Smack / Mar 3, 2010 / 7:30 am

Scorer’s Delight: D-Wade, Kobe, Durant headline NBA schedule

Dwyane Wade (Photo. Jeffery Salter)

Dwyane Wade needed a team like the Warriors on the schedule last night. In just his second game back from the calf injury that cost him four crucial games as the Heat try to stay in the playoff picture, Wade was coming off a 6-for-17 effort against Orlando; G-State’s crew of D-League call-ups running Nellie‘s defensive “system” was the perfect opportunity to get back in rhythm … Wade finished with 35 points (15-23 FG) and 12 assists — throwing in crazy-angle bankers, pull-ups, finger rolls and one alley-oop from Carlos Arroyo where he had to move his head out of the way so he wouldn’t hit the rim — but the Heat still got all they could handle for a Warriors squad whose roster of injured guys would beat the healthy guys more often than not. Down by two, Anthony Morrow missed a three with 12 seconds left. After Jermaine O’Neal bricked two at the line, G-State blew its last chance when Ronny Turiaf had a clear path to the rim but dropped a pass from Stephen Curry (18 pts, 8 asts) … One of Miami’s announcers said, “Right now (Jermaine O’Neal) is an underrated player. He leads his team in charges drawn and is one of the NBA’s top shot-blockers.” Do you think J.O. has become underrated? He’s averaging 13.4 points, 7.4 boards and 1.4 blocks and just the other day he outplayed Dwight Howard in a loss … Why were the Lakers (really just Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar) running a full-court press on the Pacers when they were up 20-something in the final seconds? L.A. had already scored 120 points, so the fans probably got whatever chalupa or pizza coupons they were gonna get, so we’re thinking Phil Jackson must have recently dug into those guys about playing better defense and they took him very seriously. Farmar actually got a steal when Indiana had four guys in the backcourt against just him … Kobe had an easy 24 points (14-15 FT), but this game was more about Ron Artest (11 pts, 5 stls) going against his old squad. Ron-Ron had Danny Granger locked in a rusty trunk, allowing him just 9 points on 2-of-9 shooting and completely taking his heart by the third quarter … NBA TV’s studio host said Celtics/Pistons is “not exactly a rivalry anymore.” We wouldn’t go that far — or maybe we just like the idea of a blood feud from the ’80s still going strong — but last night they had a competitive game. Paul Pierce scored 9 points (2-6 FG) in his return to the lineup, but in the end it came down to Nate Robinson sticking some big threes in the fourth quarter and the Celtics making all of their free throws down the stretch … Remember when Ben Gordon was Boston’s worst nightmare? The only notable thing BG (8 pts) did yesterday was have his foot in the way when Tayshaun Prince landed on it and twisted his ankle. Tayshaun returned to the game … In Tuesday’s only other game, Kevin Durant dropped 39 points (13-26 FG) and Russell Westbrook added 30 and 13 dimes as the Thunder knocked off the Kings. Tyreke Evans scored 27 in the loss … When Nenad Krstic made a cameo in the Thunder/Kings highlight, NBA TV’s Steve Smith said, “Let’s give Nene Kristick a lot of credit.” Or we could just say his name correctly … Is this the end of the road for Allen Iverson? With the Sixers announcing yesterday that A.I. will miss the rest of the season, he (whether unintentionally or not) did the one thing his critics were expecting him to do — become a distraction. Now it comes down to what kind of impression Iverson makes on teams in free agency. (Assuming he still wants to play next season.) Will this end up like Stephon Marbury, with zero interest from teams? Will A.I. not even try to give it another shot? Will he be able to finish his career the right way? What does your gut tell you? … We’re out like most of the Warriors …

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  • jimmhumm

    A.I. should have made this his last go around. Zero intrest next year. He still refuses to come of the bench so aint nobody gonna give him a good deal. Memphis was his best shot and he blew it. Bye al. See you in the hall in 2020.

    Wade is on fire.

  • That’s What’s Up

    everyone should read Austin’s article on Iverson, aptly titled “The Artful Dodger”

  • sh!tfaced

    As long as you have a $22,995,000 salary, names of players like Jermaine O’Neal and the word underrated shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

  • spit hot fiyah

    my gut tells me u should proof read what u write

  • Kermit The Washington

    Dag, no mention of Big Ben’s knee injury?? What’s the report on that?

