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Today’s Best NBA Twitter Posts (3.5)

We spend a ton of time on Twitter every day. We have to, it’s the fastest way to get breaking NBA news and information and to connect with our readers, basketball fans and other basketball outlets.

Along the way though, we find ourselves laughing every single day at the tweets from NBA players, bloggers and fans. We decided that every afternoon we’re going to put the best tweets (both funny and informative) we see that day in one place for our dimemag.com readers who either aren’t on Twitter or don’t have the time to sit and follow tons of feeds all day long like we do.

Check out today’s best tweets below:

@MrMichaelLee: Jerry Stackhouse on DC: “I don’t want to say it’s a curse but tough things happen to people when they go to that city” http://bit.ly/ai4ppF

@TeamFlightClub: Wilt once had 78pts & 43 rebs in one game & his team lost

@jeskeets: “Greg Oden slowly jogged on an anti-gravity treadmill …” is already my favorite line of the day. — http://bit.ly/95gMqW

@MrJonBrockman: Just jumped in the hotel house car (a Bentley) to go and get snacks at the gas station… Weird.

@WojYahooNBA: Florida International RT @JonesOnTheNBA: So which team is going to mess up and give Carlos Boozer the max?

@reggie_bush: Once again Skip Bayless proves his ignorance. Now he’s goin in on Jay-Z. I’m starting to think it’s all for attention. Hova gonna get him!

@PrimeObjective Someone asked “Are u mad u didn’t make it to the league?” My answer: “Only when I go to the game and c 8 skill-less dudes on a 12 man team!”

(Prime Objective, aka Lonnie Harrell from the AND 1 Tour and Georgetown)

@jcamerato: Great story by @alexspeier – Michael Jordan’s influence on #RedSox Mike Cameron – played minor lg ball together – http://bit.ly/b52EM8

What did we miss today?

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  • http://dime eyes

    Prime is stupid. LOL It has the bother these players. It’s only human. How did the N.B.A. get so bad. The trend of only drafting friends of friends. Some of the vets are better than heralded rookies now. How many people in the actual draft could start now & help a team win. If you pay a bum. He’s automatically overpaid for 2 to three years. Now Toney Douglas & Jordan Hill have to bring other fans misery. When teams go to their bench. I change the channel or go to sleep. That’s not good for ratings or fans. People who have season tickets for the most part. Do it for leisure team. If you really knew how beautiful the game was. YOu wouldn’t pay for this crap. Unless you had to spend money due to your tax bracket. They’re trying to bribe you to go to games. LOL. We’ll pay your rent & fix your license. LMAO. We’ll even stop the bill collectors from calling. Most people on this site won’t get those jokes. LOL.

    Skip Bayless has the best job in the world. To get paid to talk &^%$ about things you have no idea about. What are his credentials. He looks like a stoned leprechaun.

    Put a mic & camera in front of anyone they’re liable to do or say something stupid. Especially Skip Bayless. He gets paid to be annoying. Good for ratings.

    Jay Z is to big to respond didn’t you hear 50. Yet he wrote a diss song about Deshawn Stevenson. LOL. Choose your battles wisely.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    If I didn’t know who Jon Brockman was and I saw him in a Bentley I would immediately think Russian mobster.

  • quest???

    lmao @Jeskeets hahaha that was funny

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m a Skip Bayless fan. I don’t agree with 90% of the shit he says but he’s entertaining. Reggie needs to lighten up.

  • quest???

    lmfao hahahaahhaah “He looks like a stoned leprechaun.” hahahaahah good one eyes

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    What about the tweet by Iverson’s wife where she talking about filing for divorce?

  • Beth G

    haha @MrJonBrockman

  • quest???

    @ spliff yea man..i read something about that, something is definitely up at the iverson housegold. What is iverson’s wife twitter account?

  • LakeShow84

    Damn she TWITTERED shes filing for divorce..

    Whats the world coming to nowadays??

  • quest???

    wow…i think iverson’s career is over..there are too many off-the court problems, and gms already hate him.