Playground / Mar 19, 2010 / 4:00 pm

The Other Madness: Mayweather vs. Mosley

Just as millions of people have filled out their brackets for March Madness, boxing fans have already begun to debate the winner of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley fight set for Saturday, May 1 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. And while the NCAA Tournament lasts only a few weeks, it has taken six-time World Champion Mayweather and five-time World Champion Mosley a lifetime of dedication to finally reach what will be the biggest fight of their respective careers.

The path to Mayweather vs. Mosley has been a long and hard fought one. They have both paved Hall Of Fame roads by fighting the biggest and best in boxing. Check out the bracket below which shows the paths that they both have taken to get to this mega-fight. If you have brackets on the brain, you can alos vote for who you believe will be victorious HERE.

Who do you think is going to win?

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  • Roman

    Mayweather is gonna tapped that .ss Maybe Pacquia will stop dodgin and fight Mayweather this time around

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I will be picking…………………….another channel

  • SJ

    I’d love to see Mayweather flat on his ass, but I doubt Sug’s the one to do it.

  • SJ

    I’d love to see Mayweather flat on his ass, but I doubt Sug’s the one to do it.

  • RC

    don’t matter, but it’s gonna be fun to see Mosley pull the upset on Mayweather. This is a fight I wanna see!

  • Heckler

    this fight is about 3/4yrs too LATE.
    whats the undercard gonna be?…roy jones jr and bernard hopkins?!!?

    nonetheless, if any of yall are free I say go to vegas this wknd. that town POPS OFF on a fight wknd!!!

  • Charles

    Man I was thinken the same thing!
    I wanna go to the fight, cause u know they gone be actin a fool in vegas!

  • http://none Anti-Gayweather

    YO Roman,

    your boy Gayweather dodged my man, Pacman, lukin for his sorry ass drug test excuse. He plain afraid of our might Lil’ Pac, i bet your not readin’ the news properly.

    How ironic, Mos’ got caught w/ his drug date and then come clean, said it was an accident. Why not ask the same lame @ss request Floyd on Pac to Mosley as well, to make it fair? When you’re afraid, you’ll look for excuses. Playin’ it safe cuz Pacman will give him his first loss anyway, so racist. Hahaha

  • control

    I’ll be in Vegas that entire week, can’t fucking wait. Got my boy at MGM concierge lookin into hooking up the ring sides for this. I’m not even a boxing fan, but it will be pretty fucking wild.

  • quest???

    this isnt even a contest. even though i hate mayweather he is gonna win.

  • markofresh

    Whos give 2 sh*ts..Pacquio would whoopem both..

  • sh!tfaced

    Laker fan, Mayweather fan… LOL… Typical… Might be a Yankee fan as well…?

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Man screw this fight…..Money dodged Pacquoi who fought a fixed-fight against Clottey…..and now Mayweather is gonna fight Mosley and hype it up as a big fight??? Get that garbage outta here!

    Boxing is dead to me! Don King passed the reigns to Golden Boy and all these fights are about making money now! Cats fighting cats after their prime or dodging other cats and making excuses! Roy Jones and B Hop danced around so much over the last decade, they should have been on Dancing with the Stars!

    I hope Mosley is taking this fight serious, because I’m tired of watching Money fight these cats after their prime

    Side Note- The Klitchco’s(?) don’t even try anymore because boxing is a joke

  • DMC

    Lol at anyone who thinks Manny dodging random drug testing is an excuse. He’s blood doping fam!

  • Roman

    @shitfaced- Im a fan of your moms too!

  • KanDMan

    1. Vegas is bananas on fight nights. If you haven’t been, put it on your schedule.

    2. Hopefully Suga can make it an interesting fight.

    3. PacMan is good..but he is also juiced up. He was the one using the religious/cultural reason not to be tested. Thats weak…

  • Dagtang Lason

    Eh mga PUKINANGINA NYO.. TAKOT YANG SI GAYWEATHER!!! See YOu My Nig!!! hide in your momma’s ASS wahahahahahahaha

  • Smith

    Great fight cant wait.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL@Roman… Hell yeah! ^^^And damn, man. Guess you opened a can of Pinoy whoopass…

  • Floyd Sr.

