Smack / Mar 27, 2010 / 2:29 am

Spartans end Northern Iowa’s run; Carmelo breaks Toronto’s heart

Michigan State's Korie Lucious

If Tom Izzo really does have an underground Lord of the Rings-style factory where he builds his Michigan State army from scratch, he wasn’t even being creative when he made Korie Lucious as the eventual successor to Kalin Lucas. Similar name, similar game, and if you saw the spin move and floater that Lucious (10 pts, 6 asts, 4 stls) hit last night to stick the dagger in Northern Iowa and send the Spartans to yet another Elite Eight, you couldn’t help but remember Lucas’ similar shot that iced Kansas in the tourney last year … The underdog Panthers gave it a run — it was tied up with less than three minutes to go — but missed a few too many free throws and gave up some crucial inside buckets down the stretch. Tournament hero Ali Farokhmanesh was off (9 pts, 1-5 3PA), while State’s Durrell Summers (19 pts, 7 rebs) continues producing under the radar as one of the best players in the Big Dance nobody is talking about … Ohio State’s Evan Turner is getting plenty of attention, and he was an assassin on Friday, hanging 31 points, 7 boards and 5 assists on Tennessee. Turner dropped a huge three with 41 seconds left to put the 2-seed Buckeyes up by one, but after UT’s “Big Baby” Brian Williams put them back ahead with a tip-in, Turner missed a driving layup and two threes at the end. That last sequence wasn’t totally his fault, though. It seemed OSU coach Thad Matta had no game plan and sent his guys out there with no instruction beyond “Let Evan do what he wants.” … How many NBA players do you think were on the court in that Buckeyes/Vols game? Turner is obviously a Top-5 pick, but after that it’s complicated: Scotty Hopson has NBA talent and potential, but his production has yet to catch up; Wayne Chism (hustle), William Buford (athleticism), David Lighty (defense) and Jon Diebler (ratchet) have at least one pro skill; and J.P. Prince could be a poor man’s version of the poor man’s version (C.J. Miles) of his cousin (Tayshaun Prince). There was a lot of talent on the floor, but after Turner, no sure things … The other two Sweet 16 games weren’t that close: Duke took care of Purdue behind Kyle Singler‘s 24 points, while Baylor bopped St. Mary’s on the head as LaceDarius Dunn scored 23 … CBS did an interview with K-State coach Frank Martin sitting right next to Butler’s Brad Stevens. Anyone else get the feeling that Martin has chunks of guys like Stevens in his stool? … Rough night for Chris Bosh. With less than a minute to go, the Raptors led Denver by three after Andrea Bargnani‘s graceful one-hand floating banker (plus the foul) threatened to blow the roof off Toronto’s gym. Carmelo (25 pts) drove on Antoine Wright when it was his turn, getting fouled and missing both free throws, but the Raps lost the rebound out of bounds. And by the look on Bosh’s face, he knew something bad was about to happen. Sure enough, Chauncey Billups took the inbounds and in one motion, promptly tied it up with a corner three …

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Bosh (18 pts, 12 rebs) then got a clear-out on Nene, and although he got stripped, the refs bailed him out with a weak foul call. Bosh split the free throws. Denver ball, ‘Melo bricked a jumper, but Nene (20 pts, 9 rebs, 6 asts, 3 stls) corralled the loose ball and Chauncey whipped it right back to ‘Melo, who drained a jumper from the same spot at the buzzer. Painful … No idea why Scott Brooks would put Kevin Durant (26 pts) and Russell Westbrook (23 pts, 4 stls) back in — and never take Jeff Green out — when the Thunder were up 25 on the Lakers in the fourth quarter; luckily nobody got hurt. But it did give us a chance to see KD matched up 1-on-1 with Adam Morrison (“He almost never plays,” said one OKC announcer). Only three years ago, when Morrison was coming off his rookie year and KD was getting drafted, this still had a slight chance to be a Larry Bird vs. Dominique Wilkins type rivalry of the next generation. What happened? … The Nets have done it. Well, they kinda did it. By beating the Pistons last night in a game that lasted 15 minutes longer than anybody wanted it to — Brook Lopez put up 37 points while Yi Jianlian had 31 points — Jersey won their 9th game of the season, meaning they can only tie the mark for worst record of all-time. By setting season-highs in points (118), field goal percentage and assists, does this mean they’re peaking at the right time? Is it too late for a playoff push? … Not that the Nets didn’t do everything they possibly could to give the game away. Leading by six with 1:40 remaining, they committed three turnovers in their next four possessions, including an 8-second violation. If the Pistons had bothered to capitalize on that window, they could’ve stolen a win. During that stretch, one of N.J.’s announcers said, “Now here’s where the basics of basketball come into play.” Yeah, that’s kinda been the problem all year … Other stat lines from Friday: Manu Ginobili scored 30 points to lead San Antonio past Cleveland; D-Wade dropped 30 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals on the Bucks in a win; Kevin Garnett had 18 points, 13 boards and 4 blocks to beat Sacramento, while Rajon Rondo handed out 18 dimes; Dwight Howard put up 24 points, 19 boards and 4 blocks as Orlando beat Minnesota; Danny Granger hung 44 points (15-23 FG) on Utah as Indiana won big; Andre Iguodala had 25 points, 10 boards and 9 assists in Philly’s win over Atlanta; Ray Felton went for 19 points and 11 dimes to lead Charlotte past Washington; and Amar’e and Leandro Barbosa scored 18 apiece to lead six Suns in double figures as they destroyed the Knicks … We’re out like Farokhmanesh …

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  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Damn you, New Jersey Nets!!!! I wanted them to set the record. Oh well, at least Brook Lopez can sleep with his eyes closed instead of one eye open while still hearing “Your team stinks” in his head all night long

  • the big fundamental

    @ Aaron P,
    Ginobli must have read your article and got all fired up cuz he went to work tonight

  • netstar

    my nets getting a winning streak!

