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Scottie Pippen: “I don’t know if LeBron James fits with the Chicago Bulls”

There’s no question about it, the Chicago Bulls are looking to be players in this summer’s free agent market. With a projected figure of about $31.85 million in 2010-11 payroll, the Bulls will have about $20 million to dangle a max contract in front of one of the top-tier free agents. But sorry Bulls fans, according to Scottie Pippen, he doesn’t think LeBron James should be that guy.

Maybe Pippen wants to go down as the Bulls’ greatest small forward of all-time, or perhaps he really doesn’t see LBJ working out in the Windy City; but when asked if he had a choice of one player to build his franchise around, he chose the King.

That’s a difficult question. If you want to ask me that then I’m going to probably go after the best player in the game and that’s going to be LeBron James. But I don’t know if LeBron James fits with the Chicago Bulls. I don’t know if I want Derrick Rose to give the ball up and let LeBron run the show. There are some great free agents out there. For me, you have to have the right fit. You just can’t go and get the best player. You got to have chemistry in this game.

To me, this is very interesting. One thing about all six of Chicago’s championship teams is that they had great chemistry. But I don’t see where Pippen is coming from that he doesn’t think Rose and James could coexist on the same roster.

Rose is somewhat in the same mold as Mo Williams, so what makes him think that he would have to give the ball up? Not that I think LeBron is headed to Chi-Town, but I wouldn’t see a tandem of Rose and James being detrimental to either player.

What do you think? Could Rose and James coexist? Who would be the right fit alongside Rose in Chicago?

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Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  • Boombaby

    I think Pippen had a point but still Lebron is the guy to buuild the team around. If the Bulls would get Lebron I could see that he will be needing other personel on this to win a championship, its like Lebron would start all over like when he entered the league with the Cavs. But I believe in Lebron that he could at least transform the Bulls from a playoff team to a Championship caliber with the coming years like just he did with the Cavs..

  • http://dimemag.com/author/adam/ Adam Flomenbaum

    Unless LeBron wins 6 rings there, Scottie would still be best Bulls SF. I think Rose and James could co-exist but the Bulls can’t rely on the two of them without a frontcourt presence – Noah = Varejao , but theyd need someone else or it wouldnt work.

  • Kermit The Washington

    I don’t know about the whole “Rose is somewhat in the same mold as Mo Williams” line…in fact that sounds even crazier now that I’ve typed it over again…but if Bron can co-exist with any superstar then he can co-exist with Derrick Rose. I wonder what Pippen thinks of the Bron and Wade combo! Rose and Bron would be closer to Jordan and Pip than anyone else probably.

  • ballinwithswagg

    i think they would work good together, they could both throw oops to each other when ever they want!

  • Michorizo

    the question is can you co-exist with James…not can James co-exist with Rose or anyone…James is great.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    The nice thing about LeBron James, to me, is that he’s so versatile. He can play D, he can slash to the hoop, he can pass, rebound, block shots, etc. He seems like a fun teammate that wants to win. I don’t see a player in the NBA that’s more adaptable than he is.

  • Blue

    I see where he’s coming from. Both Rose and James need the ball in their hands to be effective. Neither one has a dead-on jumper to be able to play at a high level off the ball.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Rose and James would be killa!

    Anyways when it comes to Scottie Pippen I keep thinking of that song they had him singing
    “Ballz Deep”

  • ronnabonbon

    they need a big man

  • Big Island

    Even if Rose couldn’t play with James, just trade Rose. Just about every team would swap him with their point guard and you could get some picks, a vet, something. God dammit Pip.

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    rose is NOTHING like williams, which derrick rose have u been watching? the bulls should just sign bosh, and see if they can get ray allen at a discount, rose works best with shooters than work off the ball

  • karizmatic

    I think you are wrong in your assessment that Derrick Rose and Mo Williams have the same skill set or are in the same mold. Mo Williams is basically a combo guard, a shooting guard in a point guard’s body. In this sense the chemistry with him and LBJ works because LBJ does most of the penetration and kicks out to him for open jumpshots. Derrick Rose is a drive and kick guy…his skill set in that way or style of playing is actually closer to LBJ than a Mo Williams. Since they both need to dominate the ball to be effective then I can see where Pip is coming from with the chemistry issues.