    To all Boxing fans…
    Lets BOYCOTT…. BOYCOTT…. BOYCOTT all future fights of my son Floyd Mayweather Jr. we can watch his fights in TV replay or in youtube. We are a criminal family! hahahaha..
    My son said that he want the boxing in equal playing level and during his fight with marquez he have advantage 2lbs heavier! then where is the equal playing level? so…. Lets BOYCOTT…. BOYCOTT ALL future fights of Floyd Jr.

  • Brock

    This is a fight I want to see as well! But not on May 1st.
    Maybe a week or two later. (the money Floyd flaunts in public – won’t be mine)

    On May 1st I plan to take the family out to dinner. Maybe with Richard Schafer and his family (if he’s not busy). After that we could go roller skating and maybe shoot a commercial or something.

  • Steve

    If Floyd sends me $50 I promise to watch, ‘Who R U Picking?’

    By the way, ‘Who R U Picking?’ is about the lamest fight slogan I’ve ever heard.

    “They have both paved Hall Of Fame roads by fighting the biggest and best in boxing.”

    Floyd Jr. has fought the biggest and the best???

  • ernanskie

    why watch someone you know runs around inside the ring, counter punches all day and pretends he’s the best in the business. no, its not even interesting to watch him fight with anyone no matter how exciting his opponent is.
    mosley will surely try to run around with floyd like tom and jerry. floyd is a pussy, he cant fight face to face, toe to toe, he prefers a hide and sick fight till his opponent rots to boredom along with the audience. sucks to see this fight. well all you who wants to see this fight, go ahead, but i assure you, bring in your pillows cos you’ll fall asleep.

  • ernanskie

    manny? juiced up? wtf are you talking about?
    manny agreed on the 24 day period and the right after the fight blood test. yet floyd demands on 14 day? whats the difference? the right after the fight is the best offer in the first place, why insist on the 14 day period? obviously, its not about the blood testing floyd is interested in. infact, this kind of demand is irrelevant in a fight contract. the nevada state commission puts the rules, not floyds!

    all you brainless people who listens to floyds stupid trash talks are dumb fools!

    now explain to us what is A-SIDE METH if you dont mind?
    floyd sr says, its not steroid, so drop this subject, its a-side meth! (wtf is that anyway). so stop f**king telling us about this sh**t blood test, its stupid!

  • Naija

    Manny the Dopeman Paq dodged about $30 Milli because he knows that he juices up

  • RumirNero

    sorry… but i will not watch a “boring” match of Mayweather vs. Mosley… all the boxing fans, surely knows that Mayweather will be doing a “hit and run” tactics… and the reason why a “hit and run” tactics is because he is actually trembling in fear… thus why should i spent my hard earned money just to see a boring fight of Mayweather.

    i’ll just wait for the outcome in the news… and will be jumping in joy if Mosley will be the winner.

  • Mon

    I can’t pick no one between Coward Gayweather and Mosley. Because both of them will be knocked out, if they face the real welterweight champion Pacquiao. But for sure, mayweather will hide his face in Mosley’s ass if the later will win. That’s a boring fight, because the coward floyd will always run and Mosley will get tired of catching him. They should both join the marathon than boxing.

  • the genius

    this fight is a joke!!!! i will never waste my money watching this fight!!! i’ll buy and drink a case of beer instead. at that way my tummy will be very happy =)

  • Neil Gallegos

    My pick? A lot of buyer’s remorse after the fight.

    But let me say this far-fetched out this world opinion: This is going to be somewhat more boring than the Pacquiao-Clottey fight (was it really?). A controversial decision will lead to a rematch (and FMJ has that clause). And after the second boring fight, the buying public will then realize they had been had.

