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The NBA’s All-Beard Team (By Position)

As a personal purveyor of the beard, I have a special affinity towards players that rock ‘em on the court. So that’s why I was so excited to see James Harden tweet the following question last week: In the NBA what’s yall top 5 all beard team by position? At first you think this might be easy, but it’s the by position that makes it hard. Here we go…

1. Baron Davis
Without a doubt, Boom Dizzle is the king of the beard. From the logo for his line with Li-Ning, to a Twitter feed dedicated to just that (@BoomsBeard), the words Baron and beard have become synonymous. To top it all off, you can even buy his beard too!

2. James Harden
Other than just being the guy who posed the question, Harden is pushing the beard for a whole new generation. And while his beard has grown since this shot was taken, unlike some guys just experimenting, I don’t see Harden shaving it off any time soon.

3. DeShawn Stevenson
Even though he left Washington, Stevenson has kept the Abe Lincoln beard growing strong in Dallas. And now with Jason Terry out, he better hope that he can utilize it’s power to keep things rolling for the Mavericks.

4. Brian Skinner
Although the goatee is an variation of the beard, Skinner’s two-toned look vaults him into the starting five. I don’t know what it is about Los Angeles, but it seems like these guys must be too busy to find the time to shave.

5. Marc Gasol
Often overshadowed by his big brother, Gasol’s beard game is actually years ahead of his peers. At just 25 years old, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. But right now, I’m impressed.

Off the bench: Rip Hamilton (he’s rocking the goatee right now), Pau Gasol, Deron Williams, Ronny Turiaf, Alana Beard (just kidding)

What do you think? Who did I leave out?

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  • Yep

    What about Reggie Evans?

  • LoBezn0

    How about a coach to go along with the team? Poppovich had one growing a while back.

  • Taj

    Drew Gooden…? Does he still rock one?

  • Mitch

    What about John Salmons?

  • Mat

    Kevin Garnett… Reggie Evans (Yep)

  • zbo

    gotta give shane battier some love with his wacky mustache even thought this is about beards

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    must be a slow day in yalls office.
    this is some stupid shit.

    dont yall have a tv in the office?
    aint there some ncaa bball tourney games going on?

  • control

    If you want a beard that transcends all sports, Kimbo Slice wins.

    Just for the NBA, Pau’s beard is pretty horrible. Dirk’s goat looking goatee should get a mention too.

  • mark wu

    Major snub on Rashard Lewis’ extended goatee

  • Seany T

    Hamiltons beard looks stuck on…. Both Gasols look like they can’t be bothered to shave or grown a real beard.

    Booms beard is king, Skinners looks like he could be a satanist…

  • Clemo

    no love for ronny turiaf?

  • Charles Kirk

    I think OJ Mayo should’ve taken James Harden’s spot. He was rockin the beard before him.

  • Caff

    Reggie Evans ftw

  • Caff

    Reggie Evans ftw

  • SaggyWheels

    umm how about some updated photos?

    James Harden, that was the best photo u could find of him? you seen his beard lately? damn….

    Same with rip but the inverse of that.

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    what about eric gordon? no??…

  • http://www.hollestate.com Asutin

    WTF, no Robin Lopez??? You gotta get the future 2010 MIP on this team!

  • BIG Ryan

    Robin Lopez

    A couple weeks ago, a fan brought a sign with Lopez’s picture and “Beating the Clippers, so easy a caveman can do it” lol

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Rip & Deron also belong to the All-Balding team.

    G – Rip
    G – Deron
    C – Kaman
    F – Sheed
    F – Manu

    Injured Reserve – Michael Redd

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    hah, this is perfect.

  • JB

    Drew Gooden? John Salmons? Where the fuck are those guys?

  • Oppaman

    Birdman too even though she shaved. His stache today is still better than Gasol’s

  • s.e.

    Someone needs to rock a ZZ Top beard. Birdman would be a good candidate.

  • SaggyWheels

    19) put lebron on the watch list for that team

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^ haha you’re right. LeBron may defy gravity, but he can’t defy nature…

  • pipdaddyy

    Peja Stojakovic?

  • ab_40

    brian skinners beard is nasty

  • Derrick Rose

    boozer nigga