    However, I disagree with Pip that Rose and LBJ couldn’t work together, I think LBJ is the type of player that could work with anyone. If he had a Derrick Rose type point guard it would completely free him up to wreak havoc and be a gamechanging finisher. His assist numbers would come down but his turnovers probably would as well. If LBJ was so inclined it would also free him up to work on his post game more. LBJ would become a guy who is good for 20pts 10rebs or even 30ppg and 15rebs a game plus five assists. They would be a vicious defensive combo on the perimeter and strike fear in teams. The chemistry would be crazy. I’m thinking of an even better version of what Billups and Melo have in Denver. Could you imagine a screen roll situation involving Rose and LBJ? The possibilities are endless. But Rose isn’t in the same mold as Mo Williams.

  • nate

    by the way….derrick rose is NOTHING like mo williams

  • Taj

    Can Pip and midgets coexist??

  • sh!tfaced

    “Rose is somewhat in the same mold as Mo Williams”

    In what world? Gotta go with nate. Come on, man.

  • Boogie

    Rose is a very different PG to Mo williams. I am actually shocked that you used the phrase “in the same mold”. That kinda comment makes me suspect dimes bball acumen….

  • http://Www.internationaloutfit.com Bk2lv

    D-rose is just like mo Williams???? WTF are u smoking they are both good players (d-rose will be a great player) but similar in game…. Hell no!!!!! And pip is right lebron needs the ball in his hands at all times but that minimizes roses whole game…. Wouldn’t work…..

  • karizmatic

    @ Boogie,

    It’s not dime it’s Aron he’s notorious for putting up stuff like that. Aron do you do it just to get a rise out of people?

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    I don’t see the similarity between Mo Williams and Derrick Rose… Rose is all slash and buckets on floaters or inside and Mo sticks to jumpers and spot up duty.

  • Shady

    I agree Lebron isn’t the best fit with Rose, but if Lebron wants to come to Chicago we should trade Rose in a heartbeat.

  • flavur

    The bulls should get Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh I mean those 2 are the best fits to me to play along side D-Rose.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    I see where Pippen is coming from.
    I dont see how Aron can truly believe that Mo Williams and Derrick Rose are out of the same mold. Do you even watch bball or do you just watch (lame) highlight shows?!!?

    I’m not sure a Derrick Rose Lebron James tandem can give you anything special. its the NBA, so its not hard to make the playoffs (alls you need to do is be the 8th best team in your conference. FRIGGIN EIGHTH!); but I dunno if that combo can make the finals.

    Think Denver of 2005-2006 with Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. Different players and styles (yes I know) but same concept.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    Chicago has needed the same thing for the last 5yrs. A decent respectable post presence.

    they lost out on jermaine o’neal who was traded. lost on zach randolph who was traded. lost on pau gasol who was traded.

    jim paxson has been asleep at the wheel. shook to pull the trigger.

    maybe this summer they can get the inside piece they have been missing for too long. and they’ll have plenty of choices with Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudmire and Carlos Boozer.

    any of those 3 actually pair BETTER with derrick rose and luol deng than lebron james

  • eazy yeezy

    rose and mo williams alike? are you kidding me? mo williams is more in the mold of a ben gordon. a streaky, spot up shooter who will go for 30 one night and 8 another. rose is a slasher and much more of a distributer than williams.
    that being said, i see a lot of lebron’s game in rose actually. rose is a mini lebron who can get to the basket whenever he wants, and is physically the most dominating player at his position due to his size, strength, speed and athleticism.
    rose would have to change his game if lebron came to town, and while it would be tough- i believe that great players find a way to coexist and win.
    find me ONE gm who wouldnt want to have/start rose and lebron on the same team if they could.

