innocent too.

  • http://dime eyes

    Kirk Hinrich is also up there in keeping claws to aggravate players. That’s kind of corny & not the best for hygiene. Lack of actual skill on defense will lead to that. I think he’s overpaid by the way. LOL. Seriously. Gasol is too.

  • snook

    Hi Leroy, hows the weather in Phoenix today? lmao

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    define ‘dirty’?!!?

    i dont see ron artest as a ‘dirty’ player. just very (VERY) physical.
    in fact, ron is the opposite of dirty. he’s not a cheap shot artist. he actually will tell you exactly whats coming from him. and that is not dirty.

  • TL

    This is the perfect proof that Chris Paul is a dirty player:


    Bruce only gave him a knee back in retaliation. I miss watching Bruce Bowen play.

  • egypt

    @heckler…. what?? By that logic if you tell someone you are about to rob them and beat them instantly after you get the money then that makes you a good person simply cuz you were told exactly whats coming…. hahahahahahaha wtf were u thinking??

    I do agree with you on Artest though… the way he guarded melo the other nite… greatness

  • LakeShow84

    Cant be that soft if 2 of our players on this list :)

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    @ egypt–

    your analogy doesnt make sense to me.
    but whatever.

  • sh!tfaced

    They should call this one The Bruce Bowen Award.

    No Kendrick Perkins?! Huh…

  • Promoman

    Chris Paul should’ve been at the top of the list. Kirk Hinrich is one of dudes who starts shit and needs an ass beating.

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    All this talk about Toronto being soft….
    Just saying if we had him all year…..

    We got him for playoffs though & Garnett has bad knees hmm

    Second Round here we come!?

  • Mike Mihalow

    Tim Duncan? Really? Do you even watch the NBA?
    I agree with Artest and Kobe. Kobe’s known to swing an elbow or two, and Artest is Artest. Chris Paul is probably #6 on the list.

  • isotope

    Depends how you define dirty, I guess. If it’s defined as rough and aggressive then I see it. But if it’s doing little illegal things to gain an advantage and/or aggravate your opponent; then more foreign players will be on the list.

  • life-p

    C’mon son…T Mac!

  • Papa Smurf

    Kevin Garnett. He’s a dirty little bitch.

  • Gnasche

    Where does SI get off asking 173 NBA players? They should have asked 173 forum posters.

  • JH

    No love for Dahntay Jones?

    Just cause you play for the Spurs, doesn’t make your “dirty”. Timmy D Dirty? naaaah, Sun fans…they’re classic.

    I wish that these kinds of questions were answered by every player in the league and then published…anonymously of course so that the answers would be legit.


    Dirk Nowitzki!!! Oh, wait… different kind of dirty… hehe

  • the cynic

    Artest is notorious for grabbing players, thats why he is on the list.

    I personally would have put Dahntay Jones #2 after Reggie Evans

  • Gaston

    Varejao is the dirtiest player there is, it looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in years

  • zbo

    LBJ. He doesnt even need to be dirty hes the golden child

  • solomon

    still can’t believe how far tyreke has been from this guy, game-wise…

  • the big fundamental

    really Tim Duncan??? I dont know what nba youve been watching! spinning off a defender with your elbow is something every respectable post-player does! and also to get a rebound you have to fight for position/box out so off course there is going to be some pushing involved and again every big man pushes and shoves down low!!!

  • Mark

    Yeah, Dahntay (nice spelling papa and mama Jones, btw) Jones and CP should get a nod, and KG when they were winning (not easy to taunt when you’re losing). I’d give a nod out to Rajon Rondo, but I’d just say he’s got some complex.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    glad to have him on my team

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    sooo, apparently Brittney Griner has had enough of the grabbing and fouling her. She damn near drops the girl on one punch, old yall she was mean


  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    sooo, apparently Brittney Griner has had enough of the grabbing and fouling her. She damn near drops the girl on one punch, old yall she was mean


  • dvs

    Put the whole Spurs team, except maybe Dice, on the list. Dirty ass organization.

  • JAY

    I agree with #14…. #2 has no idea what he’s talking about. Sticking your elbow out while spinning off a guy is totally legal. I know the move you are referring to and it’s 100% legal. You don’t earn the name Mr. Fundamental for being “dirty”. All his moves are fundamental basketball. Learn the game..

    I’ll throw a name into the hat who nobody mentioned yet.
    The basturd is super dirty. He undercuts guys purposely on layup attempts. Youtube him if you don’t know.

  • RC

    Finally a Raptor ranked no. 1 in the whole league hahaha!

    Glad to have Reggie play for the Raps. They need grit and they have it with Reggie.

    Actually “dirty” can also mean cheap. Flopping is considered dirty in my book. Kobe, Manu, Ron Ron. They do good acting jobs. Specially Ron Ron, that guy is a beast of a player. 6’8 somewhere around 250lbs? Strong as a bull. And when bumped a little he flies out to the stands hahaha! But then again Rodman does the same and I like the mind games.

  • brado

    Chris Paul no doubt.

  • Big T

    RC… Kobes a flopper?? Jesus, watch a game for once you stupid fuck.

  • Dave

    Dirty players do cheap-shot things on purpose to hurt people. Physical players play hard and rough and too bad if you’re in the way. It doesn’t have anything to do with talent level or need to play a certain way. Lambier was a cheap shot artist, Najera throws cheap shots, Reginald E is cheap and usually smiles about it, Kobe on occasion is dirty, but Artest is just physical and mean.

    Harpring and Artest were the best matchup to watch of physical players going at it in recent memory. I’d rather watch highlights of Artest v Harp when he was with the Kings than nearly any other matchup. Two dudes hammering each other and neither one backing down. Course Ron got tossed out eventually but it was worth the price of tickets that night.

  • Tom Calarco

    By far the dirtiest player I have ever seen was Dennis Rodman. He was in a class by himself. One time, he actually punched a guy in the balls!

  • BTF69

    Hands down Kevin Garnett is the dirtiest player still playing today. The funny thing is, just like Karl Malone did, he gets away with stuff all the time because he’s viewed as one of the “good guys” in the league.

  • Smills91

    Derek Fisher….man, should be renamed to the Los Angeles THUGS. They got paper-soft big men, Gasol, Odom and Bynum and dirty cheap short artists in the backcourt.

  • Jai

    STEVE NASH! Dirrrrty MF!

  • Nick

    I agree that the Spurs and Duncan are dirty and fucking frusturating to watch. Ginobili is a little pesky thug, Bowen must be the most annoying defender in the league, I’ve never seen Duncan not sneak a push of more on a rebound.

    Steve Nash is the fucking MAN! Love that dude, not dirty, just funny, that’s the only word.