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Today’s Best NBA Tweets: Chris Douglas-Roberts Likes His Women Inked Up

We spend a ton of time on Twitter every day. We have to, it’s the fastest way to get breaking NBA news and information and to connect with our readers, basketball fans and other basketball outlets.

Along the way though, we find ourselves laughing every single day at the tweets from NBA players, bloggers and fans. We decided that every afternoon we’re going to put the best tweets (both funny and informative) we see that day in one place for our dimemag.com readers who either aren’t on Twitter or don’t have the time to sit and follow tons of feeds all day long like we do.

Check out today’s best tweets below:

@cdouglasroberts: I personally like tattoos on females. Especially in the right spots.Tasteful ones though.I don’t want to see “Leroy” going down your back.

@BlackBoiPachino (Anthony Morrow): Bout to eat some fettuccine

@dcsportsbog: Wiz players from training camp who haven’t been bought out, traded, suspended, injured or benched: Nick Young, JaVale McGee

@BothTeamsPlayedHard: Flip on Blatche: “That’s ridiculous. It really is…I’m the most disappointed I’ve ever been in 15 years with a player.”

@jcraw55 (Xavier’s Jordan Crawford): Whatup world bout to hit this gym up… At they necks!!!!!

@EricStangel: Tonight is 7-63 N.J. Nets’ “Jewish Family Night.” Honestly, haven’t the Jewish people been through enough? (via @The_Fliz)

@ArtGarcia: Zydrunas Ilgauskas pocketing $925K for 3 weeks work plus Cavs playoff cash. Not bad after month vacation.

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  • quest???

    ilgauskas has it made damn

  • Papa Smurf

    Thanks for this. I was wondering what Anthony Morrow was “bout” to eat.

  • Drink the Haterade

    I agree with CDR. In the right spots and not too much and tasteful

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah cuz Michelle “bombshell” McGee is not a bombshell..

  • momo

    I hope it doesnt sound like ive been living under a rock for the past few days, but what is @BothTeamsPlayedHard referring to? What happened with Andray Blatche? I vaguely recall him being benched and not playing agianst some team a few days back…whats the controvesy about?

  • the big fundamental

    Tonight is 7-63 N.J. Nets’ “Jewish Family Night.” Honestly, haven’t the Jewish people been through enough? (via @The_Fliz)

    Oh boy!!! this one made my day! true true after everything the jews habe been through they deserve a little better than that loool

  • Sweet English

    and now theyre 8-63? Lucky f*cking jews!

  • RC

    Big Z got it good. Now he needs to focus and play hard bigtime in the playoffs. A lot of players don’t have the luck that Z had. A month vacation in the middle of the season to come back to Cleveland get paid almost a million bucks in process wow! The perks of being 7’3 and having a smooth set shot.

  • Taj

    Yo.. that “Jewish Family night” one was COOLLLLD!!! LOL!!!