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Syracuse’s Lack Of McDonald’s All Americans Could Cost Them The Title

DeMarcus Cousins

With multiple Cindarellas and plenty of drama at this year’s Big Dance, many fans are wondering who will be crowned the king. While it’s too late to adjust your bracket, the answer is most likely found on each team’s roster. Since 1979, every National Champion (except Maryland in 2002) has had at least one McDonald’s All American on its roster. That’s a 97 percent proof-point. So even though Syracuse and West Virginia are playing well, and Northern Iowa, St. Mary’s and Cornell are hoping to win again before the clock strikes midnight, history is not on their side.

The 29 NCAA Championship teams since 1979 had a combined 91 McDonald’s All Americans on their rosters (an average of more than three per team). Which Sweet 16 teams have the most this year? Duke (6) and Kentucky (2). Below is a breakout of the 16 remaining teams – those that have McD’s All Americans and those that do not.

Duke: Jon Scheyer, Lance Thomas, Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith, Ryan Kelly, Mason Plumlee

Kentucky: Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins

Baylor: Tweety Carter

Kansas State: Wally Judge

Ohio State: William Buford

Tennessee: Scotty Hopson

Washington: Abdul Gaddy

The teams with no McD’s All Americans are Syracuse, West Virginia, Purdue, Butler, Michigan State, Xavier, Northern Iowa, St. Mary’s and Cornell.

Only time will tell…

Who do you think is going to win it all?

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  • isotope

    Cuse is still going to take it. At least i hope so. My bracket is depending on it.

  • PN

    Good teams and good players win championships. Not the number of all americans. Syracuses lack of an MAA means nothing unless their talent level is inferior to the listed teams, which it isn’t.

    Programs like UK, Duke, and UNC have more MAA’s than anyone else year in and year out, but those teams don’t always come home with hardware.

    I’m a UConn fan; we’ve had less MAAs all time than UNC will have next year. The program has seen better days, but I think has proven that you don’t need a roster full of MAAs to compete for championships.

  • http://dime eyes

    All American voting is biased. So sometimes the best players are left off rosters for other reasons. Syracuse just doesn’t recruit big time players overall. A lot of talent now a days. Don’t want to listen to a superstar coach. It’s a alpha male thing. Sometimes adjusting to a star players style isn’t always a bad thing. Calhoun has lost his edge. No want’s to go the Syracuse. Alumni plays a big part too. Players want a shot at going to the league or at least starring overseas. Again Chris Duhon & Mustapha Shakur were All AMericans. While Daryll Hill & Corey Fisher & few others weren’t. BEing the best in your state could mean the players their suck.

    This year rosters who had big names & no games outside of 2 players
    Kansas-Collins & Aldrich. The Morris twins are okay
    Villanova-Fisher & Reynolds that’s it
    Uconn-Kemba & Dyson with Robinson being a freak athlete & tweener
    Duke-This year actually has a 7 man deep roster
    Louisville-Stinks(Sosa & Samuels hasn’t found himself
    Georgetown-Monroe & Freeman(Chris Wright always sucked)
    Texas-Damion Jones/Avery Bradley is decent
    St Johns-Norm Roberts
    The coach of your program has to be aligned with either a good agent or have good N.B.A. ties. The only way its going to workout best for the player. It’s the system & the way things work

    Agents pretty much run everything. If you have a powerful one in your corner. You can accomplish anything. They can build you up like Marcus Banks who is possibly the worse guard in the league. He was picked in the 1st round out of UNLV by the connects his powerful agent had. Same for Sebastian he was guaranteed the N.B.A. by his agent. Lance was lottery until he rubbed someone the wrong way. So they wanted to prove a point.

  • PN

    Calhoun has not lost his edge; he lost this years team (which as you noted, was flawed). UConn was in the final 4 last year and would have competed with UNC if Dyson wasn’t injured.

    Calhoun has proven that he can find great players outside of the All-american ranks (ray, rip, caron, okafor, gordon, thabeet, price, etc).

  • http://dime eyes

    PN… At Calhoun’s age you think it was smart & healthy for him to continue on a 6 yr extension. His legacy is sealed. Let the program transition. More kids would come to the program than being scared away. Calhoun is a tough coach to play for. UConn is one of the Big East best. Every kid should want to play there but not for him anymore. His time is waning like D.Nelson. There comes a time when you have to move on. I applaud & respect what he did. After a while players just tune you out & you lose touch with this crop of talent. That’s inevitable.

    Ben Gordon & Caron were All American talents. They just didn’t get the voting nudge. Calhoun has soaked everybit of Marcus Williams & Tyliek Brown’s confidence while at this program. He yells and loses players yearly. Curtis Kelly can’t play for Calhoun but could play for pyscho Coach Martin. There is never a need to be that wound up. Have an edge but don’t go overboard.

  • PN

    Healthy? Probobly not. But he can stay as long as he wants; health concerns may hurt recruiting, but so would losing Calhoun.

    Not every player can play for Calhoun, but the ones that buy in usually benefit from it. Look at the NBA success. Say what you want about the appraoch, but Calhoun builds players by breaking them down and building them back up. Taleik was afraid to make mistakes his first couple of years, but when he was a senior he had Calhoun’s complete confidence and he won a championship (I love TB, but it wasn’t Calhoun’s fault he had no jumper).

    I will say that I think Calhoun lost Dyson at some point this year.

  • hahns

    one of the stupider posts in a while guys….


    i thought devin ebanks was a mcdonalds all american….
    he was in the elite 24

    ohio state baby
    lets go buckeyes

  • Smitty313

    Wasnt John Wall a all american?

  • Smitty313

    Just looked it up, he wasnt. WTF

  • Smitty313

    John Wall was a 5th year seinor witch made him not eligible

  • BCap

    John Wall wasn’t a Mickey D’s all american?

  • ben1en

    You know this Micky Dee All-American stuff is bogus and won’t affect this year’s title winner when Evan Turner and John Wall the two best players in the country weren’t All-Americans. THIS WON’T AFFECT MARCH MADNESS’S OUTCOME!

  • kobekold

    john wall was not a mc donalds all american because he was a 5th year player in high school. please belive my reaction was the same. he didn’t get snubbed he was jus not eligable. but he woulda been. show some love for my boy deshaun thomas from bishop leurs though he’s a mc donalds all american.

  • ShowKase

    I like the general idea behind this article, but it does make you question the whole McD’s All-American selection process? Who chooses the players? Writers? They should have former players select these kids, you know, “game recognizes game”. Plus Duke gets like 4 AA’s a year and all they have to show for it is about 3 National Championships? Hell, my alma mater (University of Florida) only had one AA (Corey Brewer) during our back to back championships. Its really all about team chemistry, luck, and coaching… not AA’s. Just my opinion.

  • Vic from Liverpool, NY

    Don’t think Wes Johnson, Kris Joseph, and Andy Rautins have elevated their games enough for someone to think they could have been MAAs? Being a MAA is a classification coming out of high school. At this point in those three player’s careers, it would be easy to assume they are better than most MAAs coming out of their high school classes. Think about that. This article means absolutely nothing and is actually pretty stupid LOL.

  • RC

    Syracuse is going all the way to the finals!

  • Sweet English

    Are you really all so Media saturated that you have to keep saying ‘McDonalds All-American?’ We will all know what you mean if you just say all-american. It’s okay, most of us at ‘Dime.com sponsored by protoge get yours at K-mart’ are smart enough…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Looks like it’s going to be Duke!