  • new era

    Shane, if you want a fair fight with floyd, bring this fight outside of Nevada so he can not use his xylocaine.

  • RC

    I will laugh so hard if Mosley beats Mayweather!

  • nikola

    what is so hard to understand that manny will take the test 24 days before the fight and right after the fight if he’s juicing up he will not do the test..what moron and biased people think that manny is juicing!? up get a life man..

  • http://mayweather-vs-mosley-update.blogspot.com/ Mayweather vs Mosley

    The Mayweather vs Mosley fight is expected to get over 3 million PPV sales and more than the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight. Mayweather the more defensive fighter is the People’s Choice but let’s not take for granted the skills of Mosley.

    Mosley has had big fights against dela Hoya, Margarito, Vargas and a lot more heavy punchers.

    Mayweather on the other hand who has the reputation of choosing Light Punchers has also great defense. But defense doesn’t make you win in boxing.

    I go for Mosley on May 1, 2010 on a UD win.

  • maeng

    fuck mayweather. he didnt fight the best all the time, he was scared of cotto, clotty and margarito. he picks his fights. he didnt fight the best. now he giving all these drama with pacquiao and dodging him too. i have more respect for mosley compared the money mayweather. who’s all aout the money and not the sport.



  • boxer

    The state’s athletic comission governs drug testing not Floyd Mayweather or the Olympic committee. . . And its not like Pacquiao is as big as Mark Mcguire or barry bonds knocking everyone out all of a sudden. He actually can fight with both hands and can box better now. Tired of people talking about how he got so big. Dont forget Floyd started his career around 115lbs. oh yeah floyd ducked Margarito . . . that fight was already signed

  • Roman

    First phlip to do anything in boxing and now he a god. Please!

  • Freezy

    @Naija #25
    you do’t know shit

  • Freezy

    correct: don’t*

  • Tablet

    I will never buy any of Floyd’s PPV. He doesn’t deserve our money. He enjoyed so many times already like in his interviews how much a racist he is, likewise his father Sr & uncle Roger. They’re all arrogant, disrespectful, foul-mouthed, slandering people. Look how proud they are when they’re insulting & discriminating others. No matter how good a boxer Floyd claims he is but if he’s all of the above, I’ll never support him, thus boycott him. Never waste our money on such a crook.

  • http://mayweather-vs-mosley-fight.blogspot.com/ Gabby

    This is a sticky category if there ever was one. Both Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley were bred to be fighters like a farmer’s prized horse. Both guys grew up with boxing gloves hanging from their crib ceilings. The debating can go on and on forever. The bottom line is neither guy is going to give you an inch – both fighters are relaxed in the ring, comfortable and fluid in such a way that it’s easy to believe boxing pumps through their veins in absence of blood. This fight, however, is taking place in the welterweight division and when any objective person looks at both fighters resumes from the 147lb landscape, it’s a lot less tricky to figure out just who holds an edge.

  • http://mosley-vs-mayweather-fight.blogspot.com/ Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley

    The fight that will really make the world stop. The clash of two well know fighters of today. Who R U Picking? really fits the title of this bout. I do pick Mosley. :)

    I wanna see the fight of Mosley to Pacquiao or Pacquiao to Mayweather. Let’s hope for it!

  • TB

    I am black. However, I have to say that was pretty ignorant of Floyd making a racial issue out of the sport. That was pretty immature of him. I can see why other nationalities would dissaprove of that.

  • http://mayweather-vs-mosley-update.blogspot.com/ Mayweather vs Mosley Fight

    I give Mosley a slight edge against Mayweather but this should be an interesting match-up.

    Mayweather who has the reputation of choosing “Light Punchers” has less experience and his defense can easily be penetrated by Mosley’s style.

    Mosley on the other hand, a more offensive boxer has all the abilities to show the judges he has the edge.

    Mosley’s win against dela Hoya twice and against Margarito with a “Kryptonite” were the things that made me think this will be a win for Mosley.