  • RC

    Rose and LBJ is a very good combo. Since it would get them more ball handling and passing. Plus two great fast break finishers/slashers and also theyre both built like tanks. This is a nightmare combo for teams. They can put Hinrich as a spot up shooter for 3 points and Deng can spot up from mid range. Brad Miller if healthy can be a shooter too. Bulls would be an elite team with LBJ. Rose is becoming a superstar and should be kept.

  • karizmatic


    If I had Rose and LBJ, Hinrich and Deng are two people I’d be looking to trade ASAP. Or if I kept them they’d be coming off the bench as backups.

  • spswange

    Rose and Mo have no comparison, 2 different styles completely!… anyone can play with LBJ, he has great court vision. but i don’t think him and rose would work out in the long run. both rely on scoring with the ball… it would be fun to see them throw oops though.

  • Rocco

    While I agree that Rose and James could play together, I agree with Pip that James wouldn’t be the best fit fot the bulls. As a GM if you look at our roster you see that we are good at the following positions:

    PG: Rose
    SF: Deng
    C: Noah
    1st Guard off the bench: Kirk
    1st Big man off the bench: Taj

    With this roster we are better suited to land a superstar SG (Wade, Johnson) and sign a 4 who can make some buckets OR sign a superstar PF (Bosh, Boozer) and sign a SG with good range.

    No one is saying that James wouldn’t make this team a hell of a lot better, but I do believe that a superstar SG or PF would simply fit better with the current roster.

  • http://dime AdvancedMind

    Wow trade Derrick Rose?????
    Thats why you guys could only be GM’s in 2k10….

  • Drink the Haterade

    Dwayne Wade. He has the consitent jumper and they already have Deng @ SF

  • egypt

    its irrelevant…. he isnt going there… not to say the bulls wont make a pitch to his agents but im pretty sure even they know there best shot is to go after wade

    it would work though… put lebron with 4 wnba randoms and that would also work

  • Octopus Jonny

    Rose is like Mo Legend? Fuck that. Not in any way, shape, or form. Fuckin Bizzaroworld in the Dime office today.

  • shake&bake

    It would be nice to see Rose and Lebron run the break together.

  • http://www.WhyCandaceWhySheldon.thatbastard.com Chicagorilla

    No thanks Keep Lebron, Give me the smaller version who has skill. We need a center not a SF or SG. A Center and a Power Forward.

  • MBE18

    Pippen’s an ASS if he really believes that!!!

  • ab_40

    LeBron isn’t going anywhere they should go after chris bosh, amaré stoudamire and rudy gay. If they cfan let rudy run with rose and bosh or stoudamire trailing for the next three years they are gonna be scary

  • Clutch

    Bosh would probably be one of the best free agents for chicago. Obviously lebron is lebron, but think about it, Chicago has no outside shooters. Rose and Lebron both are physical freaks at their respective positions who have at best shaky jumpers and excel getting into the lane. Too much overlap.

  • dvs

    If i’m the Bulls, I’d get JJ and Bosh. Then I’d watch Wade and Bron get their money in NYC or Miami, and watch DRose JJ and Bosh win 4 or 5 Championships!!

  • dragonyeuw

    Don’t think Rose and Lebron would be a good mix, a guy like Amare would be a better counterpart to Rose’s skillset than Lebron. For the same reasons I don’t think Wade and Lebron are a good mix either, but either of them with say Chris Bosh makes for a more effective inside-out combo.

  • jzsmoove

    i love scottie and all but he only got 6 rings. he dont know shit.


    WTF? When a franchise player like LeBron comes knocking at your door, you don’t say no because he doesn’t fit with your team. You make the team fit him.

    Does Scottie Pippen even know its been about seven years since he retired? There’s nothing he did with the Bulls that anybody can take away from him anymore.

    Rose and Mo in what mold?! Yeah, right… GTFOH… hehehe