  • Celts Fan

    Damn. They coulda kept that core together and still been a legit contender, instead the Pistons dealt Chauncey, Stuckey ain’t stepped up to what he needed to to make the Chauncey deal worth-while, AND then they threw all their cap space at two VERY one-dimensional guys that aren’t starters on legit contenders (especially Charlie, BG could be I guess, but he needs to be next to a big PG.) Are we sure that Joe D didn’t just make one good deal (Rasheed) and has been coasting on that 1 title ever since? He should get a pass on Darko (EVERY expert had him #2, Melo was the ONLY guy anyone could argue should go higher, and they needed a big more,) but moving Chauncey instead of Rip, signing Ben Gordon and Villanueva (classic panic, “We have cap space now, we better use it” kinda move,) then drafting Austin Daye at 15? It says a lot when the guy you grabbed in the 40s (Jerbko) is playing consistently at the same position you picked someone up at in the lottery who’s doing nothing.

    Hope Big Ben’s ok. Persistence and hard work personified. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the road, cuz that looked bad when it happened/how he reacted to it…

  • e

    got a chance to watch stephen curry last night dude is a much better ball handler than people give him credit for

  • RC

    Joe Dumars destroyed this Pistons lineup completely. I understand though that the veterans that he used to have (Chauncey,Rasheed) are losing interest on the direction this team was headed before they got traded. But Charlie v? he is very inconsistent and has no toughness for a pf. And also why get Ben Gordon if you are planning to keep Rip.

    I’m excited to see how the Thunder would do in the playoffs. I got them as my favorite team in the West behind the Nuggets. Durant is a franchise cornerstone and Westbrook is just phenomenal. Probably the best offensive rebounding point guard in the game right now. Young teams like this have a lot of heart and intensity. This is gonna be very interesting if they get matched up with an old team like San Antonio or Dallas in the playoffs. I can smell upsets.

    Vujacic is the softest euro baller ever.

  • karizmatic

    I think AI’s career is over.

  • life-p

    AI should go overseas…

  • Cha-Ching

    AI is like a boxer. Say Roy Jones or somebody. When your quickness goes, its usually time to chalk it up. Ask Damon Stoudamire.

  • Claw

    He actually didn’t look bad for the 76ers, but I don’t think at this stage of his career he can put in the extra work, he would have to practice!

    What was the talk with Dumars being GM of the Year, terrible drafts (Don’t need Melo we have Darko!), terrible trades, and his Free Agent pickups have been dismal. He makes Isiah Thomas look good.

  • anomalyboss

    Lakers were running full court press with 20 sec left because the Pacers had 99 pts and one last chance to score.

    Lakers have a promotion going where if they score over 100 pts and the opposing team scores UNDER 100 pts, then everyone that went to the game gets free tacos from Jack-In-The-BOX.

    That’s why the entire stadium was chanting, “WE WANT TACOS!!” at the end of the game.

    Lakers wanted to make sure they fed their fans

  • LakeShow84

    LUVIN RonRons BELIGERENT D out there lately.. that man shouldve been on a diet lol.. or it could be the foot is healed up.. dunno but hes lookin good.. NOW hes starting to show more promise than Ariza.. he got way more offense.. even though the midrange can be ugly i luv his passin skills.. and he knows how to slide down the 3 line when Kobes driving and get himself open..

    If he plays like this in the playoffs ima have to make it to the parade..

    Please Kobe, keep moving the ball.. we look so good.. 2-5 can pass with the best of them..

  • LakeShow84

    lol that whole 4th quarter was about tacos.. not about getting the win.. but tacos lol

    shit it sounded the crowd wouldve booed had we gave up the 100.. i thought Dahntay Jones was about to do it too.. he got hot late.. if i were him i wouldve hit 100.. F the opposing teams crowd lol i’d take any victory i can get..

  • Femi

    You had Durant in the headline but missing in the story. C’mon Guys!

  • Mike Honcho

    That’s what I’m talking about…a team winning for Taco’s!!! Screw a chip, give me tacos! LOL

    AI is done unless he puts in some work in the off season. He should’ve tried to stick it out with the Sixers and at least given the fans something to cheer about when he played his last game as a Sixer….but now, I think he lost that. He still has the potential to come back next season and play balls out basketball like the old days, but I don’t see him doing it…..Sad day when one of the greats has been reduced to this.

  • http://www.pewakur.com Oo

    Durant is actually IN the story, those who can read have a clear advantage…

  • http://www.sportsbuzz.com jack@sportsbuzz.com

    I think Alan Iverson may be done. His size is
    an anomaly in the NBA to begin with. When he
    loses that blinding speed, which it appears he has,
    all he has left is his experience and his moves.
    That may not be enough.