  • quest???

    DAMN I WANTED THE NETS TO GET THAT RECORD!….damn i really wanted UNI to beat michigan state. UNI is the definition of underdog

  • rapTOr

    Bosh is so gone after this season is done. You can tell form his body language on and off the court.

    I hate to see him leave, but hes done Toronto well, and we all would love to see him use his prime years on a relevant contender…

  • snook

    I like how the nets got more coverage than spurs/cavs.

    i bet if cavs won, they’ll be on the title for smack + another article on how lebron can score 40 every night if he really wanted to

  • GoEasy

    Im tired of hearing everyone complain about either Lebron or Kobe or whoever for whatever reason. Do people always have to be so unintelligent?

  • Alee-Mo

    LOL Dime doesn’t even mention LeBron for once and @snook is still complaining about LeBron coverage. That’s stupid.

  • Sweet English

    Do you think the Nets are a little upset? Last week they were a story team who were about to break a record and would have gone down in the history books. admitadely, for something pretty bad, but give me one other reason you remember a 70’s Sixers team…..

    Now, for the sake of ONE more W, theyre just a terrible team to laugh at, and then forget about next year.

  • common sense

    @Sweet English, nobodys forgetting about this Nets team ANY time soon…

  • BC

    Toronto has heart?

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Ahhh, FFS, I KNEW Pistons would lose >>:(

    Meanwhile didn’t Timberwolves lose thei like 15th game or something in a row :-/

  • That’s What’s Up

    good job dime – never mentioned HIM once

  • jimmhumm

    T-dot ain’t got no heart BC
    THeir best player blew a cluthc freebie and got beasted by a luke warm pf turned center for the game winning rebound.
    First round exit coming soon
    and then Bosh to GS Warriors!!

  • Mike Mihalow

    Spurs/Cavs was a great game. You know if the Cavs had won, there would be a picture of LeBron and more than a <1 sentence response about the game. Aron would have a huge throbbing boner right now, but Manu played a great game.

  • Skeeter McGee

    It’s like when LeBron loses everybody gets on their Harry Potter shit and ‘Bron becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the DIME section. I can dig it, just don’t jock his nuts so hard when he wins (so basically, don’t).

  • Mike Mihalow

    Well said, Skeeter. Well said.

  • Dangertronix

    Is CJ Miles really a poor man’s Tayshaun Prince?

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Mr. Brogden

    Cavs couldn’t get nothin’ poppin in the last 5 minutes. LBJ either bricked or turned it over. The Spurs, mainly Ginobli, was going off.

    Spurs was down 5 going into the half, end up winning 5.

    Guard play was minimal by the road team. Mo was off. And was getting abused on d. Delonte wasn’t agressive on offense. And kep giving the left to the Ginobli who’s left handed. Dude, recognize! It’s the spanish clean cut version of you, man up! AP d’d up but his o was nonexistent. Boobie doesn’t even get in.

    So I guess that’s why the ball was in Bron’s hands at the end. But he made critical mental lapses and took ill-advised shots with the time dwindling down fast.

    With that said, Manu Ginobli was bustin ass.
    And that’s probably the main reason the Cavs lost this one.

  • shage

    Dwight dropping a 20-20(almost) line on Minnesota must have given Wolves fans a flashback to the good old times when KG used to drop them on the regular.

  • Ian

    good old times?? when they were winning??

  • ab_40

    mr brogden please don’t compare delonte west with manu ginobili. manu is clearly still a great player top 10 sg in the nba and delonte west is a washed up glorified bench player. spurs cavs was a nice game though good to see RJ doing some good stuff and tim duncan showing signs of life. I still don’t think their D is there this season so they’re dunzo but it’ll be cool to see TP, manu and timmy go off on whoever they face in the first round of the playoffs

  • http://twitter.com/therealknowbody Mr. Brogden

    Take your vickie’s out ya azz crack, ab 40.

    It was simply a “left-handed shooting guard” comparison.

    Inference: One should know how to defend the other.

  • LakeShow84

    Well what can i say.. Both teams played hard..

    We just came out a little ummmmmmmmm


    Props to Westbrook.. dude came out shitting on our backcourt.. fuckin freak bat lookin mofa lol

    And its ALWAYS fun to watch Durant do his thing..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    you know.. that one year lol

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hahaha how many T Wolves fans are there out there? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  • K Dizzle

    Thank goodness for the ncaa tournament so I don’t gotta explain why my Lakers gor CRUSHED by OKC…
    oh well, Go Wildcats lol


    And the Wildcats get crushed by WVU hahaha